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Saraswatichandra Episode 41--42 Update On Thursday 2nd May 2019 On Adom TV


The Episode starts with Ghuman taunting Badimaa. Badimaa also taunts her back and leaves her speechless.
They talk about Kumud, Badimaa praises her and says her groom will come and take her with respect.
Badimaa says her to open her eyes whether the relations are breaking or getting more strong.

Ghuman says she has spoiled Kumud’s destiny, and now that she has insulted her, Kumud has to bear the punishment now. Ghuman thinks of gifting her dancing Ghungroo to Kumud as her birthday gift.

Scene shifts to Kumud:

Her school children come to her and give gifts after wishing her happy birthday. They write poetry for her. Kumud offers them Halwa puri. Kumari thinks tonight, Kumud’s birthday party will be there, how will she meet her BF. She gets a call from him, she promises that she will meet him for sure.
Kumud asks whose call it was, Kumari lies. Saras comes there. Kumud says someone is calling and not talking, its so strange. Saras understands she is telling to him. He wants to wish her but Kumud stands at a distance. Kumud turns, and Saras leaves. Kumud asks Kumari, was he laughing. She says no, he went quietly. She says its good he is normal, if he would have laughed, then it would be abnormal. Kumud and Kumari joke on him.

A Postman comes and Kumari gets the letters. She sees the letters. She is shocked to see that a letter came for her mother. Badimaa’s sindoor falls. Kumari says a letter came for you. She asks whose, Kumari says don’t know. Badimaa sees the letter and gets angry. Kumari asks whose letter it is. Badimaa scolds her and asks her to leave from the room. She then reads the letter.

Kusum laughs thinking about the children’s poetry. She asks what happened. Kumari does not tell anything. Kusum asks again, whether Badimaa scolded her. Kumari says yes its not new. She scolds me daily, even if its not my fault.
Kumari says Badimaa might have cried when I was born. Kusum says no its like not that. Kumari tells a letter came to her, and she got angry on me after seeing it. Kusum tells maybe something else thats troubling her.

Badimaa is tensed on seeing the letter, and says this cannot happen. Kumud’s mother says Badimaa that she got a letter, Badimaa says yes, and I will reply to it. Kumud’s mother asks her where she is going. Badimaa says to end this forever. As she and Kumari will not bear anyone. Kumud’s mother thinks whats happening with Badimaa and prays for her. Badimaa leaves.

Badimaa goes to a phone booth and dials the number. She says its me and she is shown talking to someone. She says to stay far from me and my daughter, and don’t send the letter again, and don’t try to meet us. She then cries standing there.

Everyone are seen enjoying in Kumud’s birthday bash. Lots of guest gather in the house. Saras waits for her. Vidyachatur also asks for her. Kumud enters, and Saras turns to see her. She looks dazzling, and enters with Kusum, Saras looks on, and the music plays…
Everyone gifts her, and she talks to her guests. Vidyachatur says here came my princess. Kumud feels shy as Saras looks on.

Ghuman gifts Kumud saying its her gift and it is special, to open it in free time. Kumud says thanks. Kusum brings the cake. Vidyachatur says wow such a big cake. His wife says Laxminandan ordered it from the city’s shop. Kumud says she has not seen such a beautiful cake before. Yash says you have to cut the cake as everyone is waiting. Kumari says its so big, it might be very tasty. Kumud looks at Saras, ans she thinks he might be trying to wish me. Saras comes closer to her and lits the candles on the cake. The music plays…
He is so quiet. Kumud says come on now tell it, I m ready to hear it. Everyone look on.
He does not say and moves back. Kumud thinks my birthday will be over and he will not say anything to me.

Kumud blows the candles looking at Saras. Everyone clap and sing the birthday song. Kumud cuts the cake and offers to her parents first. Ghuman is jealous to see all this. Kumud gives the cake to her school children too. Saras disappears and Kumud looks for him in the party.

The party is over, and everyone are opening the gifts. Ghuman enters. She asks did you see my gift. Kumud says I have not seen it yet. Ghuman waits there to let her see it, and to see whether she likes it. Kumud opens the gift. Kumud asks why this. Ghuman asks did you like it, I gave you this because I feel it will suit you a lot. Can you wear it and show to me? Kumud looks on quietly. Kumud takes out a beautiful Payal from the box. Ghuman is shocked to see it as her gift got changed. Kumud wears the payal, her parents looks on happily.

Everyone says its good, Kumud says she likes such designs. But Ghuman’s face shows something else. Badimaa enters smilingly. It will suit you and the payal is looking beautiful. Badimaa taunts her and says such payal are used a gift for the bride from her mother-in-law. Ghuman stands shocked. Badimaa taunts her one after another, Ghuman leaves annoyed.

Scene shifts to Saras:

Sunny asks what did you not wish to Kumud. Saras ways he did not get any chance to wish her. Kumud is in her room, waiting for Saras to help her. Saras tells Sunny that whenever I went to her to wish her, someone would have come in between, Kumud calls Saras Methi ka laddo, and Neem kerela.

