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Meri Aashiqui Episode 327--328 Update On Wednesday 1st May 2019 On Joy Prime


At the station, Ishaani sat lost in RV’s thoughts when she hears someone asking why is she worried. She wakes up at once thinking it is Ranveer. It was another couple saying good byes in concern for each other. The man said a good bye is the one which reminds of your loved one even when far away.
Ritika speaks to RV I love you, he was hugging her from behind. He says I love you too Ritika, she is shocked and turns to see it wasn’t Ranveer but Chiraag. She remembers pushing him that day, and pushes him in shock who he is. Chiraag says he has come from his grave just to fulfil about his promise that he will return. She asks what kind of game is this with her. He says this is the game of love, and tonight is really special for two lovers. Ritika asks if Ishaani has sent him. He tells her not to take Ishaani’s name, she came between their love. But now, no one will come between them. Ritika says that she no longer needs him, she says that she loved Chiraag and wanted to marry him too, but he had left her for Ishaani. She no longer loves him and killed him. Ranveer hears this all. Chiraag confesses his loves for Ritika. Ritika says that after killing him things have changed, she loved him but no longer does, she doesn’t want to marry him anymore so get lost. RV switches the lights on, comes in clapping. He says this love confession and this storm are magnificient. This storm has brought something with it, a big secret. He looks at Chiraag lying on the floor. He removes his glued beard to be someone else. Ritika is shocked to see the man and says this is… Ranveer says she is right, he isn’t Chiraag but an artist. He has lives Chiraag’s character in a way that he could dodge her. He says he checked on a technology on internet and now it changed her whole life. Sometimes, to lighten the truth one has to use dark. He sends the artist appreciating him. Ranveer says that he had suspected her the day she blamed Ishaani for killing her child, because Ishaani can do anything but kill someone. Then the shooter took Ishaani’s name, he pushed Ishaani out of the house. He asked her a divorce but she refused. He decided to sucide, but Ishaani also jumped into the lake. He realized Ishaani wasn’t lying. And then to find out Ritika’s truth, he played the game of divorce. Ritika smiles and says if he has married her now, he will have to give her property share. RV mocks her and calls pandit ji who was also an actor and didn’t know about the true verses of marriage. Pandit takes the money and leaves. Ranveer says he got signed the fake divorce papers, and then the fake marriage. Mala came to him then saying all what Ishaani had been, but he didn’t believe in Mala because he had seen her standing outside his room. Ritika apologizes RV, RV says he has to hand her to police but before that there is a very important thing he needs to do. He has to bring Ishaani home. He pushes Ritika on a chair and ties her there, leaving the home.
Ishaani and family were in the train, Ritesh tells Baa that the train is about to leave.
Ranveer walks downstairs and asks Mala where is Ishaani’s family going. She says she heard Baa saying they are leaving for Parora. He tells Mala to make sure his room isn’t unlocked by anyone.
In the train, Ishaani thinks she is leaving his heart to Ranveer. Ranveer runs into the platform and asks a man from which platform Parora train will leave. The train starts, Ranveer watches it leaving and runs downstairs calling Ishaani. Ishaani opens her eyes at his call, everyone in the family hears Ranveer shouting Ishaani’s name. Ishaani peeks through the train window. He just reaches her, everyone is happy to see him. Ranveer asks ishaani how can she leave when she knows their hearts lies with each other. He requests Ishaani not to leave. Ritesh and Pratik stops the train at once by pulling the chain. Ishaani runs outside the train, Ranveer follows her. The nearby passenger asks why they pulled the train. Baa says you have to say bye to the ones you love and if you don’t say bye you can’t go faraway.
Ishaani and Ranveer confronts each other. Ranveer thinks that it is said the life begins when one is born but his life began when he first saw her. Ishaani thinks that her heart started beating the day she started loving him. Ranveer thinks he never thought he will get her one day. Ishaani thinks she had never thought she will want to live with him for her whole life once. Both comes crying to each other, says I love you silently and hugs each other.

