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Meri Aashiqui Episode 248--249 Update On Thursday 7th March 2019 On Joy Prime


RV says to Ishaani that she told him she married him for money. Now she doesn’t love Shekhar so money can be the reason. Buas hear this all. Ranveer asks who will she marry after Shekhar, would she like a doctor after lawyer, he can even initiate the proposal for some good one.
Dewarsh stops a girl and tries to flirt with her. The girl says he is shameless as well as charming. Dewarsh says every next girl wants to go with him on date, the girl says she already has a boyfriend. Dewarsh says this is wrong number, he thinks about some fun and asks her to note his number. When she does, he says he gave her his papa’s number. Ritesh comes there, Dewarsh asks him money for his new Sherwani. He says his papa already has property released from litigation, and wants to sell it. Ritesh says he wants to save it for old age. Dewarsh says then he will also meet him at old age.
Dewarsh winks at the girl for a call and goes inside. Ritesh gets the call as soon as Chaitali comes to him, she takes his phone from his hand and attends the call. The girl asks him for coffee at night, Chaitali was shocked. Dewarsh enjoys the sight. The girl asks why isn’t he speaking, he said himself married men are more exciting. Chaitali looks at Ritesh enraged, and says he was talking to girls here. Ritesh doesn’t understand what she is saying. Ritesh watches Dewarsh who tells him it was him behind it all. Chaitali warns Ritesh not to talk to any girl again. Another call rings, Ritesh promises to come. Chaitali is offensive.
RV says to Ishaani that there is no one to stop her third marriage. He forbid Shekhar, still there is no one to stop this wedding. Shekhar comes and tells RV not to make a drama here, he already warned him. He says Ishaani is his family, RV laughs that his family doesn’t know the meaning of family. Shekhar shouts, Ishaani asks him to be calm. Everyone gets alert. RV asks Ishaani can’t she see his insult, if she cares about him or Shekhar. Shekhar asks him to stop it else… RV asks what else? Kanchal comes to take Ishaani for Bhaat. Bua says they must not see what Ishaani’s family gives for Bhaat.
Baa waits for Ritesh, Kanchal brings gifts for Ishaani saying this is for Ishaani from Parekh family. Baa and everyone is shocked to see this. Kachal says Ritesh had to make a call so he asked her to keep this all with her. Kanchal asks Buas to see this. Baa was about to leave, she tells Chaitali that she is so ashamed today that she had to take her granddaughter’s bhaat from someone. Ritesh comes and tell them they won’t have to take any money from anyone today. He tells her that the his land piece that was caught in a case has been release and he sold it. He hands the money to Baa. Ishaani nods at Kanchal, who nods back. Dewarsh is shocked watching this. Ritesh tells Baa she won’t have to be ashamed for anything now. Ritesh goes to Ishaani, he says it was all so urgent that they couldn’t do anything much. He hands the envelope to Kanchal and says she has done so much for Ishaani. He calls Baa and Chaitali. They come forward and do the rituals. Ishaani gets up and says he gave so much money for her. He hugs her and says when he was young, his mota bhai did a lot and never let her speak. She and his mota bhai has done a lot for them, he can do this atleast. Baa gives Ishaani earrings, saying she brought these. Ishaani says these are really good, she will always keep them with her. They hug and Baa blesses her.
Chaitali comes to Dewarsh and was curt why he spent so much for Ishaani, when the Mehra’s are spending money for her. Dewarsh tells her to relax.
The drummers come inside, RV watches Ishaani who feels awkward. Shekhar asks Ishaani if she is happy. She nods. Shekhar asks her to forget all the tensions then and smile thinking about him. They dance together, RV dislikes this. Kanchal comes to Ishaani and asks her for Krisha’s jewellery. RV comes into Ishaani’s way, she asks why he stopped her way. He gets aside. She asks what is he staring. He says he wonders how she hides her evil face behind this innocence. Ishaani says if he thinks more about Ritika, he would have been worried about his not her life. RV smiles she cares so much for him. Ishaani asks him to stop stalking her. RV smiles and says it reminds him of a dialogue, ‘maa asks to leave Ishaani, Ishaani asks to let go of her memories, Ritika asks to leave this drama and he asks Ishaani to leave Shekhar’. Ishaani asks RV to grow up, behave as his age. RV says those who don’t have experience talk according to age, she is his biggest experience in life and the worst one, his estimations taking her can never be wrong. He leaves, but Shekhar comes there. Shekhar says he feared this that he will make her cry. Ishaani says she is fine, Shekhar asks where is the smile that is like a tonic to her. Shekhar tells her a joke, Ishaani was watching RV taking selfies with an old aunty. Ishaani laughs, Shekhar watches what she was smiling at, the aunty watched her selfie. Shekhar says to Ishaani that in one’s life a person can either make one smile or sad, the one who can do the both is the most important. He takes jewellery boxes off her hands and asks her to go. Ishaani watches RV leaving enraged, tears filled her eyes.

