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Ashoka Samrat Episode 214--213 Update On Tuesday 2nd April 2019 On Joy Prime


Noor asks Dharma to call out Ashoka. Dharma calls out for Ashoka. Ashoka gets out of water.

The soldiers take Acharya Chanakya with them. Ashoka attacks them. He kills them all one by one using chains. Ashoka touches Acharya’s feet. He thinks of how that piece of wood, that Acharya had pushed in water, helped him in freeing himself. He thinks of his vow. I wont sit quietly till I help those people gain freedom. Till I succeed, I wont even touch Chandragupta Maurya’s sword. He picks up the sword. This is the only way to reach the palace now. He runs towards the palace. He gets inside the secret tunnel which Daastan had used. Flashback ends. Ashoka shares that Mata Noor is behind it. Acharya had already understood it. I saw the Khurasani soliders. They hear Dharma calling out for Ashoka. Acharya tells Ashoka to save his mother. Ashoka takes his blessings and runs towards the courtroom.

Noor mocks Dharma. What happened to your son? He is still not here. Call him. He might come if you scream a little more in pain. Dharma gets hurt. Bindu steps forward to help her but Noor slashes at his hand. Daastan and Noor point their swords and him. Dharma gets up and goes to Bindu. Dharma says the truth is not that Samrat never loved you. The truth is your love towards Samrat wasn’t true. It would have reached him otherwise. Noor calls her the biggest obstacle in her way. I have seen my love dying every second. Bindu will go through the same today. Rajmata Helena stops Siamak. He wants to save his family. She tries to stop him saying he is young. He says I am not so young not to do my duties.

Noor picks up a sword to attack Dharma when Ashoka shoots something at her hand. She drops the sword in pain. She is shocked to see Ashoka. Everyone else is happy and relieved to see him alive. Dharma tries to go to him but Noor pushes her on floor. Ashoka kills a soldier that comes in his way. Ashoka throws a dagger at Daastan. He ducks so as to save himself. Bindu overpowers him. He points his sword at Daastan. Noor picks up a dagger. She runs to hurt Dharma but Ashoka steps in. In an attempt to save his mother, he stabs her. Everyone is shocked to witness it. Noor falls on the floor. Siamak screams Ma. He rushes to his mother’s side. He calls Ashoka a murderer. Noor breathes her last in her son’s lap. Siamak shouts Ma. He cries. The soldiers surround Daastan. Acharya Chanakya steps inside. Ashoka leaves from there followed by Dharma. Sushim smirks.

Daastan is chained and taken to the prison. Rajmata Helena sees him thus. She is shocked. Daastan angrily walks past her. Rajmata Helena goes inside the courtroom.

Bindu explains to Siamak that Ashoka did it to save his mother. We would all have died otherwise. It is true that your mother was behind this attack. She wanted to kill us all and make you sit on the throne. Siamak refuses to believe it. She cannot do it. Rajmata Helena stops in shock to see Noor lying dead on the floor. Siamak hugs her. You are my grandson. I am with you always. Bindu asks Mahamadhya to make preps for the last rites of all the soldiers who died bravely to save us. We should do it with due respect. Rani Noor was a traitor but she was also the mother of my son. It is important that he should do her last rites. Make preps for it as well. Mahamadhya nods. Everyone leaves one by one.

Dharma cleans Ashoka’s hands. What did you do? You killed a mother. It was a sin. You killed someone. You can never return it. My son became a murderer! His hands are drenched with someone’s blood. Acharya Chanakya says she can clean the blood from his hands but cannot change his destiny. It was bound to happen one day. There cannot be one path for justice. Attacking someone to save yourself or someone else cannot be a killing. It is the duty of a kid to save his parents. It is no sin. Ashoka asks him why him. I hurt my own people. Dharma cries thinking of the pain Ashoka gave to Siamak. Dharma screams in pain as her head hurts. Ashoka arranges for water. Acharya Chankya cuts her finger. Black blood comes out. all three of them are shocked. He says someone has done black magic on you. It is the proof. This indicates the reasons behind all the changes in your behaviour in the past days. It was all related to this. She faints.

Bindu regrets trusting Noor. She was Khurasan’s daughter yet I never doubted her. She proved me wrong. Acharya had warned me but I dint pay heed. This taught me that we should never trust foreigners. They will rebel when they will know about Daastan being captured by us. This time I wont forgive them. Tehy have attacked us for the second time. I will tell everyone the meaning of it now.

Acharya Chanakya says tomorrow, same time, we will find out behind it all. We found this problem on time. We will be able to find out the culprit then. Ashoka doubts on Noor but Acharya Chanakya denies. the culprit would have been near Devi Dharma. Noor could have used the same powers on the entire family. She wouldn’t have needed Daastan then. Ashoka is sad to think his mother has more enemies.

