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Meri Aashiqui Episode 297--298 Update On Wednesday 10th April 2019 On Joy Prime


Ishaani drops her earring when she hears Baa saying that it is her love for Ranveer that has made her look pretty. She says there is nothing like that but Baa says they all know she is pretending, but nothing can hide her love for Ranveer. Ranveer comes to the room and finds the earring on the floor. RV makes Ishaani wear her earrings and they share a moment together. RV offers her arm and they both heads outside arm in arm. Downstairs Ritika is irked to see them together, RV asks Ishaani to go and get into the car, he will follow her. He comes to Ritika and tells her not to worry, Ishaani will soon recover. The doctor told him to do this all and that is why he is doing this.

Outside Ishaani talks to Sharman to bring Ritika as there is no one home, she says she is sure Ritika will herself ask him to take her along. Sharman hides as RV comes out. Inside the home Ritika was cursing Ishaani for taking Ranveer along. Sharman comes inside, he apologize saying he is really sorry, had there been no DNA test he would never recognize his child. He says he knows they came closer the night he was drunk. He asks Ritika to let him give a name to this child. He asks Ritika to go on a dinner date with him, Ritika thinks she is stuck on Ranveer and he wants her to go with him. She says she doesnt want to go anywhere. Pratik points at Sharman to stop her, Sharman stops her and asks her to go to Blue Orchade. Ritika thinks RV and Ishaani have gone to the same resturant and she must go there to keep an eye on Ishaani and Ranveer. Ritika agrees and says she has agreed for dinner only not marriage.

Krisha asks Shekhar why he is doing this all, she can not see him in more pain. Shekhar says he doesnt want to speak much about it, he loves Ishaani and this is enough for him. Krisha says Ishaani will break his heart one day. Shekhar says it will not be intentional, he says he has a dinner meeting with a client and wants to be alone for sometime to get ready. He gets Sharman’s call who tells him Ritika is ready. Ritika comes ready to go, Shraman changes the topic saying he must make sure all the arrangements are perfect for date. Shekhar calls a client asking him to meet at the Blue Orchade resturant. Shekhar hopes Ritika does some mistake today.

RV and Ishaani arrive at the resturant, Ishaani looks around the arrangement. Ranveer says it is the same resturant they always used to come for dinner, if she remembers this. Ishaani says not completely but a bit. Ranveer thinks he will make her remember each day spent together. The manager comes to welcome them, he says he is coming after a long time, they have made all the arrangements and offers them a seat. Ishaani looked around happily, while Ranveer smiles watching her and recalling their valentine’s celebration. Ishaani asks waht happened, he says nothing. The waiter comes to the table, they both stop at once. Ishaani asks why was he smiling, he says nothing. A waiter brings Ishaani a gift from ranveer, RV asks her to open it. It was a red dress. He asks if she remembers something. Ishaani thinks that something that makes him happy can never be forgotten by her. He tells her this is his favorite color, she says thankyou. Ranveer again remembers something from past, Ishaani gets his attention.

Ranveer asks Ishaani how much she remembers about him. He asks what he likes to eat, Ishaani instantly says Samosa. Both laugh remembering that Ishaani used to bring samosa for him with Sunny leone movie.

Sharman and Ritika arrive at the resturant, Sharman tells her that they will spend time on the terrace as he has made special arrangements for her. He blindfolds her, she thinks she will take an eye on Ishaani anyway.

