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Meri Aashiqui Episode 350--351 Update On Friday 17th May 2019 On Joy Prime


Ranveer is shocked to hear Ishaani and tries to stand, his head aches and Ishaani tells him to relax. Ranveer says he has been sleeping since then. Ishaani says that the man who is unable to stand up even, how he can misbehave with anyone. Sharman says he had seen him with Nimisha, he stopped him but he ran away. Ranveer says he wasn’t there, he has not been able to stand. Ishaani says that he knows a man for the last fifteen years, still he lost trust on his so easily. She helps Ranveer out so. In the corridor, Ranveer says to Ishaani that he doesn’t get why he gets so angry these days, he fights with her, he slept in the hotel and what Sharman and Nimisha are saying. Ishaani tells him not to worry, they will get him treated. Ranveer says to Ishaani that till he gets fine she must not marry him. He says what if it is something big, one’s body only works with brain and these days his brain isn’t in his control. Why she suffer with his illness. Ishaani asks had he left him if it was with her, placing a finger on his mouth. Ranveer asks if someone can take away soul from body by himself. Ishaani says how can she leave him then, they will never get away. He has nothing, and if there is something they will get it treated. They have get united after such a long time, he might forget the whole world but when he remembers her and her love, she needs nothing. He has taught her love, now when she is fulfilling her love he must let her. Ranveer asks if she really thinks his illness won’t come in their way. Ishaani says nothing will come between them and takes him home. Milan comes from behind, he says that Ranveer wants Ishaani and Ishaani wants Ranveer. He says that not everyone gets everything. There is no illness but this medicine between them.
Sharman tells Nimisha to come to Mehndi tomorrow. Nimisha asks if this is right that she comes there inspite of all this. Sharman says that she is no more alone. He is with her, so she must come.
Disha says to Baa that she hate the middle class lifestyle of Manas. That is why she had to leave the house. She looks at Krish and calls him baby again. Baa asks if she knows what is the name of her child, half day has spent already and she doesn’t know her child’s name is Krish and not baby. Baa says to Disha that a lot has changed in this house. Time changed her even. She didn’t stop Disha on anything since her childhood, and thought that she is their own blood but not Ishaani is not. She was wrong, Ishaani and Ranveer didn’t leave them in any situation. She says that she knows Disha has come here because of her own self. Parul has proven to be a better mother, this is Disha’s last chance. She must take care of her responsibilities else her authority can be given to the one who can take it efficiently and this time Baa will not help her anyway.
Ranveer and Ishaani talks to Manas. Ranveer says they hadn’t expected Disha to return, but when she has come back it isn’t right that he marry Parul now. Manas says that Parul has been with him in all the times when he needed someone, but he couldn’t throw Disha away from his heart. Parul was on the door, hearing this all. Manas says that he can’t take any decision. Ishaani says they can’t stop the wedding, but they must speak to Parul. Parul heads to leave, Ranveer stops him. Parul was crying. Ranveer says she must not marry Manas in this state, she might not be able to live happily with him. Parul asks what about Krish? Ranveer says that may be Krish gets attached to Disha in a few days. Ishaani comes and says they must postpone their wedding. She says that there has been so much with Parul, how they can celebrate. Parul tells them not to postpone their wedding because of her. They are getting united after so long, she will be more upset if they get separated because of her for once again. She will become strong and wish that Disha becomes a good mother and be strong. She gives Ranveer’s and Ishaani’s hand into each other’s, she says that there had to be two weddings, everyone will like to celebrate. She will be so happy with their wedding, she will forget that she is upset. Parul leaves. Ranveer and Ishaani look at each other.
In the mehndi, Baa says all the preparations are done. The henna girls come home. Disha comes with Krish, she plays with Krish even more watching Parul. Ishaani watches Ranveer coming, she asks where he is coming from. Ranveer says he had gone to office, he thought it is his mehndi so he came home. Ishaani tells him to take rest. She says if he has seen his face, it will take two to three hours for her to get henna, he must go and get fresh. Sharman watches this all, he thinks that Ishaani loves Ranveer so much but when she will know about his truth, her heart would break. He wonders why Nimisha hasn’t come yet.
Nimisha waits for a taxi.
Sharman says that he knows trust is important in a relationship, but blind trust can be difficult. He says that he will catch Ranveer red handed in front of her. Ishaani says she wants to know about Ranveer’s truth.