Saras says even if I don’t wish her, what is the difference. Kumari hugs Kumud, and says shall i sleep in your room toniught, and ask Kusum to sleep with Badimaa tonight. Kumud asks why first and then permits her. Kumud says ok and I will go and inform Kusum now.
Sunny scolds Saras saying there is no light in your life. Saras asks Sunny to close the light.

Kumud is sleeping, Kumari gets up. Kumud turns and sees Kumari leaving the room. She too gets up and follows her. Kumud is shocked to see that Kumari is going out of the house, she follows her.
She thinks where is Kumari going.

Kumud is sitting angry, Kusum asks her why so. Saras leaves infront of her, Kumud goes after him.

The Episode starts with Kumari going somewhere in the night while Kumud watches her surprisingly. Ghuman wonders how ghungoo changed into payal (anklet). Badi Maa comes there and tells how it was changed.she says ghungroo plays in the street and payal sound plays only at home. she says if laxminandan know about it. he would not forgive you. She throws the ghungoo and says it looks good on you. she threatens her not to play such games or else she will show her true place in front of others.

Kumud follows Kumari and when she calls out her name, kumari is alerted and hides. Kumud starts searching for her, she is about to fall but saras holds her in time. Saras tells he was waiting for her and told kumari to bring her here and kumari leaves. Saras says he wants to celebrate her birthday. Kumud says her birthday is already celebrated. Saras says he is not alone now and now he is near his dad and she indeed helped his dad come near him. Saras takes her somewhere. Saras says his dad said that he is proud of saras. first time ever he felt he is near to his dad the way he was near to his mom. Saras says whatever he wants to tell, he dont have words to express. saras says whatever he will do now with that she will understand his feelings. Kumud thinks do you want to say what I wish to hear.

Saras holds her hands romantically and ask her to come with him whereever he wants. Saras keep his hand on Kumud eyes and takes her somewhere and when kumud opens her eyes. she is surprised to see the place decorated well amidst with ballons and lights, piya plays in the BG. Kumud feels happy and says her dream came true. Saras says he wants to listen that only. Saras wishes her Happy birthday and gives her a bouquet. Kumud is very much happy and thanks him.

Scene shifts to Kumari:

Kumari hugs her boyfriend and he does shayeri and ask her how she is here. She says Saras asked her to bring Kumud near pond and she agrees. he apprecriates her. Omesh says he chooses her because she is her lucky charm. Kumari says she will tell everyone about him. He says dont tell as of now. He says before marriage he have to do her work. Till now he didn’t succeed to search him. Kumari says she wants to bring him here without naming him.

Scene shifts to Saras and Kumud:

Kumud thinks why you did this. Whenever I want to be aloof you made me straggle. Saras thinks after coming here he saw her very happy and he did this to see her happiness on her face. Kumud thinks may this time stop at this moment. Saras says he cant tell what he feels, but if she can understands then understand it. Kumud thinks why dont you make me understand. saras ask did you said anything. She says no. Saras says can we go home together.

Kumud says yes, we can go. Saras smiles looking at her. They come home while walking, Saras tells her Good night and leaves. Ghuman sees them coming together from outside.

Ghuman talks to Yash’s mother and sees Badimaa coming towards her. Ghuman asks for a cup of tea. Yash’s mother says she will make it for her. She asks her to go to her room, and she will bring tea for her.

Ghuman tells Badimaa that she was a dancer but she did not went outside the house after 12 o’clock. She taunts Badimaa saying Kumud went with Saras, she asks him to control their daughters. She taunts Kumari too.

Badimaa says their upbringing will not let them break the limits. Ghuman says she will make Kumud a news, so that Badimaa stops taunting her.

Scene shifts to Kumud:

Kumud is happy and she says she is still living the dream which Saras showed her. Her mother overhears Kumud and Kusum talking. Kumud says she thought of a good poetry at night, Kusum and Kumud talk indirectly. Her mother does not understand and Kusum laughs off.

Kusum tells Kumari that Saras has finally wished Kumud happy birthday. Kusum and Kumari tease Kumud and they have a great sisters time.

Kumud leaves, and Ghuman sees her and asks where she is going in a hurry. Did she gave her time to anyone. Kumud says she is going to factory to take the dupattas. Ghuman sees that Kumud’s backlace is opening, she says whats bad if anyone sees her beauty and makes some evil plan.(Cheap Ghuman)

Kumud is walking on the street and few men follow her. Saras sees this and covers her with his coat. He asks her to keep walking. She asks what he is doing, He leaves her at a distance, and goes behind. Kumud reaches her place and thinks what is this, why did he do this. She removes the coat. She does not understand.

Kaki informs Kumud that her lace is open and how should she come from home like this, Kumud is shocked as people might have seen it. Kaki ties the lace. She asks Kaki to keep the dupattas ready and she will come soon. Kumud goes and sees Saras beating up the guys, She comes in between the fight. Saras asks her to leave from here. She does not listen to me. He orders her to leave now itself. She is shocked to see his anger for the first time.

(Saras looks dashing in anger)
He shouts on her, and she leaves.

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