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Meri Aashiqui Episode 232--233 Update On Monday 25th February 2019 On Joy Prime


Shekhar asks Ishaani to go and discard the Asthiya, he would also go with her but it is better he stays here to investigate this matter of screw and railing. Ishaani goes inside, Shekhar watches the screw. He makes a call and says that he wants him to investigate the accident at his house personally.

RV comes to take Asthiya of Falguni Parekh, but the incharge there tells him someone took them already. RV asks who it was, the incharge says it was a girl who said she was near to her. RV thinks it must be Nirupa, who was crying. He asks the incharge if it was from her family, the incharge says no, it wasn’t.

In the way, RV gets Ritika’s call. RV says he is worried about Falguni, no one came for her Asthiya visarjan, neither Dewarsh, nor Sharman or Baa came for her last rituals. Ritika says may be they don’t have money for that. RV says he gave them money each month, even more than they would need. He says now he would do her last rituals. Ritika hangs up and wishes she could tell him Ishaani is alive.

Pandit ji do the pooja as Ishaani performs the asthiya visarjan of Falguni. A car pulls up there, Ishaani watches RV coming out of it. She hides her face and is worried. Pandit ji says that if one has no son, a daughter can do Asthiya visarjan. RV hears this. Pandit ji asks Ishaani if she is married and came with her husband. Ishaani denies moving her head only. RV calls her from behind and asks if he can do it with her. Pandit ji asks if he is her husband. RV says no he isn’t, but the husband of the deceased daughter. He says he isn’t stopping her from doing this, but if she want, they both can do this together.

Pandit ji says if there is no one from family then they both can do this. RV comes forward. Ishaani makes a veil at his side. He steps into the water, Ishaani follows. Both do the rituals together. RV pushes the pot away, Ishaani cries. RV says Falguni maa left him, but he is missing Ishaani; he cries. He says he loved each of the person whom Ishaani loved, but one by one each of them left his life; first mota bapuji, then Ishaani and then Falguni maa. He says why this happens to him, those he loves leaves him alone. He says he doesn’t know why he is telling all this to her, but he wants that with this Asthiya each of Ishaani’s memory also go sinks. Falguni maa will get her daughter back now, he is sad that his owns have left him but is happy they will meet each other now. The relations and family which broke here will be one again. Ishaani cries, and was about to keeps hand on his shoulder. RV looks at her hand, she removes it abruptly bringing her veil on and turns to leave upstairs again. He looks at her from behind in astonishment. He also leaves.

RV’s phone rings. It was the police inspector and says he wanted to tell him something about the lady as she was his relative. He tells RV that Shekhar is suspecting it to be an accident but a planned murder. The inspector says he has sent his investigation team at Shekhar’s house. RV says he will get sometime, but will come there and will get the murderer, if any, punished. RV wonders what wrong Falguni did to anyone.

Manas was talking on phone to someone in office, the baby cried badly. He says he will call her back again and holds the baby in his arms. Parul comes there and watching Manas busy with phone as well as caressing baby comes and takes the baby from him. Manas thanks her for help. He calls Ankush and asks anything about Disha, he asks him to inform Disha he is fine and taking care of baby; he must tell her that her mother is no more in the world. Parul was there and asks Manas to have courage, not for him but for the baby. Manas says he can take care of himself, but what did this innocent do. If Disha didn’t have to life with him, atleast she should have kept this baby with her. This baby is so unlucky that first his mother left him and now such a lover left the world. He cries that he can give him everything but not his mother.

Ishaani hears the police asking servants who came upstairs. Shekhar watches Ishaani on the door. Mr. Mehra tells the police that terrace always remain locked, it isn’t needed to locked. The inspector says they need finger prints of each guest to match them with the ones on railing. Mr. Mehra says it looks really odd to ask guests. The inspector says it is important. The inspector asks if she had some enemy. Ishaani leaves, Shekhar comes behind her into her room. Ishaani says what are they talking about, she wasn’t enemy with anyone; she was such a sweet person why would she have an enemy. Shekhar says police investigation is like these, and they all want to know about the truth.

RV comes home and asks Kanchal about Shekhar and police. She says they are all upstairs. The inspector says they could only know from Kanchal that Falguni went upstairs to meet Nirupa, after that everyone heard the scream.

Ishaani wonders when the investigation would end, only then the police would get a clue. Shekhar says police will get a clue for sure, and goes to see them.

The inspector says someone from the house do this, such a planning from an outsider isn’t possible. They leave waiting for forensic report. RV thinks no one from Parekh family loved Falguni but it doesn’t mean they would take her life. He finds an anklet in the drain nearby and thinks it was the one Shekhar had to gift Nirupa. He says Falguni maa went to meet Nirupa, this means she came upstairs here; what if she did this. He keeps the anklet in his hand. Kanchal tells Shekhar RV is upstairs, when he comes downstairs and shows the anklet to Shekhar. Shekhar says it is Nirupa’s, where he found it. RV says when he was talking to her, she was inside the room and not responding to him. He now know where she went. Shekhar tells him to relax, but RV isn’t ready. He asks Kanchal if she was a murderer, Shekhar says she was accused of murder only. RV says may be she wasn’t innocent, may be she is the one who killed Falguni; Shekhar asks him to shut up why would she do so. RV says she would tell this, because police said the grill was unscrewed and he found it there.

