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Saraswatichandra Episode 3--4 Update On Friday 29th March 2019 On Adom TV


The episode starts in Saras’s room. He thinks about his mother’s words who gives the example of Shri Ram and that he should always listen to his father, without asking any word. He says sorry to his mother’s photo.
Sunny enters the room, and says that you are upset too. Sunny advices Saras to talk to his father.
He says he will talk to the girl himself. Saras tells Sunny that he will write a letter to Kumud.

The scene shifts to India:

Kumud writes poetry in the letter.
Aankh Micholi Khel Rahe ho Tum bhi, Khel Rahu hu mein bhi (You’re playing hide-and-seek, so am I)
Jagti hu to chup jate ho, soti hu to sapne mein aate ho (When I am awake, you hide.. when I am asleep, you come in dream)
Ab tumhe khud aana hoga, is sab ka matlab sam jana hoga (Now you will have to come yourself and explain what all these mean)

Kusum enters. Kumud says she has not seen the photo on the school’s computer. She takes oath of Badimaa. Kumud says she doesn’t understand how can the eyes of her dream match with Saras’s eyes.
Kusum says she is lucky to get her dream man, and they are made for each other.
Kumud says even then we have to try to meet each other despite all difficulties.

Kusum scolds Kumari as she pops up suddenly. Kusum tells Kumud that they will go to Mandir and then go to cybercafe. Yash sings a song and messes the clothes.
Maa enters and asks the girl to go to Mandir, and advices pray to get a good husband and explains the benefits of it.
Kumari agrees to go. Bua comes with her husband. Everyone greets them. She advices Kusum to make sweet and keep trying till it becomes perfect. She asks for Kumud and searches for her.
Kumud comes with a sweet smile on her face.
She comes close to her. Bua asks whether she has kept the fast for getting a good husband.
She understands that a proposal came for her.
She says she could not say No, and she has not yet said yes as she was waiting for her BadiMaa(Bua).
BadiMaa is happy to say that she is happy and there should not be anything less.
Kusum says her that now Kumud doesn’t need to keep any fast and that the groom is from Dubai.
She gets shocked.

Kumud’s Badimaa says no to the proposal. Vidyachatur and his wife are shocked as BadiMaa leaves.

The scene shifts to Dubai:

Sunny is speaking on the phone and is enquiring about the delivery of Saras’s letter to Kumud. Ghuman overhears this and asks Saras whether he has written the letter to Kumud, Laxmi also hears this and asks that without his permission?

The scene shifts back to India:

Vidyachatur talks to his sister, and asks her to understand. His sister says that when she lost the child, Vidyachatur has given Kumud to her. He says that the proposal came and it is good for Kumud.
She disagrees saying that LaxmiNandan family has no emotional values. Kumud will go there as LaxmiNandan’s bahu, then as the groom’s wife.
Vidyachatur says that this alliance has become a dream for Kumud, and she will not be able to live without it.

The scene shifts back to Dubai:

LaxmiNandan enters Saras’s room, and Ghuman hides the courier slip, and smiles. LaxmiNandan leaves. Ghuman turns and sees Saras. Saras thanks her for not telling his dad about it. Ghuman smiles and says she doesn’t know anything about it.

Kumud and Kusum have a funny conversation. Kusum says that they can go to the school after the Puja. They have a conversation in the temple. Kumud offers the milk to the poor rather than to the God Shiv.
Kusum says its better if the milk goes to the needy.
She says Kumud that what if God Shiv cheats. Kumud asks what? Kusum says what if the groom doesn’t have any love for her. Kumud replies that Love is already there in their relation.
Kumari comes running and gives the letter which Saras has sent for her.
Kumud is happy inside and smiles shyly.
The episode ends on her sweet smile.

The episode starts in the temple. Kusum takes Saras’s letter from Kumari, and runs as Kumud goes after her. Kusum doesn’t give the letter to Kumud, and Kumud falls on a rockstone slap. She gets hurt.
Kusum starts reading the letter, and says that the letter is written in Hindi language, and the groom is more ‘desi’ than Kumud. She assume that some poetry will be there in the letter. Kumud smiles.

