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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan On Friday 3rd May 2019 Episodes 50--51 On Adom TV


Charu convinces her mom to let her stay at Mayank’s house for 3 days. Gunjan looks at Mayank and he nods at her convincing her. Charu’s mom agrees and asks Mayank to keep the car as a token of their affection and not as dowry. Mayank says I do appreciate your love but let me work for this, I am capable and what kind of a life is it where we get everything handed to us? Mayank’s mom realizes that he will not accept the car so she praises him and says he has so much self respect and how wonderful he is. Mayank tells Charu that in three days she has to decide if their world’s are compatible and she can get to know all she wants about him and his family and decide if she will be able to spend the rest of her life there. He says if she still feels that she still wants to marry him, she should call the priest and get the wedding date fixed. Charu happily agrees.

Gunjan and Rachna are sitting and Rachna says Mayank is great and it’s not a small thing to return the car that came home. Gunjan doesn’t say anything. Rachna calls Chaya and is getting worried that her notes are in Chaya’s bag but she isn’t answering her call. Gunjan says she might be busy. Shayl walks in and asks if they are gossipping about college. Rachna tells her about the incident at the hockey ground at college and how strict her coach is and she feels like she should quit hockey. Shayl tells her she should be strong and not cry. She explains it is very important to have faith and keep trying because with faith and hardwork, everything works out. Gunjan agrees with Shayl and thinks to herself that she has faith Mayank will fix everything in these three days.

Dayal asks Mayank if it’s true that he refursed the car that came from his in-laws. Mayank agrees and Dayal tells him that he has done a great job by refusing it and he is very proud of Mayank. He says it tells everyone that Mayank has a lot of self-respect and he also respects the values of his family. Dayal asks Mayak why he asked the priest to come after three days. Mayank says because there is a lot of difference between Charu and their family so he wanted Charu to see everything first hand before marriage to make sure she can adjust so that there are no complications after marriage. Dayal says he understands and agrees with Mayank since the times and definitions of families are now changing.

Mayank’s mom says but they aren’t forcing you, why are you saying no? It’s not wrong to accept the car as they are just giving it out of love. Dayal says forcefully or not, they will not support the dowry tradition. He reminds her that not only is it against the law but, it has also ruined a lot of lives. Sangeeta tells Mayank’s mom not to worry and after marriage they can get the car under some other pretext. Right now the important thing is that Mayank likes Charu and is ready for the wedding. She says have patience, later you will get a lot more than just the car.

Rachna asks Gunjan to come in her room and help her but Gunjan makes an excuse as she wants to go see Mayank. Gunjan goes to the terrace and gets a message from Mayank asking her to come downstairs and go through a secret path to get to a lake. Gunjan gets to the lake and is mesmerized by how beautiful it is. Mayank comes and covers her eyes. She asks him why he called her there, has he changed his mind seeing the car? Does he want to push Gunjan in the lake and drown her and go off with the car? Mayank teases her and says it’s a great idea and that there are a lot of crocodiles in the water too! They share a cute moment. Mayank shows Charu the moon and she says its really beautiful and she feels as if she can touch it since it appears to be so close. Mayank teases her and says there is a moon on earth infront of her and she can touch his “chand sa roshan chehra” if she wants. Gunjan teases him and says “oh yeah, you look just like the moon!! Just to your mom ;)”. Mayank says anyways jokes aside, I want you to know that we will make a bright future just as bright as the moon. I know you are upset with the way things are today but have faith on me because you know they say that with love everything will be okay. Gunjan tells him she is patient and has full faith on him. She points a shooting star to him and asks him make a wish. She asks him what he wished for and he holds her hand. She slowly takes her hand away and says “not right now, when everything is okay around us then, you know why”. He agrees and she says it’s late and she has to get up early for college tomorrow and leaves.

Rachna is in her room working on Hockey strategies and Gunjan comes in. She is lost in her own world and keeps smiling to herself. Rachna asks Gunjan if everything is okay as she is always smiling these days. Gunjan tells her to have patience and faith and she will tell her everything when the time is right.

Next morning the girls are waiting but Chaya hasn’t come to go to college yet. Shayl tells them to leave and she will inform Chaya when she comes that the girls were getting late and left. The girls get to college and are greeted by a couple of other girls. Gunjan asks them why they are wearing Suits today when they were ripping the posters with Rachna and Gunjan yesterday. The girls say they don’t want to take a risk. One of the girls tells Rachna that she has a match today. Rachna gets worried that she hasn’t practiced and she has a new field position. She says she won’t be able to play and Gunjan asks her what’s wrong. Rachna says she isn’t feeling well and Gunjan asks her till when will she be scared. She is hesitating to tell Gunjan that she has her period and is cramping. Gunjan asks her to rest and Rachna says she doesn’t think she can play in this situation. Gunjan motivates her and says if women can win the Olympics, why is Rachna so worried? Rachna says because the coach is like that, he is always yelling at her for everything.