RV asks Shekhar had he got so many proofs in court, he would have proved that person a murderer in seconds, then why not look Nirupa with that eye. Shekhar says she can’t do so. RV asks why then she doesn’t show her face, and don’t talk to anyone, why was she crying that day of death and why were her hand shivering when at the time of Asthia Visarjan. Shekhar says she can’t even think about doing so. RV asks how is he so sure. Shekhar says impulsively, because… then stops and says she can’t do so. RV says he knows this girl is a murderer, she could only hide her face but not the proof. He asks Shekhar to call her here, else he will call the police. Shekhar says she can’t do so with anyone, and specially Falguni aunty. RV asks what relation she has then with Falguni maa. Shekhar says he will make her meet RV but RV won’t call the police, and goes inside.
In the room, Shekhar says to Ishaani that RV wants to meet her. Ishaani is shocked and asks why. He says because he thinks she pushed Falguni down. Shekhar asks her to come downstairs now and tell him she is the daughter of Falguni. She doesn’t want to tell it to anyone, but she must tell this to RV because he is accusing her. He drags Ishaani from hand, Ishaani says she can’t meet him. Shekhar asks why is she doing this all, she doesn’t want to go to her family but what is the problem with RV. Why is she hiding it from him that Falguni was her mother. Ishaani moves away and says he is close to her family, he will tell her family if he knows about her. Shekhar says he will go to police, Ishaani says let him do what he want but she won’t meet him. Shekhar says both of you will make him mad. He says if she won’t, he will tell her. Ishaani says if he does so, there will be another accident. She will go away from his home, and she means it; she takes Shekhar’s promise.
RV was waiting outside, Shekhar comes out. RV asks where is she. Shekhar says she doesn’t want to meet him, he says he tried to make her understand but she isn’t ready. RV asks if he still thinks she is innocent. She is being accused of a murder and she doesn’t want to come to anyone’s front; one only does so when one has done wrong. Shekhar says she is crying there, and it was Nirupa who said Falguni was murdered and it wasn’t an accident. Shekhar holds RV’s hand that he will talk to her, but RV pushes Shekhar away and says he will now talk to her himself. Shekhar runs behind RV who enter’s Ishaani’s room. Shekhar also comes into the room, Ishaani was hiding behind the curtain in a corner. RV asks if he made her run away, he didn’t say it in front of his family but he knows why he is saving her. His love is blind, but now he will not leave her. She was hiding for so many days, but now he will get her. RV asks Shekhar he will tell him, why was she in jail, where is her family and why she didn’t go home. Shekhar says he doesn’t know about anything, he got a bonified case where he had to save her. He doesn’t know anything about her. RV says this makes his belief more strong that she is the murderer. RV says this time she won’t be able to be saved, because this time he is against her. Shekhar says he is doing wrong. RV says she is a murderer and he will get her punished, though he will have to fight from the whole world for this. RV leaves. Shekhar thinks he was never this helpless, where has she got him. He can’t tell RV that a daughter can never kill her mother.
The inspector tells the family that Falguni was murdered. Ritesh asks who can murder her. The inspector says RV is suspecting on Nirupa, do they know anything about it. Ritesh says they don’t know, Baa says she knows about Nirupa she can’t do this. Baa asks why a daughter will kill her mother, Nirupa is Falguni’s daughter. Ritesh asks what is she saying. Baa says Nirupa is Ishaani. Ritesh asks how is this possible. Dewarsh says Baa is right, Ishaani is alive. Baa asks how he knows and when he met her, why he didn’t tell them. Dewarsh says for the same reason she hid it from them. Baa was silent.
Kanchal says to Shekhar she now know why Falguni was restless to meet Ishaani. Shekhar says Ishaani doesn’t want him to tell this to RV. Kanchal says RV wants to send her to jail again. Shekhar asks how he must tell RV that Ishaani wasn’t home when Falguni fell off. Shekhar gets it that if he traces the cab driver, he can tell RV that she wasn’t home then.
RV was in his room enraged, that she hid it from him now he will bring her truth to anyone. Ritika hears this. He says she stayed at Shekhar’s house for so long. Ritika thinks she should have told RV. RV calls the police that he wants that girl arrested soon. Ritika comes inside, RV says that Nirupa killed Falguni and her friend Shekhar is siding her. He leaves to search for Nirupa. Ritika says he is still calling her Nirupa, it means he doesn’t know she is Ishaani. Amba hears this and asks why she didn’t tell her. Ritika says she herself got to know just two days ago that Nirupa is Ishaani and is living at Shekhar’s house for so long. She says RV wants to find her because he thinks she murdered Falguni. Amba is worried that RV wants to search Ishaani.
Ishaani walks on the road thinking everyone is getting to know about her. Before Ranveer comes to know about her, she must move away as her living away from them is better for everyone. A car pulls up in front of her and Amba comes out. She says that she has returned finally.
Shekhar shows Ishaani’s photo to cab-driver. He recognizes her and says he didn’t do anything wrong to her. Shekhar tells her not to worry, someone accused her of murder, he must help her. Shekhar says he must tell him that he will have to tell the accuser that she was in his cab between 3 and 3.30. The driver agree. Shekhar thinks RV must now accept Ishaani innocent.



Amba says Ishaani in Nirupa’s avatar. She says she wants to come back to Ranveer’s life through Shekhar. Everyone she was loved from died, first her father Harshid Parekh. Then Chiraag loved her. Now Falguni. She says it was her who stood between her son and her. Now she is telling her again to stay away from her son’s life, he is happy with his wife and are expecting a child. She wants Ishaani not to come near her, and if she tries to… Ishaani shouts at her to stop it, she didn’t come to return to Ranveer’s life, if she intended so she would have come to her house straight. She changed her name to stay away from everyone. She knows RV is happy with Ritika, and she knows for his happiness she must stay away from him. Ishaani says she won’t come in front of him. Amba says wow, she doesn’t believe this. She says let’s her help Ishaani in this. When she went to jail, she left her passport and some luggage at her house, she hands it to Ishaani. She says she will book her ticket, she must pick it at airport way; if she wants to go away from Ranveer’s life leave this country.

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