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Meri Aashiqui Episode 291--292 Update On Friday 5th April 2019 On Joy Prime


Ritika speaks to her baby that both her today and yesterday were same, yesterday she was betrayed and today she was slapped. She complains that the baby’s papa is with the lady who did this all. She says RV is hers. She wonders why then RV called so many candles and wine. She was about to knock the door, then thinks what is she doing, what will she ask RV. She says she isn’t a psycho but a mother who wants to give family to her child. RV brings wine to Ishaani and says this is really useful thing, once she takes it all her frears will be lost. Ishaani says he knows she doesn’t drink, last time she took it by mistake. He laughs and says yes, one their wedding day Chaitali made her drink the qara and did that all. He hugs her from behind and says today he won’t make any mistake and no one can stop them, he will do what he wants to. He lay on bed with her, Ishaani thinks she is here only to help him and save him from Ritika. She thinks she loves him but she needs to stop him. She thinks about calling Ritika who is the only that can save her and take Ranveer away. She coughs and asks Ranveer for water, he is much concerned and goes to take it. Ishaani takes her mobile, Ranveer makes her drink water. Ishaani asks him for her cough syrup. Ishaani calls Ritika’s number, Ritika is elated watching her call. Ranveer gets cough syrup for her which she drinks. He asks if she is fine, she nods. Ranveer says to Ishaani she can’t wait anymore.

Ritika says no, this isn’t possible. She has to stop it, as Ranveer is only hers. She knocks at Ranveer’s door. Ranveer goes to see it, Ishaani is happy. Ranveer opens the door, Ritika was speaking but he makes her silent and goes out instead.
Inside the room, Ishaani is happy that she has finally did it.
Ritika asks RV why has he arranged for such a celebration when she is in such pain. She says he promised her that he will never leave her alone, and today he is doing this all. Ranveer says to Ritika that he is trying to find Ishaani’s truth. She doesn’t believe but Ranveer assures he won’t do anything wrong. He says he remembers all his promises and tells her to go and rest. Ritika is irked as Ranveer goes back. Ishaani stands watching Ranveer and wonders why he is coming inside.

Lakshmi and Amba are worried about Ranveer and Ishaani’s closeness. Amba tells Lakshmi to be silent, but Lakshmi says if Ishaani gets along with Ranveer all the Parekh family will come here upon Ranveer again.

Ranveer comes to Ishaani, Ishaani thinks how she should stop Ranveer. Ranveer asks Ishaani why she is sweating, is she nervous. He says she herself calls them as spouses, they why nervousness. If she loves him why is she so reluctant? Ishaani says it isn’t like that, RV asks why he feels so. He gets her along a wardrobe and says this is a husband’s right. Ishaani tries to speak but Ranveer stops her from saying anything.

Shekhar comes to Ishaani’s home, Ritika says she has to see Ishaani as a second woman but what is he doing. She says the two people they both were going to marry are now together. Shekhar says he just came to ask how Ishaani is, he is sure Ranveer is taking good care of her. Ritika says taking care, my foot, doesn’t he know what is happening there inside. He tries to push Shekhar says the girl he loved and was about to marry is with Ranveer. Ritika asks couldn’t he get Ishaani treated in some other country, he is a lawyer and couldn’t get justice for his love. She asks Shekhar if he thinks Ranveer will stop loving Ishaani or Ishaani will forget him, this isn’t possible. Shekhar asks Ritika if she loves Ranveer or not. Ritika says she does love him. Shekhar tells her to trust RV then, he hasn’t lost her memory and will not lose his limits. Shekhar thinks why is he unable to trust RV and is believing what Ritika is saying.

RV asks why Ishaani’s heart beating so fast, Ishaani thinks she must do something. Ishaani pushes a candle on the bed side, the curtain catches fire. Ishaani shouts that it is fire all around in their room. RV tries to put that fire off, Ishaani watches Ranveer and tries to stop him. Shekhar and Ritika come to their room. Shekhar is shocked watching Ranveer in his dress, Ranveer turns to face him. Shekhar looks at him disbelievingly, then at the decoration in the room. RV is unable to face Ritika who is silent. Ishaani observes Shekhar. Shekhar leaves the room without saying a word. Ritika has tears in her eyes, she leaves the room too. RV goes behind Ritika.

