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Meri Aashiqui Episode 250--251 Update On Friday 8th March 2019 On Joy Prime


RV tells Shekhar when he was her driver he never thought about being a big man because he never wanted to go away from her. But when he separated from her he became a big man at once. It was for her whatever he was and whatever he became but when there is love, there is a your weakness as well. He tells Shekhar that Ishaani doesn’t love him at all and will ruin him as well. Shekhar says Ishaani isn’t like this, he knows Ishaani better than him. RV tells Shekhar that even Ishaani would laugh at him.
A lawyer arrives there, it was Mr. Dalmia. Shekhar introduces him with RV as their family lawyer. Mr. Dalmia says he had to come this late as Mr. Mehra wants it all to be done today. Mr. Dalmia was reluctant but Shekhar says he can do it in front of him. Mr. Dalmia says according to his grand father’s will, half of Shekhar’s property will go to his wife, now he will have to put Ishaani’s name in it. RV says now he get it, its not about the heart but bills. Shekhar says now he knows about it, he must not ruin his first wedding ritual anymore, as she has fasted for him for the first time. He asks RV to concentrate on his own life, and find out why Ishaani didn’t come to him after getting released from jail.
Mr. Mehra and buas were excited about Jago. Baa and everyone arrive. Ishaani greets them. Kanchal asks Ishaani to start preparing the Prasad, she has kept the recipe on the fridge and also sms her the video link. She says Ishaani hasn’t eaten anything so she must send the Prasad to Shekhar, so that she can also break her fast. The family move out for the ritual of Jaago, singing. Ishaani was left alone at home. She comes with the Prasad to driver and tells him to call her as soon as he gets the box. She shuts the door behind when the door bell rings. Ishaani wonders who has come here in the morning, and thinks it is Shekhar. She opens the door to see RV standing out, he pulls her with her hand inside and jerks her. He says he knows she is marrying Shekhar because of money. Ishaani asks what? RV says she knew Shekhar’s grandfather left a will in which half of his property goes to her, that is why she is marrying him. Ishaani gets rid of her hand, RV holds her again and says she loves to break people’s heart. She didn’t value his heart, but he may take any amount she wants for Shekhar’s heart and leave him. He tells her that when she went to jail, he thought she saved him but when she caught Shekhar after her release, he knows about her tactic.
Ishaani thinks about Amba’s plea to Ishaani in hospital. She says yes, she didn’t love him and didn’t want to live with him but this is her life. She says she has moved on in her life and even if she is marrying Shekhar for money. They are shocked to see the family there. Baa asks RV what he is doing here. RV says Ishaani invited him. Bua’s murmur she is showing her colours even before wedding. RV smiles and comes to Shekhar, she isn’t affected with anything. She just said she is marrying him for money. RVV says he has brought her real face in front of everyone. Ritika comes there, she says they heard not what Ishaani said, but even what he had said. She says she got Ishaani’s call and she heard everything he said. She says she was in car Ishaani called her, and he reached here then, she heard all what he said. Ritika says it is clear now, he came here himself to talk to her. She says she texted Shekhar and got to know he is already coming here to eat Prasad. RV says there is nothing she is thinking. Ritika says this is all so clear. She cries that she is fed up of listening to his false vows, he said last night that Ishaani is dead for him then what he wants to prove now. RV says he just wants to prove that Ishaani is making fool of Shekhar. Ritika says his own face is coming to everyone, anyone can see that instead of his own wedding he cares more of others. He says he has killed his own wife Ritika, he must go to Ritika this way.
Ishaani asks RV to stop it, he must live happily with Ritika. Doesn’t he realize that she, Ishaani, isn’t interested in him. She says she feels nothing for him, so stop feeling for her. Before Shekhar, he must try to make his own life better and atleast try to keep Ritika happy.

Ritesh asks Mr. Mehra what is Tilak. Mr. Mehra tells him it is pre wedding ritual, brides family puts on tilak on groom and gives his wedding clothes. Mr. Mehra says Shekhar’s clothes will come from designer, what is the need to do such ritual. Bua says it is needed, and by rule it must be done at Dewarsh’s house. Chaitali says they don’t do this ritual, but Buas say they have to do Shekhar’s. Shekhar says they will do it here, but Ritesh says they will do the ritual at their home. Baa also invites everyone saying though their house is small but they will do everything possible. When they are about to leave, Ishaani asks Baa why so much expense. Baa says this is Ishaani’s part of happiness, she tells Ishaani to ask Kanchal and tell her what to prepare for. The butler gives Ishaani a parcel from Nitin Joshi.
Ritika comes to the room in a bad mood. RV comes behind and closes the door behind. Ritika was searching for clothes in cupboard. RV asks her to listen to him, and she doesn’t reply. He asks her to talk to him, he says he told her not to get insecure because of Ishaani but he can not let Ishaani go, he always find useless points so that Ishaani can’t marry anyone. He does everything for Ishaani, and what he is doing isn’t his loyalty in friendship. RV says this is lie, he doesn’t love Ishaani. RV says he promises he won’t ever come to Shekhar again. Ritika says but she has lost her self respect as a wife today. She says if he wants her self respect back, he must go with her to all their functions and will ignore everyone there. Only then she will get her self respect. She says they all think he loves Ishaani and wants to get her marriage break, so he must go there as Ritika’s wife and father of her child. She says he must apologize Ishaani, until he will respect Ishaani no one will respect his wife.
Everyone stood silent as RV comes there, Ritika asks RV to say it. RV says Hi to Ishaani, I am sorry. He says that he said a lot to her, ruined her image and self respect, tries to stop her and Shekhar’s life but today he says sorry to her for everything. He says they had some relation, he knows she doesn’t love him and has decided to marry Shekhar. He is marrying Ritika, they are all moving on; they have taken decisions of their lives and must respect these decisions now. He joins hands and says he has hurt them all too, they must forgive him considering a friend of Shekhar. Everyone was silent. Mr. Mehra says it’s ok son and comes to RV. He says in his age, a person learns after having made mistake. It isn’t important that he was wrong but important is that he has felt it; he says elders have to forgive children. He asks his children to forgive him too, they must enjoy the wedding to full. He says he is inviting them both personally to every function of Shekhar’s wedding. He blesses Ritika, but Shekhar asks for a minute. He holds Ishaani’s hand and says he has asked for forgiveness whole-heartedly but didn’t congratulate them whole heartedly for their wedding, won’t he? RV smiles and says I wish you a happy married life. Everyone smiles except for Ishaani.
Shekhar comes to RV, smiles and asks him for a hug. RV hugs him and says thanks God he isn’t an actor, couldn’t say even four lines with confidence. RV is moved at this recognition, Shekhar goes to greet Ritika, he says she is his old friend and he always pray for her. He says he wishes them both a very happy married life. Ishaani notices RV, as Ritika hugs Shekhar saying thanks. RV turns away angrily from Ishaani, Ishaani watches him look behind him again, at her.
Baa and Chaitali prepare for the Tilak. Baa tells Chaitali that it is all rented epuipment. Baa thanks God for everything going well. Dewarsh comes there and says they can never come equal to Mehra family. Baa says they are just being generous hosts to them, so that they don’t suffer with the pain we do. Dewarsh says it is done that today they will be insulted, because their reality can not change. Ishaani calls from the door that they won’t be insulted.

PRECAP: Shekhar asks the renter who sent him, this house won’t have to be evacuated. The renter says the new owner, Shekhar asks who is the new owner. RV calls, I am!

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