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Saraswatichandra Episode 25--26 Update On Monday 15th April 2019 On Adom TV


The Episode starts in Kumud’s house:
A farmer comes to Vidyachatur’s house. Vidyachatur enquires about the car accident if he has seen anything. Vidyachatur knows Saras has not done anything but he does not has any proof. He asks the farmer about Yash’s whereabouts. The farmer says he does not know anything. Gyaan says Badi bhabhi that he has seen how worried is Vidyachatur for Yash. Gyaan also asks the farmer. The farmer says he will ask Yash to go home if he sees him. Yash’s mother argues with Vidyachatur and says that he is doing injustice towards Yash and he can himself become a witness for the accident and blame Yash completely.

The scene shifts to Ilaben’s house:

Kumud and Saras are making the pot. Kumud teaches Saras and they both try to make the mud pot. Kumud says that to shape the mud it should be done with love, not with force, else it will be damaged.
Saras listens patiently and smiles while looking at her.

Yash’s mother argues further with Vidyachatur and she blames Saras for the accident. Gyaan takes Vidyachatur’s side. Yash’s mother outbursts Vidyachatur, Gyaan, and their wives. She says that Vidyachatur’s wife has taken the household in her hands. She also says that Vidyachatur is breaking all boundaries to keep the friendship and he is risking every relation in that way. He has pardoned the man who has ditched his sister because of friendship. Badimaa enters there and asks her to stop in an angry tone.

The scene shifts back to Ilaben’s house:

Saras says Kumud that as she has said that she will not let anything damage, he wants to keep up her words. The dust goes into Kumud’s eyes. Saras blows in her eyes to wipe out the dust. Music is playing in the background O.. piya re.. Saras asks Kumud how can she read his eyes?

The scene shifts back to Kumud’s house:
Badimaa comes and argues with Yash’s mother in support of Vidyachatur. Yash’s mother tries to ignite the fire between Badimaa and Vidyachatur but she fails. She says that Badimaa has taken care of Saras and then Laxminandan has brought Ghuman in this house and Vidyachatur has not done anything. Badimaa says Laxminandan was no one to this house but Yash belongs to this house and Vidyachatur has full rights to be angry on him. Yash’s mother says Vidyachatur also had the right to tell his friend but he has not done any good that time. Vidyachatur shouts stop Badi bhabhi. Yash’s mother fumes with anger. 

Vidyachatur says that he will try his best to find Yash and if you come to know, you call him. 
Yash’s mother says that what will she say Yash that you come here and do the prayaschit instead of Saras and the entire village will spit on their names. 
Badimaa’s husband enters there and hears all this.

Scene back in Ilaben’s house:

Kumud shapes the mud properly. Saras looks on while Piya re.. music plays. Saras thinks that Kumud has promised Ilaben that she will sell the pots in the market and then the money will inflow in her household. 

Saras thinks that Kumud has said that even you wish or don’t, I will support you. They continue shaping the pot. They stare at each other and smile.

Scene shifts back to Kumud’s house:
Yash’s mother runs to her room and locks the door from inside. She says she will die. Everyone try to talk to her and ask her to open the door. She puts kerosene oil on herself as everyone are watching her from the window. She tells as Vidyachatur and all are blaming her son, she will die. Vidyachatur and all try to stop her. Gyaan jumps from the window and tries to stop her. Vidyachatur asks Gyaan to open the door. Gyaan opens the door and everyone goes inside the room. Vidyachatur says what were you going to do? Yash’s mother says that Viyachatur is thinking only about his daughter and to be son-in-law, But she has her only son Yash.

She says let her die. Badimaa too stops her bhabhi. Yash’s mother says that she cannot see her son taking the blame without doing anything wrong. Vidyachatur says ok, things will be done as you want. Yash’s mother asks for the promise. Vidyachatur says what vachan (promise).
Yash’s mother says that from today no one will doubt on Yash. No one will blame Yash for the Gau Hatya. Saras has accepted his mistake and he will do the prayaschit himself. Vidyachatur is in a dilemma.

Scene shifts back to Ilaben’s house:

Kumud says Saras that he has made the pot right. He says to himself that he would have done it in first attempt if he had not gone deep in her eyes. He says that he would have done faster if he had any other teacher. Kumud says her class students gets better marks than others. As Dubai people call such people dumbo. Saras says that he knows Gujarati better than her and before she says him dumbo, she should know that he was number one in Harvard. Kumud scolds Saras. He feels bad.

Scene back in Kumud’s house:

Yash’s mother wanted the vachan and as Vidyachatur feels hesitant to make the promise, she again tells she will die and lits up the matchstick. Vidyachatur tells stop bhabhi. Vidyachatur gives her the vachan that everything will be like what she wants. Yash’s mother is happy now. She smiles cunningly. Everyone are shocked.
Badimaa thinks that Saras has brought Ghuman’s bad luck to her family. She is worried about Kumud.

Scene back in Ilaben’s house:
Saras tells Kumud he will be able to go from here forever because of Kumud as Saras’s ego got hurt by Kumud’s words. Kumud looks in his eyes.
Kumud says him that your coming here was a mistake, so being here would look to him as bearing a punishment. Saras gets shocked. Kumud tells herself that he would have said atleast once that he do not want to go, atleast once. Saras tells himself if Kumud asked him to stay atleast once so maybe…
They stand separated. The episode ends on Kumud’s face

The Episode starts with Kumud wiping off her tears as Saras is seen standing at a distance. Kumud tells Saras that how early how make the mud pots, they can buy the cow soon and so early you can leave from here. She says Saras that you also want this. Saras tells within that you also want this to happen. Saras comes to her. He says to Kumud that you have said me to leave from here and I do not want to disappoint you by staying here. Kumud is feeling bad. She says that she is not going to stay here whole night, Lets finish the work fast. Saras goes to the wheel and starts making pots. Kumud helps him by softening the mud.

