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Madhubala Tuesday 2nd July 2019 On Angel TV


The Episode starts with Abhay pushing RK in the pool. Madhu is shocked. Leela laughs. RK calls out Madhu. Abhay looks at Madhu as if he is enjoying all this. RK tries to swim. Madhu says RK nothing will happen to you, I m with you, try to swim and come out. Abhay asks what are you doing, will you not save your husband’s life. He says jump else he will sink. Madhu says he will not sink. RK says save me. Madhu says you will not sink RK, I will not let anything happen to you, close your mouth and use your hands and legs, you have to save yourself, I will not save you. Abhay asks what do you want to proof. Madhu says RK, the one who call you mad is mad, come on RK, try, I promise I will not let anything happen to you, hold the rod and come out. RK sinks a bit. She gets worried.

She shouts RK. Sweety and Leela are worried too. Madhu asks RK where are you. Abhay says see he sank. Madhu is shocked. Abhay smiles. RK comes out calling Madhu. Madhu smiles seeing him and says very good, try to come. She gives him her hand. RK tries to swim. RK sinks again. He then holds her hand. He comes out of the pool. Madhu dries his hair with a towel. She looks at Abhay angrily. She holds RK’s hand and comes to Abhay. Abhay says very nice, good work. Madhu says what do you want to prove, that you are a man. She taunts him and says you are a coward. She says if your dad was alive, he would died seeing this.

Leela comes to scold Madhu. Madhu says enough Mami, you won’t talk in between us. Madhu says if you do good, good happens, but you did bad with RK which happened to be good, I saw that which I did not see before, a living spirit in RK, which will make him well one day. She says from today, I will try my best to make RK well, I will use my powers to convert him from a boy to a man, my husband RK will look in your eyes. She says you did not push RK, but to your future. She says RK will stand equal to you and push you, then you won’t have even ground to fall on and this is my promise.

She says come RK and takes him holding his hand. RK stops and looks at Abhay. Abhay turns and sees RK. RK says you are not a hero, Madhu is hero. Abhay is shocked. Sweety and Leela look shocked. RK says you are bad, bad, bad. Abhay looks at Madhu. RK says Madhu is hero. Madhu smiles and leaves with RK. Abhay looks at them holding hands. Madhu asks RK to dry his hair and wipes it. RK thinks how Abhay pushes him in pool. She asks him what happened. He takes out a drawing and cuts it. He says you are bad, you are not my hero. She says enough RK, don’t be angry, its not good.

She says throw this, its fine, end it now. She says you look bad when you are angry. She shows him the mirror. RK looks in the mirror. She makes faces. RK says I will not dry hair by towel. She says fine, wait and brings the hair dryer. He asks whats this, a toy. She says no, magic, will you see, close your eyes. She dries his hair. She says its dry now. RK says now I will do magic. She says its hair dryer and explains him. She says oho fine, I will give this, but on one condition, I want a good smile, you look good when you smile. RK smiles. She gives him. RK blows the dryer on her. Abhay drinks wine and is angry.

He thinks of Madhu’s words. Leela comes and sees him drinking. Abhay thinks of RK’s words. Leela stops Abhay from drinking. She says anger is harmful for health. Abhay throws the wine and ignites fire. She is shocked and sees water. She puts water on the fire. She says why are you doing this. Abhay says I brought RK to trouble Madhu, but today RK has answered me. Abhay leaves from his room. Madhu shows the power plug to RK. She asks do you know how to plug in. He says no, I m afraid. She encourages him and asks him to try it once, I m with you. RK looks at the socket.

