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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke Episode 46--47 Update On Wednesday 1st May 2019 On Adom TV


Charu holds mayank s hand and keeps talking nonstop Mayan are unhappy Gunjan leaves the room and mayank follows. Charu thinks that mayank s mood is not good. Mayank comes down takes seema in a corner and tells her he does not want to get married so early. Seema tells him to keep quite in front of everyone while she will handle the situation. Charu keeps giving weird expressions . Charu s mom makes gunjan serve sweets to everyone. When gunjan is near mayank he pats her hand reassuring that everything will be all right. Sangeeta makes charu and mayank sit together charu grabs mayank s hand leaving gunjan sad.
Rachna is feeling weird as she is wearing a small skirt chaya encourages her saying she has a great figure which makes girls jealous and guys check her out . Rachna is scared she will be late but reaches exactly on time and the coach is happy that everyone is on time. He announces the position what the girls will play he gives rachna defense. Rachna is unhappy and goes to the coach saying she can attack well. Coach asks her who is the coach then holds her hand and takes her to the exact position she will be playing.

Charu s mom gives few dates which she says are auspicious and are next month. (why do they want the marriage so soon) . Shayl says that dayal and mayank dad need to discuss and only then dates can be finalized. Charu s mom agrees but hints that they should choose between the next month dates.

Rachna ends up falling and gets hurt. The coach does not bother and tells her to learn how to hold the hockey stick right he turns the upside down stick and leaves.(hope their relation goes the bend it like beckham way )

Rachna comes home and is happy that mayank and charu are about to get married she teases both of them . Before going charu gives mayank a pendant which has pictures of both of them and sings hum tum ek pendent mein band ho

rachna in the room trying to dress her wound and dayal enters. Her hockey stick is lying outside rachna is shocked

Part 1
The episode starts with Dayal seeing the newspaper on the table and about to grab it. Rachana notices her hockey stick near the bed which is near the table. She quickly rushes and grabs the paper giving it to Dayal. He tells her to take care of her wound. She says yes and he walks off. Rachana thinks luckily he didn’t see the hockey stick and wonders how long she has to hide this from him. Dolu comes into the room and talks to her about DID lil’ masters. Gunjan is thinking about the discussion of Mayank and Charus wedding when Mayank comes and asks her if she isn’t going to congratulate him on his wedding date being fixed and Gunjan congratulates him angrily and he thanks her in a sarcastic way and grabs her hand and asks her where she’s going and she tells him isn’t he even ashamed that his wedding is being fixed and he’s still holding her hand and she tells him to let go. He tells her he won’t let go easily. Seema tells Sangeetha to dry the clothes but Sangeetha tells her right now its important for her to cook and tells Seema to do it herself. Seema complains to herself and carries the pail of clothes. Gunjan keeps insisting that Mayank lets her hand go and he in return says she has so much anger. He tells her that he also is angry about the wedding and Gunjan replies he doesn’t care about her happiness and tells him to celebrate by dancing. Mayank jokingly tells her what her favourite dance is and he will dance to it. Mayan hears Seema’s voice and Mayank lets go of Gunjan’s hand.

Part 2

Seema sees Gunjan at the terrace and tells her to help her hang the clothes. Mayank also comes there and asks his mother if he can help. Seema asks him what he’s doing at the terrace and he answered for some fresh air. He insists on helping but Seema says this isn’t for boys and his wife will do it for him and Mayank says she’s already doing it but Seema didn’t hear what he said and he starts helping drying the clothes. He hangs the clothes and starts holding Gunjan’s hand telling her she didn’t tell him what song to dance on. Gunjan purposely drops the pail on Mayank’s foot and tells Seema she should get him married next month as he is ready. But Seema denies saying that he’ll agree at first but later disagree. Seema tells Gunjan to dry the remaining clothes as her back hurts and she wants to rest and leaves. Mayank holds Gunjan’s hand again and the wind blows and a cloth flies covering them. Mayank removes it and tells Gunjan he wants to tell her that he loves her. Gunjan angrily moves away. She tells him that he loves her and is marrying Charu and that is unfair to her and Charu. She further ask Mayank what is between them and is it just a wimp or a fancy. He says he loves her and they can’t be apart and to just give him some time and that he’ll make everything fine. Gunjan asks him what he’ll tell everyone especially his mother, father and Sangeetha and also to Charu’s family. She says will he say that after the engagement he suddenly changed his mind. She says that Shail is discussing with Dayal the date of Mayank and Charu’s wedding and the situation is not as easy as he thinks. Gunjan says what is Charu’s fault that she loved Mayank so much and she has even considered Mayank her husband and why should Charu suffer. Gunjan asks Mayank if he didn’t love Charu and didn’t want to get married why did he agree to the engagement. He tells her he knows marriage isn’t a joke and he only agreed as he wanted to prove to Gunjan that there’s a line of girls waiting for him too. He says he later got to know her and became close and then did he understand what love is and how it is having a special someone in his life is. He admits getting engaged was a big mistake. He tells her a bigger mistake would be marrying Charu and losing her. He then says she will and forever be the only girl in his life and put a shawl on her head.

Part 3

There’s a part missing in the video I’m watchin (will update later).Gunjan angrily leaves and knock a pot. Dayal and Dholu hear a pot broken on the terrace floor and Dayal shouts who’s there and Mayan are hiding. Mayank is holding Gunjan tight. Dholu and Dayal shout who’s been here but there’s no answer. Dholu and Dayal walk around the terrace and Dholu is very near the place Mayan are hiding. Shail comes and tells Dayal that Gupta has come to meet him. Shail pulls Dholu away telling him his mother has been looking for him and Dholu tells her that they were looking for a theive and that he broke a pot and left. Shail doesn’t believe him and he says he’s telling the truth. She tells him he is not allowed to play alone on the terrace and drags him away. Mayan heave a sigh of relief. Gunjan then tells Mayank to let her go and he teasingly says his hand won’t budge. Gunjan manages to free herself and tells she wonder how long this hide and seek thing will go on for. Mayank tells her to trust him and with time all will be fine as he will handle it. Gunjan tells she trusts him and that’s why they’ve come this far. She is about to knock another pot as she goes and Mayank tells her to be careful and teases her more. Rachana asks Gunjan where she had been and that she looked for her everywhere. Gunjan hugs Rachana. Rachana asks why and Gunjan says simply and asks her why was she looking for her. Rachana says she has something important to tell Gunjan and Gunjan says is she in love with a boy in college. Rachana tells her not to joke and is about to tell her when Bua comes by. Gunjan and Rachana go to their room and Gunjan asks what happened and Rachana says the hockey coach Rajiv hates her and that he placed her in the defense position even though she is good at attack. Rachana says she got scolded and hurt too.

Precap: None

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