Nimisha was afraid watching Milan in the driver seat. He laughed asking what if they get locked. She cries at him to stop the car.
Everyone appreciates Ishaani’s henna. Baa looks at Parul who stood upset, she calls Parul for henna. Parul says she will get it later. Disha calls that she will get it now. She calls Manas to hold Krish for a while. Manas comes to her. Parul looks at Manas. Manas leaves with Krish.
Sharman tried Nimisha’s number. He thinks she should have come by now, if she has changed her mind.
Milan drove rash, Nimisha called to stop the car. He says it is auto lock, will only open at his will. She cries and knocks the mirrors of the car. Milan tells her not to shout. He says if she keeps on shouting, he will have to loud the music and he dislikes it.
Ranveer wakes up, lights the lamp and watches it is 9 o clock, for how long he has been sleeping. He goes to get ready.
Nimisha cries in the car as Milan drives. She calls to stop the car. Milan finally stops the car, he says he has stopped it. Nimisha cries and asks him to let her go, she runs on the road. Milan follows her. He says Go Simmi Go, live your life.
Ranveer comes down ready for the function. The ladies cheer, Chaitali says he has come here now and says he is late. Chaitali says Ishaani’s henna is already done. Ranveer says to Ishaani that this is the reson he wasn’t going to get ready. Amba says it is still not late, everyone asks Ranveer to find his name. The men gets to Ranveer’s house, women to Ishaani’s. Ranveer smiles at Ishaani, Ishaani asks if he will find it. He looks at her hands, inside out intently. He says there are so many names in the henna. Ishaani asks where? Ranveer says when they are getting it done they claim there is only his name and now whole Bollywood is there. Ishaani says no, there is only his name and shows it to him. Ranveer announces that he has won. Ishaani says he should have found it by himself, Ranveer asks why should he find his name when he knows it is written on her heart. They share an eyelock. Ranveer winks first, then looks away, Sharman was staring at them. Ranveer goes to him.
Chaitali announces for music.
Ranveer says to Sharman that he wants to talk to him. He says he didn’t do anything in hotel. Sharman says he watched him from his own eyes, he even laughed. Ranveer says it might be someone else, he says he felt bad for Nimisha. He says he can find that guy with him even. Sharman says that Ishaani isn’t here, he doesn’t need to fake here. Chaitali comes there and takes them both announcing that men will dance. Sharman leaves.
Nimisha comes there with police. Everyone is shocked to see them. She blames Ranveer that he tried to rape her a few hours ago. Milan was there at home as well, Raavan also heard this all. Ranveer and Ishaani look at each other in disbelief. Ranveer asks what is she saying, he was there at home since so long. The police asks when he came home. Ranveer says at six o clock, and he was asleep till then. He asks Ishaani to tell them he was asleep. Nimisha says he is a wild animal, everyone knew what he had done to her but today he crossed all his limits. The family is shocked. Nimisha says she has come here to hand him to law for what he had done to her. She knows well that he will convince his family for being innocent, but he has tried to snatch the respect of a girl. She asks the inspector to arrest him. Ranveer looks clueless, Milan peeked from the corridor.
Ishaani comes forward, she says to inspector that he must arrest Ranveer. Ranveer and everyone is shocked. Baa asks Ishaani what she is saying. Ishaani says she is his wife to be and trusts Ranveer so much. But seeing his condition, she still thinks Ranveer would have tried doing this all. She says that looking at Nimisha, her condition it seems she was played by her respect. Till today, she unheard whatever she said but she knows what a girl’s respect it. She turns to Ranveer and says the man who can’t do someone else’s respect cant respect him.

PRECAP: Ishaani asks Ranveer why he did this all? Why he did something like Chiraag. She tells them all that Nimisha is Chiraag’s sister and must be wanting to take revenge from Ranveer.

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