Ranveer says while hugging Ishaani that tonight is a special night, no lover can get apart ever. Ishaani’s family also get down the train. Ranveer tells Ishaani that he knows everthing about Ritika, how she manipulated them all and accused Ishaani for all this. Baa says that he is now married to Ranveer. Ranveer says he did this all to expose Ritika, the divorce as well as the marriage was fake. Pratik asks why he didn’t tell them. Ranveer says if he will ask all the questions here. The family cheers about going home. Ranveer holds Ishaani by shoulders and says he took a long time to understand her, but he never got anything soon in life. Neither the realization of love and nor could he collect his torn heart soon. He asks Ishaani to come back to her own house now. Ishaani thinks about Shikhar, she holds Ranveer’s hand stopping him and says she can’t go to his home with him. Ranveer asks is it because of Shikhar, if some promise with him is stopping her. He says he understand her, she has done lots of compromised but doesn’t she want her mother’s murdered to be punished. He says he has tied her at home, because before going to police he wants her to apologize Ishaani for separating her from her mother. He says it is really important that Ishaani gains confidence on herself that she has won the fight she started alone. He asks if she still doesn’t want to go, and looks at her restlessly. Ishaani nods, and says she will go there because she wants to see her getting punished. She wants Ritika to see that evil always has to kneel in front of good. Chaitali is relieved that Ishaani agreed. Ranveer holds Ishaani’s hand, both leave together.

Baa says to Ritesh that the astrologer was right, tonight something will happen that no one must have thought about. Tonight lovers have got together.
Kailash says to Amba that tonight if two lovers meet, some are set apart as well. He reminds Amba about a night. Amba get worried and says he had promised her not to recall it again. Kailash stared at Amba and says we both know how much Ranveer loves Ishaani, will he ever be able to love Ritika. Amba says he will, one day for sure; because her son is true to his tongue. She tells Kailash not to overthink, and come to take rest.

In the room, Ritika struggles with the ropes and says before RV reaches here taking Ishaani and police she must cut this rope and flee from here. She watches some candles burning and tries to move her chair towards them. She struggles to break the vase, then gets the chair fell, picks up a glass piece and cuts the robe on her hand.

Amba is shocked what Ranveer is saying, is Ritika the murderer of Falguni and Chiraag. She asks whom they had kept in their home and were marrying her to Ranveer. Kailash asks where Ishaani is. Baa says Ishaani is coming with everyone else in taxi. Kailash says they were wrong, they kept a snake in house and must apologize Ishaani. Amba stops him and says Ritika is a criminal, but it doesn’t mean Ishaani is innocent. She didn’t tell them all about it. Baa says Ishaani tried to tell them all about it but it was all so late. Amba says she still doesn’t believe, she reminds RV that Ishaani is behind every bad thing that had ever happened to his life. She reminds RV that Ishaani promised to marry Shikhar.

Ritika cuts the rope off her hand with the glass lying on the floor.
Baa says to Amba if she suspects Ishaani they must talk to Shikhar and his parents, she will know about all the truth. Amba was silent. Baa says this isn’t a trick, she isn’t the old Hansa Parekh now. She requests Amba not to punish her Ishaani and Ranveer for her mistakes and gets onto Amba’s feet.
Ritika frees herself from the chair.

Ranveer holds Baa up, but Baa says she has mistaken a lot, he must let her pay for them. She asks Amba to come with her, she will get all her answers. Kailash says to Amba that they must listen to Baa. Ranveer helps Baa stand up, and says he has tied Ritika up so that she can apologize Ishaani. Baa says sure, but Amba must go with her.

Ranveer comes in the room with Ishaani when Ritika was struggling with her ropes. She curtly watchesr Ishaani with Ranveer. Ranveer holds Ishaani behind him protectively, then moves towards Ritika. Ritika stands up, Ranveer asks if she was preparing to run away? Where will she run away, she will find him everywhere she goes to. He holds her up with a jerk and says he wants to punish her with his own hands but he doesn’t want to impurify his hands. Now the law will punish her but before than she must apologize Ishaani. Ritika gets to Ishaani’s feet, she confesses she did wrong and will do anything for her repentence. She requests Ishaani not to send her jail. She says her father’s respect will be ruined if she goes to jail. Ishaani backs away, Ranveer holds Ritika up and asks if she has a pain of losing her owns. If she ever thought the people she killed also have a family. Ritika backs up saying she will repent for all the wrong she has done, but please don’t sent her to jail.

PRECAP: Ritika shouts at Ishaani to shoot, while Ranveer continuously shouts at her not to shoot. Ishaani points the gun at her forehead.

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