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Saraswatichandra Episode 9--10 Update On Wednesday 3rd April 2019 On Adom TV


Episode starts with Kumud and Sara leaving each others hand. Kumud’s family tells Saras, we hope you will always support Kumud and stand with her. Kumud’s father tells her to show their side’s mandir to Saras and he asks Saras not to go on the other side.

Saras says, it’s such a beautiful village.. no matter how much others try to scare.. I will see whole village. Kumud’s father says Kumud and Saras both are stubborn in their own way.. He then laughs and says, together these two will change all the laws.

Kite flying is coming soon and everyone asks Saras not to go before celebrating kite flying with them. Saras wants to talk with Kumud’s father, but he says they will talk later in night. He leaves.

Kumud goes near Saras and tells him to talk with her dad as soon as he returns.

Saras and Kumud are outside now. Kumud is doing some work with others. Kumud’s chachi tells Kumud, you must show that school computer to Saras. You didn’t even see full photograph and said yes. Saras hears that and turns back and looks at Kumud. Kumud whispers to her chachi asking her not to say anything.

Kumud goes to take out water from the well. One of Kumud’s sisters asks Saras to help as it’s too heavy. Saras comes to help Kumud. They both hold the rope together. Kumud’s cousin tease them by saying, are you both going to take out water together? Kumud leaves the rope. Kumud’s cousins then bring more buckets.

Saras starts taking out the water. Kumud says to Kumari, do your work yourself. He will leave tomorrow. He is a guest. Saras turns back and looks at Kumud. Now he starts pulling the rope faster and faster and fill the buckets. Kumud’s mother comes there now and asks them, what are you doing? He is not used to do all this. She asks Kumud, how can you let him do all this? She goes to Saras and asks him to stop. She shows his hand to everyone and says, see what happened. She asks Kumud to bring haldi’s lap and apply it on his hand.

Kumud and Saras alone now. Kumud asks Saras to give his hand to her. Saras gives it after a while. Their hands in each others hands and kumud applies haldi thing. Saras in pain and Kumud also feels the pain.

Saras keeps staring at Kumud while she’s applying haldi thing. He then asks her, did I really bother or hurt you this much or more than that? Kumud doesn’t say anything. Saras says, Kumud answer me. And Kumud starts applying haldi thing with more force. Saras feels the pain. She leaves his hand. Saras asks her whether what Chachi said was true or no.. whether she said yes just by looking at his eyes. Kumud says, now all that don’t matter. She asks him to tell truth to her parents before they get closer to Saras and then get hurt. She leaves. Saras speaks to himself, I will have to talk with Kaka (Kumud’s dad).

Kumud is making dye (colour fr clothes) (correction here thanks to akki). She sees her hand and think about Saras. She says to herself, he was hurt and I was having pain.. what is the relationship between us? A girl comes and pulls Kumud back asking her what she is thinking about? What if her hand would have burned. Kumud doesn’t answer and leaves.

Kumud asks her mother if her dad returned. Her mother says, no.. we are waiting for him only. Right then, Saras comes and asks same question. He says, I want to talk with him about something important. Kumud’s mother looks at Kumud. Kumud’s mother tells him, he must be coming. Right then, someone comes there and says, factory is in fire and Kaka is stuck in there.

In Dubai, Saras’ mother burning some photo and saying, you shouldn’t have played with fire.. VidyaChatur.. Her sister asks her, what will you get by burning the photo? Saras’ mother says, I just haven’t burned the photo, but also took revenge of my insult. VidyaChatur tried to come in between me and Laxmi and that too by insulting me.. today.. my son refused Kumud and that too without seeing her. Now that VidyaChatur won’t be able to show his face to anyone. It’s not easy to come here from the village. Her sister tells her, don’t be so happy.. it’s just Saras said no otherwise Laxmi would definitely have brought Kumud here. Saras’ mother says, Laxmi makes decisions, but I decide whether they will be completed or no. She says, right now Saras has gone to LA.. as soon as he returns, he will say no the marriage. And after that, we won’t have any relationship with that family.

Back in India everyone rushes to the factory that’s burning and Kumud’s father is inside. Kumud wants to go inside, but Saras holds her hand and doesn’t let her go. She asks him to leave her hand. read full updates daily with pics only at Saras says, have some faith.. nothing will happen to him. Kumud asks, have faith on you? Let me go. Saras still doesn’t let her go. He pulls her back and goes inside himself. Kumud is watching from a window now. She tries to go in, but this time her mother and sisters stop her. Saras somehow managers to take her father out from the fire. Kumud’s father is having trouble in breathing. They say they will have to take him to the doctor. Saras says they will take him to the home. Kumud sits on the bicycle and says, she will bring the doctor to their house. Saras and others bring her dad to the house. It’s raining hard outside and Kumud is on bicycle searching for the doctor.

