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Meri Aashiqui Episode 293--294 Update On Monday 8th April 2019 On Joy Prime


Shekhar says Ritika must get her DNA test but he knows she won’t get it. Ishaani says Ritika will do it, she tells Ritika that she has to do this for her child, if proven Sharman will accept her in front of the world and give his name to his child. Amba agrees as well, she says to Ritika that she must get the test done and throw the results over Sharman’s face ruining his reputation the way he did to her. Ishaani asks Ranveer to say something, RV says they are right and Ritika must get the tests. He tells Ritika this is for her own self respect.Ishaani asks Shekhar to call some DNA specialist as he might want them often. Amba stops Shekhar and says she doesnt trust them, Ritika’s doctor will get the tests. Shekhar says anyone might get the test, result will be same.

Chaitali and Ritesh knock the door, Krisha meets them. Dewarsh asks why they came here, but Chaitali says she was missing her daughter in law so came here. Pratik spits that they came to do breakfast here. Ritesh tells Krishaa that they all wanted to do breakfast together. Krisha goes to order breakfast for everyone. Chaitali scolds Dewarsh what problem he has if her brother pays all the bills. Chaitali whispers to Dewarsh he must learn from Ishaani who always gets all her work done from rich men. Dewarsh tells her to look at Pratik and Ritesh who were eating mouth full. He says anyone may see and know immediately that why he married Krishaa.

The doctor had arrived, Amba asks how can she get to know about the father of the child before he is born. The doctor says that these days everything is possible, they will not harm the child and still take his DNA from mother’s blood. She takes Sharman’s sample but Ritika denies giving the sample. Ishaani, Ranveer, Shekhar and Baa all force her to take it but she doesn’t and pretent to faint. THe doctor says it sometimes happens in pregnancy and she has taken stress. They take her to room, Ishaani takes care of Ritika and tells RV that this happens in such conditions. She will take care of her, Shekhar tells Ishaani that Ritika is a good friend of him, she must take good care of her. Ishaani tells Mala to leave the room, Ritika peeks around. Ishaani thinks Ritika won’t be able to save herself from her. SHe turns Ritika’s arm, Ritika sits immediately. Ishaani says she is concious now and calls for the doctor. Ritika faints again.

Chaitali orders everything in the menu for the doctor. The waiter brings Khichdi for her, she is irked at him but he reads the menu and tells her what she ordered was Khichdi. Everyone makes fun of her, she scolds the waiter.

Ishaani shows the bracelet of Ritika to the doctor that had some blood on it, the doctor says they will take the blood from it and will give them report in three hours. RV stands and tells Sharman to come her when the reports have come. RV leaves, Sharman as well. In the room, Amba asks Lakshmi is she saw Sharman’s face, today Ritika’s truth will come to everyone soon. Lakshmi asks Amba how can Ritika take so much blood on bracelet, they can’t trust Ishaani. Amba says they arent concerned with this all, in a few hours their Ritika will be proven innocent. Lakshmi asks what good these reports will do to them. She asks if the test prove Ritika’s child is Sharman and if Sharman own that child, how will Ritika marry RV. She says RV will not let Ishaani go till she is well. Amba asks what she should do. Lakshmi asks Amba to go to Parekh family and asks what they are upto.

Baa asks Amba why she came here, did she come to take something or give something. Amba says she only came to ask what drama her grand daughter is doing. Baa asks what is she doing. Amba says Ishaani wants Ritika to marry Sharman, she must get Ishaani treated soon so that she can go to Shekhar. Baa says she also wants that, but doctor says she make take a year to get well as well, she thinks not the doctors but the they can make her well. Amba asks what she means. Baa says they will have to recreate all the situations again by living together.

Baa says to Amba that she can’t stay for a single day with her but for her granddaughter she will suffer her and the servant quarter. Amba says she will give one month to them, she will as well suffer them for this much time at least. Amba asks her to come there today. Baa is happy that she is so happy and it has been really easy. This will make it all so easy for her, she will no longer have to be afraid of Ritika for Ishaani. Chaitali and family come home, Baa tells them to pack their bags as they are moving to Ranveer’s house. Chaitali takes Dewarsh aside and says it is good they will get to stay in a large house. Krisha thinks it is good that she will get to live close to Ishaani, she will reveal everything about her to Shekhar.

