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Meri Aashiqui Episode 222--223 Update On Monday 18th February 2019 Joy Prime


RV says to Dewarsh that he didn’t tell him he is getting married to Shekhar’s sister, congratulations. Dewarsh says thanks to him and asks if the man with the lucky draw was his. RV says it was for wedding arrangements, Dewarsh says they would never be able to return what he has done for them. RV says it isn’t needed, because he did it all for his mota bapuji, he asks him not to forget him on his wedding. RV leaves, Dewarsh says he has been saved else he feared Ranveer got to know about his lie and that he is surfing his money on his investive plan each month. He says he must plan about his marriage, once he gets married to Kriss he won’t have to fear anything.

Shekhar comes downstairs to the hall where the preparations of Krisha’s roka were going on. Ishaani watched Mr. Mehra involved with the preparations too. Krisha was confused which dress to select. Her dad suggests about the red one, Shekhar disagrees that this is so bright. He suggests white, Kriss asks can’t they both ever have similar opinion as they are confusing her even more. Kris asks what is the problem in the red one, Shekhar says he knows about her choice. Mr. Mehra says had he known about it he won’t have disliked Dewarsh, he says at good moments white isn’t a suitable dress. Shekhar says he disagrees, Mr. Mehra says he must do what he wants but not interfere in her matters. Shekhar and he has an argument again, Kanchal scolds Shekhar to stop it. Kris also asks them all to stop it, not fight atleast today; they are both showing they don’t care about her. Mr. Mehra says he cares a lot. Ishaani murmurs at Shekhar that he forgot his promise, and asks him to sit down. Ishaani says she must wear a neutral dress, pink in colour. Mr. Mehra and Shekhar agree for this. Krish hugs her for solving her problem. Kanchal says Ishaani can’t do anything wrong. Shekhar thinks she told him to be quiet, and he did. Shekhar asks Kris to select a shirt for him, Kris says she is busy. Ishaani goes to select a shirt for him and chooses a pink one, Shekhar asks will he wear this. Kris says he always say pink is for girls. Ishaani says pink can even suit on boys, Shekhar says he will wear this. Kris says he is doing what he never did before. Shekhar is worried something is happening to him, he must talk to RV.

RV asks Shekhar in his office, what happened to him that he is wearing pink shirt as he disliked pink. RV says someone special likes it for him, Shekhar says he wore it because she would feel bad. RV says in love one does things without reason, he is in love and must tell others and her as well about it. One must make love a reason to live, he will get involved in love so much that he would say Meri Aashqui Tumse Hi. Shekhar says he has done PhD in love, he must have been a true lover but why is then he like Devdas, will his love have the same ending too. RV says nothing such will happen, Shekhar says he thinks the Shekhar who changed girls like clothes think today that he has hurt so many girls; how can he get happiness in love. Will he get love from her as well, and Nirupa is just like him (RV). Nirupa is everyone’s favorite, and those loved by many don’t often like others, will she accept his love. RV says seeing his change, she would think about him and will start loving him. Shekhar asks how to move forward in love, RV says one must know about what her heart wants. Shekhar says he and Ritika can help him now, seeing her they can tell him the way to her heart. RV promises him to come and meet her, Shekhar was restless and leaves asking him not to get late.

Kanchal comes to ask Ishaani and Kris about preparations, Kris suggests some sarees for mother in law. Ishaani picks another saree and says she will like it. Kris asks will she wear this saree, it is so heavy. Ishaani says Gujati women like heavy sarees. Kanchal says to Ishaani she got so much support from her. Kris says after her marriage, Ishaani will take care of her. Kanchal goes to send snacks for them. Kris says she is so nervous, she doesn’t know how she will meet her in-laws. What kind of people his family will be, she don’t know. Ishaani says they would be good people, Kris says she will be able to adjust. Ishaani says she will tell her how to live with whom. She says her mother in law is very good, she must talk to her in English and help her in dieting, she will be happy with her. Her father in law is sweetest of all, he likes sweets to eat as well. He will love her like a daughter because he has no daughter of himself. Remembring Baa, Ishaani tells Kris that Baa is a bit strict but she will even love her more that her grandson because she will be his wife, she must follow her rules and make Gujrati dishes. He remembers Sharman and Pratik’s hug, she says Pratik will always keep her entertained. She says Dewarsh’s kaki is the best. Kris asks she has never met them, how she knows about them. Ishaani says she was there when they were video chatting, she knows face reading. Kris says she agrees to her, because she seems to be family material and will be loved greatly.

Manas colleagues as well as Parul appreciates the baby. RV comes in, and says Manas can do his work and take care of his baby as well just like women. RV says to Manas that he asked him to take a leave, Manas says he won’t let things mingle. The staff girls distribute the baby’s responsibilities, RV asks Parul to arrange a room filled with facilities for him.

RV looks at Ritika, Ritika asks where they are going. RV says she looks beautiful today, she says she can’t in this form. RV says they are going to Shekhar’s sister’s roka, Ritika isn’t ready to accept Shekhar is in love. RV assures that he has changed, RItika asks how it happened. RV says he also has a contribution in this, he asked him not to ignore his love. Ritika says he advices everyone about love, what about himself.

Ranveer says to Ritika that he is trying. They will talk about these things later, right now he is going to get ready.

