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Kumkum Bhagya 3rd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Pragya returns and has a missed meeting with Abhi

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Zee TV India:Pragya returns and has a missed meeting with Abhi

The Episode starts with Aaliya reminding Meera of her value at the house and says you are mere a caretaken, an employee here. She asks how dare you to slap her. She says you don’t have the right to slap her. Rhea says only a mother can slap her and says she has always seen Meera fulfilling her mother duties, and says she can slap me. Meera says if you have given me this rights, then I have the right to stop you from doing wrong. She says I didn’t you wrong upbringing and says I want to see you better than your bua shocking Aaliya. She scolds Aaliya for encouraging her. Shahana comes to Police station and tells Inspector that her sister Prachi is innocent. Inspector asks her to go. Shahana says she will not go until she takes her sister. Inspector asks what they were doing in that house. Shahana 

says they need money so went to do job as a waitress. Inspector says you both must be involved and asks Constable to lock her also. He says he has seen such girls who steal money in rich houses, and says they chose house where party is happening. Prachi agrees to sign on the confession letter and asks him to leave Shahana. Shahana says you will not do such a thing. Prachi says necklace was found in my purse. Abhi thinks of Prachi and gets upset. He thinks everything happened infront of me and I couldn’t stop her arrest. He thinks she reminds him of Pragya and his daughter whom he didn’t see. He thinks he won’t let live in jail. Pragya comes to Delhi and asks porter about the Police station. He says it is far.
Pragya thinks she did a mistake by sending her to Delhi. She thinks of Beeji’s words and thinks Prachi is in trouble, this city didn’t leave my daughter. Aaliya gets angry and says first she slapped you and now told this to me. She says she insulted me because of you, and says I want to slap you. She asks her to go to Meera, from next time and asks her to remember that blood relations are real and others are fake. Rhea tells that she acted so that Meera doesn’t tell anything to Abhi and says I told her what she wants to hear her, and says she has taken care of me like a mother. Aaliya claps seeing her selfish attitude and hugs her. She says I didn’t teach you this? Rhea says this is blood relation. They hug each other. Rhea says I love you. Aaliya says I love you too. She says you are a good student.

Pragya thinks this city is bad, first it hurt her and now her daughter. She says your mum is coming, don’t worry. Abhi is going in his car. It starts raining. Pragya takes out umbrella. Abhi asks someone about Vasant kunj police station. A man tells Pragya to take taxi from the other side. Allah Wariyan plays…….Pragya goes passing Abhi’s car, but he don’t see her. Her umbrella flies and comes on Abhi’s car. Abhi thinks how to drive in rain. Pragya runs behind his car asking for her umbrella. Abhi asks her to get her umbrella and says I can’t hear you. Pragya tries to take out her umbrella, but it gets stuck in the wiper. Pragya takes the umbrella and comes to Abhi, saying she is calling him. Abhi hears her voice. Pragya goes.

Abhi turns towards her and gets down from the car. He calls her name….Pragya. Pragya stops hearing her name and gets emotional. He thinks why did she came and what is she thinking? Abhi looks around. Pragya takes a taxi and sits. Abhi looks at her from far as she sits, but don’t see her face. He sits in his car and thinks why am I thinking about pragya, who took away my daughter from me, and I am running behind her. He thinks first she snatched Kiara from me and then separated me from one of my twin daughter. He thinks she had said that she will not come to this city or will not let my daughter come in this city, and thinks she didn’t let him see her face. He thinks he don’t have any memory of his other daughter.

Shahana asks Prachi not to sign on the confession paper. Inspector asks her to sign else he will arrest her sister also. He forces her to sign, blackmailing her. Shahana asks her not to sign. Inspector asks her to sign. Prachi signs on the letter. Shahana cries. Inspector boosts about himself and tells that confession letter is in his hands within two hours. He says case is solved. Prachi asks him to leave her sister. Inspector asks Constable to take Prachi inside. Shahana cries. Prachi asks her to go home. Shahana says I will not forgive you for this, never. Prachi asks her to go home. Shahana asks why did you take decision about me and says you shouldn’t have signed. Prachi says if I had not signed then what would have happened with Maa and Dadi and asks her to go home. Shahana refuses to go home until they leave her. Prachi says if I see you here then I will cry. Shahana says if I go from here then I will go to Rhea’s house and scold her. They hug and cry.

Precap: Abhi comes to meet Prachi. Prachi asks Abhi to believe her and tells that she didn’t steal in his house. Abhi asks her not to cry and says he will talk to Inspector. Shahana and Prachi think he is great and Rhea is lucky to have such a father.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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