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Saraswatichandra Episode 17--18 Update On Tuesday 9th April 2019 On Adom TV


The Episode begins with Saras thinking about Kumud’s words that he should tell his hearty talk with someone else who understands him. While Kumud is standing in his room, He takes the shirt from the almirah, wears it and leaves. Kumud just stares at him while he leaves.

Ghuman calls on Kumud’s Landline number, Badi maa pick the call and Ghuman hears her voice and says your voice bitterness doesnt decreased. Ghuman says what have you thought I loss from you. Badi maa says your voice have same bazarupan which you had it previously. Ghuman is angry. Ghuman says dont forget I am laxminandan Vyas wife, Ghuman laxminandan vyas. She says I called you because my son is there and you people are making him remember his past. She tells Saras is now my son. She says I took care of him more than his own mother. She says Saras used to take my blessing every morning. He does my puja. She continues that when you was unable to snatch Laxminandan from him Then want to snatch my son. She says how can he marry you with your small thinking. She warns badi maa that if she gives pain to Saras then she will be bad than no one else. Badi maa cries and wipes her tears when Saras comes and tells I want to tell you something.

Saras tells her that in his childhood who saved his life, he didnt saw her face but now he realise who is She?Badi wipes her tears and thinks about Ghuman words. He addresses her as Maayi and says I cant forget my mother’s last Scream. She thinks about Ghuman words that they shall not make him remember his mother. Saras tells I thought nobody understood me but may be you understands me. She again remembers Ghuman words. Saras tells I want to relax, pls help me. I dont want to be troubled. He bows down on her knees. Badi maa says no, I cant do. You are now Ghuman’s son, Saraswati’s son went with Saraswati. I will not help Ghuman’s son. you are not trustworthy. Saras feels bad and leaves thinking about what badi maa told him.

Kumud looks at him from far and hides behind a pillar. He punishes himself by working on the fields. He remembers his father’s words that he shall get married and his announcement in the party. Kumud comes there and looks at him. Kumud urges him to stop punishing himself. Saras asks her to leave as he dont want to see her face. Kumud says yes I did a mistake, and I asks for gorgiveness. but that you are very helpless, I felt pity on you. you are very weak. you only took your memories and sat with it. Kumud instigates him to stop. She says I was right you are very selfish. Saras stops now and holds her hand tightly. She says I did a big mistake that I asked you to come here. Saras tells you are right. I will make your mistake right. I am going from here for forever.

Saras about to leaves when Kumud says for breaking the relations, first have to make the relations and the question of breaking doesnt arise as our relations had not begun. You had clearly written in your letter that you think about the relations as burden. He says my decision to not marry you was right. Both look at each other eyes. When Kumud about to leave. he says you cant turn away and go like this. He continues that it is your ego and for that you invite me here. When I wrote a letter to you. I thought I hurt your sentiments and came here to ask for forgivessness. He says it is true that your ego got hurt. I came here for asks for forgivesness but you didn’t show me your face. I just came here to say to sorry. He says our relation is like a cut kite whose existence or non existence doesnt matter while the music of Saraswatichandra is playing in the background. She leaves angrily from there. Saras too leaves in opposite direction.

She came back home and thinks about Saras words that their relation is like a cut knife whose existence or nonexistence doesn’t matter. I am going from here. She comes in his room and packs all his clothes back into the suitcase. She sees the rotating fan and gets emotional and thinks about saras words…..
While the sad music is playing in the background.

Scene shifts to Dubai:

Ghuman laughs and says Vidyachatur is firm on his friendship and Dugba on Ghuman. She says I make her believe that Saras is now my son. He does my puja. Now whenever she sees Saras, she will think of me.

Scene shifts back to Kumud’s home:

Badi maa tells Vidyachatur that Saras is now Ghuman’s son. He does her puja. She says Ghuman is very clever. if she can control his father then saras was only the chid then. I will not trust him anymore. Vidyachatur tells her that Saraswati’s sanskar is there in him that’s why he gives respect to Ghuman. He tells for us that Saras is Saraswati bhabhi Son.

Ghuman tells didi that when she reaches ratnagiri then all the ties would have been broken.

