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Meri Aashiqui Episode 234--235 Update On Tuesday 26th February 2019 On Joy Prime


Amba tells Ishaani to go away as Ranveer has been looking for her like crazy people. She takes Ishaani saying she will drop her to airport herself. The cab driver tells Ranveer that the lady was with him between 3 and 3.30, she paid him 500 and didn’t take her money back. Shekhar tells Ranveer she wasn’t there at the house even. Ranveer asks who is telling this to him, a lover or a lawyer as being a lawyer Shekhar did a drama being a beggar in front of judge. He asks why is she hiding if she was so close to Falguni, and he won’t believe him even if he brings a taxi union to him. RV gets into the car and leaves. Shekhar thinks he has gone crazy, Ishaani has to be taken away from him else he will get her into police and court matters.
At home, Lakshmi tells Ranveer Amba has been missing from morning. Ranveer asks where she has gone. Ritika hears this; RV asks which driver went with her. Lakshman says she went with the new driver. RV calls the driver; the driver tells him Amba is at a travel agent’s office with one of her friends. The driver says it is some Nirupa madam, she is in the travel agency office and Amba is also in the office. RV asks Lakshman not to let them leave that place at any cost, he will be there in fifteen minutes. He tells the ladies he has to go and leave the house.
RV arrives at the travel agency office, pulls up his car. The driver watches him there and tells him that she left that way. RV runs to that side of the road and spots Ishaani going with the ticket in hand. He calls her Nirupa from behind, Ishaani covers herself up and begin to run. He finally gets her keeping hand on her shoulder and says she has hidden her face enough, she won’t be able to do it anymore. He holds her by arm and takes her behind a tree. Some men come and question Ranveer about teasing a girl, crowd had gathered there. Ranveer says no one will speak in between but the people ask him to come to police station. Ranveer turns around, while Ishaani leaves the place while the crowd beat Ranveer. Ishaani turns and shouts at them to leave him, Ranveer loses his senses to see Ishaani and is being beaten badly by the men there. RV fights back and runs towards Ishaani when a car hits him and he flies to fall down on the other side of the road and is hit on head. Ishaani cries Ranveer in agony!
RV fell unconscious on the road, the crowd gathered around him. Ishaani runs towards him and watched him lie there for a while. Ranveer moves his lids to focus Ishaani before shutting his eyes.
In the hospital, the doctor asks Ishaani to stay outside and takes Ranveer in. RV holds Ishaani’s hand and doesn’t leave it to go inside. The doctor asks him to leave her hand but he doesn’t listen to him. The doctor says they have to operate on him and she can’t come in. RV still doesn’t leave Ishaani’s hand, they finally allow her to come inside with him. In the OT, Ranveer keeps on holding Ishaani’s hand and looking at her. Ishaani cries looking at him, the nurses put an oxygen mask on his face, tears fell off RV’s eyes. Ishaani looks at his grip on her hand, and holds his hand with her others. The surgeon come prepared for operation.
Ishaani’s words echo in Ranveer’s mind that she doesn’t love him. Ranveer’s words echo in Ishaani’s mind that except for her he only has a place for heart beat so that he can stay alive and say to her for a lifetime and Meri Aashqui Tumse Hi. Ranveer thinks that me, Ranveer Vaghela, a poor person borne in a small family was made a big man only by his love which I had when I first saw her. Each moment of life, since I met her, is attached to Ishaani. She is in each of his thought and every breath. Their times together from the past, flashes in front of his eyes. He thinks about the intimacy they shared.
The doctor says to Ishaani that his heart beat has been decreasing, they have to operate on his soon. Ishaani gets rid of her hand but his grip was really tight.
RV thinks that like his heart beat no one knows what his next turn in life will be, he only knows that this heart beat has only one reason and that is Ishaani. He goes unconscious, losing the grip on her hand. Ishaani looks at his hand dropped down, the doctor asks her to hurry and go out. She cries outside the operation theatre, the doctor come to ask her consent from her. She asks him to start the surgery, she will fulfil the formalities later. The surgeon asks who is she to him, she was about to say she is his wife… then stops. The doctor says if she isn’t his relative, they can’t begin the operation. She says no, she is his wife and signs the papers. She asks the doctor to save him, she will also die if something happens to him. Doctor asks her to call his family as the situation is critical. Ishaani goes to reception and makes a call. Ritika picks up the phone and is shocked to hear from Ishaani. Amba take the phone from her hand as Ishaani wants to talk to her, Amba scolds her why she called them. Ritika says she is crying, may be it is something important and asks Ishaani why is she crying. Ishaani tells Ritika that RV had an accident. Ritika is shocked
