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Meri Aashiqui Episode 257--258 Update On Wednesday 13th March 2019 On Joy Prime


Ritika was sitting with the wedding planners when RV comes home, all wet and devastated. She goes to him and calls Mala for towel. RV says he is fine, Ritika says he will get cold this way and asks him to go and change. TV walks upstairs. Mala comes to tell Ritika that someone is here to meet Amba. It was the jeweler, he looks at the temple and says to Ritika that this was their first order that turned into a big jeweler. Today, he was broken when a member from Parekh family came to him to mortgage someone else’s jewellery for money and Harshid’s daughter Ishaani took that blame on herself. RV is shocked hearing this. He comes running back, the jeweler says Ishaani didn’t mortgaged them but she took the blame onto herself to save someone of her family.
At Parekhs’s home, Shekhar comes inside and says sorry to Ishaani. He says he knew the truth, but the drama was necessary to know the truth. He says I am sorry for disrespecting her. He says he thought she is again saving someone, and the other will also come to humiliate her. He says he put on CCTV cameras at home, he checked the footage but couldn’t see the face of that person. At that time, Manas met him outside the home and told him the truth, he couldn’t see her take the blame onto herself. Manas comes inside and says sorry, he says tells Ishaani Ritesh was going to get kidnapped. Ritesh says to Shekhar that I am sorry, he did it for Harshid’s daughter but she was disrespected. He sold a land piece and spent it on gambling to double the money so that he can spend on Ishaani’s wedding but he lost it and they demanded double money and called Dewarsh. Manas continues that he attended the phone when he came home to get his son’s toys as he was crying, he received the call and the other person said if he wants to see his father alive he must bring the amount. He thought about telling Baa and Ishaani all this but he heard Baa and Ishaani speaking. Ishaani was saying that Shekhar’s family believes her so much that they handed their locker’s keys to her as well, they are in her purse always. Manas says he took the keys prints on soap, he didn’t tell anyone because was worried about Ritesh. He apologizes Ishaani that it was because of him Ishaani had to suffer everything. He says RV came there to worsen the situations. Ishaani says thankyou to Manas, else Ritesh would have not been here. Manas says we must thank Shekhar, he could have complaint Police but he trusted her. Shekhar tells them not to shy him, they are all his family and if something is done for family’s good it isn’t wrong. Ritesh comes to give Ishaani’s hand in Shekhar’s and says today he is sure Ishaani is going into a good family. His trust proves they both are perfect for each other, he will never make her cry. Ishaani leaves outside, Shekhar comes behind her. She was crying, Shekhar wipes her tears. RV was passing by the road and is shocked seeing them. Ishaani was Shekhar why he believed her, Shekhar says he only listens to his heart and felt she can’t betray anyone. Her honesty shows in her eyes, she hasn’t shown such eyes before. RV comes out of the car restlessly. Shekhar says they are marrying, but why wait to side her. He says he wants to assure her that she can trust him to trust her. He hugs Ishaani. RV was moved, hurt. Shekhar says to Ishaani that no fear would come between them; he will face all her problems before her. RV gets into his car enraged and drives away. Ishaani and Shekhar walk together, Shekhar says he is a lawyer and worked with mind as well. He makes fun that thanks God Manas doesn’t have long hair, else she also walks as Sunny Leone sometimes. Ishaani stops at this. Shekhar says the CCTV footages were important for his family as well. Ishaani asks when he got them placed, before her mother’s death? Shekhar says yes, one day before that. Ishaani says they can check who came on terrace then, they can prove her mothers death isn’t suicide. Shekhar says he checked it already. Ishaani says she wants to check it too. Shekhar calls his associate to convert the footage to CD. Shekhar says they must go home now, else seeing the tension RV would think he has won and he won’t let him win.
Amba and Lakshmi were selecting jewellery designs, RV comes home. Ritika asks if he is fine. RV cheers and says what will happen to him, he says I am sorry I had to go and comes to talk to his family showing excitement about the preparations. He tells the organizer to arrange a good choreographer for his wife and Lakshmi. Ritika was upset, RV comes to her and asks if she will dance with him. She nods and smiles. Amba asks why is everyone upset, she says his Sangeet will be such that no one would want a morning for this. RV tells them to make sure no one goes without dancing, he says curtly that everyone must see. Amba comes to him and says everyone would see, kisses RV on forehead. Baba tells Amba not to be emotional now. RV says he will do all the preparations for wedding from tomorrow, now needs a rest. RV was leaving, then comes to Ritika and says sorry as she had to wake up till so late. He takes her in hand to go to room sleeping.

