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Saraswatichandra Episode 27--28 Update On Tuesday 16th April 2019 On Adom TV


The episode starts in Kumud’s house:

Kumud is seen praying to her Kanha ji for Saras saying that today is the examination day, Saras has tried with true heart and Saras shall get the fruit(benefits). Chandrika gives Aarti to Vidyachatur. He asks for Gyaan.

He sees Kumud and asks where she is going. She says that she is going to the bazaar.
Vidyachatur gives her the blessings and says he is happy.
He asks whether Saras is fine.

Kumud’s mother comes there and says that we are supporting our daughter but when we go to hunt for her proposal we will have to listen to what people say. Vidyachatur with tea cup in his hand stops drinking tea. Kumud is shocked. Vidyachatur doesn’t understand what she means as Vidyachatur doesn’t know that Saras has said No to Kumud’s proposal. He says that from where does this talk comes. If Kumud was outside the house late night, she was with her to be husband.

Kumud says Vidyachatur that her mother is saying this because even Badimaa was angry on her. Kumud says she will try to come home sooner.
Yash’s mother enters and says Kumud that is it necessary for her to go. She speaks against Kumud. Kumud quietly listens. Vidyachatur and his wife also listen quietly. Kumud’s mother gets tensed. Badimaa also enters there.

Kumud says to her Badi Kaaki(Yash’s mother) that she will make sure that no one will point their finger towards her. Vidyachatur smiles with pride. Badimaa says Kumud to go to Shiv Mandir and give milk to her bhagwaan. Kumud says Ji, and she leaves.

The scene shifts to Ilaben’s house:

Ilaben’s son asks for Milk. He says Kumud said she will get a new cow for them. Ilaben says that what fate has for them, only that will happen, not what Kumud says. Kumud comes there and sees them.
She says she is coming from Shiv Ji’s mandir and if Raju drinks the milk, he will be happy. Ilaben agrees that it is the Prasad.
Ilaben praises Kumud saying only Shiv ji knows who you will get as your husband but the person who will marry you will be very lucky. Kumud smiles and turns. Saras stands there watching Kumud. Piya re.. song plays. Kumud feels shy.

The scene shifts to market:

Kumud and Saras are taking the pots to the bazaar. They argue on the way. Saras is tensed and says if the pots don’t sell today, how will he manage. Kumud says he has owned someone’s pain, he will get the way soon.

They both start arguing. Saras tells her to sit far and just see. Saras recollects what Ilaben’s son said and how Kumud replied. He thinks he has to do anything to sell the mud pots. He starts selling the pots. No one buys. Kumud smiles shile watching him from a distance. People see Saras and say who permitted him to come to the bazaar. Kumud is shocked. Saras feels bad.

The scene shifts to Kumud’s house:

Kusum comes asking for Kumud. Her mother says she went to the bazaar. Kusum says yes to sell the Ilaben’s pots. Yash’s mother gets angry that no one is asking for Yash.

Badimaa says that you have said you will die and no onw should talk about Yash, but she does not have to say like that because she trusts Kumud. Badimaa does not let her say anything and she will not hear anything wrong about Kumud.

The scene shifts to the market:

Saras gets his first customer and sells his first pot. Kumud watches this and is happy.

Someone comes and tells that Saras has hit a cow. The customer does not buy the pot. Kumud thinks that she will not let Saras fail. Saras tells he is doing the Prayaschit.
Kumud comes there and says to the buyer that if he buys the pots, he will not get ”paap”(sin). She tries to convince the buyer. Saras again starts selling the pots. People does not seem to be interested.

Saras looks out for Kumud as she is out of his sight. Kumud gathers few women and praises the pots which Saras made, and she convinces the women to buy the pots cleverly by giving them offers. The women head to Saras. The women asks Saras for the free pot. He understands that this might be Kumud’s marketing strategy and smiles and gives the free pots also. Kumud watches this and is happy to see. A sweet music plays in the background. Kumud smiles.

Kumud comes to Saras and says if she can help him. He says yes go somewhere so that I can sell all the pots peacefully. Kumud asks him whether he has sold the pots. He says yes, and asks if not then you? He says that he will sell all the pots like he has sold the earlier pots.

Saras again tries to attract the customer. Kumud again helps him without saying. She again send few women to buy the pots. Saras tells Kumud sorry and thank you. She says he doesn’t know how to say sorry and thank you. He says he has sold all the pots and he will leave now. Saras calls Kumud and asks her to give her hand. He gives her their first wage. Kumud feels happy.

Kumud gives the money to Saras to give it to Ilaben. He says you better go to her and give as she will not accept the money if he gives. He says tell Ilaben that you have sold all the pots. Kumud says I don’t lie.

