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Meri Aashiqui Episode 323--324 Update On Monday 29th April 2019 On Joy Prime


At the function, Ritika shouts at once why this henna didn’t give colour. The mehndi designer says may be this isn’t henna. Mala tells Amba that she brought the henna to her. Ishaani stood there with a bowl of henna and henna on her hand, Lakshmi tells Amba to look at the hands of Ishaani. Ishaani herself is shocked. Lakshmi comes to Ishaani and rubs the henna off her hand, she watches the color of henna on Ishaani’s hand. Lakshmi says that henna on the name of Ishaani got on Ishaani’s hand. Ishaani saves Mala saying that there was an injury on her hand so she confused henna with the herbal ointment. Ritika shouts at Ishaani but Ranveer tells her not to say anything, he knew Ishaani will do something if she stays here. He tells them not to worry as he will put sindoor into Ritika’s maang. He says that this is what Ishaani wants, that he doesn’t marry Ritika but he doesn’t want any more drama in this house. Ritika leaves and cries on the stage. Ishaani’s eyes filled with tears. Ranveer tells Ritika that more hurdles that come into this wedding will make him more firm. He tells her to trust him that whatever he is doing is right. He asks her to get ready, as within 3 hours there is time of their wedding, and try to be happy.
He moves backwards and hits the shoulder of a servant who was taking a bowl of turmeric with him. It drops, break on the ground and all the turmeric goes onto the arm and face of Ishaani. Everyone is shocked to see this. Chaitali asks Baa what this is happening, it is the wedding of Ritika and all the shaguns go to Ishaani. Baa says some other power is doing this all. The servant apologizes Ranveer who leaves without saying a word. Amba asks Mala to clear all the turmeric. Amba tells Ritika not to worry, there is less time else she would have mixed more henna leaves. More important than these rituals are the rounds of marriage. She will ask Pandit ji to read mantar that will not let any harm come to her married life again. Ritika leaves the hall, so does Amba and Lakshmi. Baa comes to Ishaani, Ishaani asks if she saw what happened when she stayed. Baa says she isn’t doing anything, this all has been done by God. She asks Ishaani to come inside with him. Mala watches this all and thinks that may be God also doesn’t want Ranveer to marry Ritika, she must do something and tell Ranveer what she had seen on the day of wedding.
Ranveer comes to the study room, thinking about what had happened downstairs. Mala comes and knocks at the door. She tells Ranveer that she wants to talk to him. Ranveer allows her inside, she says she has to say something important. She stammers and sweat beads appear on her face, she couldn’t say anything. Ranveer tells her not to worry and get afraid, say whatever she wants to say. Mala tells him not to marry Ritika. She says that Ritika isn’t a good woman, and she herself has also seen such things that are ununusal. She tells him that on the day of their wedding, Ritika said she wanted to rest for a while, but when she went with juice into her room her pillows were arranged in under her blanket. She also say that the stain of blood on her dress then was also not ketchup and she hasn’t seen any samosa that day, it was something else. She says that his henna and turmeric both have got onto Ishaani, this is a sign of the God. He must not marry Ritika. Ritika heard this all from outside, she was worried and thinks about going inside before RV changes his mind. She hears RV ask Mala now to tell him how much Ishaani paid her for saying this all. Mala says Ishaani doesn’t know she is here. RV says he gets a lie before it is told, she must not repeat what she has yet said to anyone again. Mala leaves the room and confronts Ritika staring at her curtly. She says to Mala that she will take care of her later, till RV is on her side she has no fear of anyone. But Mala’s biggest fear is Ritika, she must take care of her own work only. She asks her to send Ishaani to her room and leaves wondering what magic this Ishaani does that from that educated Shikhar to uneducated Mala, everyone is her fan.
Ishaani comes to the room and knocks at the door, Ritika asks Ishaani to help her choose the dress which she must wear as she knows the choice of RV well. Ishaani jerks Ritika’s hand away, Ritika watches her henna and tells Ishaani that no matter she gets the henna or turmeric on herself RV will marry her (Ritika).