The scene shifts to Dubai:

Ghuman is with her Didi, and she says lets go to light up the diyas. Her Didi replies to her saying that after dancing for two hours, Ghuman used to get a light amounted letter and today she is here. What else do you want from Bhagwaan? Ghuman smiles and says that she is not going to ask anything now, she wants to thanks the Lord for removing the difficulties from her life and her Lord has taught the lesson to those people who have challenged her. She says that there is going to be a big event, be ready to have fun. She smiles looking in the mirror.

The scene shifts back to India:

Kusum reads the letter and gets emotionals and stops reading it to Kumud. Kumud asks her to continue reading. She nods No and turns back.
Kumud goes near her. Kumud starts reading the letter.
Saras writes to her: Kumud Ji, this is the first time I’m writing a letter to a girl……

Saras writes: Kumud ji, I can’t do this marriage because I won’t be able to love you. Don’t try to figure out the reason, as I won’t be able to explain it to anyone. Now, I leave it to you. Do you want to accept such relation? Saras is shown writing the letter in the flashback. He also writes: I hope you will not burden me or yourself with this marriage.

Kumud cries. Her tear falls on Saras’s name. Kumud walks in the temple area thinking about Saras’s words.
She reaches her home and on seeing the letter, thinks about how her father told her about her dream prince.
Kumud says to herself: He has sent the proposal himself, and he has declined it in the letter. He has made a joke of her and her father. Kusum comes there and says I have been calling you, you didn’t listen. Stop thinking about the Dubai man. Kumud cries and says how will I show this letter to her father.
VidyaChatur calls for Kumud and says there is a good news for her. Kumud goes down.

The scene shifts to Dubai:

Sunny tells Saras: What will happen if Laxmi comes to know about his letter to Kumud?
Saras doesn’t care. He gets the call from the courier company. He is informed that the letter is delivered to a girl. Saras jogs. Sunny jogs after him and asks Saras to relax.
Saras stops and says I wanted to apologise to her but I could not write it in the letter. It happened because of his father Laxmi. He should have understood his son. Sunny jokes and says that Saras has a clean heart and it is good he has well build up his body to hide it.

The scene shifts to India:

VidyaChatur asks everyone to get ready. Kumud and Kusum walks downstairs.
Kumud is tensed as she sees everyone getting ready.

Kumud is trying to talk to her father. Everyone is happy.
Kumud’s father asks everyone lets go to the cybercafe. He says we are going to see the groom on video chat. VidyaChatur says he is happy because his village got the computer because of Kumud’s letter to the collector, and today it is for her good. They will be able to see Saras. read full updates daily with pics only at Kumud gets tensed, and she doesn’t want her father to get hurt emotionally. She keeps quiet. Vidyachatur asks everyone to rush up as he has given time to his friend Nandu. Kumari jokes, and Vidyachatur says he will call his Baa. Badimaa enters and says that she will not come along with them. He is shocked and taken aback. Badimaa says, Is this the way to arrange the meeting for the boy-girl. That family does not has any values. She leaves.
Kumud’s mother is upset. VidyaChatur tells lets go.
Kusum asks Kumud what will she do. Kumud thinks.

The scene shifts to Dubai:
Sunny and Saras are sitting in a restaurant, They have a discussion while having their lunch.
Saras says that love is unconditional. Sunny jokes that he will go to Vegas and Saras should go to Gujarat. Saras says he doesn’t have any problem. Sunny should ask Laxminandan about going Vegas.
Sunny advices Saras to go to Gujarat and say sorry to Kumud. Saras thinks. Laxminandan enters and asks what happened?
Sunny and Saras are shocked to see him and gets up from their chair and looks on.

The scene is shown in Dubai:

LaxmiNandan is seen sitting with Saras and Sunny in a limousine. Sunny says that is it fine for Saras to go to Gujarat. LaxmiNandan says yes. He scolds Saras.
Saras argues. Laxmi says Saras doesnt trust him on the proposal. Laxmi explains him that he should trust him, as he knows what is better for him. Saras asks him that did he talk to Vidyachatur.
Laxmi asks why he is asking about him suddenly.
They further have a conversation about the proposal. Laxmi tells Saras to talk to Vidyachatur. Saras is in a dilemma.

Kusum asks Kumud what will she do?
Kumud says I will reply to him. If he has courage, he should come here and tell her No infront of her parents. Saras is seen sitting alone somewhere.

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