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Saraswatichandra Episode 45--46 Update On Adom TV


The Episode starts with Ghuman saying Kumud that you have to tell everything true to Vidyachatur, and then his friendship will Laxminandan will break. Kumud asks why she is doing all this. Ghuman says I don’t want you to come in my son’s life. Kumud says your son wants. Ghuman says he is just attracted to you, he cannot marry you. Ghuman taunts her badly. Kumud says Nandu kaka is proud of us. Ghuman says his pride will go soon. Kumud says Saras’s no did not break their friendship, will his yes break it. Kumud leaves.
Ghuman says Kumud’s challenge is accepted by her and she will break their friendship.

Kumari asks Badimaa whether she can see the tv for half an hour. She says ok. Badimaa thinks of something hearing some sound and says he cannot come. She goes outside the house, and asks Kumari not to come with her. But Kumari follows her. An old man is playing some sound ornament. He says did it hurt you, sorry and leaves. Kumari asks her mum whether she is fine, Badimaa does not reply and says lets go inside.

The next morning, everyone are doing some work. Vidyachatur does some account’s work with Kumud, he sends Kumari for some work. Saras comes there and sees Kumud, they both smile. He gives her a sign to meet him. She says no. Kumud makes an excuse of bringing water and goes to Saras. Kumud looks for Saras, and he pulls her hand and draws her closer to him. She says what are you doing. He asks why were you not seeing me. She asks what is the matter, he says I want to take you on a date. She says no it can’t happen. He says why not, you came to meet me on the roof, now I’m calling you, you have to come. Vidyachatur calls him. She asks him to leave her. He asks her to meet him near the school. She says she is going. He asks will you come. She says ok I will come. Saras does not leave her, she asks him to leave her. She says your mom, and he leaves. Kumud runs away. Kumud smiles, and Saras smiles too.

Kumari is outside and she meets Umesh on the way, She asks what are you doing here, he does some shayari. She tells him to say what he wants to, he says I want to gift you something, open it with love. He gifts her a watch. She likes it and smiles saying its very good. He says he went to town and bought it for her. He says her to meet him daily, and he will also come. She asks do you love me so much, he says much more than she thinks.
He says I know you will be happy when I find out about your father and I await that day too. She says thanks. He says he will wait for her. She says if anyone sees me, then it will be not good. She says I have to leave you, Mama(Vidyachatur) is waiting for me.
Kumari leaves. Umesh says my timing is bad and leaves for duty.

Scene shifts to Kumud:

She thinks that Saras wants to take her on a date, and smiles. She holds her hand and thinks how Saras touched her hand. She feels happy.

Scene shifts to Saras:

He thinks he is going on a date with Kumud, his first date. He thinks what to take for her.
Kumud says its more better than a dream, their date.

Saras asks Sunny what do you do on the first date. Anything special. sunny laughs thinking Saras on a date. Kumud thinks she got tanned, and she should have listened to Badimaa.
Kumud thinks Saras likes her hair tied, so she will go tying her hair, She talks to his drawing and smiles. She decides what she will wear on the date and tries few Ghagras. She says she does have any good Ghagra.

Saras asks Sunny what she gifted his girlfriend on the first date. Sunny says he does not remember whom he took on his first date. Saras asks him about his last date. He says they eat Chicken moghlai, and it was good. And he run away, as it was a blind date, and the girl was fat. Saras tells I m asking seriously for general knowledge. Sunny jokes saying you people have come to a point of dating.
Ghuman hears this and says Sorry Saras, you have to cancel this.

Kumud is tensed thinking what she will say at home, to go to school. Her mother asks her what happened. She makes an excuse.
Ghuman comes there and asks her where she is going. Kumud says I m going to school. Ghuman says you might be having holidays. Badimaa comes there and saves Kumud. She says children get holidays, not elders. Badimaa says Kumud teaches children new things. Badimaa asks her to go and not to hurry to come home. Badimaa asks Ghuman why she came to the kitchen, she taunts Ghuman. Ghuman leaves in anger.

