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Till The End Of Time Episode 154--156 Update On Monday 18th March 2019 On TV3


Maya happily dances around home reminiscing Arjun’s words that they both can pass through any problem, she just has to walk towards goodness. She walks into Jahnvi’s room dancing and singing and then picks Ashwin’s photo. She shows it to Jahnvi and says her that Arjun told her that he loves her a lot and can fight with any storm and she just has to walk towards goodness. She then cries if Arjun will know about her bad, he will stop loving her, his love is her right. She hugs Jahnvi tightly and says she will not let Arjun go away from her, this is only her and Jahnvi’s secret, she can do anything. She reveals that on marriage day, everything thought she killed Ashwin, but it is she who killed Ashwin.

Jahnvi goes into flashback where she point gun at Ashwin. Ashwin tricks her saying Maya…She
turns and he snatches gun from her and says he will call police and get her and Maya arrested. Jahnvi pleads not to call police. He asks her to transfer company’s shares in his name. He forces her to sign papers. Maya enters and comments why he is in a hurry. He says he destroyed her showing papers. She says she does not know what he can do. He reminds how he tortured her in childhood and picks gun. She kicks his leg and he falls on sofa. She inflicts syringe in his hand. He laughs it is empty. She says air can give life and also take life. He tries to pick gun again She breaks vase on his head and pokes syringe into his body repeatedly and tries to poke his heart. He resists, but she gets successful in poking needle repeatedly into his heart and he dies. He cries papa..what a waste of life. Out of flashback, Maya tells Jahnvi that she had to kill Ashwin to save Arjun. If Arjun will know her truth, he will leave her, so she will not let him know her truth. Vandana hears her conversation and drops vase in a shock. Maya notices her. Vandana runs. Maya picks knife and follows her telling she has to teach Vandana a lesson again.

Samay prepares cake and writes Maya’s name on it. Saanjh comes and hugs him from behind and converses. He silently keeps another cake on it. She says her name is in his heart. He says even he has a name. Prem comes with a book and says when they patch up, husband has to prepare food. Samay says he is perfect then. Prem says he is giving perfect daughter to him and if he troubles her. Samay says he knows he will break his bones. Prem says Saanjh is enough for that. Their conversation continues.

Maya follows Vandana to her room and frightens she does not learn a lesson always and has to be taught repeatedly. Vandana panics. Maya forcefully makes her sleep and asks to sleep like a good girl. She pokes knife next to her and says she was keep it under her pillow and asks to close her eyes. Vandana closes and waits till Maya leaves. She thinks how to find out what was the secret.

Next morning, Maya sees Jahnvi angry and says the more she scratches her wound, the more anger will come out, which anger she is trying to hide. Arjun comes and sees aloo paranthas with butter and asks if she will feed him dry toast showing these. She serves him aloo paranthas and feeds from her hand. She calls Vandana and goes in. Vandana comes out and shows her concern for Arjun. Arjun asks her not to worry, he will handle everything. Maya returns and asks what will he handle. Vandana says she was joking Arjun about his childhood incident. Maya asks what is it. She says once she was feeling drowsy, Arjun thought she has ghost in her and start dancing like African hoola lala leioo…she asks Arjun to demonstrate. Arjun dances like African. They both look at Maya. Maya laughs. Arjun then gets busy with Maya. Vandana fumes she wanted him to take Maya away, but he is romancing her.

Samay serves pancake breakfast to Saanjh’s family. Suman asks where is his famous cake. Saanjh gets cake from fridge and serves upper part to family. She say she will eat lower part. Samay stops her and lifts cake and says feeding cake is also part of love. He serves cake and eats Maya’s name written part and says it is yummy.

Arjun tells Maya that he feels to stay at home with her. Vandana says he cannot skip job. Arjun says leaving beautiful wife is also bad, he chants Maya whole day, if poojar/him cannot take mandir everyone, he can stay at mandir/Maya. Maya says he will go to office and she will accompany him, his love is her need, I love you. Arjun says I love you 3, 4, 5. Maya leaves holding Arjun’s hand. Arjun signals Vandana. Vandana smiles. Jahnvi noitces her face.