Some lady (sorry I don’t know what that is) asks Kumud’s mother why they brought Kumud’s dad home when Kumud said to take him to the doctor. Right then Saras brings his laptop and does live video chat with a doctor. Doctor guides Saras what to do. Kumud finally finds a hospital, but it’s locked. She doesn’t know what to do.

Saras tells everyone that he just talked with their family doctor in Dubai. He asks Kumud’s mother when he can do the treatment. Kumud’s mother doesn’t answer.

Episode ends.

Doctor home:

The Episode starts with Kumud riding the bicycle on the rainy street in search of the Doctor for her father. She comes to the Dr. home. She knocks the door but nobody opens the door as they have some party and didn’t hear kumud voice. She doorcrashes and enters and asks for forgivesness and says my father is very ill. She holds doctor’s hand and asks him to come with her. He looks at his daughter whose birthday was going on there and then Kumud says I came from Ratna nagar and tells him that his father’s factory have caught fire and says that he was caught in the fire and he is unable to breath properly. she pleads him to come with her. His daughter tells him that she needs to cut the cake, lets go. Kumud then says that your daughter can celebrate her birthday every year but if you dont accompany me today then I will lost my father and I will come here every year to make you feel that because of me I lost my father. She cries throughout. doctor is in dilemma. Doctor tells his daughter that he will come soon and comes with Kumud to her house.

Kumud’s home:

Saras comes there and tells him that he took his family doctor advise and did Vidyachatur’s first aid. Kumud tells doctor to check up her Bapu. while Saras and badi maa looks on. Doctor checks him and says that you are out of danger and no need to worry. all the family members feels happy. Vidyachatur thanks him and says my daughter take you here in this rainy day. she is very courageous and my son in law is having so much patience. Doctor appreciates both of them and says good match. Vidya chatur thanks saras and says you gave me a new life today. Saras asks him to take rest.
Kumud thinks I dont trust him but he saved my father’s life.

Vidyachatur tells Kumud that you bring the doctor but you was scared. Kumud cries badly. He says I am fine. Saras make me fine. Now entire life you will not cry. you got such a good groom. She cries hugging him.
Kumari talks to Kumud that jiju did a wonderful job and you will think about him only today.

Vidyachatur brother and sister in law appreciates Saras that he with the help of computer did a miracle. Kumud listens to them and leaves from there.

Saras is standing alone and says to himself how shall i tell Vidyachatur kaka in this critical condition? music is playing oh piya. and Kumud comes there and he sees her and thinks is she coming to talk to me. Kumud thinks what shall i talk to him. Saras thinks why she will talk to me. She dont allow me to see her face. She thinks not face but you have right be listen to my thanks. He thinks is she still angry with me. She then thinks why should I allow him to see my face. Bapu will feel bad when he came to know about the truth. She leaves angrily. Saras looks on. He says to himself you have to talk to me Kumud.

Yash brings the medicines and Kumud asks him to show, he says I will show first to jijaji.
Kusum comes there and says jijaji wants to meet you and he is waiting backside of the temple. She says I will not talk to him. Kusum says but he said he will wait until you come. Kumud comes to her bedroom and is in fix what to do. Kusum asks her to go and meet him or else you wont get sleep. Kumud says I am tired and will sleep. She asks her to sleep too.

Meanwhile Saras is waiting for Kumud. And song is playing in the background kuch na kahe bas chup rahe…. She feels restless and is in dilemma what she should do?

Meanwhile Kumud and Saras thinks of their FB scene together. She finally leaves to meet him. he waits for her entire night and it is morning now.

Kumud house:

Kumud’s mother tells badi maa that because of Saras courage and patience that Vidyachatur got well. Badi maa tells her that we could not trust him. Kumud’s mother says it was a question of vidyachatur’s life. She says in Saraswati we can see a glimpse of Saraswati and not kumar’s. She tells her that pls dont allow anybody to play with us.


Kumud comes to temple and sees Saras far away and about to go from there. Just then Saras calls her name.and says I knew that you will come and Kumud is speechless and about to leave again but he asks her to stop. She turns around and Saras comes there and help her free her dupatta from the tree. He says I have to go. She says you cant go, my bapu’s health is not well and it is upto you whether you want to stay or leave.

He asks did you want me to stay back. She says I asked you to talk to bapu but what you wants to convey? she stops and Saras says If I didn’t talk today then cannot forever. I cant wait anymore. She says after reading your letter I dont expect that you will feel anybody’s pain. It is your wish to stay back or leave. Saras tells her to look at him. Kumud replies that she wants to tell this only and leaves. Saras call her name.

episode ends

Saras thinks if you dont want to see my face then why shall i stay here? Kumud’s mother tells her to stop Saras from leaving as he saved her father’s life.

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