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Meri Aashiqui Episode 342--343 Update On Monday 13th May 2019 On Joy Prime


Raavan says to RV that one doesn’t forget some memories, RV agrees. Kailash comes there. He asks what is going on there, RV tells Kailash that one of his client is going out of India, and he has a meeting with him. Kailash takes Raman inside the room, and tells him to pack his bag and leave. Raavan says that he already told Kailash that he shouldn’t hide the reality from anyone. He understands it is difficult to bring the truth to anyone, and Kailash must let him do this. He says to Kailash that it was because of what had happened in Anjaar that his son is still like that, he tells him that he has seen the craziness and fire in Ranveer’s eyes. Kailash packs Raavan’s bag, Kailaash says Baa suspects and tried to question him about what had happened in Kailash. Kailash joins his hands in front of Raavan, he says happiness has come him home after a long time, he doesn’t want him to tell anything to anyone.
Manisha says to Mrs. Mehra that there is something in Ranveer that is intriguing her. She is sure that person was Ranveer. Mrs. Mehra says that she couldn’t stop Manisha from going there. Manisha says she won’t break her promise, but she feels bad for Ishaani. She knows that Chiraag was also a bad guy and now if Ishaani really knows about Ranveer. Mrs. Mehra says that since childhood, Ranveer loves Ishaani and won’t betray Ishaaani ever. Manisha says that she still thinks there are two faces of Ranveer and he suffers from a dual personality.
There RV drove the car, listening to loud music. He feels lustful watching the photos of Manisha that he had taken in washroom.
Baa was sitting with Parul and Krish in the room. Baa gifts her a bangle. She says that she loved Disha a lot, and she ruined her. She always felt bad for Krish, but when Parul held his hand she was really happy. He will also respect Parul the same way. Baa says that Parul is Yashoda to Krisha that her position will always be above Maa Devki. Ishaani comes there, Baa asks Ishaani how Ranveer is. Ishaani says he is fine, has gone out to book RJ. Baa tells Ishaani not to let RV work so much. Ishaani calms Baa down and thinks there is something wrong happening with Ranveer.
Some interviewer comes to take Ranveer’s interview. Parul says its her Sangeet tomorrow. They apologize, but Ranveer says he will manage. They ask to finalize his outfit, RV asks them to come to his room.
RV comes upstairs and was about to turn on the lights of the room, Ishaani tells him to leave it. She dances with him shocking him. She swirls with the curtains, makes Ranveer sit on the chair and dances around him. RV finally smiles, swirls her around and goes to switch the lights on. He points at the guys standing outside, RV points at Ishaani who switches the music off. Ranveer sends the guys away, shuts the door. He appreciates Ishaani, Ishaani is annoyed why he didn’t tell her. Ranveer asks if she listened to him. Ishaani asks who brings boys to room this late. Ranveer says he is a single man. Ishaani is annoyed, Ranveer switches the music on, kneels down in front of Ishaani asking her hand. They dance intimately. RV was about to kiss Ishaani but realizes and withdraws himself. He says to Ishaani that they aren’t married yet, she must be ready after marriage, he will take her kiss whenever and wherever he would love to. Ishaani gets serious at once. RV asks what happened. Ishaani says the man who has been her husband and is going to marry her is respecting her so much, how Manisha could blame him. RV says she must forget about Manisha, she was afraid herself. Ishaani says she is the luckiest girl in this world to be marrying her. They hug, Ranveer was thinking about something else.
The next day, Baa and Amba cheer at the decoration. Parul comes with Krish. Chaitali also comes out. Ishaani comes downstairs and takes blessings from Baa. Pratik asks Ishaani where the DJ is. Ishaani thinks RV must be giving an interview. Ishaani calls the DJ who tells her there was no appointment made by Ranveer.
In the cab, Manisha tells Mrs. Mehra that she has been having nightmares for the last few days. She can’t sleep at night, and that is why she is taking her to psychiatrist. Mrs. Mehra insists that she isn’t crazy. Manisha says she needs professional help to avoid depression and insomnia. Mrs. Mehra is concerned that today is Ranveer’s sangeet and Manisha must be there. Manisha says she has got all the preparations done. They stop at the hospital.
Ranveer says to Ishaani that it isn’t possible he didn’t book DJ. He remembers at once that he didn’t book any DJ. He says to Ishaani that he went there to book one, but he might not have one. Ishaani says she already told him to get himself treated, how is it possible he doesn’t know if he went there or not. Ranveer apologizes, Ritesh and Kailash points at him not to. Ishaani gets them behind her as RV stares at them. She asks if he is listening to what she is saying. RV goes to listen to Baba, he asks why he is pointing at him not to say sorry. Ritesh asks is she scolding him, he must always let his wife speak and never interfere in the talks of wives. Chaitali, Amba and Ishaani come there. Chaitali asks Ritesh if he is teaching wrongs things to Ranveer. Amba questions Kailash, saying everyman always proves his wife wrong, the wife who fast thrice for him in a year. Ishaani begin scolding RV now. Manas comes home and apologizes Parul to be late, Parul says if he had come earlier he would have laughed a lot. Baa comes and tells Ishaani not to bother Ranveer. Ishaani says that Ranveer forgot to book DJ, Baa says she and Amba will be DJs.
Manisha hears the nurses on the reception talk about Ranveer as they watched his interview. They discussed how badly he was behaving the day he came for the councelling. They didn’t know he is such a big businessman, and this was Case 256, whose CD she had losted and was scolded by the doctor. Manisha thinks that there is definitely something wrong with Ranveer, she must find out about this case 256.

