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Meri Aashiqui Episode 335--336 Update On Tuesday 7th May 2019 On Joy Prime


Manas was sitting with a man who told him about some business ways that were not legal. Manas says that RV is already facing business loss, he must opt this way and will speak to RV about it.
At home, everyone was ready to welcome RV and Ishaani. Amba tells Lakshmi to ask Baa about everything, she is the elder one. Baa tells Amba to do Ishaani’s aarti only. Amba says for her, her daughter in law is coming home bringing all the hapinesses back. Kailash told someone on phone that he had already forbidden him not to call here, it is an event of happiness here. Amba calls Kailash and asks him to leave home.
Ishaani and Ranveer come home, everyone come to their welcome. Chaitali stops them saying no entry without permission. Lakshmi says only Aarti will be done today as Amba makes aarti. Everyone was happy, Amba says that only Aarti today but she also has to do her Grehenparwesh. She has to do everything that she didn’t do heartily before. Ishaani bends to touch her feet, but Amba stops her saying this time she must come in her head up. She hugs Ishaani. Ranveer tells Amba not to cry, judge has allowed them to marry again. Like people marry their sons, she must marry her daughter in law with her son. Lakshmi says they have dreamed a lot in the last six months, it is time to fulfil those dreams. Parul who was holding Manas child welcomes them, Ishaani goes to play with Krish. Baa hugs Ishaani and says her son Harshid and Falguni must be the happiest people, today both families have turned to one. They all come inside. Chaitali says that in this wedding now there will be a single family. Lakshmi and Parul start their demands about gifts and naiks. She tells Ranveer to give money for Krish as well. RV tells Chaitali that he will gift her all the sarees of the function. Amba sends them both to get fresh, she will get the food served.
Amba comes to Kailash and takes him inside with her. In the room, she asks him why he is so worried. Kailash says he called. Amba asks again, what he said. Kailash says he wants to meet him tonight. Amba asks why, what he needs after so many years. Kailash says he doesn’t know what he wants, he said he won’t tell anything on phone. Kailash says why his past is fearing him after so many years. Lakshmi comes there to tell them Baa is calling. Amba takes Kailash along her.
In the corridor, Ishaani held Krish and says he has got so naughty. Parul says he is really active and naughty. She takes him from Ishaani. RV asks Chaitali that he will take Ishaani’s bag into the room, Chaitali asks if he wants to help her or for Ishaani? Everyone smile. RV says offcourse he is trying to help her, Chaitali says thanks then. Ishaani takes her bag and says he doesn’t need to help her, she will take the bag herself. RV says we are going to stay together. Ishaani says she alone will stay in the room, she is a single woman and can’t stay with anyone in their room. She tells him to marry her first, then become her secretary. RV says that room is empty and untidy, not ready for her, so till then they must stay together. Parul asks who said the room isnt ready, Ishaani called her earlier and she got the room ready for her to stay. Chaitali says so finally, she must take the bag. RV shows Parul eyes. RV says he will see her once they get married. Ishaani says he must see her even with glasses on, then. Lakshmi comes there and asks what this all is? the food is ready there and they are just busy here. She asks Parul if she will eat with Krish, Parul says she will make him sleep. Chaitali and Parul leave, Lakshmi tells RV to go as she has to talk to Ishaani about something important. RV stares Ishaani who smiles and asks him to go as Lakshmi says. RV leaves angrily that everyone is singing about Ishaani here today.
Lakshmi says to Ishaani that it is good she has returned as they counted days for her return. She says she has to say something important to her. Ishaani asks if everything is fine. Lakshmi says that tomorrow a family is coming to see Parul for proposal. Ishaani says this is a very good news, why is she worried. Lakshmi says this is a matter of tension, Lakshmi says Parul doesn’t understand anything. Ishaani tells her not to worry. Lakshmi says she knows Ishaani always solves everyone’s problems that is why Ranveer is even crazy about her. She takes Ishaani to have food.
Next day, Ishaani prepares Parul for the proposal. She asks Parul why is she quiet. Parul says nothing. Ishaani says she knows this is the time for nervousness for girls, but she must not worry as they won’t be able to say no at all. Parul turns to look at Krish, Ishaani says Krish is playing so relaxed. She gives final touch up to Parul and says she looks beautiful. Parul goes to hold Krish. Lakshmi comes to take Parul down and is curt to see Krish with her, she come to her and takes Krish from her and places him in cradle. She says she must atleast leave Krish for today, the boy’s family is there downstairs. She tells Ishaani to take Parul downstairs, she will send Mala to take care of Krish. Mala comes to the room, Lakshmi tells her to stay here with Krish as everyone is going downstairs.
Amba introduces Parul to everyone. Lakshmi says they both look good together. The boy’s father asks about RV. Ishaani says he is upstairs with Manas and lawyer, Manas tries to speak to RV but he says he will get late. Manas stops RV in the corridor and says it is really urgent. Manas says he met Mr. Shah who is a diamond merchant. He can take them out of this situation. Manas says they will have to give their 5 crore diamonds in 4.5 lac in black, they will claim to insurance company that they have lost the diamonds and will gain 5 crores from them. This way they will have a profit of 9.5 crore. RV asks why even he gave this suggestion. Manas says stock market is really down, how they will cope up. RV says this is his matter, but he will not steal diamond and claim insurance. He has been running the company for so many years, he has never done any fraud. There have been problems, but once he loses respect he will never gain it again. He tells Manas to say thanks to Mr. Shah for his offer and suggestion both. He tells Manas to go to office and himself goes downstairs.
The guy sat with Parul and stared at her hands. Ishaani says to Amba that till Ranveer comes down, should Parul and Prakash speak to each other alone. Lakshmi is worried at this. Ishaani says their opinion is also important. Amba allows at once saying both will get to know each other this way, else they are only speaking through eye contact here.
Ishaani whispers into Parul’s ear not to take tension and say whatever she has in mind. Prakash’s mother tells him to go with Parul. Both stands to go inside. RV comes downstairs. He asks about Parul and Prakash, Kailash says they have gone to speak to each other. Baa says alone. Everyone laugh.
In the room, Prakash asks Parul what her hobbies are. Parul says nothing important. Prakash says she must like something, does she like to watch movies. Parul hears Krish crying and runs to him. Mala was bringing Krish through the corridor, Parul comes out of the room and takes Krish from her.
She sends Mala to bring his feeder, saying doesn’t she know he only cries when he is hungry. Parul brings Krish to room, Prakash asks who this child is. Parul says hers. She says though she didn’t give birth to him, but he is just like her own child. He must think that if he has to marry her, he will also come to his home with her. Prakash goes out. Lakshmi stood at the door worried with tea when Prakash goes out of the room.
RV asks Prakash he had been waiting for him, Prakash says this proposal is not possible. Everyone stands up in worry, but Prakash heads to leave saying he will tell them everything in the way back.