Ishaani speaks on phone, Shekhar hears her say she will have to do something about it if he can’t do anything. He comes inside, Ishaani says his maa’s case has been declared suicide, now there won’t be any investigation. Ishaani says she knows her mother well, she could do anything but suicide. Ishaani says there is something they don’t know and police doesn’t want to investigate, now she will find her mother’s murderer herself; She says not she but they. Ishaani says her mother never hurt anyone, how will they find it out. Shekhar says for some cases one needs a detective, they have one in their firm and will ask her find it out. Ishaani says once she knows about him, she will punish him before law.
RV was in his study frustrated that everything happened so soon. First, Falguni died and now Ishaani has agreed to marry at once. He doesn’t understand what to do as Shekhar is also not ready to listen to anything. Ritika comes there and asks what happened. RV says there is a worry he can’t solve. Ritika says she also has one. She asks RV why he bought the shares of Shekhar’s company? Because of Ishaani? RV asks why would he buy them because of Ishaani, he bought them because of Shekhar as his business partner had betrayed him and he is their friend; who would help him if not them? Ritika says Shekhar didn’t need his help, and his personal life is going so good that he doesn’t care about that loss and may be he could cover this loss himself, stil he (RV) bought those shares for Ishaani. RV clarifies again that he isnt interested in Ishaani, she is a fraud and an opportunist who wants to marry him for money. He wants to live with Shekhar and save him showing the true face of Ishaani. He asks can she see his friend ruined in front of her eyes. Ritika says he is right but her heart doesn’t accept any of his words. RV asks her to trust him that he wants to save Shekhar from Ishaani only, not getting near to Ishaani.
Krisha brings the matka to her buas asking she doesn’t know anything about it. Buas complain Mr. Mehra, he asks Krisha to come to him and explains him as ‘Jaago’. He tells Krisha and Dewarsh that this is a ritual of village before wedding, it is a sort of way to invite people for wedding. He says at late night, at 2 or 3 at morning, the women keep matka on their head and call the neighbourhood to wake up and dance as they have wedding at home.
Kanchal and Ishaani were busy in work, Kanchal listens the laughing voices and says such voices never came before. Shekhar was speaking to someone on phone, he promised to fight a case of someone who was poor and says he never defeats in a case. Kanchal worries who is warning him. Shekhar says it goes on in his professional. Kanchal asks why he takes such cases, Shekhar says he is fighting a big case against a criminal and wants to side truth. Ishaani says to Kanchal not to worry, those who sides truth are helped by God themselves. Krisha gets Kanchal downstairs to hear all the rituals. Kanchal shows Krisha sargi as she has to fast for Dewarsh. Krisha says she won’t fast as Dewarsh is taking her to shopping and they have to finalize all the clothes, she will be busy all day, how she would fast. Bua says this is for his husband’s hapiness. Dewarsh says he is happy if Krisha is happy. Mr. Mehra also sides Krisha for not keeping the fast. Kanchal says this means her sargi went waste. Ishaani says it won’t, she will fast. Bua says this fast isnt that easy, one has to keep a fast in morning and break it the next day. Shekhar stands and shows deep concern that how can Ishaani keep fast, she has been working a lot and he has a lot of cases tomorrow, how she will break the fast. They mock Shekhar. Ishaani says its alright, she will send his Prasad at office and will break her fast here. Mr. Mehra appreciates Ishaani and asks Kanchal to hand her keys as she forgets about them. Dewarsh watches this key, Kanchal and Mr Mehra tell Ishaani that these are locker keys and contain their family’s jewellery and all the jewellery of Ishaani and Krisha. Mr. Mehra says she is going to use them now or Krisha will, so she must keep the keys as well.
Ritesh asks the travel agency man he didn’t buy any flight booking or ticket, Dewarsh comes and says he did and receives the package. Ritesh asks how he can spend 8 lac on honeymoon package? Dewarsh asks where did Ishaani’s Bhaat money come from? He knew he will spend money of Ishaani’s wedding and not his. He asks why isnt the money for him. Ritesh asks where the money came from? Dewarsh says he mortgaged the house? Ritesh says this house is… Dewarsh says Niti Joshi is out for two months, he will fill all the money before his return. Ritesh asks where he will return the money. Dewarsh says he is marrying Shekhar Mehra’s sister, will get millions in wedding gifts. Chaitali says he did great business, Ritesh calls him brain-less.
Jagu appreciates Shekhar saying he heard Shekhar Mehra only takes cases for people who pay him huge money but he was wrong. Shekhar says he was like this but someone changed him. RV comes there, Shekhar says sometimes love changes bad ones to good, and sometimes even good people to bad ones. Jagu gives Shekhar prasad to eat. Shekhar asks him to keep it here, he can’t eat it as his wife-to-be has kept a fast for him, he won’t eat until she breaks it. He hugs Jagu, Jagu leaves. Shekhar asks RV why he is staying late in office? RV says he thought about being a friend, he must take care of the groom. SHekhar says Ishaani is there to take care of him, he must take care of his wife. He is hungry because Ishaani is fasting, she must not have fasted for him because she didn’t love him but someone else. Shekhar says he is here because Ishaani is with Shekhar. RV says he loves but can’t recognize a lover. He tells Shekhar he loves Ishaani so much that he gets happy even when someone else makes Ishaani happy. But he knows Ishaani doesn’t love Shekhar.

PRECAP: RV holds Ishaani’s hand tight and drags her. He asks if she is marrying Shekhar because she came to know that according to his grand father’s will he is the heir of property worth millions and half of it will go to his wife. Ishaani jerks his hand asking him to leave it.

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