Samay plays cards with Suman and she wins Prem and Saanjh notice them and Saanjh says Suman and Samay look good more than her. Prem says only he can handle Suman. Phone rings. Maya picks call and gets ensed seeing Arjun’s name. Samay sees it and asks who is it. Maya says bank people. Vandana calls from Arjun’s number repeatedly. Saanjh says her client is calling and walks out. Vandana asks her to come here, she needs her help. Saanjh says Maya will get to know about it via CCTV footage. She says she does not know about it, she has to come right now. Saanjh thinks she can handle Maya.

Saanjh slips trying to go out and Samay holds her. He comments and asks if she is going out. She reminisces Vandana’s words not to inform anyone and nervously says she is going to meet her friend and will see him later. He asks if he can come along. Prem says if he sticks to her like this, it will not be a relationship. Saanjh walks out nervously. Samay notices something is wrong.

Arjun with Maya reaches office and tells he forgot his mobile at home, he will go and bring it. She asks if he forgot or purposefully left it. He says he loves her, then why she doubts him. She sits back in car and says every betrayal starts from trust and he told he wants to be with her 24/7.

Saanjh reaches Maya’s house as courier boy. Vandana says she did not order anything. Saanjh reveals it is her.
Vandana happily tries to hug her. Saanjh asks her to control, else her bahu will notice them. Maya reaches apartment building and notices courier boy at her house. A man joins them. Arjun asks who is he. Maya says one who will help her. Saanjh asks Vandana to find proof soon before Maya reaches. Vandana says they will find evidence in CCTV footage of crime day and says let us go in. Maya gets into lift and connection fails. She then reaches home and stops Vandana and asks if courier boy had come. She nervously says yes. Maya says she has hired a technician to fix digital locks for both moms’ safety. Technician closes door and Saanjh is seen hiding behind door. Vandana gets tensed.

Maya comments and then says Vandana let us search who has come in or was called in. She searches all around. Vandana calls Saanjh, but stops seeing Maya. Maya searches in Jahnvi’s room and asks if someone comes here, she should press buzzer. Vandana walks towards Saanjh hiding behind plants. Arjun comes and asks something is running in her mind. Vandana says no. Arjun loudly says Maya that he checked house and no one is present. Maya agrees and leaves.

Vandana searches Saanjh again. Arjun asks if he called Saanjh. Vandana says she wants to meet Saanjh as Saanjh is her daughter. Arjun says he can understand, he will not tell Maya anything. Maya returns and asks what he will not tell. Vandana tells nervously that she and Jahnvi feel in jail locked in room. Maya says let it be, it is for their safety and tries to open digital lock. Arjun notices. Vandana calls Saanjh slowly. She feels hand on her shoulder and ges very tensed. She turns and relaxes seeing Saanjh. Saanjh says hello beautiful. Vandana scolds her.

Maya set lock pin and walks out saying nobody can enter without her permission. Saanjh tells Vandana that she has to do something to CCTV cameras to escape from her bahu. Maya siting in car watches Vandana’s movement on her mobile. Arjun stops her and says she fixed CCTV cameras for him, then why she is watching maa. Maya keeps her mobile. Vandana drops water on CCTV camera wires and demonstrates it to Saanjh. Maya romances Arjun in his cabin. Arjun says someone will watch it. Maya says let it be. Staff tells Arjun that everyone are waiting for him conference room.

Saanjh checks CCTV footage and says crime days’s footage is missing and Maya must have hid it somewhere. Maya sees CCTV cameras off and rushes towards home. Saanjh requests Jahnvi to let her find proof to prove Ayan innocent. Jahnvi presses buzzer. Saanjh understands her signal and opens her wheelchair arm and finds pen drive under it She smiles. Maya reaches apartment building.


Precap: Maya ties Vandana and Saanjh to a chair and says whoever tires to dig grave to Maya will die first. Saanjh should pray she should not meet her in next life.

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