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Saraswatichandra Episode 35--36 Update On Monday 29th April 2019 On Adom TV


The Episode starts with Kumud and Saras sitting at a Dhaba. Kumud orders two butter milk, for her and Saras. She sits far to him keeping an eye on him. She turns and keeps looking at him. The Dhaba boy serves them the butter milk. Saras says I have not ordered, who ordered? The boy says Madam ordered. Saras looks at Kumud, she smiles. He picks the glass and keeps it at Kumud’s table saying Why did you order it for me. She says its so hot, I thought you wanted to drink it. He says no, don’t interfere and stay away from me. Please… Saras gives a toned look and leaves.

Scene shifts to Kumud’s house:
Everyone are celebrating at the home. Yash’s mother prays for her son. Kumud’s mother is worried about Kumud and Saras. They come. Kumud’s mother says Vidyachatur had to go for some big order. Kumari says there is some surprise for Saras. He asks what. Kumud looks beautiful after getting ready for the Puja.
Kumari calls Sunny. Saras is very happy to see him and hugs him.
Sunny jokes that are you about to settle here without informing me. Saras says yes I was thinking that only. Kumud listens and does think about it.

Kumud smiles seeing their friendship. Saras takes him in the puja. The puja starts. Everyone stand in the puja.
The Puja ends. Saras says he has seen the land which is very far from the village. Sunny says about some girl who works in his office. Saras says did anything happen. Sunny says she called him. 
Badimaa asks Kumari to arrange the room for Sunny. 

Ghuman is happy to see Sunny. Badimaa asks Saras to take his friend in the room. Saras introduces Sunny to Badimaa, saying she took care of him after his mother died, and this time also, she took care of him. If she was not here, he would have left his work and came to Dubai. Sunny thanks Badimaa. Saras asks him to touch her feet. Badimaa blesses them both. Saras thinks that it is a good ashirwaad. Saras also takes her ashirwaad. Ghuman is jealous seeing that Saras is getting close to Badimaa.

Kumari, Kusum and Kumud are arranging the room for Sunny. Saras and Sunny come there. Sunny tells if he was in a hotel, then he would have paid a huge bill. Saras and Kumud listen to him silently. Saras says Sunny he has to make an urgent phone call and leaves. Kumud says if Sunny wants anything, he can tell her. Sunny asks for introduction. He greets Kumud saying he is Sunny, Saras only friend. Kumud introduces herself. Sunny says, Oh, you are Kumud. He asks for more prasaad. Kumud gives him the full plate as she has given to all. 

Kumud asks him to give prasaad to Saras also. Sunny says he does not need Prasaad, as he himself is a Lord. Kumud says, Lord is crowded with his followers, but Saras wants to be alone. Sunny says she has known a lot about Saras. Kumud says no, you have come now I will know everything about him. Kumud leaves. Saras comes there and asks Sunny what they were talking. 
Sunny says Uncle has selected the perfect girl for you. Saras says he had selected and I have cleared you that this matter ended. Sunny jokes that the matter can be revived and you may say this to me tomorrow.

Kusum tells Badimaa that they are calling the guests, its happening after a long time. Kusum goes to call Kumari. Kumari is talking to man saying she warned him not to come here, go from here. She thinks someone is coming, so she pleads him to go. The man asks will she meet him tomorrow. She says yes and sends him. Kusum comes there and asks what she is doing here near the gate. Kumari makes an excuse and they both leave.

Scene shifts to hall:

Gyaan is making a shayari and singing it. Sunny likes it. Kumud calls everyone for the game.Kumud explains the rules of the game. Gyaan will be playing a song, and as soon as songs stop, everyone will sit on the chairs. If someone does not sit, he will be out. Kumud calls everyone. Everyone walk around the chairs. The rounds follows, and one by one they eliminate in the game. Suuny also drops out. Kumud and Saras are left. They walk around the chair. Suunyc laps and calls their names cheering for both. Sunny distracts Saras, and Kumud wins the game. Sunny says today’s winner is Kumud. She smiles, while Saras is silent. O piya.. plays.

The next morning, Sunny is enjoying the fresh air. Kumud plucks some flowers standing there. Sunny wishes her good morning and thanks her. Kumud asks for what. Sunny says if did not think Saras would stay at someone’s house for so long. If you had not forgiven him, he would not have been with peace in Dubai. He says you may have forgotten, but he would have made it a burden. Kumud says he fears of making new relations, the way to his heart must be opened. Suuny says yes this is his problem, and the solution is the same. His dad did not understand this, and you understood.

He says I’m sure you will change Saras. Kumud says I will just help him, what is the need to become his life partner. Sunny says you are really good. Kumud says yes, I am. But you have to help me, because Saras talks to you the most. Sunny says I will help you out. They become friends. Saras comes there. Kumud again plucks flowers. Saras and Sunny leave. Kumud smiles thinking maybe she can fulfill the promise she made to Badimaa with Sunny’s help.

