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Ashoka Samrat Episode 187--188 Update On Tuesday 12th March 2019 On Joy Prime


Charumita makes the chapatti of that flour. The sunset is not far away. I cannot let go of this opportunity. She does some tantra on a book with spider’s photo. The pages fly in the air because of it a while later. She laughs evilly. The pages slowly turn into spiders.

Dharma keeps on looking for Ashoka. I am so worried for him all the time. Hope he is safe till Samrat returns.

Something falls on her above. She looks up but cannot see anyone. She goes to take bath. Charumita comes out. Just wait and watch what happens next.

Sushim lures the soldiers for a very good food. Make sure no proof is left. No one should ever come to know what we are going to do now. Ashoka runs in the jungle. Ashoka trips while running. A tiger watches him. The tiger attacks Ashoka but he jumps in the opposite direction. A lion appears there as well. The tiger and lion engage in a fight. Ashoka hears the neighing of a horse and mounts it.

Charumita has called all the Rani’s and ladies in a meeting. She wants to announce something special about a person who is going to gain the position of Rani in the near future.

Dharma comes to take bath when she senses something. She removes all her jewellery. Her helper Kasturi is not there. A spider climbs on her back.

Charumita talks about her would be DIL Ahankara. She gifts her a necklace. Rajmata thinks that Ahankara will be sad when the games change in future. Siamak will become the King after all. Someone asks for Rani Dharma.

Dharma thinks of talking to Ashoka. I should also speak to Samrat. She feels something walking on her back. She calls out for her daasi’s to help but no one responds.

Charumita thinks of Dharma’s fate. Who will save you?

Dharma looks into the water. A few spiders climb over her. She screams in fear and runs out. Someone help me!

Ulka comes to check on Acharya Chanakya. He requests her to help him. I don’t have a cure for this poison. Help me. She takes him with her. Samrat Bindusar watches them. I should make sure Acharya gets full security. Ulka takes Acharya Chanakya to the jungle.

Devi Dharma comes in the courtroom. Someone save me. The spiders are all over me. Everyone looks at her in confusion. They cannot see anything on her. Rajmata questions Devi Dharma. Why you shouting and what are are you wearing? It does not suit a Rani. Dharma yet again asks her to help her. these spiders will kill me. Rajmata tells her to think of them. The ladies think that Samrat Bindusar married a mad woman. Charumita takes Devi Dharma’s side. she reprimands the ladies as well. Did you ask her once what she is going through? Did you try to help her once? Anyone could have been at her place. Think what she is going through. You not just mocked her but Samrat too. you have insulted him. I am ashamed to see you all so heartless. She comforts Dharma. Everything will be fine. Rajmata gets thinking.

Ashoka is still on the way to the refugees’ place. I have to reach there before sunset.

In her room, Charumita calms down Dharma. I know you don’t lie. You need to rest now. Dharma lies down to sleep.

Sushim is very near the Kali Pahadi area.

Charumita thinks to feed that chapatti to Dharma before sunrise.

Sushim’s horse stops all of a sudden. It refuses to walk any further. Agradoot stands before Sushim and his troops. Sushim recalls the sketch shown by Mahamadhya. So you are Agradoot? You have come without any weapon! Show me your face. Agradoot says imagine any ordinary citizen and think of him as me. Sushim is going to punish the culprits. I must do justice. Agradoot tells him to stop testing their patience. If it breaks then you will lose everything! Sushim can sense the challenge in his words. He orders his soldiers to remove the veil from Agradoot’s face. All the soldiers hold Ashoka.

All the soldiers hold Ashoka. Sushim asks him to surrender. I will spare your life. Remove his veil. On soldier walks forward but Ashoka / Agradoot hits him. He pushes all the soldiers who have been holding him with one push.

Ulka dumps Acharya Chanakya in the jungle. He asks her why she is doing so. She replies that he is the one who used women against her wish. You made Vish Kanya’s. Sadly, you have to die because of them only. This is justice. Acharya reasons that sand will meet sand only. There is nothing to regret. I have one last wish Who used the weapon, which I only invented, against me. I want to know this only.

