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Meri Aashiqui Episode 283--284 Update On Monday 1st April 2019 On Joy Prime


In her room, Ritika is getting crazy enraged. She shouts that how dare she… Mala knocks the door and calls her to have milk. Ritika shouts at her to go away and leave her alone. Mala leaves hearing the breaking vase. Ritika talks to her baby saying Ishaani insulted her badly and even his papa didn’t do anything. Mala calls Amba to take care of Ritika. Ritika says she will fulfil her promise for sure. Amba knocks at the door worried for her. Ritika says that this old lady is the one who will get her rights to her. Ritika goes to open the door and cries badly, sitting on the floor. Amba consoles her and makes her have a glass of water. Amba tells her that she has to go a long way, how can she get defeated with petty problems. She has to be strong for her child. Amba assures that she is with her and wipes her tears. She tells her to listen to her and do what she says. She says she won’t let Ishaani ruin her life, even Ranveer can’t give her the place in his heart again. She says that they will speak to Ranveer, he will give her rights to her for sure and takes her along.
In the room, Ishaani moves towards Ranveer and smiles as he stares at her. She asks what is he looking at, this is Ishaani, his wife. She says she was so shocked looking at the room decorated, she thought about getting ready a bit and asks how is she looking? Ranveer heads to leave the room but Ishaani had put a lock at the door. Ranveer asks for the key of the door, she asks why so? Ranveer says she has to live here she may, he needs to go out. Ishaani climbs the bed and sits there, Ranveer stands serious. Ishaani asks why is he being so rude to her, she is tired. She says it isn’t the first time they are sharing the room. At this night, every husband a husband keeps great care of his wife, atleast he can take her in his arms. He comes nearer to her, Ishaani offers him the bunch of keys but doesn’t let go of it playing with him. He asks for the keys, Ishaani says it is so late and he must be tired and must get to sleep. Ranveer gets angry and asks her to stop playing else… he jumps on the bed, Ishaani gets off it playing together.
Amba and Ritika come out of the door and hear laughters of Ishaani and Ranveer. Ritika looks through the window as Ranveer struggles to get the keys from Ishaani, Amba was with Ritika. Tears roll down Ritika’s eyes in rage and she leaves.
Ishaani pushes Ranveer away and seriously tells him to stop being childish and get to sleep, he will get the keys in morning. She feels pain in stomach and goes to washroom. Ranveer is worried. Ishaani feels pain in washroom, and calls Shekhar and Baa who were together. Shekhar says thanks God she called. Ishaani says don’t worry about her, she just have to save RV from that woman, he doesn’t know the woman he is taking responsibility of is a murderer and it is about Ranveer and his family. She will do anything for him. Ishaani says when she is done, she will return to him. Shekhar says she must not take this decision so soon, she must only return to him if she herself wants so. He tells her to be cautious with Ritika and take care of herself, she must not forget taking medicines.
Baa asks Shekhar how will they handle this memory loss story, how will they gather the proofs. She says everyone there believes in Ritika and she is really stunning. Shekhar says every criminal always leave an indication. He says if Ishaani pushes her she will spit her truth herself one day, we just need to compel her doing mistakes repeatedly. Ishaani cries thinking about what Ritika had told her. Shekhar tells Baa he will let Ritika pay for how she tried to kill his Ishaani. He says he knows Ishaani will return back, he will wait for her and be with her till she accomplishes what she is upto.
Ishaani is determined that Ranveer has always saved him from all the problems, now she will save him from Ritika. Ranveer awaited Ishaani in the room when she comes out changed, he says she can’t lock him into his own room. Ishaani says she is really tired, he must also get to sleep and let her sleep too. She get onto Ranveer’s side of bed to lay down, Ranveer comes to the door. Ishaani laughs watching him leaving from the window. She asks what he is doing, he says if she doesn’t want to give the keys she must not, he will leave this way. Ishaani follows him into the corridor and asks what his problem is. Ranveer says problem is with him, Ishaani says she won’t let him go because he must be really tired after such a hectic day. She drags his hand, he gets angry and asks why she came back into his life and is playing this drama of memory loss. Ishaani begs her to stop getting angry at her, she asks is he the same Ranveer who was her friend, they used to talk whole day and were friends. She asks what such happened that he can’t bear her presence for a while, he promised to be with her for a lifetime, why is he irritated by her in his room. She asks her to be the old Ranveer who never let any tear into her eyes.