Ritika shows Ishaani the bangles and asks if she remembers them. Ritika wears them herself and asks Ishaani to see that these belongs to the daughter in law of the house. She asks Ishaani what colour suits her more, red or pink. She remarks herself that every colour suits her actually, she feels that RV has started to love her and so is marrying her. She tells Ishaani to go and get ready, she also has to look good. It is her ex-husband’s wedding. Ishaani leaves hurt. Ritika smiles evily behind her.
Ranveer gets ready and comes to the mirror. Ritesh comes to his room and was about to knock, Ranveer says he doesn’t need to knock and must come inside. Ritesh says that when the relation of wedding starts to break due to a paper, the relations related to it also change. Ranveer says that he is related to him because of mota bapu. Ritesh asks if he still has those rights over him. Ranveer nods. Ritesh asks if he really thinks Ritika is better than Ishaani, if he really wants to marry Ritika. Ranveer says that this decision is better for everyone including Ishaani, Ritesh tries to argue but Ranveer tells Ritesh that Ishaani will no longer change herself for anyone, he doesn’t need his advice but his blessings. Ritesh leaves. Ritika gets ready, she compliments herself to be a princess, then happily watches her bangles in the mirror. The maid comes to tell Ritika that the drummers have arrived, Ritika tells her to send them outside the servant quarters, those who lives there must remember for weeks about the wedding. She thinks that Ishaani will burn badly hearing the drums.
The maid tells the drummers to beat in front of the servant quarters. Ishaani shuts her ears there on the sound of drum and cries. Baa shuts the doors, she asks why she stopped here. This wedding bells won’t let her rest. Ishaani says in a few hours she will leave. Baa says they won’t let her leave alone, Sharman has looked for a house where they will all live together. Ishaani says she doesn’t want to be a burden on them all, Baa says not she but they all are a burden on her. She has always compromised for their happiness. She asks Ishaani to bear a little more. Ishaani asks how she can, there Ranveer is marrying and here she is dying, infact she had died the day when she signed the divorce papers. Baa hugs Ishaani and says that she is the daughter of Harshid who was strong. She must not show Ranveer or Ritika that she is being weak. She takes Ishaani to pray to God and he will save Ranveer from Ritika’s evil.
Ranveer comes to the wedding, Amba asks Baba to take Ranveer to mandap. They begin the Sehra Bandi. Ranveer asks Pandit ji if he is ready, Pandit ji says yes he is and asks Kailash to tie the Sehra.
Ishaani comes towards temple with Baa. The ladies there gossip that Ranveer’s first wife is also there. Ranveer removes the Sehra and looks at Ishaani who was weeping. They remember about their promises at their wedding. Baa takes Ishaani towards the temple. Ranveer tells Pandit ji to conduct the wedding well with all the mantars. Kailash says that his son is really eager to marry so he must hurry up now. Ranveer stares at Ishaani as the rituals of his wedding begins. Ishaani wipes her tears repeatedly. Pandit ji asks to bring the bride, Parul goes to bring Ritika down. Chaitali asks Baa to see Ritika is here. Ishaani watches Ritika coming downstairs, Ritika passes near Ishaani, Amba stops her and asks about taking away the bad eye. She asks Mala to bring the thaal. Someone there asks Kailash why he selected today for Ranveer’s wedding, Kailash asks why this day is not suitable for marriage. He says that today is really a strange day, the harsh winds blowing tells that something unusual is going to happen today. Amba says that whether it is a heavy storm or only wind, today is a good date for her son’s wedding as her son is happy today. She asks him to bless Ritika and asks Ritika to touch his feet. He blesses Ritika, Ritika asks if this day is good for wedding today, she and RV are going to start a new life. The man says that today something will happen that had already taken place, no one will expect what will happen. It is strange and good, as a lover couple is going to meet. Ritika asks the reason? The man says that if you love someone, he will return from the path of death on this date. Amba says he is right, Ritika has returned from the mouth of death to marry Ranveer. Lakshmi calls Ritika on stage as it is time for wedding. Ritika turns to Ishaani, holds her hand tightly.



PRECAP: Ritika puts the vermala in Ranveer’s neck. Ishaani watches this standing on stage.

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