The scene shifts to Kumud’s house:

Badimaa is tensed thinking what Badi bhabhi has said. Kumud’s mother comes there to pacify her. She says to ignore Badi bhabhi’s words. Badimaa says that she has grown up in this house and is staying here after her marriage too, so she knows what it means to her. Badimaa says it is good her daughter Kumari was not present there else what would have she thought about her. Badimaa says she wants to be alone for sometime. Kumud’s mother leaves and Badimaa shuts her room’s door.

The scene shifts to Ilaben’s house:

Kumud is going to bring mud. Saras says he will accompany her. They talk on the way. Kumud recollects that she is going to the same lake from Saras’s mother committed suicide. She tells within that she will not let Saras go through the pain again. She makes a excuse to stop Saras by saying that Devimaa rests there and only woman can go there. Saras tells I don;t believe that you believe in such things. Kumud says Why?
Saras tells when he saved the boy’s life, she supported him infront of everyone. He says that the girl who can fight with the Purohitji, she cannot believe such false stories. Kumud says that the villagers thinks you are wrong, and if anyone sees you there and say anything to you I will feel bad. Saras asks why? Kumud keeps quiet. She says what do you have to do about it, you have to finish your work fast and leave. Saras says he will not take help from those who only think about his leaving. She says she will ask something when the time comes and leaves. Saras stops there itself.

Scene shifts back to Kumud’s house:

Vidyachatur comes to Gyaan and Chandrika’s room and calls them. Chandrika asks him to come in. Vidyachatur is very much sad. Vidyachatur says that he might have went wrong in the household but he always wanted to keep everyone happy. He speaks his heart out.
He says Saras and Yash both are like his sons. Chandrika and Gyaan listen to him.

Vidyachatur tells Chandrika that he has always believed in forgiving, and he feels that the world if does not understand him, his family will understand him. Chandrika says that she believes Vidyachatur more than her parents an Vidyachatur and his wife has done a lot for the family not thinking about themselves.
Gyaan is silent.

He says he is not able to do anything for the house, so he should not speak about anything as he does not have any right to speak. Vidyachatur is shocked and turns to see Chandrika. Even she is shocked by Gyaan’s words. Gyaan is hurt and his words hurt Vidyachatur. Chandrika calls Vidya bhai but he does not stop and leaves from their room. Gyaan sits silent turning his face.

The scene shifts to Ilaben’s house:

Kumud comes there bringing the mud. Saras asks her why she came so late. She asks if he was afraid. Saras says he is not afraid of anything and he does not need anything. Kumud tells him that she will not spoon feed him everything and he should himself search where to get the mud. Kumud falls and Saras holds her. Her muddy hands touches his face and his face gets mud. Kumud laughs.

Saras does not understand why she is laughing. She says that his face got dirty with mud. Saras asks her to clean it as she has applied it. Kumud says she will not clean. Saras looks angrily. Saras says ok and starts going. Kumud says ok sorry and he stops.

She says sorry I will not do it again. Saras asks Promise? She says promise and moves her hand forward. He gives his hand. She hold and pushes him in the muddy soil. Saras gets much angry as Kumud keeps laughing. She asks him to go and take a photo because he is looking better than he looks while sleeping. Kumud is still laughing, Saras gives her an angry look. His face got more mud.

Saras gets up from the mud. Kumud stops laughing and gives her dupatta’s corner to him to clean his eyes. Kumud and Saras again make the pots. Kumud keeps the pots. Her dupatta goes on Saras’s face and he feels good and closes his eyes and smiles. Kumud sees this and does Ummm…

Saras gets up and gives her the pot. Their hands touch each other. They start staring. Kumud then goes to keep the pots. Saras tells her that the pots are not looking right, who will buy them? She says I would have bought them if I was a buyer.

Saras says every buyer will not be like you. She then picks the pot which Saras has made first. She says that it is made up of his hard work and faithfulness. She asks what rate does he want for it. Saras tells I’ll ask you when the time comes.

Kumud says I have to go now. Be ready tomorrow, we will go and sell the pots in the market. She takes her bag and leaves. Saras calls her name and she stops. She says him to water the soil else the soil will dry. Saras nods. They say each other to take care. Kumud leaves. Saras smiles.

The scene shifts to Kumud’s house:

Badimaa asks Kumud to know what time is it now. Kumud asks Badimaa to say what she is thinking now. Badimaa says you are happy that you have helped him. She thanks Badimaa. Badimaa says that Kumud would have understood her heart. Kumud says her that you are angry on him, not on me.
Badimaa says I’m disappointed with you even more.

Badimaa says that she should not have done like this as she does not want the villagers to say anything to her or their family. Kumud falls asleep. Kumud’s mother comes there and says she did not have food.
Badimaa says it is not good for Kumud and it is not looking right to her. Her mother says her not to worry and she has explained Kumud.

She says she has full faith in Kumud and whatever she is doing is for her family. Badimaa tells Kumud was with him the whole day. Her mother says that we can trust Kumud. Badimaa sees the mud on Kumud’s back. The episode ends here.


Ilaben says Kumud that Shiv ji knows who you get as your husband but the one who gets her as his wife will be very lucky. Kumud smiles. Saras watches her while smiling.

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