Ilaben’s asks who is there. Kumud replies that its them. Kumud goes to Ilaben and gives her the money.
Ilaben does not believe that they have really sold the pots. She says that she heard Saras has a big business.
Kumud says she has sold the pots.

Kumud narrates to Ilaben how she marketed the pots. Saras also hears that and thinks that the same thing Kumud has suggested him to do but he did not listen to her.

Detailed update:

The Episode starts with Ilaben talking to Kumud. Ilaben says that Bhagwaan makes jodi after seeing and testing.. She taunts Saras. She says if Kumud supports Saras, he will pass every difficulty. Saras also hears this. She also says that if Kumud was not the mediator, she would have not allowed Saras even to stand outside her house.
Kumud says Ilaben that the truth will come out one day and Saras is doing all this for you without any greed, please keep the money. Ilaben takes the money.

The scene shifts to Dubai:

Ghuman is talking on the phone. She talks about the business. Didi is sitting there and says that the business has undergone more loss. Ghuman happily says less. Ghuman becomes proud to destroy the business of Viyachatur. She says I will go India when the business closes and haveli will be sold. Didi warns Ghuman saying Kumud will make Saras hers. Saras is the heir of Laxminandan’s business. Ghuman tells Didi that if Laxminandan had to choose between his business and Saras, then? She smiles. Didi also smiles.

The scene shifts to India:

Saras tells Kumud that she has sold all the pots. Kumud says we have sold the pots. Individually we both would not be able to sell the pots. Saras tells that she has not given him a chance to say thankyou. Saras gets closer. Kumud moves away and says she has to go. Saras holds her wrist.
Saras says that I never wanted to hurt you, but I always did. I kept hurting you andd you kept quiet. He sees that her wrist got hurt. They see into each other’s eyes. Saras holds her back. Kumud gets tensed and run away. Kumud anklet falls on the ground while she runs fast. Saras thinks what have I done.

The scene shifts to the haveli (Kumud’s house):

Kumud is running as Kusum and Kumari call her. She does not stop and keeps running. Kumud stops at the Mandir inside her house. She falls there. She thinks how could she forget that Saras has said No to her. How could she give Saras any right? She questions herself. She says she has not only cheated her elders but also herself. She cries. She thinks she went to help him who is taking the trouble for her family. She does not have any other relation with him. She looks at the hand which Saras holded. Vidyachatur comes there and applauds her that Saras and she have passed and she is now thanking her Lord. Kumud’s mother looks on. Kumud keeps quiet. Vidyachatur says he is happy. He says she should support Saras in every situation. HE asks whether Kumud is hungry and says to come and eat.

He takes Kumud with him to dine. Kumud’s mother tells to Bhagwaan that the time has come to tell Vidyachatur the truth. As she has seen some pain on Kumud’s face, it was not the happiness of success.

Kumud comes to her room and sees the pot that Saras made first. She holds it and thinks what Yash’s mother and her mother told her. Kumud cries and prays to her Lord. She says she has done a mistake and pleads.

The scene shifts outside Ilaben’s house:

Saras gets Kumud’s anklet. He thinks of Kumud and keeps it.

The scene shifts to Vidyachatur’s room:

Kumud’s mother wants to talk to Vidyachatur. He tells her to speak up what she wants to say. She says if he is ready to understand thene she will say. She says that she trusts Kumud but Saras and she are spending a lot of time together and it is not good.
Vidyachatur says so what, it is good as they can know each other. He jokes and Badimaa comes there and says not to dream about them as they have ditched them the last time. She says not to hope for Kumud.

Badimaa tells him not to trust them blindly. He requests her to see Saras from his view and he leaves.
She says Kumud’s mother that she is doubting Saras but Kumud and you are hiding anything. She says there is nothing to hide. She is just worried being a mother and she too leaves.

The scene shifts to Dubai:

The manager calls Ghuman and says that he has to keep the Haveli girvi (for sale) to keep the business going. Ghuman becomes very happy and dances. Didi comes there and says her not to be much happy as Laxminandan will gift Vidyachatur many houses. Ghuman says Vidyachatur will not accept with pride, not before her. This is just the beginnning. Ghuman plans to hurt Vidyachatur even more. Didi is shocked.

The scene shifts to Kumud’s house:

She thinks maybe this is my future, Saraswatichandra. Kumud and Saras are thinking about each other and feel restless. Kumud thinks she should go. Saras thinks he should say sorry to Kumud. Saras thinks how will he face Kumud.

Kumud sends food with Kumari to Saras. Kumari tells Saras that Kumud is busy making the mud pots for him as she has to go to school tomorrow morning. Saras thinks as she has sent the food with Kumari, it means she does not want to meet him.
Kusum comes to take Kumud for dinner and notices that her kamarbandh is missing. She asks about it.
Saras holds it in his hand.

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