Just then the coach comes there and Rachna gets worried. He says she is right and if she can fast and play then why can’t she play today? He says people like her only do these to get an admission in the college but when it’s time to play they don’t want to do anything. Gunjan says it’s not so and the coach tells her that he isn’t speaking to her and so she should stay out of it. The coach says how does it feel to cheat your college and team? He asks her has she gotten a fake hockey certificate too? He is telling her off and Rachna gets upset and tells him ENOUGH. She says she has never lied nor cheated anyone. She says I will defiitely play in the match today. He says okay then see you on the field and Rachna is determined!

Starts with some guy asking the Coach why he’s being so harsh on Rachna. The coach says because she has the potential but she just needs to be pushed and now that he has hurt her ego, she will play well. Gunjan asks her to be careful and Rachna says now I will show him no matter what. The match starts and Rachna is playing really well with Gunjan cheering her on. It’s break time and the coach is telling the girls what they need to do better and Rachna gets upset that when she plays well he doesn’t even recognize it but when she doesn’t play well, he gives her an earful! The game resumes and Rachna scores a goal. Gunjan is very happy as well as the coach but he doesn’t show it and Rachna thinks she knows why he isn’t talking to her and says to herself that its because he was convinced Rachna would make them lose the game. The coach is telling the other guy that he liked seeing her game and then he says its because of the reverse psychology that the coach used on her. Rachna is smiling and very happy to hear that the coach had faith in her all along and he was doing this to motivate her. The coach says he is the same as Rachna and he also has the spark of getting done whatever they set their minds to. Rachna is blushing and a beautiful tune plays in the background.

Mayank calls Charu and asks her where she is. Seema and Sangeeta are listening. Sangeeta tells Seema she was worried for no reason and Mayank really likes Charu. Mayank tells them she is coming now and the doorbell rings. Seema says “oh my DIL is here” and opens the door to find Rachna and Gunjan. Mayank says to himself “you are right mom, your DIL is here”. Gunjan rushes to Mayank and tells him that Rachna was fantastic today and she played really well. Seema and Sangeeta are confused and ask what she played? Gunjan covers up by saying Chess. Rachna leaves to change.

Charu comes in all dressed up. Sangeeta tells her she is looking very beautiful. Charu says even everyone at the parlor was telling her that and she got the whole package done today – manicure, pedicure, facial etc. Mayank holds her hands and admires her manicure, Gunjan gets jealous. He says this looks really nice and I’m wondering how good your cooking must be since your hands are so beautiful. But then you must not be cooking right? Charu says “cooking is not a big deal, I can cook”. Mayank asks her what she can cook. She is nervous but says she can cook everything! Shayl comes in and asks when they will start preparing the food and says now that Charu is here, they will make food of her choice. Mayank tells Shayl she must be tired from cooking all day so she should rest today and they will go out to eat. Seema says its unnecessary as she does not want Mayank to spend that much money again. Charu says she will treat everyone tonight. Mayank says great you will cook today. Shayl says this is what she has to do once she is married so let her be but he insists and Charu agrees. He gives her a big list of what will be cooked tonight. Sangeeta says you have your whole life so why the rush? He says because this is my life’s movie and I want to see the trailer today. Everyone agrees that she will cook the food tonight. The women all leave and Gunjan and Mayank share an eyelock. Mayank says today they will know if she can only fry his brains or she can cook also (sirf dimaag pakaati hai ya khaana bhi LOL).

Chaya is in her room remembering what happened with her. She is crying and her mom comes in and asks her what’s wrong and if she’s sick since she hasn’t eaten anything. She says no and her mom keeps asking what’s wrong. Chaya pretends to sleep. Rachna goes in her room and she keeps remembering the words of her coach and throws her bag on the bed and is twirling around the room with “pehla nasha” playing in the background (really cute scene!!). She is having flashbacks of the coach and his words and she is very happy – lol throwing papers up in the air and it’s all over the room. She has a really cute “puppy love” kind of a look and smile on her face as she is thinking about him. Shayl comes in and sees the mess in her room and Rachna smiling from ear to ear. She calls her name and Rachna snaps out of it and gets worried. Shayl says what’s all this? Did an earthquake hit your room? (LOL!) Rachna says I will fix it right away. Rachna tells her she played really well and scored a goal. Shayl says oh that’s why you look like a crazy girl and that’s why you are so happy today. Shayl says I just wish for you to be happy like this. She says btw, your “khadoos” coach, did he like your game? Rachna defends him and Shayl is surprised at her sudden change of heart. Rachna asks her if Chaya came and Shayl says no. Rachna asks to go see Chaya and Shayl says go but take Dholu with you.

Charu is in the kitchen complaining to her mom about ruining her mani and pedi. She says she is so angry at Mayank that she feels like taking a baingan (eggplant) and hitting him with it (LOL!). She says we are giving them so many gifts and papa is giving them so much cash so why do I need to work? Her mom tells her to shut up and everything will be ruined if anyone hears her. She says we have lost two proposals earlier due to your stupidity and now no matter what we can’t let this one go. She says do whatever you have to but win Mayank’s heart in three days. Her mom says she will tell Sangeeta to help her and Sangeeta will take her out of this mess as she always has. Charu hangs up and is upset that her mother did not take her side and expects her to work.

Precap : I checked two different videos and neither had a precap. If someone has seen it, please do update the precap
room and gets some old photos. Badimaa comes there, Kumari hides the photo. Badimaa leaves.

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