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Saraswatichandra Episode 13--14 Update On Friday 5th April 2019 On Adom TV


The Episode starts with Kumud getting the task of teaching kite flying to Saras from Vidyachatur. Kumud is at loss of words. Saras tells that he needs a strong partner for learning kite flying. Mami says Kumud is good at kite flying. Kumud says but he dont know how to fly the kite. Vidyachatur says tomorrow is the kite flying competition. you teach him today. Kumud says how can I teach him today. Saras tells I will learn. He says I think she dont have the confidence to teach me. Kumud says to Vidyachatur that he shall come at 5 pm to learn the kite flying. Vidyachatur says he will reach at 5 pm on terrace.

Kumud on the terrace, thinks that Saras wants to see her face instead of kite flying. Saras comes there and thinks to himself, now I will see till when you will hide your face from me. Kumud starts flying kite. Saras comes to her and about to see her face but she asks him to hold the thread. he oblige and kite thread was about to go from his hand. Kumud holds it and stands behind Saras so that he is unable to see her face. Kumud teaches him to fly the kite standing behind him……..

Kite was about to free from Saras hands, Kumud catches the thread. A sweet music of piya re is playing in the Background. She comes in the front now and tells him that he stayed back for bapu. She with great difficulty says thanks. She says I will not accept you thank you. He says I want to see your face and he challenges her that he will see her face before the uttarayan sun drown. He leaves. Kumud says to herself Kusum was right, he was intelligent. I will see to it how he will see my face.

Saras is doing surya namaskara. He is wondering what attraction did Kumud voice have, he is going towards her by forgetting all the quarrels between them. He hears Kumud’s singing to the song Man mohanaa, tum bin kaise jiyajawo…… She is doing the aarti and praying in front of the idols. Saras comes there and stands behind Kumud and smiles hearing her doing the aarti and praying. She turns back and sees Saras with folded hands and praying. She turns back and play hide n seek with him silently. She gives the aarti to all. She gives the Aarti thali to kusum and leaves. Kusum gives the aarti to Saras. Saras takes Vidyachatur blessings and comes to Badi maa to seek her blessings but Badi maa gives an angry look and seeing Vidyachatur she gives the Aashirwad and leaves. Yash asks him to come for kite flying.

Kusum tells Kumud that today Saras will see her face no matters what she does to hide her face. Kusum challenges her and Kumud too challenges her back.

The Festivities of kite flying begins and Mami says that vidyachatur is running after Saras.

Badi maa says that happiness lies in family happiness. Everybody enjoying the kite flying and Kumud comes near Saras. Saras feels her presence and turns to see her. but within no time she turns back to take the kite. Saras comes to her and she gives the kite to him and asks him to tie the thread. He asks where to tie the thread. He tries to see her but she turns. She taunts him that if the thread is not tied properly then the kite keep on flying just like that. Kumud flies the kite. Saras holds her thread. She tells him that her kite never gets cut and today dont do that. Saras asks did you not trust me or dont know how to trust? Everybody is enjoying the kite flying. Kumud flies the kite high and cuts someone else kite and shouts aloud Kai po che Bapu. Everybody enjoys the festival. Kumari and Kusum comes to Saras and praises him that he holds the thread in right position. Kumud gets angry.

Scene Shifts back to Dubai:

Guest comes to Laxminandan home and he gives them wishes for the uttarayan. He asks Ghuman to come to the terrace with him for kite flying. She says she will fly the kite with her son and will cut the kite of Kumud. Laxminandan says daughter in law didnt came and you are practicing well to become a mother in law. She smiles. Laxminandan asks did you finished packing? She says yes, but have to buy the gifts. He says yes, We shall take the gifts as we are going after Saras alliance with Kumud. He asks her what you are giving to Kumud as a muh dikhayi gift. She says I am taking the gift which they will never forget. Her gift will be open infront of her. Laxmi says I will inform Vidyachatur. She says no. I will give Saras a surprise as Saras surprise them as well. She is Saras mother. Laxminandan agrees. Ghuman tells her didi that she will cut everyone’s kite.

Kumud’s mother tells her to tell the truth to her father after the Uttarayan ends.

Ghuman shakes ghungru and its voice comes. Didi says that respected people closes their ears when they hears ghungru voice. She says This time not only ears but their mouth will be closed when she will make Kumud wear this ghungru. Didi says Kumud. Ghuman says I was a dancer but When Vidyachatur sees the ghungru in his Daughter’s leg than he will forget he will go mad and then he thinks what is to be called as a bazaaru women. Didi says that Vidyachatur is a friend of Laxmi but Dugba cannot make it happen to Kumud what happened to her. She says she cant do anything as she is Laxminandan wife now and Saras mother. She says in all these years she tried hard to make Saras sanyasi and Kumud in a moment threw water on her plan. She continues that she has to stop Kumud there itself or else she will make Saras come closer to Laxminandan..