Kumud shouts I m going to school that Saras hears it. Saras is getting well dresses in a black suit, and becomes happy to hear that Kumud is leaving for school.

The Episode starts with Kumud reaching school and waiting for Saras.
Ghuman is shocked thinking about Saras and Kumud’s date. She pretends infront of Saras as if she is so much unwell, he asks how she is out of concern. She says she has headache, and asks for medicine. Kumud is waiting for him while smiling. Saras looks out for medicines, and wastes his precious time.

He says there is no medicine, Ghuman says to look out somewhere else, while Kumud is still waiting for him. Saras says the medicine is no where. Ghuman asks him to call any doctor. She asks him to look out for her purse as it has the doctor’s number. Kumud’s face starts losing the freshness and happiness. Saras stands there and thinks how can he call Kumud infront of Ghuman.
Few guys look Kumud and she turns.

Ghuman says the doctor’s number is not reachable. Saras looks at his watch and feels he is getting late, but he is stuck with Ghuman. She asks him to try with his phone. Kumud is getting angry now. He says he is unable to connect, and he asks her not to worry he will try again. Ghuman pretends as if she is dying now. Kumud leaves from the school saying thanks for such a good date. Saras tells the number might be wrong, it is not connecting. Ghuman asks him to leave, he asks her to call him in case of any problem. He leaves and Ghuman smiles.

Kumud comes home and sees Saras leaving for school now, she looks at him angrily. He apologises to her, and tells he was coming but his mom had headache, and he know its his mistake. Kumud goes to her room and closes the door.

Scene shifts to Umesh:

Umesh is talking to some guys, and the guy says he is unable to have a fling with a 16 year old girl Kumari. Umesh asks for some more time and says he is unable to meet her often. The man says we want Kumari, outside the village. Umesh says he will do it soon.

Scene shifts to Kumud:

She says to the pigeons that Saras was after her asking her to come on date, and then he did not come, and she was standing alone. She says she will not trust him again. Saras comes to her and says why are you saying to the pigeons, tell me. She says you did not come, you were not late, I don’t want to talk to you. Saras tells see the pigeons left, now you have to talk to me and he smiles.

Badimaa comes there and smiles seeing them together. She starts leaving sayins she has come to take papad. Kumud stops her and says to take it now itself. Saras helps Kumud in picking up the papads. He sees Badimaa is not seeing them and holds her hand. Kumud is still angry. He holds her hand again. Kumud is worried that Badimaa would see them. He holds her hand and smiles. (Looks very adorable, real actors) O piya.. plays…

He smiles while Kumud is angry, she starts moving from there and says Badimaa that she wasted her time and she will go down as Saras will help her. Badimaa asks Saras what happened, she signs I don’t know. Badimaa smiles.

Everyone are seen leaving after dinner, Saras is after Kumud, seeking her forgiveness. Kumud’s mother says her legs are paining. Kumud asks her to leave and take rest and she will see everything. Saras comes and closes the door. Kumud looks at him and sees no one is there, and feels shy. He comes to her, and she turns. He tries to make her mood happy. He helps her in her work and copies everything that she is doing. (Another cute scene)

She tells him to stay away.. sush… Flour falls on Kumud by mistake. Badimaa calls Kumud saying power has gone, shall I come to help you. She says no, its very dark here, I m fine.
She turns and Saras sees her. (she looks an old lady with white hair. lol….)

Saras holds her hand, and cleans her. He touches her back, and looks at her. He blows at her back, and she feels………(very romantic)
(This looks better than their date.. lol..)
Kumud closes her eyes, he blows at her neck. Kuch na kahe… plays in background. (The words of the song really mean to this scene)

Kumud looks at him, he sets her hair, and touches her cheeks, he holds her face and smiles..
Kumud turns and starts going. He holds her hand and stops her. Kumud smiles. Kumud runs away and Saras follows her. They both see each other and smile. The Episode ends on their cute smiles.

Kumud tells Saras’s drawing that she loves him, and the power comes. Saras is seen smiling.

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