Kumud and Sunny are outside the house. Kumud says do you think he will help me. Sunny says for sure. Saras comes. Kumud and Sunny notice he is coming and start acting. Sunny acts as if he is receiving a call and gives the saree to Saras. He says him to help Kumud as he got an urgent call and he leaves. Kumud takes Saras’s help. Saras thinks that Kumud had told him to maintain some distance from her. Saras keeps the saree somewhere and moves away. Kumud thinks only Sunny can help her.

The Episode starts with Badimaa calling out Kumud. Kusum comes, Badimaa asks her what is Kumud doing. She says Kumud is making tea in the kitchen. Badimaa comes in the kitchen and asks Kumud that why Saras did not come for breakfast today. Kumud offers her tea. Kumud asks Badimaa do you Saras a lot. And there is one more reason why you care for him so much. Badimaa says we cannot hide anything from each other.

Badimaa says Saraswati and I were best friends. Badimaa says she was responsible for taking care of Saras. Kumud asks why she was annoyed when Saras come. Badimaa tells her the old story how Ghuman took Saras away from her. Saras was shouting Maai…

Badimaa says she thought Saras will never come back. Ghuman will make him like herself. But now she feels Ghuman did not win yet. Saras feelings are suppressed by Ghuman, and we have to revive them. Kumud says she rememberes the promise which she made to her. Badimaa smiles. Saras and Sunny are going somewhere. Sunny greets Kumud. Vidyachatur enters the home. Kumud and Saras are happy to see him. Vidyachatur meets Sunny. Sunny asks Kumud was with him and she told what Saras did since he came here, and he enjoyed listening to it.

Kumud’s mother comes there and tells she will make tea for him. Vidyachatur asks Saras whether he liked the land. Saras says one minute, and goes to Sunny to ask what did Kumud tell about him. Sunny says nothing serious. Sunny jokes. Saras looks at Kumud. Saras leaves.

Sunny says Kumud not to leave hope and courage. Kumud says someone has trusted me. Kumud sees Badimaa taking something, and she gets an idea. Kumud says Sunny plan number 2. Sunny smiles.

Scene shifts to Kumari:

Kumari is with a sub-inspector. She says him why do you do like this. If Kusum had seen us yesterday, everyone would have come to know about us. He tells her that you yourself go and tell everyone. He says some shayari. Kumari laughs. He says sorry to her for coming that way to meet her as he feels restless without seeing her. She says the same to him. He feels happy. He says he will make her his wife. Kumari shows some bhau to him. He tells her some advantages of marrying to a sub-inspector.

Scene shifts to Kumud’s house:

Her mother asks her whether she is coming to Mandir. She says no, I have much work of school.
Sunny wishes to see the village. Vidyachatur asks him to go with Gyaan as he has some work. Sunny says he will help him, but he should come with him. Vidyachatur agrees and says to take Saras with them. Sunny takes he is busy. They leave to see the factory. Kumud shows Sunny a thumps up sign. Kumud wishes that today her work shoud be done so that she can make everyone happy.

Kumud goes to Saras, he is working on his laptop. He has a tray of Mirchi in her tray and she is upto something.

Kumud taunts Saras on his sneezing. She says this mirch burns in heat and dries. She says indirectly to him. She pretends as if mirchi went in her eyes. She says she doess not care whether someone maintains the distance or not. Saras takes water for her and gives her. She cannot see. She says she will go blind. She acts. He says to keep her hand in front. She says she cannot do anything, and he should help her. He puts water on her eyes. He wipes them. Kuch na kahe… plays. Kumud opens her eyes.

Kumud looks at him. He asks her whether she is fine. She says if you are good, then why do you try to become bad. She says I told you to maintain some distance from me, now I am telling you there is no such need. I have hurted you, so sorry. Song.. plays. Saras says I have forgiven you. He says there will be no distance between us, Kumud smiles. He says but he hopes there will be distance of feelings from her side. Kumud is shocked to hear this. Saras leaves.

Scene shifts to Kumari:

Kumud’s mother, Badimaa and others are going to the Mandir. Kumari is there itself. They do not see Kumari, but Kumari sees them.

Scene shifts to Kumud:

Sunny comes back home. Kumud asks him whether he liked the village. Sunny says he liked everything about the village. Sunny if he had the proposal of a girl like Kumud, he would have settled with her. He says Saras does not know how to express himself. Sunny asks what happened. Kumud says he made another distance with her.

Scene shifts to Saras:
Saras thinks about Kumud, and her words. . Saras tells maybe Kumud got hurt, but this is necessary as he don’t want to feel anything. Sunny comes there saying he liked the village a lot. Saras is hearing the bhajan. Sunny says now he understood why he came here after the video conference with Kumud. She loves herself and her family. Sunny asks him to laugh. Saras is irritated by Sunny and laughs. Kumud thinks it is a hard task to make Saras smile and laugh by heart.

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