Lakshmi comes to Parul and asks what she has said, doesn’t she remember this child is Disha’s. Disha says this is her child, she will take him with whoever she will marry with. Ishaani hears this all. Lakshmi says that now she will not hear to Parul and Parul must accept what she choose for her to marry with. Parul says she isn’t a cattle to be bound to anyone. She says that it doesn’t seem Lakshmi is her real mother else she must have understood her. Lakshmi slaps Parul, Parul leaves the room. Amba comes to calm Lakshmi. Parul runs to the room and bolts it, Ishaani comes behind and keeps on knocking the door. Parul finally opens the door, Ishaani asks what has happened. Parul says that everyone wants her to marry and she loves Krish, she isn’t his mother but wants to bring him up and always live with him. She says she has always taken care of Krish, she is so attached to him now that she cannot even think about getting separated from him. She says to Ishaani that she is his aunt and must do something atleast for Krish if not Parul. She says if she wants Krish to remain with Parul she must get her married to Manas. Ishaani asks what she is saying. Parul says Disha has gone and will never return, and she is doing this so that Krish gets a mother, she and Manas will bring him up well. She says she knew that like Amba and Lakshmi she will also think about the society. She asks why can’t she marry Manas, this will give Krish a mother and this is the best reason to marry someone. Ishaani says she can’t promise but she will talk to Ranveer and then Lakshmi, but takes a promise from Parul that she will not take any false step.
Outside the room, Amba says to Ishaani she has heard everything. Ishaani says she thinks Lakshmi will understand this. Amba says she knows Lakshmi has some different point of view. She says that a real mother and daughter have a different relation with each other, they must not interfere in between this. Ishaani says that she has heard Parul and doesn’t think Parul will change mind, they must talk to Ranveer about it. Amba allows Ishaani, Ishaani says thankyou maa. Amba cheers hearing this and hugs Ishaani.
Ranveer says to Ishaani that this isn’t possible. He says Lakshmi is right, if Disha comes back to life of Manas, Parul will be insecure for a lifetime. Ishaani says if he really thinks Disha will return and the marriage can be adjourned in the court, Disha will then have no right on Krish and Manas if he even returns. Ranveer says that she is only thinking about Parul but he is also taking care about society. He hurries to leave and says he doesn’t want to talk about it at all, actually.
Ranveer comes to Mr. Shah. Mr. Shah is excited, Ranveer asks can’t he come to him when he had told his employ about the whole plan. He gives the diamonds and ask 5 crores for them. Mr. Shah says that the market is going through loss, Ranveer asks the price of the diamonds. Mr. Shah observes the diamonds and says he will get 4.5 crores. Ranveer takes the bag back and asks can’t this price raise. Mr. Shah says he can only offer 4.5 in recession, and Manas must have told him they are doing it in black and he can get the rest from his insurance. Ranveer says alright, he murmurs that the business is at loss and there is wedding at home. He feels pain in his head. Mr. Shah asks if he has pain in head, Ranveer says yes and when he has pain he doesn’t understand anything. Mr. Shah asks if he wants to rethink about this deal or if he is afraid of fraud by the insurance company. Ranveer says that he isn’t afraid of anyone, and is only concerned about his business now. Mr. Shah gives him the money bag, he leaves with the bag.
Ranveer calls Ishaani, Ishaani says he didn’t want to speak to him so now she would not even pick the call. Ranveer wonders why Ishaani isn’t picking the call. Ishaani thinks how much he has changed in the last six months. Mala comes with the phone, Ishaani doesn’t take the call. Mala tells Ranveer, he asks her to put it on speakers and says to Ranveer he will speak as much that she won’t bear this. Ishaani smiles and thanks Mala. Ranveer says he wanted to see the angry face of Ishaani, he loves her so much. Ishaani says for his love he will have to do something that he doesn’t want to do. Ranveer asks what? She says he must go to Manas and talk to him about marriage. Ishaani says that she knows it is serious but Parul is his sister, he can do this for her. He must atleast once go to Manas. Ranveer agrees to speak to Manas. Ishaani says ok. Ranveer asks if she is still angry. Ishaani says she will remain angry with him until he speaks to Manas, she hang on.
Ranveer feels head ache again and wonders where this new problem started. His vision blurs.

PRECAP: Ranveer asks Ishaani a thankyou kiss, she shies. He shuts his eyes to make it easy

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