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Saraswatichandra Episode 61--62 Update On Thursday 16th


The Episode starts with Ghuman talking to Kumud’s mother. Kumud’s mother says if you want anything then tell me. Ghuman says thanks, I have come to tell you that parents should take care of the children, when the daughter has grown up and love someone. Ghuman taunts her, Kumud’s mother says I did not understand. Ghuman says Kumud met Saras and broke the limits, She shows her the letter in which Kumud has accepted her mistake. Kumud’s mother says I know it already.

Ghuman says I don’t understand you people, you guys told Laxminandan against me, and you are favouring Kumud. She tells we can forgive them as they love each other, and are going to be husband and wife. Ghuman says if by any way Saras says no to marriage, then Kumud will be regarded as impure. Saras comes there and says never. (Really well said) He says my relation with Kumud is unbreakable, we have become the couple, and have given rights to each other. Kumud is pure and will always be pure. Ghuman starts leaving. Saras tells I m giving you such answer for the first time. Kumud is my wife, and don’t insult her, as it will be like insulting me, you have to take care of it. Kumud hears this and smiles. (Good going Saras)

Kumud’s mother says she did not have the answer of Ghuman’s questions, and the way by which you kept Kumud’s name clean, its clear you are keeping the promise which husband’s make in the marriage, thats why you have the right over Kumud. He says from today, we will walk together, not to be separated. Kumud smiles seeing him from her window. Saras leaves.

Laxminandan tells Ghuman we have got a very nice girl for Saras, and there should not be anything less in the marriage. Ghuman says she wants to tell something. She says there is no doubt that Kumud is a good girl, but there is lots of difference between us. If after marriage, if the differences erupt between Saras and Kumud, then… Laxminandan says she will adjust, and we will also adjust with her. He says I have seen love and respect in Saras and Kumud’s eyes, and there won’t be any difference in them. He asks did you give this good news to Danny, she says no. He says I will call him and tell now. Ghuman says don’t do publicity, there relation will not work longer.

Scene shifts to Kumud:

Kumud thinks about Saras’s words, and feels happy. She looks at the garland which he has put on her, she smiles seeing it, and says I have understood your every word. Saras comes to her and sees her, and leaves. She stops him and says sorry. He says for what, for fighting or for calling that night a mistake. She says for calling that night a mistake, I was mistaken. He asks why were you annoyed. You say that where love there’s trust, then why did you kept burden on your heart. He says whatever happened between us, our love is one more step ahead now. Kumud says yes, we won’t look back. They both look at each other. Kumud hugs him. (Sweet!!)

Scene shifts to Badimaa:

Badimaa is looking for her husband’s pic. She thinks maybe Kumari took it. Kumud’s mother comes there and apologizes to her, saying you stopped Saras, and read his heart, your trust on Saras has won. Badimaa says my Saras is gold, he will keep Kumud very happy. Kumud’s mother says even I trust him, he loves her and he respects her.
I can give my daughter to him without any doubt. Badimaa calls Saras a diamond, Kumud’s mother says even Saras is lucky to get Kumud. Badimaa says Kumud is like flowers.

Kumari talks to Umesh and tells how Saras proposed to Kumud. She says Umesh to do something like this, he says I will do much more better. He cuts the call. Ghuman sees Kumari, and smiles. Kumari gets shocked. Ghuman says why are you tensed, I will not say anything. Ghuman says even I was in love, and I fought many people. I can help you, when will you introduce me to your boyfriend. Kumari says will you meet. She says yes, if I had a daughter, I would make her like you. Ghumans says she would be glad to help her.

Scene shifts to hall:

Laxminandan gathers everyone in the hall. Vidyachatur asks him what is the matter, did we do anything wrong. Laxminandan says no, we have to demand something. He says let Saras and Kumud come. Saras comes there. Kumari says maybe Kumud slept. Laxminandan says so soon. Saras says how can you sleep so early. Laxminandan says we want Saras and Kumud’s marriage date to be fixed soon. Everyone are happy. Ghuman is shocked. Laxminandan says we want to take her with us soon. Vidyachatur agrees. He says why did you call us now. Laxminandan says because we want to take her soon. Saras is standing quietly. They have a laugh. Saras says to himself, Kumud wake up, our marriage date is being fixed, I want to share these moments with you. Saras sees her shade near the door and smiles.

Saras goes to Kumud, as everyone are discussing about the marriage date. Vidyachatur says he will call the pandit tomorrow morning. Laxminandan is eager. Saras comes to Kumud, and closes the door. He says Kumud what to do, shall i come close or not, she says no. She smiles and runs away. A song plays in background. Saras smiles seeing her. The Episode ends on their soothing smiles.

