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Ashoka Samrat Episode 184---185 Update On Friday 8th March 2019 On Joy Prime


Ashoka hides his wound as he notices his mother coming in. She will get worried for no reason. Devi Dharma says you don’t even know how much tensed I was when you did not open the door. He assures her that he is fine. Nothing can happen to me till you are with me. I am very hungry. She goes to bring something for him.

The soldier’s words echo in Sushim’s head. He comes to Ashoka’s room but gets to know that he is Rani Dharma’s room. Sushim heads towards her room. Ashoka relishes laddoos along with his mother. Sushim comes there looking for Ashoka. He asks Devi to call Ashoka. She shares that he just left. Sushim tells her that he wont spare Ashoka. She looks at him in confusion. Sushim asks a soldier to bring Ashoka to him. Devi Dharma thinks what could be the matter.

Soldiers help Samrat Bindusar clean his hands while Ulka helps Chanakya. She intentionally scratches his back of the hand. He notices the marks a second later but does not react. Ulka watches him. Don’t worry about Samrat at all when you are gone. I will send him to you soon.

Shushim slaps the soldier who was assigned the task of keeping an eye on Ashoka. Go get him. Sushim tells Mahamadhya that Ashoka is way smarter than they think of him. He went out of the palace by fooling the soldiers. He did not do it right. He cannot imagine what I will do to him! He spots Ashoka there and goes to him. He asks Ashoka about his whereabouts. Ashoka shares that he was walking in the park. He tells an imaginary story to him. Sushim and Mahamadhya look keenly at his legs. Will you try to divert my mind like this? Am I a kid? Ashoka says the same thing. I too am not a kid that you will follow me every second. Being a Rajkumar, I too have some rights. I still follow your rules. I don’t step out of the palace but I am free to walk in and around the palace. Sushim thinks that he will have to think of a way so Ashoka sheds his clothes. Why do you get upset on little things? I did not try to stop you. I worry about you. I wanted to tell you about a special bath is being organized for all of us brothers. A special paste will be used. Siamak and Drupad are coming. It will make me happy if you join us too. Ashoka nods. Sushim asks Mahamadhya to make preps for the bath.

Acharya meets Ashoka. I saw you falling down from the mountain with my own eyes. I am surprised. How can someone be alive even after falling from such a height? Ashoka replies that that day was probably not the day of my death. Acharya walks away. Ashoka thinks of that day. My enemies could neither kill me nor my determination. It clearly hints that God is with me after whatever I saw there. God wants me to help those people.

Siamak is missing his mother. I will write a letter for her. Will you send it to her? Rajmata Helena hugs him. Be brave like your parents. Your mother will be back soon.

Rani Noor wakes up. A few rats walk inside the place where she is. She kills one of them and probably eats it.

Sushim and his youngest brothers come for the bath. Ashoka comes there still wearing his dhoti. Sushim asks the servants to apply the special paste. He turns to Ashoka. Surely you have come to such a royal bath for the first time which is why you are wearing this dhoti. You have to remove it. Ashoka is a little embarrassed as that has never happened before. I will maybe just sit with you all. Sushim teasingly asks Drupad to take off Ashoka’s dhoti. Ashoka manages to get away from Drupad’s grip. He suggests going out from there if they will trouble him like this. Sushim agrees. Join us. No one will touch your clothes. Ashoka lies down and so does all the other brothers. Sushim tells the servant (taking care of Ashoka) to do the work such that Ashoka comes back again. Apply some in his leg too. Sushim can see no mark in Ashoka’s legs.

A few people get hold of a royal caravan and loot all the money that is there in the cart. They kill one soldier in the fight. It is one of Ashoka’s friends. He decides to buy food using the money. We will distribute it amongst everyone.

The soldier points out that he just had a doubt. I hurt Agradoot in his leg to confirm if it is Ashoka or not. Trust me. Agradoot looked just like Ashoka. I am not lying. Sushim cannot understand why there was no injury mark o Ashoka’s leg then.

Flashback shows Ashoka applying some herbal paste on his wound. The wound disappeared real soon. Ashoka smiles thinking of the monk’s words. They only had given him this special wound.

Sushim wants to know who Agradoot is if it isn’t Ashoka! I have to find out who that person is!

In the court, a guy tells Sushim that they have biggest risk from Kalinga at the moment. Sushim already has a plan to tackle Kalinga. One trader also approaches Sushim. Are we not safe in Magadh anymore? Our cart was attacked and our money was stolen. Sushim demands to know who is responsible for it. The trader says they were traitors. They even killed one of our men. Sushim refuses to tolerate this anymore. We will have to take some action asap.

