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Saraswatichandra Episode 49--50 Update On Wednesday 8th May 2019 On Adom TV


Todays episode begins with ….
Kumud telling her Bapu that she could not bear to see him insulted .. Neither by LN or SC nor by any one else … She cries on his shoulder …

VC smiles tears of joy flow for his daughter …. Pats her head lovingly ….
Dukhba looks on …..

In their room SC tells his dad that he could not stand VC was insulting his dad so he lost his cool and spoke out his mind …

LN says he did not expect VC to behave like this …he was very sad .. That he had lost his best friend .. But he acquired his sons support …

He thanks his late wife Saraswati for a son like SC … Hugs him lovingly .. Father son bonding scene .. Very emotional ….

Guman is observing the father son bonding and hugging scene slyly .. She thinks with immense hatred for SC that the father son bonding was going over board here in this house .. She would deal with them in Dubai ….

DB is worried and is praying to god ….. She passes by Gumans room to see her hapily relishing grapes .. She offers them to DB saying she would find them sour …
She starts pouring her acidic tongue .. On DB DB , VC could not stop her wedding with LN nor could they save their friendship ….dosti.. Vishvaas .. All have been shattered by her .. She gloats … When VC LN could not save their rishtaa.. There was no chance of Samud saving their relation all were shattered buy her .. And LN and SC would never return to their house ever ..

Dukhba tries to pacify VC amd appeals to him to mend his friendship with LN…

Guniyal also tries to pacify …DB says .. LN tried to help him just like he had helped LN 17 yrs back

DB goes to pacify LN also .. And explains VC’s stand ..his hurt feelings .. How his pride , self respect was hurt ….

LN understands … He was on the wrong too…
Dukhba asks LN to work towards saving their years old friendship …..

Just at that moment Guman enters the room and informs LN that their tickets for Dubai ai were booked for the next day… Sumana and cheena of dhwani forum are worried for Samud

Later that night LN ponders over Dukhba’s words …

SC and Kumud are thinking about each other that the other should not have spokes to his/her father like the way they did ….

Dukhba also is thinking sadly about the happenings and wondering what decision were VC and LN going to take the next day …

The sunrises next day … All gather around the dining table .. Looking grim and worried … Kumari is sent to call LN and SC to the table …since they had not arrived ….
Guman informs that they were late as they were packing their luggage …
Kumud is surprised and hurt …

Vc’s bapu tells them a story about how VC tried to best to mend a certain breached canal .. And how LN also helped him … And how they managed to stop the water from flowingout … And how their friendship became the talk of all the villages around …

VC asks LN for forgiveness.. For misunderstanding his financial help ….. Vc’c bapu smiles at VC ….

LN rises from his seat ….. And all look worried which way would he go .. What would he say …

The Episode starts with Saras sitting in his room and smiling. Sunny asks from whom did you steal this smile. Saras tells from Kumud. He tells sunny do you remember how restless I was when I wrote a letter to Kumud. He says he is feeling the same way today. He says I cannot see her sad, as I want to see her happy always. She has given him a new life, and I want to live with her happily, with Kumud. He hugs Sunny and smiles.

Scene shifts to Kumud:

All the girls are sitting in Kumud’s room and are pulling Sejal’s leg. She says she will miss her parents there in her in-law’s home. Kumari says your husband will love you a lot. Sejal says she doubts whether the man she is marrying will be idol or not. Kumud says you will not be knowing it, but you can be friends with him. Kumud pacifies her saying he will be more closer to you than your parents. Kumud hugs Sejal as Kumari and Kusum smile.
Sejal says she was fearing a lot since the proposal was finalized, but now she is not fearing anything after talking to Kumud. She says Kumud will be very nice to her husband and he husband too..

Everyone gather for the Ganesh Puja. Sejal’s mother thanks Badimaa and Kumud’s mother. Badimaa says if we starts any new relation with Ganesh’s blessings, everything will be good. Saras comes there looking for Kumud.

Saras sees Kumud lighting the diyas.(Kumud looks simple but best)
They smile seeing each other. O piya.. plays..
Kumud’s mother asks her to light more diyas. Badimaa says Sejal that from here your realtions are starting. Kumud is unable to ignite the flame to light up the diyas. (But she did it in Saras’s heart).

Saras comes there and helps her in lighting the diyas. Kuch na kahe music.. plays..
Everyone are seen happy doing the puja. Sejal does the Aarti. Kumud gives the aarti to everyone as Saras looks at her. She comes to Saras and he holds her hand. She looks at him and asks leave. He asks her how he is looking today, handsome or…
She says everyone might be lying. He says ok, now I will not leave you. She pretends as if Nandu kaka is asking for anything, Saras leaves her hand, and she leaves, Saras smiles. He says I will catch you soon.

Sunny and Kumari says its a cute love story seeing Saras. They make some plan. Sunny says Good going dude, and he is proud of Saras. Sunny tells if you run after anyone else, then she will run after you. You have to make her jealous. Sunny asks her to see. He says some girl sees Saras, he asks who. Kumari meets that girl and compliments her. She introduces Radha to Saraswatichandra. Sunny says he is very dharmic, he is like a lord. the girl talks to Saras, and says even she does the puja a lot. Saras tells someone is calling you, and excuses himself from her. Saras tells Sunny are you mad, what are you doing, there is no effect on Kumud. He says you have to bear Radha to make Kumud jealous. Saras smiles.

Everyone are dancing as music plays on. Kumari dances. A boy come and gives a letter to Badimaa.

Badimaa reads the letter and is devastated. Kumari says she is going to Bazaar to buy bangles. Badimaa says you are not going anywhere. She should ask Kusum to bring it, Kumari insists and Badimaa shouts on her. Badimaa asks her not to go anything. Kumari asks what happened and why she cannot go outside. Badimaa locks in her room. Vidyachatur says what happened, there are so many guests here. Badimaa says no one will open the door and asks everyone to leave. Badimaa is tensed.

Scene shifts to Saras:

He looks at Kumud working in the kitchen. He calls Sunny and they both look at her and pretend. Saras tells Radha ji I will take you unstairs. Radha says now. He says yes. Radha says lets go. Saras leaves with her. Sunny signs Saras that there is no effect on Kumud. Saras looks sad.

Saras shows Radha that rooftop. She likes it. Radha compliments Saras’s smile and compares him with Lord Vishnu. The girls asks him the photos. Sunny says he will show the photos on his laptop. Radha flirts with Saras. Saras is shy and says with whom he has to join the kundli, she is not even looking at him. Kumud comes there. He thinks he has to bear Radha to make Kumud jealous. Saras tells some Jodhshi told her that his marriage will happen with a dharmic girl, and he will show her the haveli. Kumud asks him to show the garden too. Saras feels there is no effect on Kumud and is shocked. He tells Radha that I will show you my photos. He asks Radha to give her photos to him as he will take it to Dubai. Kumud listens but does not care. Kumud says after you guys see the haveli and the garden, and see the photos too, come down for lunch. Saras looks on..

Kumari asks why do we write the groom’s name in our Mahendi. Sunny says to tell that I m officially yours. Saras looks at Kumud and signs, and both smiles

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