Ishaani poses to be shocked when Ranveer tells her that they had a fight five days ago, still they came to celebrate valentine’s day because she dared him he can’t hold her hand in front of everyone here. Both remembers the moments seperately and smiles

Sharman brings Ritika to terrace and opens her eyes. She looks at the seperate table arranged for her beautifully and asks how is it. The manager comes to welcome them, Sharman offers Ritika a chair which she takes with a thanks. The waiter brings drinks for them, Ritika looks around thinking his surprise is good but how she can sit here when Ishaani is downstairs with Ranveer.
Ranveer asks Ishaani if she remembers the time he used to be annoyed and cry in store room and she used to bring ice cream for her. Ishaani remembers the scenes. Ranveer says he always got peace with whatever she shared with him. Ishaani says she remembers somethings from their childhood, their wedding also but nothing from after going to jail. The announcement for the presence of Ranveer and Ishaani’s presence is done and they are called to stage for dance. Ranveer asks for Ishaani’s hand, both gets on stage and dance closely. Shekhar arrives at the resturant and is moved by the intimacy between them. The lights are closed at once, the crowd claps. Ishaani spots Shekhar staring at them, Ranveer’s hand around Ishaani’s waist. They head towards their seats.
Sharman asks Ritika if she liked the food as she likes pasta. Ritika thinks he is so behind her, she suggests about going to rest room. He offers to come along, but Ishaani says she will manage. Sharman stops her to give her cellphone and asks her to touch up, as she looks so beautiful, meanwhile he points at Pratik to get ready.
Ranveer notices Ishaani as the waiter serves coffee for them. Ishaani looked around in search of someone, Shekhar was pointing at her to watch it upstairs. Ranveer was busy with his mobile, Ishaani tells him she is going to washroom. Shekhar also goes upstairs.
Ishaani asks Shekhar and Pratik if she is here, now it is her turn. Ritika come downstairs, she is shocked to see Falguni walking past the corridor. She thinks how can it be Falguni because herself killed her, she wonders who is she and goes calling behind her. Ishaani comes behind Ritika and stops her by her hand, saying whom is she talking to as there is no one. The lady passes by. Ishaani asks whom she came with. Ritika says she came with Sharman, she will explain later. Ritika asks Ishaani if her mom is also here, Ishaani says she didnt want to meet anyone so how would she come here as she is here with Ranveer. Ritika goes depressed if she just saw the ghost of Falguni. Pratik and Shekhar come to Ishaani, Ishaani asks Pratik to look after the upstairs arrangement. Shekhar tells Ishaani to go to RV, he may suspect. Ishaani leaves without saying a word, Shekhar looks behind.
Ritika comes upstairs lost. Shekhar stood besides the gallery, observes her and comes to her. He holds her and asks why is she so afraid, if she is ok. Has she seen some ghost, she is sweating. He tells her to relax, takes her by seats and offers her a glass of water. He asks what she looked at that made her afraid. Ritika says she isn’t fine, he says it happens because of low blood pressure and offers her to take a walk. He takes her besides the gallery showing her differnt stars. Ritika was shocked in her own thoughts that she killed Falguni herself, how is that possible? She touches the reiling which fell down. Sharman tells her not to go forward, he reminds her of Falguni’s death. Ritika’s memory flashes the scenes, she thinks who loosened the screws in the reiling here. Shekhar asks why is she sweating, if there is a problem she may share it with him as she is going to be a mother of his child. Ritika urges to leave as she isnt feeling well. Sharman tells her to relax, offers her water and says he will take her to long drive and will drop her only when she will feel better.
Pratik comes downstairs where Shekhar was waiting, he tells him that Ritika and Sharman have left for home. Pratik says Ritika is really afraid and didn’t feel well. Shekhar says he will tell Ishaani, while Pratik hurries upstairs. Shehar comes to the bar, RV was still busy with his mobile. Ishaani looks for Shekhar, he points at her to check her mobile and reads that Ritika has left. Ishaani is worried at once.
Ranveer and Ishaani goes upstairs together at home, she reminds him of her gift which he says he forgot in the car. Ishaani watches Ritika come home and worried, talking to herself saying she knows it can’t be Falguni and it must be some trick to trap her. She looks around her in fear.

PRECAP: Ishaani asks Ranveer if he will help her, if something wrong had happened to her. Ranveer promises to be with her and get justice for Falguni. Ritika panics as she heard this..

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