Vidyachatur tells Saras that if he would have gone back then he would have lost all the fun out here. Vidyachatur calls Kumud to come to her. Kumud thinks is this your trick to see my face. Saras thinks now you have to show me your face. The episode ends on Saras determined face to see Kumud.

Kumud is flying kite and it is about to free from Kumud’s hand but at that very moment Saras catches the hold of thread and Kumud turns towards him and Saras was successful in his attempt to see Kumud. Kumud and Saras come face to face and look at each other. They eyelocks. Saras smiles

The Episode begins with Vidyachatur calling loud for Kumud. He asks her to come to him. She hides behind kusum and comes. Saras is still struggling to see her face. Yash tells Kumud to be careful as Vishwa kite is flying in the air. Kusum says did his kite came? All of them look at the sky. Vidyachatur tells Saras that this kite belongs to some bad guy of this area and Kumud cuts his kite. Everybody is clapping for appreciating Kumud. Kumud comes infront and fly the kite but Saras takes the kite’s thread in his hand and starts flying the kite to everyone surprise and cuts that bad guy kite with great confidence. Everybody praises him. Kumud is left speechless.

Saras asks Kumud that did she trust him. Kumud feels jealous and says that she will cut the opponent’s kite and not him. Kumud’s kite cuts by the opponent. Everybody asks what happened to her. Yash tells her that jijaji must have fly the kite. She says what if the kite being cut. I will not let him touch my kite.

She runs from there to get the kite which is being cut and Saras follows her. They run very far and storming air comes and Saras tells her to Stop as they have come very far. She says I will take my kite. Her dupatta gets struck in some tree and she stops. Saras smiles and comes to her while the word music Piya re is playing in the BG. Just then she takes out the dupatta from the tree and starts running. She smiles and run towards the kite and finally she holds the kite thread and Saras too holds that thread and she turns to see him and finally Saras sees Kumud with a smile on his face while the song is playing Kuch na Kahe……….

Saras and Kumud hand’s in each other hands. They smiles and they eyelock. Kumud tries to leave but Saras doesnt allow her to go and says your voice attract me here and your face…. He then tells her that I told you naa that before uttarayan sun drown I will see your face. He leaves her hand and she says you cut the kite. Kumud starts running for kite again and she sees her kite near the pond. Some village people are coming near them and she heard their voice and asks Saras to go and get her kite. Saras gets some flashbacks.

She tells him that he cant get even one kite. She comes to him, smiles and says what happened, are you feared? She says after seeing my face you would not gain my trust. you cant bring my kite. you have failed. you failed in trust’s exam. you cant be with somebody. you are a coward. She instigates him to go and get the kite. Saras does n’t say anything and goes in the water to get the kite. He gets the FB scene when his mother was drown in the same pond. Kumari and Kusum comes there and says why jijaji in the water. Kumud says to get him some coldness. They leave for home. Saras still in the FB and he hears his cries and his mother voice persuading him to return home and he sees the images of his mother being drowning in the pond.

Kumud comes back home with Kusum and Kumari and laughs at Saras that she challenge him to go and get the kite. Badi maa asks about Saras. She replies that he went to the pond near her school to get her kite. Badi shocked and runs to save Saras. He comes in the middle of the pond and he hears his voice asking his mother where is she going? His mother says I will return and asks him to return home. Then he hears the villagers voice. He then hears her mother asking him to take care of his father. He gets the kite from the tree branch. and he gets the images of his mother saree taken out by him. He shouts maa maa. He sees his mother completing drowning in water and he shouts Maa maa and starts crying and is getting drown in water. Just in time Badi maa comes there with two men and saves Saras from being drown. Saras hugs her.

He sees the same flashback when Badi maa saves him in his childhood when his mother drown in water.
Badi maa takes care of him. He looks at her. She kiss him on his forehead. He hugs him and they cry. Saras sees the kite in his hand and remembers Kumud words.

Saras leaves from there. Badi maa tells Saraswati to take care of chandra.
Vidyachatur yells at Kumud why did you send him to that pond. Her mother also says the same. Vidyachatur rushes out to get Saras.

Badi maa comes back home and asks Kumud’s mother. Where is Kumud. Kumud asks what happened? Badi maa tells her that if she did not reach on time, then Saras would have drown completely. He was not in his senses. Kumud’s mother says that she dont know anything. Badi maa says why you did this? I should have slap if Kusum or Kumari did this. Kumud mother says Even Vidyachatur did not like this. Kumud asks Badi maa what she did? Badi maa informs her that his mother had suicide in that pond and was drown and at that time too she takes Saras out of the pond. She says He cried loud today also. Badi maa asks Kumud to asks for forgivesness from Saras.

Kumud goes to Saras to ask for forgiveness and says today because of me….. He closes the door on her face with angry looks

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