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Till The End Of Time Episode 182--183 Update On 10th April 2019 On TV3


Maya removes tablets from her mouth and reveals that she never changed and is still same. At hospital, ward boy gets afraid seeing Arjun’s portrait made with unused tablets. Maya confesses that these tablets cannot change her, only her Arjun can, now Ayan is taking Arjun away, why..why… Why nobody understands her and bandar.

Arjun searches Saanjh/Dusky. Ayan says she left. Arjun says she did not say bye properly, if she was fine. Ayan says she was not, she was crying. Arjun says he will meet her in the morning. Ayan says it is 6 months, even now he did not sort out his differences wit dusky. Arjun says he wants to go, but Maya came home today. Ayan says Maya bhabi came back home, but Saanjh is very sad, he will go then to console Saanjh. Arjun says he will go, but Maya and maa. Ayan
says he is there to take care of bhabi. Arjun leaves. Ayan smirks he is there for bhabhi ji.

Maya pampers her unborn baby and sings song. Ayan enters and says her/his mamma is mad and he/she should tell everyone. He gives her milk and says whom she will tell that she is not mad. Maya says she is cured and not mad. Ayan says no doc in the world can cure her. She cries she is cured for her child. Ayan says to trap bhai, bhai loves this child and not her. Her facial expression changes to schizophrenic. She says Arjun loves her. Ayan says she is not that mad that she cannot see truth, bhai loves his child and not her, he knows how much mad she is and can harm her child. What a life, she did so many scandals for Arjun, but Arjun and child will go far away from her. He continues that bhai was mad behind her, but now he realized his mistake. Maya was enjoying for 6 months in mental asylum and bhai was finding peace in Dusky on shant spot/terrace, everyday at 10 p.m. sharp.

Arjun reaches shanti spot and asks Saanjh he was searching her, why did she come here. He jokes and asks again. She nervously says he was busy with Maya in a function, so she did not want to disturb them. Arjun says she knows. She says yes, what he shows and whatever he hides. He says she can see what he cannot see himself.

Maya continues that Arjun loves only her. Ayan says bhai used to 6 months ago, but not now. He calls bhai and says it is 10 p.m. now and she can set time according to bhai and Saanjh’s meeting. He asks if she used to get innocence for free in mental asylum, she is fine, Arjun loves her..blah..blah..blah…Maya says truth will not change, Arjun loves her. Ayan says then see the truth herself, if she is not afraid to see truth. Maya comments cowards are not the one who run away, are the one who frighten courage. She gets into Ayan’s car. Ayan fixes her seat belt and says he hates her and not her child. He drives car and says she knows well that child is the rope between them and when that will break, her and Arjun’s relationship will break. Maya says her and Arun’s relationship is not that weak to abide by a weak rope.

Ayan takes her to shanty spot. Maya opens door and says love does not need any evidence, it is evidence in itself. Ayan pushes her in and shouts bhabhi why are you going in. Bhai come soon. Arjun sees them and asks Mya what is she doing here. Ayan says as soon as he told that bhai went to meet Saanjh, bhabhi drove car rashly, what if something had happened to child, bhabhi is mad. Arjun says enough. Saanjh says shut up, Maya is not mad. She tells Maya that Arjun loves only Maya and can leave anyone for her. She tries to leave, but Arjun holds her hand. Maya fumes in jealousy. Arjun says Saanjh is wrong, he can leave anyone but not his dusky. Maya gets more jealous.

Arjun then tells Maya that Dusky is his friend, his childhood, his madness, he left friendship for love repeatedly, but not now. He continues when love made him shed tears, friendship wiped it. On one side it is friendship and love on the other, he cannot leave both. Maya says Arjun…Arjun says this is truth, he cannot leave his friendship repeatedly for love. He asks Ayan to take Maya home while he drops Dusky home, Maya has to trust hm. He holds dusky’s hand and says let us go. Maya’s schizophrenic expression emerges again and she angrily looks at Ayan. She tells Ayan that he either does not trust her madness or forgot it. Ayan says he remembers and is trying to let her remember. Maya says whatever she did not forget, how can she remember it.

Maya tells Ayan that he either does not trust her madness or forgot it. Ayan says he is trying to let her remember her madness. Maya says she never forgot her madness, it is with her always, it brought Arjun to her. Arjun loved her even after knowing her madness, he will never leave her. She walks smiling and reaches home. Ayan says bhai forgot her and is with her for only child. She holds his neck and pins him down and says this child is the proof of her and Arjun’s love. He repeats again bhai forgot her. She says she will not let anyone come between her and Arjun, not him, not maa, not Saanjh. Ayan says not child. She shouts nobody. Ayan laughs and takes out camera from vase and shows Maya’s confession. Maya tries to snatch camera, but Ayan does not. Maya says Arjun trusts her after a
long time, she cannot let him break it. Ayan says his little friend/camera did his job, Maya proved that she is mad and even child is nothing to her. She says this child matters to her a lot. He says no and walks away with camera. Maya reminisces Arjun telling if she goes towards evil, he will go far away from her. She shows her schizophrenic expression.

Ayan informs Saanjh about Maya’s madness and confession on camera. Saanjh asks him to stay away from Maya, he does not know anything, she is very dangerous. He says does not know anything. She asks to stay wherever he is, she is coming to meet him He says why will he go back to Maya’s house. Maya speeds her car towards Ayan and crushes him under wheels. Ayan falls down injured. Maya peeps out of window and sees if he is alive. Ayan tries to get up and says Maya..Maya… Maya rides car on Ayan again reminiscing him telling she is mad and will be always. She says if someone wanted love, she gave love, if someone asked madness, she gave that. They say she is heartless, but she has heart, how did Ayan try to come near her heart. Ayan tries to move with great difficulty. Maya reminisces Ayan trying to expose her and drives car on him again. She gets out of car and sits in front of him, says she went to mental asylum to get well, but those medicines were not good and made her hallucinate, so she stopped medicines and herself became her medicine. She stayed away from Arjun for 6 months and tried to change herself, it takes so much effort to hide madness. Maa, Saanjh, Arjun, everyone are happy except Ayan. Ayan wanted to see her madness, what will he do now with his proof, he had to save his life instead, but he wanted to see Maya’s madness. She cries if Arjun will know that something happened to his brother, he will be in pain. Everything was perfect, then what problem he had, why he came and ruined everything. She shuts his eyes and says wherever he is going now, he will not find any mad. She gets up and walks back to car with blood smeared to her skirt. She gets into car and leaves.

Saanjh reaches spot and does not find Ayan. She tries to call Ayan. Maya speeds her car and tries to crush even Saanjh. Saanjh sees car on time and escapes. She thinks it is someone else and shouts. She calls Ayan again and his phone is not reachable. She searches and calls his name, finds his spectacles and panics that something happened to him. She sees people gathering nearby and walk with wobbly gait, sees Ayan’s clothes and thinks it cannot be Ayan. She walks towards him with great difficulty and freezes in a shock seeing it is really Ayan. She shouts Ayaaan…

Precap: Saanjh takes Ayaan to hospital and asks doc if Ayan is fine. Doc says his condition is very critical and they should file police complaint as someone tried to kill Ayan. Arjun asks who will it be. Saanjh says Maya.

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