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Ashoka Samrat Episode 202--203 Update On Friday 22nd March 2019 On Joy Prime


Ahankara hangs on the window sill. Ahankara requests Sushim to not do this with her. Please help me. Sushim says I am helping you only. It will pain just a little. All your pains will go away afterwards. She cries out in pain as he pours oil on her hands from a diya kept nearby. Sushim enjoys it. She is lossening her grip on the window. Sushim says people will think of it as an accident. No one will doubt that I killed you. She agrees to do whatever he will ask from her. Ashoka / Agradoot reaches there. He pushes Sushim and pulls Ahankara up. She hugs the baby. Ashoka / Agradoot and Sushim stand face to face. Sushim was expecting him only. He takes out his sword from the sheath. Your truth will come out before everyone tonight. Ashoka / Agradoot replies that time will tell, whose truth will come out. They both fight with each other. Sushim knows Ashoka / Agradoot cannot kill him. Ashoka / Agradoot says no one will save you tonight. Ahankara looks on in shock as both the men fight. Ashoka / Agradoot covers Sushim’s mouth. He thinks that he dint want to break any rules but he forced him to do it. He beats Sushim, whose mouth is still covered with the cloth. Ashoka / Agradoot stops him from getting up. He also pours oil from the diya. This is for cheating the one who loved you immensely! The next one is for separating a little kid from his sister. Ahankara looks on in shock. Sushim tries to attack Ashoka / Agradoot but fails in all his attempts. He drops a vase intentionally down the window. A soldier looks at the window. Ashoka / Agradoot hits Sushim’s head on the window.

Bindu asks Charumita if she came here for some special reason. She apologizes to him on Sushim’s behalf. But his intention was right, and in Magadh’s favour, all the time. Agradoot tried to instigate the citizens against Sushim. He succeeded in the same. Ashoka too got under his influence. Agradoot is showing his true colours to everyone now. They realise it that Agradoot is their enemy, not friend. If everyone would have understood it earlier itself then Sushim wouldn’t have to do all this. He has proved that he is capable to rule in future.

The soldier comes to update Bindu about Agradoot. He was about to throw Sushim out of the window. Bindu and Charumita head upstairs along with a few soldiers. Ashoka / Agradoot continues to hit Sushim. Bindu knocks at the door. Ahankara asks Ashoka / Agradoot to escpae from the window. Ashoka / Agradoot refuses. Tonight I will tell the entire truth to Samrat. Ahankara denies. no one does justice here. Don’t do this mistake. I am telling you, come with me. Ahankara notices Sushim picking up a knife. She calls out Agradoot, and pulls him aside. She picks up a knife kept in the fruits tray nearby. She stabs Sushim. Sushim falls on the floor. Bindu orders the soldiers to break open the door. Ashoka kneels down next to his brother. I wont let anything happen to you. Ahankara fears for her life. If Samrat finds out that I did this then he will kill me, just like he killed my mother. Please help me. Ashoka assures her that Samrat wont give her any punishment. We will tell everything to Samrat. Everyone gets in. Charumita takes away Sushim along with the help of a few soldiers.

Mahamadhya points at Ashoka / Agradoot. He has been against Sushim since the beginning. He only attacked Sushim. He wanted to kill him. Bindu picks up his sword. He acts as if he will kill Agradoot but removes the veil from Agradoot’s face with its help. He is shocked to know that it is actually Ashoka. Everyone is shocked to see him as well. Bindu is still in disbelief. Helena too wonders why Ashoka will have to do it. Bindu asks Ashoka why he did so. Ashoka replies that he wanted to tell him what all happened in his absence. Mahamadhya stops him. Everyone knows what you have done by becoming Agradoot. Your truth is out in the open. Helena wants to hear Ashoka’s story but Bindu is not interested. Who hurt Sushim?

Charumita cries seeing her son all quiet. Vaid ji tells her that he has lost lot of blood. It is becoming impossible to stop the flow. Charumita asks him to speak to her once. Tell me everything is fine. She is shocked to know that Vaid ji will be giving her son more pain to stop the blood from flowing. My son is already in a lot of pain. He makes her understand that this is the only way to help him.

Mahamadhya says the killer is holding the knife in his hand. Bindu says I know my son. He can never hurt his brother. There was someone else other than both the brothers. I know who did this. I should have known that a serpent is a serpent after all! I dint believe it earlier but today it has been proved, a traitor’s blood makes a traitor too! I wish I had heard Sushim. I should have punished you (ahankara) then only. I dint expect it that you were looking for revenge. We welcomed you open heartedly. My son loved you; trusted you. You tried to kill him? He tries to attack on Ahankara but Ashoka stops him using that bloodied knife.

Dharma wakes up. How did I come here? She thinks of Ashoka.

Bindu looks at his son in shock. Ashoka says Ahankara is not to be blamed. I have hurt my brother. Bindu is left speechless.

Bindu confirms with Ahankara. Is it true? Ahankara nods. This is the truth. She is in tears. Ashoka accepts his crime. Dharma is in the corridor. Bindu slaps Ashoka. Dharma stops in shock as she sees her husband and son thus.

