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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Episode 9--10 Update On Thursday 4th April 2019 On Adom


Charu is still waiting for mayank to come out from bathroom. She serves him juice . Mayank asks why is it so less she says that she bumped into gunjan and the juice fell on her. Mayank is really happy and The creep keeps praising mayank.

Daya praises charu he says that she is very cultured to shayl . He asks about rachna s 12th class results as when they come he will get her married.shayl says that rachna should study not get married. Daya says if he searches from now he will get in some time.

Charu makes pakoras for everyone and is praising that how she likes everything she has no idea how time flew and she has to leave now. Charu goes running to serve mayank water while gunjan and mayank exchange a look. Sangeeta tells its time charu should leave and cleverly puts it on mayank s head. Mayank goes to leave the joker while gunjan is happy that he will be hanged soon.

Gunjan is busy chatting with her friends while rachna wants gunjan to let her chat. She teases rachna saying she will chat full night rachna feels bad then gunjan let s her chat and she goes to sleep.

Rachna is very excited while gunjan falls asleep. She gets a friend request from cute angel. Rachna is hesitant as there s no photo on the profile gunjan gets up and tells her to sleep. So rachna neither accepts nor rejects the request and goes to sleep. Gunjan sees the laptop is still on and goes to switch it off but ends up accepting the cute angel s request. The stalker smiles.

Gunjan is already awake while rachna s still sleeping . Shayl who is doing puja keeps s screaming while gunjan tries to wake her up with her wet hair but she fails.gunjan ends up going to the mandir and tells shayl rachna is not waking up.shayl tells gunjan to do dia baati while she wakes rachna.gunjan says she has no idea how to do it so shayl teacher her how to make batti and put ghee in dia. Gunjan keeps staring at shayl who gives her a matchbox to light it so she can wake rachna. Gunjan puts flowers on god s feet shayl decides she wil teach gunjan house hold stuff and gunjan lights the dia.

Seema and sangeeta approach shayl to organize mata ki chowki . Its all a plan to get charu home again. Gunjan is told to distribute prasad to everyone which she does.its 6 in the morning and rachna first thing she does is start chatting. Shayl is going to wake her up she calls rachna just in front of the door so rachna hides the laptop under her pillow.

she continues the chatting and internet parlour fellow is the stalker

Gunjan gives mayank prasad. He asks rachna how did gunjan agree to live without an internet connection. Rachna is terrified gunjan signals to shut up with her eyes. Mayank ends up seeing the eyes exchange . Rachna tells mayank to ask gunjan and leaves. Gunjan also leaves. Mayank is suspicious that gunjan gave up so easily

PRECAP:mata ki chowki going on rachna is chatting mayank sees this goes and whispers something in shayl s ears . Gunjan and rachna s shocked expressions while daya is walking towards them.

the montage of the show has changed. It has rachna and gunjan with gunjan trying to make horns on rachna s head.

Gunjan is helping with puja preparations dholu talking to her sangeeta drags him. Mayank comes and accidently kicks the basket of flowers. Gunjan is angry.

Gunjan dressed in western clothes for the puja rachna tells her to wear one of her salwar suits but she sticks to her three fourths and sleeveless t shirt.

Gunjan and chaya plan to chat with gunjan s new friend cute angel as soon as the first song in puja starts

the creep hi hi jokes has come with her parents in a salwar suit she compliments mayank who is wearing a kurta pyjama .he compliments her that she is looking nice in indian clothes while insults gunjan who is wearing western . Daya glares at gunjan.

Chaya somehow manages to sit next to mayank. Even though he is with chaya he keeps staring at gunjan and then comes to her and tells her how does she think charu is and he tells her that charu is all flat on him. He says he has the magic to attract gals. He coughs and charu comes running to give him water. He then asks her for lassi and charu goes running again. Gunjan tells him that he should live in circus only.charu s mom tells her not to keep running behind mayank as that might irritate him

Mayank is told to get a mike from his chachas room while rachna and chaya are busy chatting on the laptop. He overhears the entire conversation .

Shayl and gunjan lost in the last puja they had with sneha. Gunjan has tears shayl asks her where rachna is. She says she does not know where rachna is. Gunjan comes to her room where the gals are chatting. She tells rachna that charu will be her bhabi soon.

Gunjan says not to chat and to go down but rachna insists. Mayank has whispered something in shayl s ears and they come to the room and shayl gets to know about the net connection .

She asks gunjan who got the net connection and even rachna dint tell. Mayank worsens the situation by saying its all gunjan s fault and she is influencing rachna. Shayl is scared what will daya say. She tells gunjan that she could have gone to internet cafe.

Shayl tells rachna that she is not angry but disappointed.mayank says its not rachna s fault but gunjan s. Gunjan says she is glad he told everything to Shayl. She did not want to hurt anyone. Mayank argues that rachna is getting spoilt and addicted to the net because of gunjan . so she dint tell about it she then tells that she will disconnect the net but no one will stop her from going outside to net parlour.rachna is crying .

Daya overhears everything and he is angry shayl leaves to pacify him.

Gunjan asks why dint rachna support her.. Rachna says its her fault and hopes that her dad wont be angry.shayl convinces daya to let gunjan use the internet. He agrees but says that he does not want anything bad to happen to rachna,and if it does shayl will be responsible for it. .

Charu is told to give prasad to mayank. Gunjan is seeing this so mayank behaves extra sweet to charu all the time eyeing gunjan. She does up dropping everything on mayank while charu tries to clean it and on seeing gunjan laughing at him he becomes angry and leaves for his room and charu follows.

Rachna keeps following her mom who is not talking to her.

Charu goes to mayank s room where he is changing clothes and starts apologizing to mayank and cries but its all a drama to gain sympathy from mayank.she even offers to wash his kurta which she ruined. Gunjan is seeing all this from the door and concludes that she wont let mayank romance peacefully.

There s a power failure and gunjan&dholu lock them in mayanks room. Mayank keeps banging the door seema is outside and she sees daya coming so tells mayank to stop banging. She opens the door and recollects that dholu and gunjan are behind it.

Seema tells shayl that gunjan locked charu and mayank inside. Shayl asks gunjan but she denys and asks for proof. Dholu saves gunjan saying he was with gunjan all the time.

Gunjan and dholu very happy that they got mayank in trouble while rachna still upset about hurting shayl.

Shayl tells the gals that daya agreed for the internet. Gunjan and rachna overjoyed

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