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Till The End Of Time Episode 148--149 Update On Tuesday 12th March 2019 On TV3


Saanjh reads Vandana’s message on bottle gourd skin that Arjun’s life is in danger. She further reads that Maya tortures herself and blames Arjun. Saanjh reminisces incident. Saanjh further reads Maya must have trapped Ayan similarly, she gets messages from someone and got a message that work is done. She reads Arjun is in danger and to save him.

Maya also reads help written on bottle gourd skin and reminsces Vandana and Saanjh’s drama. She thinks whom Vadnana wants help from, she is Vandana’s good bahu. She burns skin and watches Vandana on CCTV camera and smirks.

Vandana holding gift box thinks she has to send message to Saanjh somehow. Maya enters and asks if she can help. Vandana gets nervous. Maya says her hand is injured, so she can hep eat. Vandana
says she thinks she was too harsh on Saanjh. Maya says she does not think so. Vandana says she wants to send this gift to Saanjh. Maya says Saanjh called her neighbor and she threw garbage on her, so there is no guilt in it. She holds her and says she just some time ago injured her hand, she does not need any more games, so she should relax.. Vandana says she is just.. Maya says she is Maya’s mother-in-law and has a standard, so she should not meet unnecessary people. Arjun enters. Vandana says she wants tto attend Saanjh’s engagement, what is Suman’s fault in it. Arjun asks why she is provoking tigress Maya. Maya asks Arjun to go for breakfast, she will bring maa. Arjun leaves.

Maya gets Samay’s call. She asks Vandana to rest and leaves her room nervously. Vandana thiks something is wrong, she gets disturbed when her phone rings, who calls her. Maya enters her room and warns Samay not to call her. Samay standing undder shower cries tha the loves truly, then how can he connect with anyone else, he does not want to betray her. Maya says he is betraying Saanjh and not her. Samay says he canot do that. Maya asks his love is so short, he told he can do anything for her. Vandana peeps from door and thinks if Maya is having an affair, she cannot as she is behind Arjun. Samay cries if he marries Saanjh, he iwll do. Maya asks if he will leave her alone. Samay says his happiness is in her happiness. Maay asks to do what she says. He says he will get engaged to Saanjh for Maya’s happiness and does not know till when he will hide his love for her. Maya says he has to until they are successful. She hears sound and turns. Vandana leaves by then. She comes out and checks and finds no one. Vandana hides behind wall and recites hanuman chalisa. Maya warns Samay not to call her again and disconnects call. Samay says I love you Maya. Vandana relaxes thinking Maya has gone, but Maya comes from other side. Vandana shouts in fear. Maya shuts her mouth and asks if she is Sherlock and wants to play detective. Arjun comes and even Maya hides. Arjun leaves. Maya asks Vandana if does not like peace, why she wants to separate her and Arjun when she knows what she can do. She pleads she does not want to become bad by harming her and continues. Vandana leaves.

Vandana goes to her room and thinks there is someone whom Maya speaks repeatedly, must be same person whose messages she read, how to inform Saanjh that someone is helping Maya.

Samay looking at his finger thinks how can he wear someone else’s ring than Maya’s, he cannot betray Maya. His whole heart, body, soul everything belongs to Maya. He cuts his finger shouting Maya…and falls on floor in a pool f blood repeating Maya. He takes out his mobile and sent his cut fingered hand to Maya. Maya watches it

Vandana gives gift box to Arjun and says she wants to give this gift to Saanjh as her engagement gift. He says she knows Maya would not like it. She says she scolded Saanjh as she was angry on her, but their relationship is so old, Saanjh will forgive her seeing this gift. She does not want to go and Arjun can give that gift to Saanjh. Arjun kisses her hand and asks how is her hand pain. She says it is fine, what about his pain. He says it will vanish once his loved one/Maya gets well. She leaves reminiscing writing a letter for Saanjh and hiding it under ganesh idol and packing it as gift. Arjun keeps gift box on table.

Maya enters and notices gift box on table. Once Arjun leaves, she opens wrapper and checks it carefully. She opens box and searches it and does not find anything in. She
picks Ganesh idol. Arjun enters and says it is mom’s gift for Saanjh. Maya says she knows and wants maa to give better gift for Saanjh. Arjun nods yes. She repacks gift. He says he will go and give it to mom. She holds his hand and says when someone troubles to find it and destroy. Arjun says he will give it to deriver to give it to Saanjh, leaves. Maya gets Samay’s blood note and gets irked.

Saanjh gets ready for her engagement sadly. Suman enters with sweet curd and asks why she is sad. Saanjh says in happiness, all dear ones to be together, it would have been good if Vandana, Arjun and Ayan would be here. Suman says even Maya’s inauspicious shadow would have entered and she does not want any inauspicious during her daughter’s marriage. Samay and Prem enter wearing sherwanis.

Arjun asks driver to give gift box to Saanjh. Maya says he will not. Vandana gets tensed. Maya says they will go and give this gift personally.

Saanjh and her family start dancing and sing Nachdene saare miljhulke…song…happily. Samay watches and thinks he cannot get engaged too Saanjh as he loves Maya. He walks away says no and seeing Maya coming cries that he loves her and does not to get engaged to Saanjh, he cut even his finger to escape. Maya says if he loves her, then he should learn to sacrifice also, she should leave Arjun and get back to him. Maya says she wants to give Arjun one more chance and if he loses chance, then she is all hers, so he should get engaged to Saanjh for the time being. He agrees and says I love you. She hesitantly smiles and says she knew he would not let their love lose. She gets tensed seeing Arjun walking in. Arjunwalks in, holds her, and asks who would not let her lose. She says samay, means time, with time their love will be more itense. Arjun sees show lights stuck to her and removes them hugging her. She starts her philosophy. Samay watches everything hiding. Arjun asks to tell truth, why she came here. Maya says if she had not come here, Saanjh’s engagement would not have happened. He asks what she means. She says Samay did not want to get engaged. He nods what.. She says Arjun’s love is so intense, it is difficult to escape from it, Saanjh loves Arjun a lot and would not have engaged today, so she had to come explain Saanjh that one should not run behind other’s belongings. She walks with Samay looking at Samay hiding.

Saanjh searches Samay and asks where is he. Shubh jokes he must have escaped seeing her dance. Saanjh says she is serious. Samay enters delivering heavy dialogue and hugs her. Arjun enters with Maya. Saanjh gets happy, but Suman yells unwanted guests enter everywhere. Shubh tells Arjun only invitees can enter, does he have invitation. Arjun says Maya let us go. Saanjh holds his hand and says wherever she is, her duffer is needed always. Maya looks fuming.

Precap: Arjun gives Vandana’s gift to Saanjh. Saanjh reads Vandana’s message that Maya’s CCTV cameras are all around the house. She calls Vandana and asks to start her job, she will handle Maya. Maya comments from behind it is impossible to handle her

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