Ritika is shocked to hear and shouts is there an accident of Ranveer. Lakshmi controls Amba, Ritika promises to come to hospital. Ishaani was crying badly when Ritika comes there, she hugs Ritika and both cry. Ritika asks how did the accident take place, Ishaani looks at Amba and Lakshmi. The doctor comes out then, he says that Ishaani told it was accidental case, there wasn’t much physical injury but he is in trauma. They can’t say anything until he comes to consciousness. Ishaani and Ritika hug again crying. Ishaani tells Ritika nothing will happen to Ranveer. Amba asks did it take place when Ranveer was following him. Ritika asks Amba not to say anything to Ishaani as she brought Ranveer here. Lakshmi takes Amba along, Ritika holds the crying Ishaani and consoles her.
At home, Chaitali says to Ritesh that they must bring Ishaani back. Baa says Ishaani won’t come back home. She says Chaitali is bringing Ishaani back because of Krisha’s family and not because she is our daughter. Chaitali asks what is wrong in this, when did Baa herself accepted Ishaani as her daughter. She hated Ishaani for whole of her life. Baa says yes, she hated Ishaani ever but today when she looks back at her she thinks Ishaani did the most for this family. Because she wasn’t Harshid’s daughter but his shadow. She learned from Harshid how to love the family. She says she knows why she went to jail, upon’s Dewarsh’s denial she didn’t come here, she didn’t meet Ranveer because he married Ritika and is happy with her. Baa says when Ishaani has lost each and everything, she must stay where she lives happily and she isn’t going to be happy in this house. She says today, she knows why Harshid loved Ishaani so much and if she can’t do atleast this for Ishaani, she won’t be able to face her son after death, so Ishaani won’t come to this house.
Ranveer opens his eyes to see doctor instructing nurse to check on his BP. He makes a noice, the doctor comes to attend her. Ranveer asks where is he. The doctor says he had an accident and is in hospital. RV asks about the girl and inspite of doctor asking him not to move, he struggles out of the room. Ishaani was waiting outside, RV walks through the corridor with much pain and difficulty, looking for Ishaani. He walks down the stairs and comes to see Ishaani. Ishaani looks at him, while he had tears in eyes which come out to his cheek. He moves towards Ishaani bare-footed, while Ishaani moves towards him. Ranveer loses control of himself, Ishaani holds him helping him stand. He looks at her hand on his arm as he holds her, then touches her face. He says Ishaani, is she alive? In front of him? He says yes, this is her as he holds her face. He says he knew she would come for sure, and here she has returned. He hugs Ishaani, Ishaani cries. He says for a moment, he thought he was dreaming what she always dreamt of that she might come home. But this isn’t dream, she is alive in front of him. She doesn’t know how he lived without her, he didn’t understand was he living as dead person? He now thinks as if he has got a new life again and hugs her again. He says he always waited for her, but that wait had no hope. It was his love, he made that wait the reason for his life. Now he won’t let her go away, he dreamed of her daily, now he will keep her in front of his eyes. He hugs her again and says he is so happy that she is alive, in front of him. Ishaani says she is also very happy that he is fine and in front of her. He asks why she didn’t come to meet him after being freed from jail. Ishaani says she has to go. RV asks where? Ishaani says she just had to see if he is fine, he is so she is going. He stops her and asks why she didn’t come to him? She says she didn’t just come to her front. She asks she can’t answer his questions, and why should he? She asks him not to waste time. He asks why she lived as Shekhar’s house and why she became Nirupa. Ishaani says Shekhar’s mom allowed her to stay at her house and she wanted to hide from him so she changed her name. She says he just had an operation, she can’t tell him the truth. Ishaani says she can’t hear the truth, RV says his heart bear a lot and can hear anything. Shekhar hears this, comes to RV and asks him to leave her. He tells RV she isn’t Nirupa, she is Ishaani Parekh, daughter of Falguni Parekh. RV says he knows about it. Ishaani heads to leave. Shekhar asks if he is her family friend. RV says not friend, he is her husband. RV asks didn’t she tell him they are married and she is his wife. Shekhar leaves RV’s hand. Ishaani looks away from Shekhar, then removes RV’s hand off hers and turns away. She says he is right, Shekhar. She married him, but she never loved him and never accepted him as husband. She was married forcibly to him because her mother thought he will keep her happy but how can one live happy with a person whom one doesn’t love. She says she never loved him and will never be able to do.


PRECAP: Ishaani tells Shekhar outside that understand love is the most difficult thing. What you say in love can’t be undersood by people and you can’t tell anyone what you feel.

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