The Episode starts with Kumud going to school, and Saras stands in her way, at the door smiling. She says let me go. He says go, there is much space. She says move, panditji is coming. He says I will not let anyone come in between us. She says come panditji. He says I will not leave space, panditji says why not. Saras is shocked to see him. Kumud says I m going to school. Kumud leaves, Saras says her bye. She smiles. Panditji sees their kundlis, Laxminandan asks is there any problem. Panditji explains some problems. Vidyachatur says what is the solution, panditji says him the solution. Saras argues with the panditji. Panditji gets angry on Saras.

Panditji says he is famous, Saras also looks at the kundlis. Saras says the stars are in fifth position, how can they be in 3rd and 4th position. Saras shows his knowledge. Laxminandan says he is talking the truth, Panditji gets angry and leaves. Laxminandan asks Saras to select the date. Vidyachatur says you are the first grrom to select the date. Kumari says he will choose the earliest date. Badimaa asks him to make the kundli. Saras sits for making it. Saras says according to our kundlis, after 15 days is the auspicious day. Everyone smile. He says, on this day, Ram and Sita, and Shiv and Parvati got married. Vidyachatur congratulates Laxminandan and they hug. Kumari aslo congratulates Saras. Ghuman is furious and leaves from there. Guniyal brings sweets for everyone. Vidyachatur says after 15 days, our dream will be fulfilled. Saras and Kumud will be married. Kumari says shall I go and give this good news to Kumud, her mother says yes, but Laxminandan says I will give this news to her. Vidyachatur says she is still my daughter, and you are having a right on her. They all laugh.

Scene shifts to Umesh:

Umesh talks to Kumari’s father. He scolds her, Umesh asks him to let him marry Kumari. He says she is anxious to meet him. He says I have told her that he got news about her father. He asks when will she come to meet me. Umesh calls Kumari, and Guniyal picks the phone. Umesh cuts the call. Kumari stands near the phone and picks it. Umesh talks to her. Kumari says I will try to come, but cannot be sure. Umesh says I want to propose to you today, he asks her to meet him near Shiv Mandir. He says its a good day for both of us. Kumari says ok I will come. Ghuman sees her talking.

Scene shifts to Vidyachatur:

Gyaan tells them not to worry about the Sangeet. Kumud comes from the school, and they pretend to be worried. She asks what happened. He says you have to leave this house, Laxminandan says I used to tell you my daughter, but I won’t be able to call you now. She asks what. They say that after 15 days you will be married to Saras, and they laugh. Laxminandan is happy to have Kumud as his bahu. Kumud smiles, Laxminandan says there will be a new relation now. She says your bahu can touch your feet, and she touches his feet, he blesses her. Kumud hugs Badimaa. The date is decided, Laxminandan says I have to go to Dubai, and I will come in few days.

Scene shifts to Kumari:

Kumari is with Umesh, she asks where are we going. Ghuman follows them.

Scene shifts to Badimaa:

Badimaa brings tea for Vidyachatur. He says Kumud’s marriage is fixed, we know about each other, but we have to make relation with new people in case of Kumari and Kusum. Badimaa says we cannot hide it, we have to tell it, the rest is her fate. He says you don’t worry about her, and he feels not to hide anything from Kumari. He says we should tell her everything.

Scene shifts to Kumari:

Kumari says she cannot believe that he is going to propose her. He says I am going to show you something which you will really not believe. Her father comes.

Badimaa says will he try to reach Kumari, she talks to someone on phone. Vidyachatur tells Badimaa to tell Kumari the truth. Badimaa says how can I say her that I have sent her dad to jail. But it looks the time has come, Kumari should get the answers.

Scene shifts to Kumari:

Umesh says he was waiting to meet you, he is your dad. Kumari looks at her dad, and Ghuman also sees her.
Vidyachatur asks Badimaa to tell Kumari everything, she says yes, I will tell her today, he cannot make her stay away from me.
Kumari hugs her dad, Ghuman stands far and enjoys the drama. Kumari asks him how he is, he says he is fine. He says your mum married to me, but I could not make a place in her heart.
He says she has called the police to sent him to jail. Ghuman says Dugba has not made her husband her own, and her daughter will also go from her hands.

Scene shifts to Kumud:

Kumud is preparing for the school picnic. She says she could not say no to the kids, her mother asks what about us. Kumud says its only for two days. Saras hears this and thinks school picnic.

Kumari’s dad cries, and she says I waited to meet you, and the respect for you has increased. Ghuman looks on. Kumari says I have to go, and your daughter is with you. He says ok, go.
Ghuman says now your daughter will be not yours, I will ruin everything and go from here.

Scene shifts to Kumud:

Kusum takes Kumud’s baggage and Kumud looks for Saras.

Kumud is leaving for the picnic, Saras comes late and runs after her bus

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