Amba announces at home that Baa is coming. Ranveer comes and asks if ishaani’s family is coming to live with them, Amba says Ishaani will only leave the house when Baa comes here. Baa arrives there with the family, Ishaani comes downstairs and as she hugs Baa she asks what is going on. Baa says she couldn’t leave her onto enemies. Amba tells them to live with comfort here and goes away. Chaitali comes there and says they have finally come back into their house, which rooms will they get. Baa says the ones at the back, and she must not forget they are here until Ishaani gets well. Ranveer comes there, listens this all and tells Mala to keep Krisha’s luggage in the guest room. He tells Krisha that this is her true in-laws and she must live here without any pain. Krisha smiles. RV steals looks from Baa.

Ritika packs her bag and says before her reports come she must leave the house, if they get to know this child isn’t Sharman’s she will be left with no respect. She rolls herself into a curtain and speaks to her baby not to panic. She throws the curatins down the window.

Ranveer tells Sharman and everyone that reports are here, not them but Ritika will speak to him. He calls Ritika, Sharman asks him to see the reports first; may be none is able to speak to him afterwards. RV opens the reports, he reads it and calls Ritika enraged and goes towards her room. Shekhar, Ishaani and Sharman follow. Amba and Lakshmi say it seems there is something wrong. Ranveer knocks at the door, then comes in to find Ritika wasn’t in there. Sharman says this had to happen, because it was only Ritika who knew this child isn’t his; she flew before truth could be revealed. He calls her betrayer, she lied to them. RV says he is lying, the reports say that this child is his and this is what the reports say. Ritika comes from the washroom, she seemed worried and asks what happened. Sharman says the report is false, this child isn’t his. Ritika says this is why she didn’t want the test, after the report even he would call her a liar. Sharman says she was afraid the report will reveal her truth that is why she was packing her bag to flee. Ritika asks why she would run when she knew he is the father, this is what the report says. Sharman asks Ritika who else is involved in her plan, how she got the report changed. Ritika says he wanted this test done, she got it done. Now what is her mistake, that she is a woman and wants an identity for her child? RV was the one who gave her confidence to live in the world respectfully. She says that it is his sister who returned and wiped her dreams off. She says he came back into her life and got her tests by betraying. She says this is why she wants to leave because she doesn’t want to give clarification all the time to people around. Sharman asks her to stop this drama, Ranveer asks him to stop it, and he says he did enough insult of Ritika, he won’t bear anymore. He pushes Sharman out of the house, saying what he came for has been done. Chaitali takes up Sharman in the way. Sharman says he is leaving, he says to Ishaani that he knew this Ranveer will never listen anything against Ritika and believes in the fake report of Ritika as well. He says Ritika is the biggest liar but didn’t know she is such a blackmailer. She even changed the DNA test report. Ritika comes forward and says he must think what he has to, she will give birth to this child anyway. It doesn’t matter she became a wife or not, but she will be a good mother. He must be ashamed of this, because RV is fulfilling all the responsibilities of a father. She says she doesn’t want to marry Sharman because he isn’t a good man, she doesn’t want another DNA test as well. Sharman says this is why they got the DNA test done from their doctor, if she is true she must get the test done again but she won’t do this. This child is illegitimate. Ishaani shouts at Ranveer that this is enough, she says she called him here doesn’t mean he speaks anything. Before she also tells him to go, he must leave. Sharman asks her what she is saying, Ishaani asks if he is a man he will do anything with her. She says she called him here just to know about his mistake and improve it, but he made a drama of it. But now Ritika will not get the test again. He thinks his reputation will be ruined after marrying her, what about her reputation. She says she asked him to marry Ritika, now she is telling Ritika not to marry him else Ritika will need to give tests at all stages of her life. She says she feels insult today to call him her brother, she shouts at him to get out of here and before Sharman could turn she loses her nerves. RV holds her to


PRECAP: In the room, Ishaani tells Ranveer that he is making decision for Ritika and making her even more dependent on himself. Ranveer says friends are like that. Ishaani says she isn’t worth his friendship… then stops at once.

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