The episode begins with Baa kissing shikhar and saying they were lucky to get a good damaad and son like shikhar
He saved their izzat even before shaadi. He supported ishaani when all were accusing her
Baa thanks shikhar He assures he would support ishaani all his life
Shikhar says he will keep ishaani in sasuraal and never let her go to maika
Al laugh
Chetali offers sweets to everyone , they joke about chetali’s overweight And dandiya dance at sangeet , shikhar assures them that he would taKe full responsibility of the wedding expenses , they all could relax, baa is very pleased but embarrassed too

Devarsh tells his mother that they will arrange good choreographers
Chetali and devarsh talk about spending money
Ishaani brings devarsh to a room and scolds him for increasing the expenses. He was dreaming of enjoying with Shikhar’s wealth, he would never manage to earn the amount he was dreaming of spending. Ishaani scolds devarsh that he had not changed, he could do anything for money , devarsh denies stealing anything.
Devarsh assures ishaani that his job was almost finalised Ishaani tells him to win shikhar’s trust

At mehera house kanchan apologises to ishaani for suspecting her
Ishaani asks them not to apologise , raj and kanchan plead guilty and seek forgiveness. BecaUse this way they have doubted shikhar’s choice too
Shikhar arrives there and tells them to keep up family values
She asks al to retire for the night as sangeet was next day
Shikhar receives a CD from the CCTV camera footage
Ishkar watch the CCTV camera footage.
As they watch the footage they notice RV shooting a video on his mobile
They feel it would be important to see what he had covered on that footage
They decide to ask Ritika for that mobile footage

At RV’s house he tells ritika to rest. Both are sitting on the same bed in night wear. RV assures ritz that he would be with her all his life , but Ri is still doubtful
RV asks her to rest peacefully as he will never harm their baby
As Ri falls asleep Rv turns the other way and tries to sleep

Ishaani tries to call Ritz many times but no reply come from other end
Next morning ishaani call Ri again. And she learns from maid mala that ra Ri had gone to some paresh patel dance choreographer to learn dance staps for sangeet
Ishkar decide to go there to learn some dance steps too

Ra Ri are seen practicing on ” lahu mooh lag gaya ..”
They fail to get the chemistry , feelings etc

The choreographer asks more passion , feelings Ra Ri feel awkward about this
As the choreographer shows the steps dancing with RV Ritz watches them and laughs and RV feels awkward and at the first instance goes back to practicing with Ritz , ra Ri try to get some passion into their act
Right then Ishaani walks in looking pretty in a saree. RV stares at her. The choreographer asks RV not to show passion towards the one standing there but with the one he was dancing , but RV continues to stare at Ishaani. Ritz gets annoyed on noticing this .

Soon shikhar comes and stands next to her , the choreographer gets annoyed with the new intruders , he tries to shoo them away but ishaani says she is a friend of Ritika and wanted to speak to her ,but RV interrupts that he had paid him to teach his wife dance steps and not chat with his wife’s friend
Ar Ra Ri dance this time RV brings full passion into his moves
The choreographer praises them
Ri asks RV if he was thinking of Ishaani in her place ??
RV is shocked and replies that there was no end or cure for her suspicious mind and moves away

Ishaani asks Ritika for the video footage on her mobile. To check who pushed her Falguni mom, ritika looks worried

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