Charumita is pained to see her son in pain. Why is your treatment not helping my son? vaid assures her that he is doing the best. Charumita calls it insufficient attempt. Nothing should happen to my son. You will have to pay for it, if anything happens to my son.

Dharma asks Bindu why he had to raise his hand on Ashoka. Dharma walks forward but falls down as Bindu blocks her way. Ashoka calls out angrily for his father. He holds the knife at his father’s neck. This makes Bindu all the angrier. Dharma calls out for her son to stop. Ashoka drops the knife. Bindu looks hurt. Dharma asks Ashoka to say sorry to his father. Ashoka sadly folds his hands before his father. Please forgive me father. Mahamadhya says your crime is unpardonable. You attacked Samrat. That person deserves the utmost punishment. He orders the soldiers to arrest Ashoka. Dharma pleads against it but Bindu stays quiet. The soldiers take Ashoka away followed by Mahamadhya.

Bindu thinks of all the happy moments that he had spent with Ashoka; how he had helped him in the past; he thinks of both his sons. Dharma cries for Ashoka. She requests Bindu to stop Ashoka. He raised the weapon in anger. He cannot hurt anyone. Bindu shares that Ashoka hit his elder brother. He even accepted his crime before everyone. My son is on his deathbed today because of your son! He walks away. Helena too leaves. Dharma cannot believe it. Samrat cannot say so. He might be mistaken.

Vaid ji continues to treat Sushim. He has to insert lots of pin in Sushim’s body for the same. Bindu is taken aback to see him thus. Charumita cries. Please save my son Samrat. Bindu comforts her. vaid ji says the situation is critical. Charumita asks for a promise from Bindu. Nothing will happen to Sushim, right? Bindu answers in affirmative.

Dharma asks Ashoka what the truth is. I know why you had to become Agradoot, but you cannot kill anyone. I will never believe it. Ashoka sticks to his words. Sushim was attacking Ahankara and her brother. I lost my cool and hit him. She keeps his hand on her head. Now tell me the truth. Ashoka takes his hand away. Truth wont change if you will ask me again and again. He turns his face to the other side. I know I have hurt you and father a lot. You both have been disappointed and embarrassed. You had earlier told me, you stop thinking while holding a weapon. The same happened with me. I had completely forgotten that it was my brother before me, and not an enemy. Please forgive me. He turns but doesn’t find his mother standing there. He again says sorry.

Dharma asks Acharya about what happened. He says maybe Ashoka was upset over whatever happened with you. He was disturbed. Dharma understands that he might be in pain, but he cannot hurt his brother; loot people or kill anyone. Acharya fears the punishment. Dharma requests him to save Ashoka. Please save him. Acharya hopes he dint delay in helping Ashoka.

Mahamadhya says now no one can save Ashoka. He pointed a weapon at Samrat. We only have to prove it that he had expectations. He wanted to rule. This is what drove him to this. Charumita wants to create so much hatred in Bindu’s heart so he doesn’t even melt towards Ashoka. I will not spare him. It is time for Dharma and Ashoka’s death. I will play my last cards now. She leaves.

Ahankara apologizes to Ashoka. You did so much for me, yet I cheated you. I cheated our love. Ashoka is confused. I never loved you. Ahankara looks at him in shock. She steps back. Ashoka continues, I know I am hurting you by saying this truth. But trust me, I never saw you that ways. I knew your feelings even when your alliance was fixed with brother. I always respected you. She asks him why he risked his life for her then. He says you called me friend once. I was respecting that relation. I thought it is my duty to take care of you and protect you. You lost your parents because of me only. Ahankara wont be able to live on his pity and debt. I am going to tell everything to Samrat. Ashoka holds her hand so as to stop her. You wont do anything like that. She removes his hand. You lost the right to make decisions for my life. Till date you did what you felt was right. Now I will do what I think is right. He fails in stopping her.

Dharma requests Bindu to have mercy on his son. I am to be blamed, not my son. How can you be so strict with him? I shouldn’t have kept quiet the day he told me he hates Sushim; the day he told me he wont let Sushim rule. I shouldn’t have kept quiet the day he told me he will become Agradoot and show Sushim he is much more powerful than Sushim. The mirror depicts her to be Charumita in Dharma’s avatar. Bindu questions Dharma. You knew everything and kept quiet? He is a traitor. Charumita says I got blinded by my love for him. I had no idea his expectations will drive him till this extent. He has lost his way. We can bring him to the right path. Bindu cannot feel that it is actually Dharma. You only told me that we shouldn’t support wrong. Why are you asking me to show mercy on him? She requests him to be good with their son. Bindu stops Dharma. Don’t come to me ever again for seeking forgiveness for Ashoka. If he is a criminal then he will have to bear the punishment. There is only one punishment for a traitor – death! Dharma looks at him stunned. Charumita smirks.

Precap: Ahankara requests Bindu to leave Ashoka. Bindu points out that she is saving her would be husband. Ahankara says Ashoka is getting punished for what he dint even do. Sushim is getting punished for his crimes only. Rani Noor explains the layout of their palace to Daastan. He agrees to do anything for her.

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