Leela stops Abhay and talks to him. RK looks at the plug and puts it in the socket. Madhu says switch it on. He says no, current will strike me. She says no, promise, you are strong. RK switches on. Madhu smiles. They play with the dryer. Leela holds Abhay’s hand and he looks at her angrily. She leaves his hand and says sorry. Abhay has a metal rod in his hand. She says she has a plan and tonight she will make a great scene. RK asks Madhu can I become superhero and face Abhay. Madhu says Abhay is very small infront of you, you can face the world and become biggest superhero. RK smiles. They continue playing. Abhay throws the rod. Leela tells what Madhu wants to do, to take RK’s custody and leave from here. She says you will get many girls like Sweety but not a mum in law like me, trust me, I will see them tonight that they will be punished. Abhay looks at her.

The Episode starts with Leela and Abhay sitting together. Madhu notes down RK’s weaknesses and thinks to make it his strenght. RK gets a strong head ache and wakes up from sleep. He says my head is aching a lot. He starts crying and shouts. Madhu is shocked. Abhay hears this and Leela smiles. Abhay does cheers with Leela. Leela says its a ring which is at the start of the drama. She says Madhu spoke a lot, now see what she does. Let’s see how she manages RK. Abhay says lets go and see. Madhu asks RK what happened. He pushes her on the bed and starts breaking things. She asks what happened to you. RK holds his head and ruins the room. Madhu tries calming him.

RK throws a big vase on her but she moves. She gets out of the room and he holds the door. She says leave the door, move back. Madhu comes to Abhay and his drink falls on her. Abhay wipes her face. He asks what happened, you were saying you will take care of RK. Leela smiles. Madhu says RK is acting violent and strange, I don’t know what to do. RK shouts. Abhay smiles and says you challenged me at the pool and see what you are doing now, what happened. RK throws everything. Abhay says he may kill himself. Madhu cries and says I will see him, its my mistake that I came to you. Leela says you can manage a kid, but how will you manage an animal.

Madhu says animal? Abhay says yes, animal, he can’t be controlled, whoever comes infront of him, he will kill them or himself. Madhu gets more worried and asks him what happened to RK. Leela says Abhay is ruling his life now. She says you will get the solution here. Madhu asks what happened to my RK. He says I did not give him this medicines. Sweety and Dolly come and looks at them. Abhay says I forgot to give him this and so he is like this. Sweety smiles. Abhay says so he has turned into an animal from a human. He says if he does not get this medicine, maybe he will die. Madhu looks at the medicine bottle.

Sweety tells you challenged my husband Madhu, now you and your husband die. Did you think before scolding him, he is giving him everything, a house and food, and you are looking in his eyes, now beg to him for RK’s life, as if he does not get this medicines, he will die. Madhu is shocked. RK shouts. Abhay asks the security guards to go up. Abhay says you will get this medicines if you beg for this.

Abhay says no? fine. He opens the bottle and takes all the tablets in his hand. She throws the bottle and looks at her.The guards stop RK but RK pushes them too. Abhay starts putting the tablets in his wine and wasting them. Leela and Sweety smile. Madhu is shocked and cries. Abhay says come on Madhu, you can do this for your husband. He says can’t you say a small sorry, he says just three tabs left now. He wastes one more. He says Leela that Madhu is still having lots of ego. He has the last one now and asks Madhu to say sorry. Leela asks Madhu to say sorry, else she will also die. Madhu taunts them and says you can take revenge and risk someone’s life, you are animals, not him. Abhay says its last one now, if you don’t tell me dory till I count 3, then you will be responsible for his death.

He starts counting. He says 1 2 3 and drops the tab in wine. Madhu simply looks on. Abhay says maybe RK died because of your ego. Madhu is shocked and runs to RK. Madhu comes to see RK and is shocked to see his hands and legs tied. She thinks of Abhay’s words and shouts RK. She opens him and asks what happened. Dolly comes to Madhu and says I called the ambulance, don’t worry. Dolly says I can’t come with you. Madhu prays for RK. They take RK to the hospital. Leela and Sweety talk to Abhay. Leela says let him die. She tells him some plan and laughs. Abhay looks at Madhu. Madhu gives him an angry look.

Madhu talks to RK and is happy that he will improve but its rare.

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