Vidyachatur says he will do as Dugba say. and he will not let Saras to suffer.

Meanwhile Saras is thinking that Kumud voice attracts him here and her face….
The episode ends on Kumud sad face.

The Episode Begins with Yash calculating the expenses for Vidyachatur. His mother says it is your business, you have to run the business after vidya bhai.
Kusum sees Saras coming and informs Vidyachatur, he goes near him and asks him to remove his shoes. They sees his clothes and shoes denched in mud. Kumud’s mother removes his shoes. Saras remembers the FB scene when in his childhood he comes with dirty clothes and how Ghuman scold him and ask him to wash his own clothes. Vidyachatur asks did you fallen somewhere, did you got hurt? Saras nods no. Vidyachatur orders Kusum to bring tea for Saras.

Saras remembers when Ghuman used to ill treat him in his childhood.

Yash splash water on Saras to remove the mud. Kumari asks what are you doing? They splash water on each other laughingly. Saras too joins Kumari and splash water on yash.

Vidyachatur says we had fun as Diwali. Bhabhi asks how it happened? She says it is because of Yash. Kumud’s mother towels Saras hairs to wipe out the water and Saras gets touched with her motherly gesture.

Vidyachatur takes Saras to the hall and asks him to have tea and then change the clothes. He asks Kumud to bring ghatia. Saras says he dont want. Kumud says if he dont want then why to forced him to eat.

Vidyachatur tells everyone to do their works early and it is tuesday we will dance and sing. Kusum says yes.
Saras enters his room and finds all his stuff packed in the luggage. Kumud informs him that she packed his bag. She tells no need to correct my mistakes. I did a big mistake by inviting you here and now I am telling you, you can go. Saras about to tell anything. Kumud intervenes and says Mr. Saraswatichandra I didn’t called you here because my ego was hurt, but I thought you insult my parents. But I didnt knew that you run from yourself, how will you make the relations. She asked him to leave before the sunrise next morning.

Saras tells I wrote the letter to say no,whatever will happen. I will face everybody with you.
She says you only told naa our meeting is like a cut kite whose existence or non existence doesnt matter, so will you want to support me. Saras is speechless while the music of Saraswatichandra is playing in the BG. Kumud leaves.

Kumari and Kusum comes to Kumud and tells her about the dance show. Vidyachatur tells himself that he saw something happened between you both. I will learn about it. He comes to Kumud and asks did you ask for forgiveness. She says I asked, but he didnt give me. Vidyachatur asks her to keep on trying, and asks her to say sorry to Saras for his sake.

Saras is searching for his mobile in his room. He finds the sketches made by Kumud. Kumari comes there and shows him and the sketch in the mirror and he says it is my sketch. She says Kumud didi made this sketch before your alliance came for her. She says dont tell anyone. She says Kumud didi saw your eyes in her dreams. She said no to mama but after seeing your photo, she told yes. She was waiting for her dream man day and night. Saras remembers Kumud poetry which she wrote to him. Kumari tells you are one way ahead of didi. She tells you did the same as they did in films. She asked him to come downstairs. She leaves.
Saras remembers Kumud’s words and is continuously staring at the sketch and says your I accept all your angryness.

Badi maa is seeing the photos of Saras and her and remembers Vidyachatur words and thinks about the moment spent with Saras and how Ghuman told her that Saras is now her son and he has my moral values. She remembers how she told her that laxminandan didn’t marry her because of her small thinking. She says your shadow has fallen on Saras, Ghuman.

Kumud is walking in the home when her anklet falls from her pallu when Saras hears its voice, comes out of his room and stares at Kumud. Kumud sees him.

Saras and Kumud looks at each other while the music of Kuch na kaho is playing in the BG. Mami goes from there, Saras hides behind the pillar. Mami gives the clothes to Kumud and Kumud leaves. Saras thinks Kumud is there and tells Kumud I am really sorry. Mamaji comes infront of him and says damadji. Saras looks for Kumud. She asked Saras to come downstairs as song and dance started. The episode ends on him.

Early morning Saras is leaving with his baggage and he stops to look at her. Meanwhile Kumud is hiding behind a pillar and is sad.

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