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Meri Aashiqui Episode 336--337 Update On Wednesday 8th May 2019 On Joy Prime


Rv watches Parul playing with Krish, he thinks he must speak to Manas today.

Kailash brings a man out, he asks why he came here. The man tells Kailash he wants to speak to him about his son’s mental condition. Kailash says he doesn’t want to hear anything about it. The man, Raman tells Kailash that the doctor had warned that his son’s mental problem could recur in his adult age. Kailash says he doesn’t want to hear anything about it. The man says he knows in what conditions they had left the village and the incident. Kailash doesn’t want to hear this all and makes Raman leave.

RV takes medicine in his study, Manas comes there. RV asks Manas if Parul loves Krish. Manas says that Parul sometimes love Krish more than him. RV says Parul wants to marry him and be the mother of Krish. Manas says he never thought about it. RV asks what he wants now when he knows Parul wants to marry him. Manas thinks for a while and says yes he wants to marry her. RV asks Manas what he thinks about his sister. Manas says to RV that he still loves Disha, but he will talk to Parul. He will assure her that the way she has done a lot for Krish, he will bear all the responsibilities of a husband and take complete care of her. RV says he is sure Manas will take care of Parul, he says he will now speak to Lakshmi about it. Manas says he wants to talk to Parul about it, RV tells him she has gone to kitchen.

Ishaani gets ready in her room, the lights get off. The door clicks, she asks who is there and goes to look for the candle. RV was going to make her afraid but she does so instead. RV tells Ishaani that he talked to Manas, he is ready to marry Parul, and he also spoke to Lakshmi and made her up too. Ishaani cheers and says thankyou. RV says he doesn’t want a simple thank you but a kiss. Ishaani shys, RV says he will make it easier for her and close his eyes. Ishaani kiss his cheek. RV says that he is her husband, she doesn’t has to kiss him on cheek. He makes plan that they are going to marry in a few days, till then they will meet each other hidden from each other. Ishaani says they will not do anything before wedding and pushes him out of the room.

Sharman comes through the corridor murmuring his mother is after him to marry. He tells RV that his mother only wants him to marry because RV is marrying. RV says Sharman must follow what he says, Sharman must not get frank with the girl or try to flirt her. He says if Sharman dares to kiss the girl, she will push him out of the room and shut the door on his face. Sharman taunts if RV has undergone all the treatment just now. RV says he has an experience of three marriages. He takes Sharman in the room for some advice.

In the room, Amba and Baa sat together arguing. Baa said they will keep a white theme, Amba laughed saying only reds are used in weddings. She says that she will do only what her RV and Ishaani would like. Ishaani comes down, she says she has decided that Manas and Parul should get married in the same stage as hers and Ranveer’s. Amba and Baa gets serious. Lakshmi brings sweet to Amba and Baa and takes blessings from Baa. Amba is shocked that Lakshmi has got ready for the wedding.

Chaitali comes there and tells a famous decorator is coming tomorrow. Amba asks Baa why she didn’t tell her. Baa says Amba would have called an old fashioned decorator then. Chaitali says that this designer set the wedding of a famous actor last month. Amba gets relaxed hearing this. Ishaani assures them that she and Ranveer will guide her well tomorrow. Ishaani thinks she must go to Ranveer, she shouldn’t have pushed him out of the room, he must be angry somewhere now.

In the room, RV tells Sharman there are three phases of love Rafi, Kishore and Mukesh. RV says when he loved his sister his ears always rang with Rafi’s songs, then he heard about Kishore’s songs when all got set in his life six months before and today Mukesh’s songs only plays in his mind. He complains to Sharman that his sister has got bossy, and authoritative. She doesn’t listen to him at all now. Ishaani was hearing this all. Sharman had seen Ishaani at the door, and points at RV. RV watches Ishaani standing angrily at the door.

Sharman says that a married man told him every woman get dominating after wedding. Chaitali asks Ritesh if she got dominating. Ritesh denies that. Sharman says his papa isn’t even able to tell a truth. Chaitali tells Sharman that she has set a date with a girl, she will wear a white dress and he must also wear a white dress.

The wedding planner talks to baa that she is here and is ready to meet Ishaani. Sharman comes to the lawn, and thinks this is the girl. He speaks to the girl, she thinks it is Ranveer and tries to discuss with him that he must look at everything himself. Sharman says he wants a simple and sober wedding. The girl says weddings must not be simple. Sharman says he already had someone else in his life, if she has a problem with this. The girl says why she would be concerned about it. Sharman asks is she still ready to marry him. The girl gets angry and asks why would she marry him at all? She is a wedding planner and has come to meet the groom here. RV comes there, Sharman laughs and says there was a wrong number. He introduces himself as the brother of bride. The planner goes to speak on phone. Ranveer wonders if he will be able to marry or not. Ishaani comes there with an angry face, Sharman asks RV to go and speak to her. RV takes Ishaani aside, she was angry but he insists and kneels down, holds her hand and says he loves her a lot, he has loved her since he was nine years of age. Now he wants to live with her in all her lives, will she marry him now? Ishaani says yes she will, she makes him stand and says he is such a drama. She knows everything about him, and wants to know something that she doesn’t know. RV says he has been brought up in front of her, she knows it all. Ishaani says she wants to know about his life before he was nine years, about his village and who was there. Ranveer gets serious and tries to change the topic. Ishaani says she has decided to go to her village after the wedding. RV says there is nothing in the village like that. He gets Manas call and leave for office telling her to handle the planner. Ishaani wonders if Ranveer is hiding something from her about the village or if she is overthinking.

In the office Manas was tensed, RV asks why he came to office today but Manas tells RV that their 5 crore diamonds have got stolen. He says either Manas or RV has the keys to the locker and it was his responsibility. RV tells Manas not to take this personally, worrying will get them nothing. Their diamonds are insured, let polive and insurance company handle the problem. He tells him to go home, they will solve the matter after the function tonight.

In the function, Ranveer and Ishaani enjoy with the family. Sharman keeps on staring at the planner. Manas and Parul’s rituals are also performed by Baa. Amba gives the ring to Ranveer, Chaitali plays with Ranveer’s dragging Ishaani’s hand behind. Ranveer puts in the ring. Ishaani puts in ring into Ranveer’s hand. Ranveer also drags his hand, both laugh playfully. Parul and Manas’s engagement also takes place. Chaitali says that now her Sharman is left only. They all hug each other.

RV notices security guard had stopped Mr. Shah outside. The guards took him outside and asked him to speak here, Mr. Shah says he needs to speak to RV. The guards say a function is going on. RV comes out, Mr. Shah says it is good he came here, his guard has been misbehaving. RV was strict and tells him he asked them to stop him out. He asks Mr. Shah why he has come here. Mr. Shah asks RV that there was a deal between them that he would let him sell the diamonds before informing police. Now how he will sell the diamonds in the market that he had sold him in black. RV was shocked to hear this.

PRECAP: A man stood at the door during function thinking that Ranveer Vaghela! Your past stands at your door, whatever happened in the village is haunting him here

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