The soldiers surround Ashoka / Agradoot. Sushim does not want to lose time. If those refugees leave from the said place then it will get too late. He asks 4 soldiers to accompany him. The rest of the soldiers can bring me his head. I will see his face then. He leaves. The soldiers catch hold of Ashoka / Agradoot using a rope.

Ulka says you only made this rule that a Vish Kanya can spread poison but cannot take the name of the person who sends her. Acharya talks about her soft side intentionally. I don’t have much time. I cannot stop this poison from spreding in my body. I am bound to die. I wont be able to do anything if you tell me the name. I want to know who this person his who defeated me in my game only. Ulka says that person is not just your enemy but the oldest enemy of Magadh too. That person’s blood has cheated Magadh in the past too. It is a Mauryavanshi who tried doing it in the past too. You dint do justice to that person who is a woman. She is stronger than you. Her heart has turned into stone by whatever happened to her in Maurya. I am not hard hearted like her that I can send someone to kill the person whom she calls her son. She takes Rajmata Helena’s name. Ulka checks Acharya’s pulse and is satisfied. She runs away from there. Samrat Bindusar reaches there late. He sends his soldiers after Ulka. Bindusar tries to wake up Acharya but his hand falls back lifelessly.

Sushim and the soldiers are on their way. The refugees, who had stolen stuff from the traders’ cart, distribute things amongst their people. Meanwhile, Ashoka / Agradoot gets beaten by the soldiers while he tries to free himself from the clutches of the soldiers. He falls back calling Ma.

Dharma wakes up with a start. She tries to go out but Charumita asks her to rest. Dharma tells her that she saw a bad dream about Ashoka. He is in some problem. I have to see him to make sure he is fine. Charumita denies. You should eat something first. Dharma wants to peek once at Ashoka. Charumita doesn’t want to lose the chance. Go but how will he feel if he sees you in this condition? Why do you want to worry him? A kid cannot take it when he notices his mother unwell. Do you want him to feel unrest? It isn’t right. Your concern for him will show that you don’t trust him at all. He will lose his self confidence. I am telling you this by experience. Dharma says sorry to her. Why are you so worried about him? Charumita lies that she does not hate her or her son. I am used to living with other Rani’s of Samrat. I don’t want anything to happen to you in his absence. Dharma falls for her words. Charumita acts all the more sympathetic to her. I can understand the pain that you have borne when you were not with Samrat. I find satisfaction in the fact that he is happy with you. Jealousy is natural. Eat something only when you have forgiven me from heart and trust me. Dharma agrees. She sits down to have food. Charumita feeds her with her own hands. She thinks of the tantrik’s words. They both have to eat it from your hands. They should not doubt on you at all. Only then will it will affect them.

Sushim reaches Kali pahadi area. He stops at a distance to look what’s happening there.

A lady is thankful to Agradoot for helping her people. She blesses him. Everyone cheers for Agradoot. Sushim is angry to see the refugees cheering for Agradoot. I had not left them anything and they are challenging me through Agradoot. I came back to snatch from them what they had taken from me. Be so ruthless to them that they will hate their existence. No one should ever think of going against me. No kids or mothers will be left alive. Transform it into a cemetery. Samrat should not find out what happened here. No Agradoot will come to save them now. They all step forward but a sword lands before them. Sushim stops. Agradoot stands in their way. He holds his sword. Sushim wonders how he reached here before him. Flashback shows Ashoka / Agradoot making the soldiers fall using the same rope. He beats them next. He ties them all to a tree and runs. Agradoot says I told you not to test the common people. We do a lot when we take command. If an ordinary man can defeat your soldiers then think what we all will do together. it will be good for you to go back. Sushim asks him soldiers not to leave him. Agradoot asks him if he is scared of defeat. Why are you pushing your soldiers forward?

Precap: Sushim and Agradoot come face to face. Sushim says I think I know you. This is the reason why you are hiding your face. You love your identity more than your life. Ashoka’s veil comes off while fighting. His back is to Sushim at that point of time

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