Rajmata Helena says Noor was behind it. She got punished for it. Bindu denies. She did attack us but the attack was pretty easy for her. There is someone amongst us without whose help Noor and Daastan couldn’t have come inside. I will have to find out who that person is! That traitor will get no punishment other than death!

Bindu says Noor did attack us but the attack was pretty easy for her. There is someone amongst us without whose help Noor and Daastan couldn’t have come inside. Helena raises doubt on Akramak but he counters her. Akramak died for us. Such people are to be valued. I will have to find out who that person is who helped Noor and Daastan! That traitor will get no punishment other than death! Helena agrees with him. We should question all the soldiers who were present here during the attack. Mahamadhya nods.

Acharya Chanakya tells that the biggest bitter truth of life is that your closest people backstab you. If you (Ashoka) have to face any problems in life then be prepared to fight with anyone. Ashoka nods. I wont spare anyone who will think to hurt my mother and motherland!

At night, Helena comes to meet Daastan. He knew she would come to meet him. You know why I am still alive? Bindu wants to know about that traitor inside the palace who helped me and Noor. I have the letters that who had written to Noor. Bindu will not be bereft of any doubt after reading them. He would understand that Unanis too are his enemies. She reasons that he wont get out alive from here even after taking her name. He says I will take you down with me! If you want to save yourself then you will have to save me.

Next morning, all the family members are gathered around Noor’s pyre. Bindu thinks of the past. I wish I could understand your anger, jealousy and insecurity that were bubbling inside you. It affected your own son. Siamak thinks of his last meeting with his mother as he tearfully holds the burning log of wood. He lights the pyre. He thinks of the past when Ashoka had spoken about not upsetting any of their mothers. He turns to go when Ashoka kneels down before him. Please forgive me. I have hurt you badly. I will accept any punishment that you will give me. Bindu asks Siamak to forgive Ashoka. He did that to save his mother. Siamak hugs Ashoka. I forgive you brother. He leaves from there. Everyone else follows except Acharya Chanakya and Helena. Acharya Chanakya talks to Helena. I can understand it when Siamak wasn’t held captive but I cannot understand why you weren’t held captive by the Khurasanis. Why did Khurasanis have such a special place for you (a Unani). She asks him what he wants to say. He replies I will prove everything soon. That time is not far.

Charumita looks at her black magic dolls. The stones turn white. This means someone is saving Dharma. She thinks of the words of that lady tantric. Someone has come to know that about black magic being done on Dharma. She thinks of Acharya Chanakya’s challenging words. If he is behind it then he will reach me for sure. The penalty for doing black magic in Magadh on someone is death. Chanakya will make sure I get my due punishment.

Chanakya’s disciple tells Acharya that he was right to doubt Purshottam. Purshottam often came to palace to meet Sushim and Mahamadhya. Chanakya says he hasn’t come here in a while. I am sure he is dead by now. Sushim and Mahamadhya are in this together. Now I feel there is something more to it. It is still hidden though. Sushim is a prince. Why would he take out money from the treasury in the name of help? Why would he need it? I will have to bring it out before everyone before something goes wrong. Magadh’s throne is to unite entire India. Whoever tries to plot anything against it has to get out. I vow to bring out the entire truth before Bindu by today evening. I will find out who that enemy is.

Ashoka and a guy come to the local market in disguise. Ashoka speaks about what his mother is going through recently. The other guy hints at black magic. Ashoka asks him for a solution. Or am I wasting these 100 gold coins? I will give it to whoever offers to cure my mother. People hear the amount. The other guy suggests Ashoka to look somewhere else. No one here can help you. Ashoka nods and leaves. A guy follows him.

Helena writes a letter in code words. She fears losing Siamak. She gives the letter to a servant. Make sure it reaches my father asap. Save it with your life. She pays him some money. Outside, Acharya Chanakya comes face to face with the solider. His disciple comes from the other side. Other soldiers catch hold of him. The soldier tries to swallow the message but Acharya’s disciple pulls out a piece from his mount. Acharya orders his soldier to bring out the rest of message from that guy even if it means killing him.

The guy offers to help Ashoka. I heard you. It all hints at black magic. I know how to do it. Ashoka gives him the bag of gold coins. Save my mother. But first tell me, have you ever treated anyone before? The guy nods. Ashoka asks him to come along. The guy says I can do it from here only. People come to me from far. Ashoka agrees. He gives the bag of money to the guy and removes his moustache. The guy gets scared. Ashoka catches hold of him. It is illegal to do black magic in Magadh. You used it on a royal family member. Now you will die. The guy accepts he knows nothing about black magic. I am only a thug. I wanted to loot your money. No one in this place does this magic. That woman never spares anyone. Ashoka threatens him to give him info. The guy tells Ashoka about the lady who lives in a cave. She is the strongest. I often help her by stealing unclaimed dead bodies. I am saying the truth. Ashoka asks about the cave.

Precap: Ashoka confronts the lady. Tell me the name of that woman who has made my mother a living dead by using black magic on her. Charu looks at them from outside.

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