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Meri Aashiqui Episode 289--290 Update On Thursday 4th April 2019 On Joy Prime


RV brings out Ishaani’s medicine from the box and asks Shekhar for water. Shekhar rushes outside. RV sits besides Ishaani and watches her. He cleans away the sweat over her forehead caressing her. Shekhar comes to the room with water. He gets a call and goes out to attend it, RV wakes Ishaani up and asks her to get up for medicine. Ishaani looks around her noticing she is in her room. She sits up, RV keeps an arm at the back of her, she stares him. He offers her medicine in his hand which she takes, then drinks water from his hands. He keeps a hand on her face and asks if she is alright. She nods, he asks her to take rest as she is really weak. Ishaani says don’t worry she is fine. He keeps a hand on her face and says he told her. He asks her to lay down and take rest. She lay back, RV sits with her worried. Shekhar comes into the room and watches RV with Ishaani, RV watches him there. Shekhar stole his eue contact from the scene. RV straightens up. Shekhar turns away, RV comes to him and asks what he is thinking. Shekhar asks what? RV says Ishaani… he loves her and was about to marry her; he says he stopped him and told him to leave her but he didn’t. Today she left him and came here to RV. RV asks doesn’t he feel pain? Shekhar asks when he loved Ishaani and in return Ishaani didn’t love her, wasn’t he hurt? RV asks if he understands what Ishaani says, when she says that she is married to Ranveer does he understand this. RV says that they day he was about to marry Ritika was the day she lost her memory, isn’t it awkward. Shekhar says there is no treatment to doubt in one’s mind.

Shekhar says Ishaani didn’t have to do all the drama, she was his wife and could come to him anytime. He says Ishaani always do a work differently but she is never wrong. RV smiles. Shekhar asks why he is smiling. RV says he is smiling at himself, once he used to talk to him about his love and today Shekhar is talking about RV’s love with even more determination. Shekhar says one only understands the worth of something when it goes away from you. He gets a call and promises to come, turns to RV and says it isn’t needed but still he must take care of her.

On the stairs, Shekhar confronts Lakshmi. Lakshmi smiles at him and asks about Ishaani. Shekhar says RV is with her, she must be fine and will be even finer if she takes rest and isn’t disturbed. Lakshmi says yes, she had an accident and must be weak. Shekhar blocks her way from going up, Lakshmi turns away. Shekhar thinks Ishaani! I am going, but my heart will stay here in you worry, be well soon.

Ritika was coming out of the hall when Baa stops her, she says she really disliked that her granddaughter slapped her. Ritika turns to leave, Baa says Ishaani has lost her memory and could do this. If Ishaani was angry she must have fought with her, this way even Ritika should have known why she did so. Baa says that she must know why Ishaani slapped her. She asks if something happened between them. Ritika says nothing happened, and takes a leave. Baa says how she can leave, she is a friend of Shekhar and he will dislike if she leaves without having lunch. Ritika says she is tired and wants to take some rest. Baa says she must rest here and she can’t let her leave without taking rest here. Ritika thinks where she has been caught. Baa thinks she can’t let her go until Ishaani wakes up.

Kanchal does the Aarti of Krishaa as the rukhsati approaches. Shekhar comes running why Krisha left until now, he thought she must have gone. Kanchal says they were waiting for him to come. Shekhar says they must have left. Dewarsh laughs. Shekhar tells Dewarsh Krisha used to tease them a lot, when she asked to marry, they spontaneously said yes. Baa says she is now their daughter in law, she won’t tease them anymore. Pratik says he will tease her now. Krisha was crying, Shekhar touches his ears saying sorry but he arrived finally. Krishaa stands and hugs Shekhar tight, Shekhar says he was just joking. Krisha says she has to talk to him. Shekhar and Krishaa go inside. Chaitali begin to cry loud, making everyone awkward. Ritesh asks why she is crying. Chaitali says why does a girl always have to leave, and has to see only a single face all night. Ritesh says even the husband has to adjust with one face for the lifetime. Chaitali questions if it is his age to look around. 

