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Saraswatichandra Episode 19--20 Update On Wednesday 10th April 2019 On Adom TV


The Episode starts with entire family gear up for the song and dance program. Saras looks at Kumud and vice versa and sweet music is playing in the BG. Vidyachatur tells all of them to play the game also and says Gyan and me will sing and you all will hide and Kusum will search for us. everybody gets up to hide themselves but Saras and Kumud are still seated, so Vidyachatur tells them to hide. Both of them get up and starts walking side by side and the music is playing piya re….. in the BG. Vidyachatur binds cloths on Kusum eyes and she is searching …. Kumari cleverly takes Saras to some room and then take Kumud to same room and asks them to hide there. Kumud turns around to see Saras there. Meanwhile Kumud is finding it difficult to take her dupatta which was stucked in the door as the song is playing Kuch na Kaho….. Saras and Kumud feels embarassed…

Kumud’s hand accidently hits on the door, and Saras come near her and asked her to show him her hand.
He takes her hand and sees it bleeding and immediately puts an ointment on it while the song is still playing…. Saras about to tell something. Kumud says I know, tomorrow morning you will go. this is what you want to tell. I will not stop you. Saras is surprised and she thinks does this pain never goes. Saras thinks if you are getting pain because of me then it is better I should leave.

Kumud is on bed with Kusum and she gets up and gets restless. Meanwhile Saras takes his luggage and the kite which he got from the pond and looks at his sketch made by Kumud and leaves the room early morning.

Kumud comes on the terrace and sees him going and she runs to stop him but hides behind a pillar. Saras hears his anklet voice and turns around. but Kumud is still hiding and crying. Saras moves forward and tie the kite on the gate and leaves while the music of Saraswatichandra is playing in the BG.

Kumud is tieing the curtains and gyan is doing the riyaaz. Badi maa gives them Prasad. Nanaji asks about yash, he needs a radio. Kumari tells she will wake him up, but mami says he was doing practise all night to become a hero so need not disturb him. She asks him to hear a bhagan from gyan.
Meanwhile Kumud is lost in Saras thoughts and feels bad. She comes in his room and sees the sketch of him left behind by him. She cries thinking about speaking with kusum that saras is her future. she says dream ended with night and now have to face the truth. your daughter alliance break Bapu.
Vidyachatur jokes that some people didnt got caught till the end of the game referring to Kumud. Kumud’s mother tells kusum to give tea to Saras. She is about to talk to Kumud. somebody knocks on the door and she opens to see Kanti bhai and Vidyachatur takes him to his room.

Scene shifts to Dubai:

Ghuman is searching for her Visa documents in the cupboard and all the files falls on the ground and she picks some file and starts reading it with amazement and is smiling at what is written on it.

Didi comes there and asks Ghuman what is this. You mess up the room. She says not room, Vidyachatur luck is mess up. I came here to got my visa documents, but what I got, the fun is doubled now to go to india. Didi asks what is this? She says Vidyachatur destruction. she laughs.

Scene shifts back to India:

Saras is walking on the street, when Sunny calls him and asks where are you? He tells I am calling you from two days. He asks did you saw her face. He says yes. Sunny asks him to tell Kumud about what he feels about her. Phone got disconnected. Episode ends on Saras sad face…..

Detailed Update:

The Episode Starts with Kumud walking towards the gate and takes the kite which was tied to the gate by Saras and she remembers the moments spent with Saras in a FB. Kusum comes there and asks what happened didi? Kumud replies he went Kusum. Kusum says did you told everything to Bapu. Kumud says whatever it is, I will tell Bapu, he will be pained but with time pain will be healed. Kusum says if you have stop him, he would have stopped. Kusum says are you telling yourself. Kumud replies with what right I should have stopped him. Kusum says you expect him to come na didi. Kumud says he will not come back. Kusum challenges that he will come back.

Saras on the road:

Saras thinks that I thought you will stop me till the end. but you didn’t stop me. I hurt you, I wanted to ask for forgiveness but I didn’t.

Kusum home:

Vidyachatur talking to kantibhai, he says I have some guests thats why could not pay you on time. He says I know that nobody knows here that you have mortgaged this house. He leaves.

Kumud’s mother says I came here as a bride. and we have to mortgaged this house for laxminandan. She asks him to take back this house from kanti bhai. Vidyachatur says that Laxminandan is very near us.

Kumud mother’s says that they will give this house to yash and his wife. Vidyachatur assures her.

Kumud is crying and thinking about the moments spent with Saras. She looks at the kite. Kusum says did when you will tell Bapu? Kumud says there is no reason to hide the truth. Kusum says my heart says he will come back. Kumud says she can tell truly that he will no come. Kumud says heart only tells them wrong.
Kusum says he is different. Kumud challenges her. Kusum accepts and says he will come and as always I will win. Kumud says this time you wont.

On the Road:

Saras is waiting for the bus and he enquires about the same from fellow passenger. He says it will come in 1 hr. Saras walks and asks one lady is there any guest house? she tells him the way for the guest house. He leaves.

Kumud Home:

Kumud is praying and sees the diya lit stopped. She fears.
Meanwhile yash is driving the car with his friends on the back seat.
Saras still in thoughts about Kumud. Kumud is pouring milk in the container and remembers saras words that he came to asks for forgiveness.
Yash is driving very fast. Yash tells them that if anyone came to know that I am with you all all night with the car then he will scold me. Saras was about to hit by yash car. Milk container falls from Kumud’s hands.
she feels it as a bad omen. she prays to God that she will tell everything to Bapu.

Scene shifts back to Dubai:

Ghuman is getting ready and Laxminandan comes there and informs her that her visa documents are ready. She tries to get romantic with him. She thinks I will have to talk to you about vidyachatur’s house papers.
She asks him to wait and she needs to go to her son.

Scene shifts back to Kumud’s home:

Mami is enquiring about Yash. Vidyachatur tells Saras must be with yash. Kumud informs him that Saras left. Vidyachatur asks what? She says he went to the city. Vidyachatur says how, he didn’t inform any body. Kumud asks him to listen to her. Vidyachatur urges her to speak up. She is about to tell. Yash comes there running and asks his mother to hide him somewhere. Everybody is shocked. He tells that he didn’t do anything and they will kill him. His mother takes him to the room and Yash informs her that he went to the part last night with his friends and had bear and was driving fast.

Some villagers are running towards their home and saying jai ho. The villagers calls out Vidyachatur name and Vidyachatur and Gyan went outside to know what happened. Pandit says that your family have killed 9 people.

Yash informs his mother that cow was hit by his car and was died. his mother slap him and says nothing will happen to you. pandit says ask your nephew to come out. Vidyachatur calls for yash very angrily. His mother console him and says dont say that you did anything.

Kumud is tensed. vidyachatur asks them to calm down. Vidyachatur says if he is guilty then you can punish him. He asks yash about the truth. Yash informs that he did went outside but cow was dead before. Vidyachatur says tell the truth, swear on your mother’s head. Yash about to swear on his mother, just then Saras comes and removes his hand from being touched to his mother head. Kumud is shocked and so everybody else with his return. The episode on Kumud.

Precap:The villagers are taking Saras with them and Kumud walk a while and stops them from taking Saras. She defends Saras that he is innocent and why should he pay for no mistakes. Purohit says we always doesnt care for your daughter’s doing. She tells purohitji she didn’t have any proof but have faith in him. She says his eyes says the truth. Both Saras and Kumud looks at each other.

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