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Saraswatichandra On Friday 3rd May 2019 Episodes 33--44 On ADOM TV


The Episode starts with Kusum and Kumari talking to each other how Saras gave Kumud the surprise birthday party. Kumud comes there. Kumud is tensed, Kusum asks her what happened. Saras enters and goes. Kumud sees him in anger. Saras comes in his room, and takes off his shirt to see is he got any wounds. He does the first aid himself. Kumud comes there and says I will do it as his hand does not reach his back wounds. O piya.. plays…

Saras says no. I will do it, you let it be.
Kumud says this happened because of her. He says its not because of you, its because of that bad man who was seeing you. She says it does not matter to me if he sees me. Saras says it matters to me. If someone sees you, I can’t take it.
Kumud asks why. Kumud blows on his wounds, and he watches her. She asks you did not say why it matters to you. Saras says if someone insults my people then I can;t take it. She asks am I among your loves ones. He says it painful for him, but not as before, as someone has cured him. She says it seems winds are coming. He says it already came. Saras smiles seeing her. Kumud shuts the windows. He too comes there to shut the windows and gets closer to her.

They stare at each other. Saras tells her that I told you to maintain some distance of feelings. I told you because I had stopped my heart. But I can’t stop it more. The feelings cannot be stopped now. Kumud smiles, feeling shy, and she runs away. Badimaa sees Kumud running outside the house. Kumud dances in the rain as Saras watches her from the balcony smiling. Kumud is very happy as Saras admitted his feelings to her.
Kuch na Kahe song.. plays..

Saras smiles. Kumud sees that he is watching her. She feels shy and smiles. She goes inside the house. Badimaa sees Saras enjoying the rain. Saras too dances in the rain. Badimaa sess him happy and she thinks that Kumud has succeeded in her goal of making Saras enjoy his life. Kumud comes to her room and closes the door. She looks much happy. She takes out his drawing and sees it smiling. Saras laughs standing in the rain. Kumud says the world changed for her in a single moment. She hugs the drawing. She says she can hear her heart beat, and she can’e face him. She wants to live this moment and hear what her heart says. She says he is the one who came in her dreams, for whom she was waiting. She says she loves him.

Scene shifts to Vidyachatur and his wife:

Kumud’s mother says her spices spoiled because of the rains, Yash’s mother comes there and taunts them. She says Yash did a small mistake, and everyone made it a big issue. She taunts Kumud. Kumud’s mother says she is sorry on Kumud’s behalf. Yash’s mother says ok I have forgiven her, but what she is doing should not be forgiven. Vidyachatur asks what happened. She says Kumud was dancing in the rain. She taunts them. She says what will the guests say about her, maybe she has gone mad after listening no from Saras. She suggests them to marry off Kumud as soon as possible.
Yash’s mother thinks she has said everything which Ghuman told her. She leaves.

Scene shifts to Kumari:

Kumari is cleaning the store room and gets some old photos. Badimaa comes there, Kumari hides the photo. Badimaa leaves.

Scene shifts to Sunny:

Sunny asks some food to Badimaa as he is hungry. Badimaa asks does your parents live with you in Dubai. He says my parents passed by when I was born. Badimaa feels sorry for him. She says why did not you teach Saras to be happy. Sunny tells Saras had two problems, which you and Kumud have solved.
Sunny tells he too misses his mother.

Scene shifts to Saras:

Saras touches the shirt on which Kumud has stained her Mahendi. He thinks about Kumud. Kumud on the other hand, is also thinking about Saras. He visualize their sweet moments.

Sunny comes to Saras and sees him smiling alone. Saras asks when did he come. Sunny says he was there with him and confirmed a deal too. Saras forgets everything. Sunny asks where are you. Sunny says look you are smiling. Sunny jokes and says I just came.
Saras says don’t joke.

Badimaa comes to Kumud. Badimaa says her smile was the same when Saras’s proposal came to her. Kumud smiles and says what are you saying. Badimaa says if you want to say, you can. Kumud says she has fulfilled her promise. Saras told her that he is not alone, his dad is with him, he has started smiling and listening to his heart. Kumud says maybe. Badimaa says ask your heart. Kumud says my heart had given the answer, but does Saras’s heart has the same feelings for me
The Episode starts with Badimaa sayins Kumud to ask her heart whether she loves Saras, she will get a single answer. Kumud says my heart has given me the answer but does it the came in his heart too. She thinks I will go and ask him. She prepares how to ask him. She says I will go and say I love you to Saras. She prepares infront of the mirror.

Kumari calls Umesh and says she got something with which she can trace her dad. Badimaa comes there, Kumari is tensed and pretends she is talking to her friend Hetal. Badimaa catches her lie, but Kumari manages. Badimaa says sod you remember what I explained you, never hide from your mother. Kumari says I remember, but if children want to know anything, the mother should not hide it. Badimaa is shocked.

Kumud thinks about Saras’s words. She thinks does he too loves her. This question does not let her sleep. She gets up and goes to Saras. She opens his door and he is sleeping.

Kumud watches him sleeping. She wants to wake him up and ask him does he love her. She sits beside him. Saras wakes up and says Kumud. She says I wanted to know. He says what. She says that….. nothing. He says Kumud listen to me. She walks out of the room. Saras stops her. He asks what is the matter, what do you want to know. O piya… plays.

She asks what he meant by saying such words. What feelings? Do you also see in my eyes what I see in your eyes. Saras smiles and says what do you see. She says first you answer me. What do you see in my eyes. He comes closer to her. He says love…
He says now you tell what do you see in me. She says love too. Saras smiles. He says maybe. She says not maybe, I m sure that I love you. He becomes much happy and smiles. She is about to go, Saras holds her hand and hugs her. Music plays…
Saras has a broad smile on his face. Kumud finds peace in his arms.

Their hugs looks never ending. Saras smiles while Kumud feels shy. He touches her hair and sets them. Music is still playing in background. Ghuman watches this and is shocked to see them so close. A flower pot falls and Ghuman hides. Kumud says it seems someone is coming and she leaves. Ghuman says Kumud is on a high speed. To stop Saras, you should be stopped first.

Kumud comes to her room, and thinks what Saras said to her. She is happy and smiles. Saras is also thinking about Kumud and smiles. He feels her touch. They both are very happy. Kumud talks to the drawing saying her dream war not false. They both love each other. Saras and Kumud are unable to sleep, thinking. Saras looks good with a smile on his face.

Badimaa thinks about Kumari. Kumud’s mother comes there and asks her is she alright. Badimaa says nothing, she asks her to sit. She says the letter came, did anything happen after it. She says no, I have given him the first and the last answer. But I m worried about Kumari, and she lied to me yesterday. I know she was talking to someone else. Does he talk to Kumari without my knowledge. Kumud’s mother says don’t tell like this. He was a pain for us. Ghuman enters and taunts both of them. But Badimaa is also not the one who keeps quiet. Ghuman says till when you will be annoyed with me. Badimaa asks her that everyone knows your true face. Ghuman says Laxminandan wanted to marry me, but Vidyachatur wanted him to marry you. And this time too, you people are trying to make Saras ready for marriage.

Badimaa says Laxminandan’s and Vidyachatur’s friendship is solid and about Saras, she is just trying to make his realise what his heart says. If you come in between, no one can stop me.
Badimaa leaves in anger. Ghuman says you don’t have your own house even after marriage, and why its like that I will find out.
Badimaa comes to Kumud and sees her sleeping with the drawing. She leaves.

Everyone are standing and Ghuman asks Kumud where she was the previous night, Kumud is stunned.

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