Baa and Amba dance on the stage, everyone enjoys their performance. Ishaani says to RV that it is good he didn’t called a DJ, else this wouldn’t have been happening. She cheers that this is called real sangeet. Manisha comes there, recalling the incident and considering RV as the culprit, the talk of nurses echo in her mind. RV was laughing and enjoying. Ishaani watches Manisha and comes to her, she asks how she is, and it is good she came as it seemed Manisha didn’t come. Ishaani appreciates the work of her team and takes her to enjoy the party.
Manas thought about Disha and her irresponsibility and Parul’s promises. Parul comes and asks Manas if he won’t dance. He says he doesn’t know how to dance. Parul says he may dance whatever he knows. He says he doesn’t know dance. Parul asks him to enjoy dance atleast. He says he is enjoying. She asks if he is alright, he isn’t the Manas who was her friend. He used to share all his feeling with her. Manas says that now he will have to find a wife in his friend, turn their friendship to marriage. It won’t be easy. Parul says that the old relation will turn to a new one, she is sure it is strong. Pratik hears this all, he comes to Manisha and asks her help to bring the next couple to stage.
Baa and Amba come to stage, they ask for clapping. Baa says they must hold this clapping and whistles. Amba says, ‘for a couple who will sing’. Baa corrects that they have to dance. Amba and Baa announces that Parul and Manas will come next to stage. Pratik and Manisha come and bucks Manas and Parul to go on stage and sends them up. Parul and Manas perform together. Everyone claps as they finish. Baa says that this was their first couple, now comes two lover’s pair. Baa and Amba argue, but Amba calls Ranveer and Ishaani. Ranveer and Ishaani do a couple dance. Ranveer remembers their dances before. Manisha keep an eye on them. Ishaani at once loses control, Ranveer takes her hand and continues with the dance. He feels awkward at once with Ishaani, they finish the performance. Ishaani leaves the hall, Ranveer follows her. Manisha watches them go.
Baa and Amba again argue with each other on stage.
Ranveer follows Ishaani and asks why she is going. Ishaani says to Ranveer that he forgot steps while dancing. Ranveer says this was a little thing, big dances forget dances. He says it isn’t a competition. Manisha heard this. Ishaani says he always do this, he do mistakes and never accepts this. She says he has no time to consult a psychiatrist. He has no time for himself, and only time for work. Manisha says if she heard about a psychiatrist. She remembers the nurse was talking about a CD and weird behavior of Ranveer. Ranveer asks Ishaani not to get angry today as it is their Sangeet. Ishaani doesn’t agree and goes inside.
Ranveer takes Ishaani into the room, locks the door and asks what has happened to her. Why she gets angry at little things. Ishaani says she has told her everything, it is his problem. Ranveer says that the psychiatrist said everything is fine. Ishaani asks what about the MRI and scans. Ranveer says there are a lot of things, the wedding and business. Ishaani says she will get the wedding cancelled, they will marry only when he has got fine. Ranveer says he has waited a lot for this wedding, he stops Ishaani, gets rude and says this matter has no solution, they will argue as much as they discuss it. Ranveer says he is leaving so that neither she watches his face nor argue. Ishaani calls from behind that he shouldn’t forget coming back home, else he will blame her for this too. He leaves.
Manisha bribes the nurse to get the CD.



PRECAP: Manisha regrets that the light has gone again. Ranveer (the villain face) stands behind her. He shuts Manisha’s mouth as she tries to shout, she gets afraid and shivers and cries. Ranveer says if she thought it would be so easy, to get the CD, play it and expose him.

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