RV comes to the room and sits besides Ishaani again. Before keeping a hand on her face he recalls Ishaani’s words about hating him. RV stands up and backs up, disturbed. He thinks what he is doing and why is he being so weak when he doesn’t know if she is telling the truth or lying. He says there was a time he used to trust each of her word, why isn’t he been able to do it now. He wonders how he must know if she has really lost her memory. He thinks there is one way, Ishaani can do anything but can’t let anyone play with her respect and he knows what he has to do now.

Shekhar wipes Krisha’s tears and asks why she is crying, she can come here anytime she wants to. Krishaa says she is crying for him, he was marrying a girl and she left him, and still he went after her today. Shekhar says she has a memory loss, it is better they don’t talk about it, it is time for her bidding. Krisha says she is his sister, and the way Ishaani slapped Ritika shows how possessive she is about RV. She says Ishaani is living with him as husband and wife. She says to Shekhar that Ishaani and RV are made for each other, why he can’t see that they can’t be separated. Shekhar says to Krisha that he is more concerned about Dewarsh than Ishaani, it isn’t in Ishaani’s nature to do wrong but Dewarsh may. He says that he is also sure Dewarsh will always keep her happy and heads to go. Krisha says he is right, may be Dewarsh isn’t right but she is with him because she loves him. She says he must question himself will Ishaani live with him, does she love him this much. Mr. Mehra comes inside and asks Krisha to go. Shekhar is thoughtful. Shekhar thinks Ishaani isn’t well, he must go to see Ishaani.

Ishaani wake up at night to find RV drinking and candles lit in the room. She asks what is this all. He asks how she is and moves towards her. He thinks he will make her this nervous today that if her memory is working she will stop him. Ishaani asks why is he looking at her like this, as RV moves towards her. He asks does he has a right for this, sits with her and compliments her to be beautiful. She says he is really drunk, he says laughs and stands up going to the other side of the bed, holds Ishaani’s head and says tonight is their wedding night. He tries to get intimate with Ishaani, Ishaani stops him and tries to say this all… He says wrong? How, when they are husband and wife. He says it is always said patience is fruitful, he was really patient. He tries to get intimate with her.

Ritika opens her room door and says Ishaani is still inside, she must be as it is her room. She wonders if RV is also inside. A servant passes by, Ritika questions him and he happily tells her that RV has got fragrance spread in the room, decorated it and has called for wine as well. Ritika scolds him and asks him to go. Ritika is sad at this, Amba comes there and says she heard it all; why is Ranveer doing it all. Ritika says she is getting restless listening to this all. Amba says she knows Ranveer will never do anything wrong, she wonders what is going into his mind. She says Ranveer can never betray her.

Shekhar was driving the car when he questions himself what he is doing, it is so late and he is going to ask for her wellbeing. He tries Ishaani’s number which was off. He says he must go there as Ishaani will act and manage everything but what about Ranveer.

In the room, Ishaani is nervous as Ranveer gets intimate to her. He says to Ishaani that they have a relation now, they aren’t just friend but husband and wife and there has to be some relation between husband and wife. He says he got this all decorated for her so that she forgets everything and comes nearer to him. Ishaani pushes him away, he says he wanted to see love in these eyes, why is there fear in them. He asks if something is stopping her, doesn’t she wants them both to be one forever. Ishaani stammers that it isn’t like this. Ranveer says today even if she stops he won’t. Ishaani thinks about her promise to Shekhar. She turns away, Ranveer whispers in her ear why is she so tensed when there is no fear. He tells her to relax, it is Ranveer, her friend, her husband, her love. He tries to kiss Ishaani but she stops him at once, holds him by his neck and says why be so urgent; let’s talk a bit to each other. Ranveer laughs at once, he says she is making a fool of him, whenever the ladies are shy uses the same trick. He says there is a thunderstorm, the heart is beating and takes Ishaani again. Ishaani doesn’t let him near to her, he says no talks today else people will say he loves someone else. Ishaani is reluctant, Ranveer says he has a solution to this problem of hers. He says there is just one way to it, goes to grab the bottle of wine. He says once she takes a bit of it, she will get shameless. He goes to make a drink for her. He thinks he will get her truth out from her mouth today.

PRECAP: Ranveer asks Ishaani if she feels better now. Ishaani had Ritika’s call on cell phone when Ranveer says he can’t wait anymore. Ritika is worried and says this isn’t possible.

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