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Till The End Of Time Episode 180--181 Update On Tuesday 9th April 2019 On TV3


Post leap of 6 months month, Arjun prepares cake and buys bouquet. Vandana calls him and asks if her bahu is coming. Arjun says yes, not to worry. Saanjh on the other side wearing ghost mask entertains children with a chudail//witch story who eats everyone who comes in her way. Arjun enters and says chudail threw out as she was not a chudail, but an pari/angel. He removes her ask and reveals Saanjh’s face. Children clap that para came to save pari. Arjun asks para means. Children says pari’s boyfriend. Saanjh asks them all to go. Arjun asks them to run, else pari will eat and vomit. He gives balloon and signals her to smile. He holds her hand and takes her to a chair where he has kept cake written incomplete life is complete with her, bouquet and balloons. He cuts cake and feeds her wishing
happy birthday. She gets emotional and asks why is he doing this. He says so that relationships don’t die. Saanjh says relationships don’t die, they lose. He asks her to hold his hand towards happiness then, it is 6 months since uncle passed away and she is still sad. He gives her dress and asks to wear it and come with her. He walks to car and says today he is free from past.

Arjun then goes to mental asylum and hears a woman shouting and resisting to leave her, she is not mad. He thinks it is Maya and runs to her room, sees someone else. Maya from behind wall says even now Arjun is mad in her love. Arjun holds her and says he will not let his madness die. She says he is holding himself and has to free himself. He comments. She says she would have died in his love and reminisces trying to fall into water and calling Arjun, but Arjun running to save her and asking to come down. Maya says if he goes away from her, she will die. Arjun says die then, but she has his child and if something happens to his child, he will kill himself, I she loves him, she should come down. Maya comes down and out of flashback says for the first time she did not hold his hand, she wanted his love. Back in flashback, Maya goes to mental asylum and locks herself in chains. Arjun asks what is she doing. Maya says she does not want him hate her, she wants his love. She will be here until she is cured. Out of flashback, Arjun recites romantic shayari and Maya repeats. Arjun says coming here, she herself killed old Maya and new Maya has changed for his love. Maya says immense love. Arjun says all her exams are over and she will go home. Maya says she is fine here, this world will not understand her. Arjun says this world will not tell her anything as he is her world. With doctor’s medicines and his love, she is cured. Her house and bandar are waiting for her. He takes out in shalwar kameez and says he will get her ready from his own hands. He gets her ready. Maya reminisces proposing him, her love for him, their marriage, etc.. Arjun applies her sindhoor and she reminisces their wedding. Arjun takes her from mental asylum to home. Maya sees whole house well decorated with lots of guests around. Vandana brings aarti thali. Maya asks what is this. Vandana says today is her bahu’s goad bharai and does her tilak. Maya tells Jahnvi that she has returned and missed her.

Arjun dances with women on Maya’s goad bharai ritual. Vandana does ritual and prays god that bandar/child keeps Maya and Arjun’s love alive. Maya gave her such a big happiness. Maya says she deserves it. Arjun says he will also perform ritual as bandar and Maya are both his. He murmurs in Maya’s ears to tell bandar that he has right on mom, twice in day, twice at night. He dances mimicking pregnant Maya. Inspector comes holding handcuffs and says stop all this, now Maya’s secret crimes will come out.

Inspector comes to arrest Maya. Arjun asks inspector what is all this. Ayan enters and says he brought inspector. Ayan walks to Maya saying he has returned, today whole world will see curtain off from lies, today truth will be out. He hugs Maya and says this is Sharma family’s truth, who used to hate Maya bhabi are now dancing on her tunes. He says Mays Arjun Shama is acting as perfect bahu, perfect biwi, perfect bhabi..Vandana asks what is all this. Ayan says he is just joking. Arjun smiles and says he will trash him, who are these police Ayan says they are his friend, struggling actors, so he thought of giving them a chance to show their talent. He gives them money and sends. Vandana asks to stop his jokes and say some blessing words in Maya’s ears. Ayan whispers something. Maya’s facial
expression changes Ayan jokes his brother has killer looks and will kill him, only Maya can change.

Saanjh comes. Vandana’s facial expression changes. Arjun sees Saanjh and hugs her. Maya angrily gets up and all her shagun items fall down. She reminsices Arjun leaving her for Saanjh. Someone comments this is abshagun. Maya walks to Saanjh reminiscing Arjun walking with her. Saanjh shivers. Arjun gets tensed, but relaxes when Maya hugs Saanjh. She says she wanted to apologize her since 6 months for her mistakes, Saanjh has suffered a lot because of her. She did not kill Prem uncle, but is responsible for his death, she can only apologize Saanjh to forgive. Arjun says whatever happened is past, right now their bandar/unborn child needs a lot of blessings and even Saanjh has brought blessings. He is very happy that today he has his love, his friend, his mother, his brother, their bandar will get all their blessings. Guests say they will leave now. Maya walks with Arjun looking at Saanjh in her usual style.

Ayan drags Saanjh to a room and asks if she forgot everything, Prem uncle’s death, Maya’s sins, etc. Arjun takes Maya to room and asks her to relax while he gets water and medicine for her. Maya reminisces Ayan telling her sins will be out today and inspector showing hand cuffs. On the other side, Saanjh says she has not forgotten anything. Ayan asks where is Prem uncle’s obedient daughter. She shouts to shut his mouth, he does not know anything. Maya continues reminiscing Ayan’s words and says bandar that his mother is fine. Saanjh says Ayan how many dead bodies she should she burn, she cannot see more dear ones dying. Ayan says Maya will never change. Vandana comes and slaps him and yells not to brainwash Saanjh and badmouth about her bahu Maya. Ayan says Maya ruined his life and he told her what he has to. Maya reminisces Ayan telling she is mad and he will save his brother from her. She shouts bandar’s mother is not mad. Vandana says Maya get him out of jail. Ayan says she spoilt his life and is acting good, she will never change. Vandana says Maya is Arjun’s life and has changed after 6 months of psychiatric treatment. Ayan says Maya never changed. Saanjh says Maya is Arjun’s poison and walks away.

Maya continues reminiscing Ayan’s words. Arjun comes and touches her and she gets afraid. He says it happens if someone touches after 6 months, second touch will not shock her. He gives her medicine and water. She asks for more water. He goes to get water. She removes medicine from her mouth and gives her old schizophrenic expressions. At hospital, doctor asks peon to clean Maya Sharma’s room. Peon sees tablets behind cupboard, flips cupboard and is shocked to see Arjun portrait made with tablets. It is revealed Maya never changed

Precap: Ayan comes to Maya that she was enjoying in mental asylum and bhai was finding his peace on shanti spot with Dusky. He shows Arjun trying to kiss Saanjh.

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