Mahamadhya asks Sushim why he left from the court like this. You did not give any reaction on such a big concern. Sushim points out that it was actually their money. They were sent to Avanti on Ma’s orders but they stole it all. Pardon me as I could not update you about it. there are more to be sent to Avanti but if this continues then we will go bankrupt. We have to track them down asap. Mahamadhya has no clue about their whereabouts. Sushim wants to find all those people who are refugees. The attackers are from that group only. We can only reach them through Ashoka. Call him asap.

Sushim asks Ashoka about the place where people have taken refuge. They have not just stolen our stuff / money; broken our rules but also killed one of our soldiers. I want to give them death sentence. Ashoka asks him if they penalized the people from the court or higher authorities who snatched away everything from those refugees. Those people are also the culprits. They have and are still killing people daily. Those refugees would have stolen the money to help the needy. Punish those corrupt officials first. The revolutionaries will not do something like this again! Sushim talks about the evidences which point no finger at any official. A courtier seconds it. You are actually stopping us from doing justice by not telling us the truth. Ashoka talks about humanity which comes before being a royal. We should understand their problem. Extend your hand to them so they can trust you. you will have to take the first step. Sushim insists upon knowing the location of the culprits. We don’t need your lecture. Both the brothers support two different ideals. Sushim threatens to make him his convict once again in case he wont help him. Ashoka refuses to tell anything about the refugees to his brother. Enough injustice has been done to them already. Sushim does not want to do anything that can make him look over the fact that he is his brother. Ashoka does not want to stop him from following his dharma. Sushim takes his silence as a signal that he knows their location. Ashoka affirms. I know it all but I wont tell you. This makes Sushim angry. This will be considered rebellion. Ashoka stays put. If you do justice to those revolutionaries then I will tell you everything. Sushim gets him arrested. Ashoka smiles at his brother when the soldiers take him away.

Chanakya nurses the wound on his hands. Samrat Bindusar notices him in pain and rushes to his side. What happened to you? Acharya Chanakya shares that Ulka very smartly scratched him while helping him in cleaning hands. I have no doubt that she is a Vish Kanya. This poison is the living proof of it. She has tasted every possible and dangerous poison. Maximum poison does not affect me but this poison is that particular poison which can possibly kill me. She is here for some very important reason. She is trying to kill me by trying her poison on me. Samrat wants to bring Raj vaid but Acharya tells him that the Raj Vaid went missing under mysterious circumstances recently. Samrat Bindusar regrets trusting Ulka. Please forgive me Acharya. Things would have been different if I had listened to you on time. I will get a special Vaid for you. I will also ask the soldiers to hold her captive. Acharya Chankya tells him that no Vish Kanya kills anyone for any personal reason. She might have done it on someone’s askance. She will not tell us anything even if we arrest her. We have to find that person who has sent her here. We will have to do it very smartly. You will have to be very careful of her. She should not come close to you under any circumstances. Secondly, spread this rumour that this poison has almost taken me to my death bed. I don’t know a solution for it. Ulka should know this. I cannot get myself treated as it will alert Ulka. We wont be able to reach that main person then. we have to increase her confidence so much that she gets in her comfort zone. I know what to do next. Be alert. Don’t make it evident to her in any way that you know all this.

Rani Charumita comes to meet a lady who does black magic. Charumita is ready to go to any extrent to get what she wants. The lady marks a cut on her hand. Charumita ends up screaming in pain. The lady tells Charumita that she will have to bear a lot of pain to actually do what she is thinking. Such tantra knowledge has not been used since long. Are you mentally and physically ready for it? A small mistake can also make you lose your everything. Are you ready to take such a big risk? Charumita is ready to bear anything to get Dharma and Ashoka out of her life. The lady nods. Get ready to bear the extreme kind of pain. It will make you shed tears of blood. This journey will be full of tortures and unbearable pain.

Sushim gets Ashoka’s hands and feet tied. He adds something in the water. He gives another chance to Ashoka. Why do you want to hurt yourself? Ashoka does not mind any of it. I like this colour. Sushim pushes him in water. One end of the rope is tied to a stone. Ashoka becomes dizzy after struggling for a while in water.

Precap: Devi Dharma is looking for Ashoka. Sushim lies to her that he is also looking for him. Tell him that I want to talk to him about something important if you meet him.

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