Ritika comes crying to the room while RV follows her explaining nothing such happened.
Ishaani comes to Shekhar and says she knows they must not talk about this, but her explanation is necessary. She says she will always be honest with him just like he has been. She says he must not have come here, he knows this all is his plan. Ishaani says Ranveer knows she doesnt have a memory loss. Shekhar asks if she really has a memory loss, if not she must know he has only been serious for her; he never knew he will love her so much. He wanted to live with her for a lifetime, he was crazy for her and wanted her in his life. Ishaani says she remembers everything. Shekhar says she must also remembers he trusts her alot, that is why he sent her to RV.
Ritika says to RV that not anyone but her fate has to be blamed, she will never get any hapiness. RV asks her not to say this, she is a good person and only good will happen to her. Ritika says what about her child, how will he live with him when Ishaani is there. She suspects if her child will ever get his name. She asks what if Ishaani’s memory never comes back. She says he has no answer to it. RV asks her to listen to her, but she says there is no need to console her. RV watches Ishaani and Shekhar standing together, Ritika observes her. Shekhar tells Ishaani this is their next plan.
In the morning, Ritika comes to the table, Amba asks her to take a seat but she denies. RV asks what happened, Amba asks what happened he must tell this. She says he was going to marry Ritika and today. RV says he has explained it all to Ritika, now she must not question her. Amba says in other homes a mother and daughter in law always fight, atleast she won’t fight with Ritika. Ritika says no, actually the fight is between mother and daughter in law here because technically Ishaani is the daughter in law here. RV says that he also wants a divorce for her, and she also wanted a divorce but she has lost her memory. He wanted to find out if she has really lost her memory and arranged all the candles and roses for her. He thought she was creating a drama, but she isn’t. He found it yesternight. He says he can’t even appeal against Ishaani because he loves…. he stops and says she dramatized loving him but he actually loved her. He says to Ritika he isnt serious about Ishaani and will fulfil all his promises to her. Ritika leaves, RV comes behind her. Ishaani meets Ritika on the way and asks Ritika why she is crying. Amba says she is crying because of her. Ishaani says no, she isnt crying because of her but because of something else. She says she slapped Ritika in Dewarsh’s wedding because she was drinking wine in such a condition. She asks Ritika to forgive her, and slap her. Ritika thinks she wants to slap her hard, but says how she can slap Ishaani. Ishaani says she knows she was tensed and wanted to drink and even know the reason of her tension. RV asks what is it. Ishaani says Ritika has fallen alone now and her baby must also get a father’s name, she says Ritika must now marry Sharman and Sharman must take the responsibility of his child. RV says she doesn’t know that Sharman won’t take up this responsibility. Ishaani says that this is the question of Ritika’s life, she took wine yesterday and may take something else that may harm her child. She says she must speak to Sharman herself. Sharman comes from behind and says this is why she called him here, Shekhar comes along him.Ishaani asks Sharman to marry Ritika because she and her child is his responsibility. Sharman says that Ishaani doesnt know anything and the child isnt his. Ritika says he is lying, this is his child. Ishaani tells Shekhar that he must take his responsibility and marry Ritika. Ritika tries to intervene but Ishaani asks her to keep quiet, it isnt only for her but her child as well. RV is angry at Sharman and says he can’t abuse Ritika anymore and insult her by asking for her child’s identity any more. Ishaani and Shekhar looks at each other, Ishaani sides RV then.
Shekhar asks Ritika to get the DNA test done to prove this is his child, he knows she won’t.

PRECAP: Amba says that the test will be done by Ritika’s doctor, Sharman says the result will be same and he is ready to give his DNA sample.

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