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Saraswatichandra Episode 57--58 Update On Tuesday 14th May 2019 On Adom TV


The Episode starts with Saras seeing his mother’s photo and smiling. Kumud’s mother comes to him and makes him eat sweets, she says its not for her son in law, its for her son, who has kept her words up. She says she has seen a new trust in Kumud’s face, she has happiness in her face, which he has given her. You have given her lost respect. She thanks him. He thanks her for helping him understand that Kumud is his responsibility. He says you are my Mausi Maa, she says she always wanted a son after Kumud and Kusum, she tells him how she saved Vidyachatur’s life once, and he has given her every happiness. He asks her can I call you Maa instead of Mausi Maa, She says yes, my request for you is to support Kumud in every condition, she will give you back the love you give her. He says I asked her hand, I will support her always, your son gives you the faith. He asks her to have sweets. Saras smiles. (Looks dashing)

Scene shifts to Kumud:

Kumud is seeing the letter S on her hands, and thinks how Saras wrote on her hand, and how he said, you are mine Kumud. (That was lovely) She thinks about Saras’s lovely words, that he wants to live with her. Kumud is very happy. Laxminandan comes to her and smiles. She touches his feet. She says sorry kaka, you told daughter’s don’t touch the feet, he says you are going to become my bahu, he asks her to sit. He says you know, when you told me everything, I did not know how to explain Saras. He says Saras is lucky, he thanks her. She says why are you thanking me, he says I did not know he feared of relations, and so he said no to marriage. I came to know his pain because of you, he made me proud. He told his heart out, and completed him. You have proved me right, that you are the best match for him. He says I have understood that you will be a good wife and a good bahu too.

He says you have linked me with my son. He says my request to you is to take care of Saras. as he is need of love, give him so much love, that he forgets every bad memory of his childhood. She says it will happen, I promise you. He says call me papa. She says papa and they both smile.

Scene shifts to Ghuman:

Ghuman calls Danny and asks how is he, she says sorry I cannot come to you, but I will send Saras to you. She says you don’t stop Saras from coming to you. She says she still has one weakness of Saras. (Cheapest cheap Ghuman)

Scene shifts back to Kumud:

Ghuman comes and faces Kumud. Kumud thinks about her words, which were harsh on her. Ghuman asks where is Saras. Kumud says I don;t know, even I m looking for him. Kumud taunts her saying today Saras told infront of everyone that he wants to marry me. Ghuman says I heard, but advice you not to be on any hope, he told you no, he can change again tomorrow. Kumud says try for it, I have faith that his heart will not change and no one will be able to change him. Kumud says he said no without seeing me, I got hurt, but if he said yes that time, then it would be our parents decision, but today after knowing me, he wants to marry me, so I trust his yes. Ghuman says you can trust Saras, but not your fate, because I don’t want this marriage to happen. She says she will be able to stop the marriage. Ghuman acts evil. Kumud is not affected by her. She leaves.

Kumud sees statues and stares at them. She smiles as the statues show a sign of love.

Scene shifts to Saras:

Saras is looking for Kumud, and women are working in the marriage function. Badimaa sees Saras and asks what he is doing here. He says I have come to help you. She says we got work. He says I will peel tomatoes for you.(LOL!!!) Badimaa sends him out.

Saras asks Sunny where is Kumud, and he won’t tell him whats in his mind. Sunny asks him what you want to talk. He says I want a reply as I proposed her. I want her reply whether she will marry me or not. Sunny says don’t leave her, take her reply. Saras tells I know your reply, but I want to hear it from you.

Scene shifts to Kumud:

Kumud sees herself in mirror and thinks about Saras’s words, she smiles. She plays with her hair, she says my hair will fall only on your face. Badimaa comes to her and asks what she id doing. She says he was searching for you. Kumud asks why, Badimaa says you know better. Badimaa kisses Kumud’s forehead, and hugs her with happiness.

Badimaa says she is very happy today. She says I have hidden my wounds, but I could not have seen the pain if you got it. She says I did not wish the same for you, but now you are happy, and you will get every happiness which you deserve. Kumud says I lost my dream, but it was your trust that my dreams became true, I m seeing this day because of you. Badimaa says your life starts from here, you will have tests and you can pass it on the basis of trust, but you are not alone, Saras is with you. What Saras did today, that person would do who cares about others. As you both have complimented and supported each other, for me you are a couple. (Kumud looks beautiful in pink)

Scene shifts to Vidyachatur:

Vidyachatur scolds Yash, Badimaa says why are you worried, we have made garlands. She says we will manage. Yash’s mother says its Sejal’s marriage, if it was Kumud’s marriage, he would have sat to make the garlands. Vidyachatur says you all are making the garlands well. Sunny gives a note to Kumud, Kumari sees it and smiles. Sunny leaves. Kumud reads Saras’s message asking her to meet him. Kumud starts leaving. Kumari pulls her leg, and asks her to go soon. Kumud smiles and goes to Saras. Ghuman follows her. (Ghuman has no work to do)
Ghuman looks worried, as her plans are not working

The Episode starts with the girls taking Sejal, saying your groom might be waiting for you. Kumud’s parents see Sejal and say our Kumud will also go like this, but its good that she will go with Saras, she will be very happy with Saras. She says Laxminandan will hurry up for marriage but you ask some time for marriage as the arrangements will be more. He says yes, our Kumud can be with us for some more time.

The bride and groom are shown attending a puja, and they see each other. Meanwhile, Kumud came to Saras, and they both smile seeing each other. (Saras looks free) Kumud asks why did you call me, he says I asked your hand infront of everyone, but you did not give me a reply. He asks will you marry me. She smiles, meaning yes. She brings a garland for Saras.

The bride puts the garland on the groom, and here Kumud does the same with Saras. He sees the flowers and says its Poonam Maasi’s night, and its said that if the girl and boy makes each other wear garlands, then they become husband and wife. He says shall we complete it.

The groom puts the garland on Sejal, and here Saras does it. Kumud wears the garland and smiles. Saras looks at her. (Saras’s sharp looks look brilliant) He says there are many feelings, can I complete them today. He says I had to tell you that you are very beautiful. Kumud runs being shy. Saras goes after her. She smiles.

Sejal and her husband are performing the rituals, and here Saras’s leg falls into some colour, and Kumud brings water and washes his leg. They look at each other. Piya re.. plays..
She touches his feet, and he stands still. Saras smiles. Saras holds her, and Kuch na Kahe.. music plays.. Saras colours Kumud’s cheek, she asks what are you doing, he says I did not tell you but I m saying now, I love you Kumud. (With high intensity) Kumud looks at him, and becomes shy.

Sejal and her guy are taking the pheras, and here Kumud and Saras are spending time with each other. He says Kumud, will you support me the whole life. He then wipes off the colour from her cheeks. (Good way to touch her cheeks again and again, LOL!!!)
Kumud moves somewhat away and he comes to her and takes her along with him. They both look into each other’s eyes, and some flowers are shown next.

Sejal’s marriage is complete and she is shown leaving the house, crying. Everyone are outside the house, to bid adieu to Sejal.

Suddenly, Kumud is shown crying in her room.. Kumari comes to Kumud and asks her to come with her as Sejal is leaving. Saras looks for Kumud, and she is crying with a heavy heart. (Don’t know the reason yet, it might be because they mingled…)

Sejal leaves with her husband, and her mum cries, and everyone come inside the house, calming her. The phone rings, and Kumari takes up the call. Umesh talks to her and asks when are you meeting me, she says I will meet you in the evening. He says I have done your work, and there is a good news for you. He says I have found out about your father, she asks where is he, she sees Badimaa and cuts the call. Badimaa asks her where she is going, she says Badi mama asked me to bring something. The phone rings again, and Badimaa receives the call, Umesh tells come to meet me in Karkhana, Badimaa asks who is it. Badimaa thinks with whom was Kumari talking.

Scene shifts to Kumud:

Kumud is crying a lot, and Saras comes to her. He is shocked to see her crying like this. She asks him to go from here. He says listen to me. She says don’t come closer to me, stay away. She runs away. Saras feels sad seeing her.

Kumud goes upstairs and Saras comes after her. Kumud is still crying, he asks will you say what happened. She says did you forget what happened yesterday. She asks him not to come closer, as I don’t want to do any sin. He says please don’t call it a sin, it was my life’s beautiful night, I was with the one who I love the most, it was our love’s moments.(Their love going to level 10) She tells don’t let me recollect, she asks him to go. He asks what was wrong in it, don’t you trust me, do you doubt on my love. She says no.

He says then how is it a sin, it was our world, she says there are some rules, which we broke yesterday night. He says I asked your father your hand, and we exchanged garlands, and we were together. It was our right. She says it was not our right, she says I should have stopped myself, she cries, Saras looks like he is getting angry. He says if you feel what we did is wrong, then whatever happened you cannot blame yourself, I called you, I did that mistake, so you will not bear the punishment alone. Saras leaves saying this.

Kumud’s mother asks her what happened, Kumud says how should I tell you that I have broken your trust. Her mother gets shocked.

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