Ranveer was silent when Ishaani asks him to be her Ranveer again. She turns away and cry, Ranveer comes to her confrontation and recalls his moments with her. He holds her face remembering about his friendship and love for her, Ishaani’s words about her hate for him and his being the son of her driver echo in his mind. He says this is all drama and rubbish that she loves him, he won’t come into his talks now. He says now he won’t allow herself to play with his life. He leaves. Ishaani says I am sorry I am doing this all to save you from Ritika. She says she has no proof against her and she has no other way to save him from Ritika. She wipes her tears and is determined.

Amba comes running behind Ranveer, she was in panic and tells him Ritika has left the house. Ranveer says where she went, Amba says she doesn’t know but she couldn’t see her husband to be with another woman. She is afraid if something happens to Ritika in such a condition. Ranveer says nothing will happen to her and goes after her.

He opens the door to face Baa standing there, she comes inside and says that she came with someone for him to meet. It was a lawyer who tells Ranveer court appointed him for Ishaani’s case. Baa says to Ranveer that she notices how he and Amba were ignorant towards Ishaani. The lawyer tells Ranveer that court has ordered that Ranveer lives with Ishaani with love and care. Ranveer asks should he be her servant. The lawyer says he doesn’t know what RV considers it, but if Ishaani is mistreated her divorce wouldn’t be considered illegal. Ranveer says to Baa that till yesterday she wanted him to marry Ranveer but now she doesn’t trust him that he would care Ishaani. Baa says it doesn’t matter whom Ishaani loves, but who she remains happy with. She is a well-wisher of Ishaani and wants him to keep Ishaani happy. Ranveer asks her not to tell him how to live with her, he accepts her accident and can see her injury but he isn’t ready to accept she has lost her memory. The lawyer says that he is a businessman not a lawyer, he isn’t taking Ishaani’s condition seriously and will have to else his much awaited divorce will never take place.

Ishaani comes from behind, she asks what kind of questions they are asking her husband, she tells Baa that Ranveer takes great care of her and whatever problems they have are of their home. She apologizes Amba as well for all the troubles she caused her. She tells the lawyer to discuss all the business matters in office and Baa to leave for home. Baa tells the lawyer to come to wedding of Dewarsh tomorrow, Ranveer will also be coming there with Ishaani. They leave. Ishaani takes Ranveer from his arm and asks him to take rest. Amba is worried about Ritika.

Ritika walks in rain on the road, crying why this is happening to her. She killed Ishaani’s mother, then wanted to kill Ishaani but she was saved and came back to her position. She was left as such when she was going to marry. She says that this all drama… she complains to God why this all is happening to her and why Ishaani didn’t die. She cries and talks to her baby saying she knows she must not be angry but Ishaani makes her enraged. She tells herself to calm down, Ritika promises herself to get Ranveer. Sharman was standing behind and talks to himself that she is so alone now, she needs to talk to herself. He comes to her and says what a fate she got, he was going to meet Ishaani as she lost her memory and he met her in the way like a devil. Ritika says what he is talking about, Ishaani had an accident and lost her memory and she cares for her. Sharman says to Ritika he knows well about her, they are alone and Ritika shouldn’t lie to him. He says that she knew Ishaani is alive still she wants to marry Ranveer and give her child his name. He says he doesn’t understand why Ishaani still loves Ranveer though he isn’t worth it, but he is warning Ritika not to try and harm Ishaani even a bit. He says he knows this child isn’t his and according to Ishaani this child is someone else’s. she knows well the place at Ranveer’s home is Ishaani’s, now she see her future in trouble. He says he will be with Ishaani like a shadow. Baa comes down from a taxi and watches Sharman there, she asks him to come home as tomorrow is Dewarsh’s wedding. She tells Ritika to think about her child, it isn’t good to stay out in such a weather; she must go and rest. Baa takes Sharman along her. Ritika is curt at Sharman for giving her such a lecture.

Amba comes to Ritika in a car and asks what she is doing here. Ritika cries that she was feeling stranger in her own home, and didn’t know where to go. Amba says that family is still hers, she will let Ishaani out of the home. Amba says she just wants Ishaani to sign the divorce papers, then Ranveer will marry her. Ritika says it won’t happen because Ranveer also doesn’t want so. Amba says Ranveer wants this, he was coming to find her but that Baa created a drama with a lawyer and he had to stay. Ritika thinks that now this old lady will create a way herself.

In the room, RV goes away with his beddings. Ishaani thinks she didn’t want him to trouble but for Ritika’s truth to be revealed it is important.


PRECAP: Ishaani was getting ready and asks Ranveer’s help, he says it is his brother’s wedding she must do whatever she wants. He turns around again and says she never needs his help.

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