At Roka, Dewarsh’s family arrive at Krisha’s house. Baa says they came really comfortably, and asks Shekhar how he is. Shekhar introduces Kanchal with Dewarsh’s parents, grandparents and Pratik. He introduces Kanchal as his mom and Mr. Mehra as his dad. Chaitali says nice meeting you, she would first of all compliment them for their house; it is really big and good. Ishaani peeks through a window, thinks that Dewarsh’s intentions aren’t good enough but May everything goes well between them. Chaitali says had they a daughter, they must have married her to Shekhar as he is so nice. Ishaani hides as the family comes in, Falguni is the last one to enter. Ishaani smiles watching her, thinks that my maa is in front of me still I can’t hug her.

In the car, Ritika says to RV she doesn’t believe Shekhar is in love, which girl will suffer him for lifetime. RV says there must be something in that girl that a flirtatious guy like Shekhar has fallen for her. Both were excited to mee Nirupa. A beggar knocks the mirror in the way, RV gives him some money and the beggar blesses Ritika that her husband may live long. Ritika looks at RV.

Krisha comes downstairs with Kanchal. Pratik is excited to see her. Everyone turns to look at her. Chaitali says wow, she looks beautiful. Baa says she is so beautiful, her useless Dewarsh has done great liking her. Shekhar loves Kanchal before she takes seat. Baa says since it is time, they must begin the rasam. She asks Chaitali to bring the thaal, and gifts. Chaitali goes inside. Ishaani comes to the stairs and watches from behind the curtain. Chaitali says we Gujrati’s don’t do Roka, she must have to guide them about the rasam. Kanchal says today she will teach them their rituals, and they must tell her daughter their rituals after marriage. Ritesh says she must teach everything to Krishaa but not her English. Everyone laugh. Shekhar watches RV and Ritika’s way wondering why they haven’t reached yet, he told them to be the first to come. He calls RV, and complains. RV says they are in their way and are coming. He says his friend Ritika took a lot of time to get ready. RV tells Ritika that Roka ceremony is about to start and they are waiting for them, Ritika says if she asks him something, will he reply truly. RV says sure. Ritika asks what if Ishaani comes back. RV pulls up the car on road with a jerk, and asks what is she saying; she is dead and the deads don’t return. Ritika says what if she hadn’t died, she had gone by the way and returns one day, what he will do then? She asks him to say something please. RV thinks Ishaani standing in front of him, he doesn’t believe it but she runs towards him. He runs to her as well, she runs into his arms and both hug each other tight. RV asks where you went Ishaani, leaving me alone. Ishaani said she was just here, and won’t let him go away from her anymore. Both stand their heads joint, ishaani cries. RV tells Ritika he won’t ever let her go away from him. Ritika thinks she won’t let Ishaani come near her, then thinks he loves her so much, she must tell RV as she won’t be able to hide it for longer

Ishaani watches Baa perform the rituals of Krisha. Kanchal and Mr. Mehra follows. Kanchal gifts Dewarsh a gold coin, while Mr. Mehra gives him a gold chain. Shekhar comes forward and gives a gift to him. Krisha asks about her gift, Shekhar says Dewarsh is her gift. Mr. Mehra congratulates Ritesh. Chaitali says to Kanchal that she has now booked her daughter. Baa says they will take her daughter soon to their home. Kanchal goes to get gifts for family, Chaitali asks in awe if there are gifts too. Ishaani smiles, thinking she can’t come in front of them but she hopes they will like her selected gifts. Shekhar wonders why has RV and Ritika not reached, Ritika must have made it late; he won’t talk to her when she comes.

Ritika says to RV she wants to tell him something. RV asks why she is behaving so odd, what she has to tell him now. Ritika feels pain suddenly, she asks him to take her to hospital. He says he will take her to doctor. He calls the doctor to inform her that he is bringing Ritika. Ritika was crying in pain that nothing should happen to her child.

Baa asks what the need of these gifts was, Kanchal says it is a ritual that grooms family are also given gifts on Roka. She asks them to open them. Ishaani was smiling as she watches this all. Falguni’s was a light chain, Dewarsh’s was a mobile phone. Dewarsh looks at Krisha, then everyone.
Baa and everyone is shocked to see their gifts, Kanchal asks didn’t they like the gifts. Baa says they have done so much, they have given each their favorite gifts and respect. She says she doesn’t understand how they knew about everyone’s choice. Kanchal says Nirupa has chosen these gifts, Baa asks who Nirupa? Kanchal says she is a nice girl who works with her. She has done all the arrangements for this event too. Kanchal says she met her a few days ago, but it seems they have years old binding with her; she is like her second daughter.
Baa says it seems Nirupa knew them more than her about their choice. Ritesh says even Chaitali doesn’t know about my choice, Chaitali appreciates her saree too. Pratik got watch, Dewarsh got mobile; how could she know so much. Kanchal says one who is good at heart knows about others heart too. She heard about them from Krisha and got an idea about who would like what. Falguni asks where is she? Kanchal says she is a bit shy, and hesitates coming to new people. Shekhar thinks before RV and Ritika come he must make Ishaani meet her family, he asks if they would like to meet her. Dewarsh is left open eyed. Baa and Falguni says yes we would, Ritesh says we want to say thankyou to her as well. Shekhar says he will just get her, he thinks this is good time to make her meet her family. Everyone is happy and all the bad feelings will go away today.

RV brings Ritika to hospital, Ritika was crying in pain. The doctor assures Ritika nothing will happen to her child and tells her to relax. She checks on her her. Ritika thinks about swearing on her child that she will never tell Ranveer that Ishaani is alive. Ritika cries and prays she won’t tell RV anything, but nothing should happen to her child.



PRECAP: Ishaani comes to open the door to see Baa standing outside. Baa is shocked to see her there.

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