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Meri Aashiqui Episode 218--219 Update On Thursday 14th February 2019 On Joy Prime


Ishaani watches Ranveer coming towards them, she hids herself on the side of Shekhar. Shekhar notices this. RV asks is she fine, Shekhar says yes, I guess. Shekhar leaves with Ishaani still hiding herself from Ranveer.
Dewarsh asks Krisna what her brother said. She says that honestly, her brother wasn’t impressed by him. Infact he didn’t like him, and this can create a big problem in their wedding. Derwash thinks about it while taking a sip from his drink, then tells her not to take tension, her brother will like him too and will say for their marriage too. She asks how, he says he will show her and tells her not to worry as she is his bride to be now. She asks when he is letting her meet his family. Derwash wonders how he must let her meet his poor family, but until her brother is in, he must have to drag it. He tells her his family is out of station for some time, he tells her his family is even more eager to meet her. They ask daily about her, she will be really happy in his family.
Shekhar was frustrated as he gets to the room, he thinks about what Ishaani did in the restaurant. She had posed to be asleep on Shekhar’s shoulder. Frustrated, he pours himself water and says why he is feeling so much for her, why he is thinking about her to this extent. He says he has never ruined his time behind a girl, today you have to stop this. He drinks more water, and is worried. He says I knew it, this girl isn’t good for me and my career. He says he never flirted her, why is he feeling for her, he sometimes become protective, sometimes possessive. He says this isn’t good for his reputation, if he starts running behind a girl the world will no longer run after him. He gets Sanaya’s call, she complains he hasn’t got time for her. He says he was caught in two three urgent cases. She asks for meetup, he says let’s meet now. She says it is very late, he says in Mumbai people wait for night. He asks her to meet him in a restaurant near her house. She says she has to tell him something important. He leaves excited that this way he can take Nirupa out of his mind.
Disha packs her bags while leaving the baby cry. She was still frustrated by the cries of baby. She says finally, she will get freedom from this house and life, now she will live her life. She comes out of the door, when the baby starts crying loud. She stops by, drops the bag and comes back to the baby. She writes a note that Manas, he is a good man but she isn’t among the people whom she can be lived with. She always asked God for a life where she has to make no adjustments. She is leaving the house, she is leaving the baby as well. Baa and maa will take care of the baby, she hopes their ways no longer crosses each other. She takes her bag and leaves.
Kanchal tells Ishaani she was really worried, it was good RV came there and she called Shekhar. Ishaani says I am sorry, I didn’t want to give you any problem. Kancha says she just want her to come out of her past. RV said this. Ishaani asks her if she knows RV well, she says she doesn’t know RV but Ritika. Ritika is a good friend of Shekhar, they only know after Ritika’s father’s death RV adopted her. RV has also lost someone he loved, but he waited and got Ritika as a wife. They are a good couple and are expecting a baby. She tells Ishaani to wait, as she will also get someone who would love her. Ishaani smiles at her.
Ritika comes to bed where RV was still working on his laptop. He gets attentive when Ritika drops her medicines from side table, he comes to pick it up before she could bend down. He tells her to sit down on the bed, and gives the tablet and water to her. He takes her glass of water and keeps it on the sidetable himself, then makes her lay on the bed and says good night to her. She switches the lamp off even. Ritika says thanks to him, as she enjoyed the evening with him. He says she must be tired, good night. As she fells asleep, RV comes to the window, still suspecting Ishaani’s presence with Shekhar. He thinks he doesn’t know who she was, and what pain had she gone through. May be she had been hurt by someone, he wishes he could talk to her.
Kanchal tells Ishaani that RV takes his wife as a princess. He respects his wife a lot. She says she is worried about Shekhar who is really nonserious. She says Shekhar only makes friends with a new girl each day, but loves no one. Love is a vital part of life. Ishaani says love can’t be enforced, it just happens, sometimes you love is always with you, it’s just you who can’t recognize it.
RV thinks he couldn’t save Ishaani but if he can give a hope of life to that girl, he would think he did something for Ishaani.
Kanchal asks Ishaani to share with her what is in her heart. Ishaani says she just has a request not to be called as Ishaani anymore. She wants to make a new identity of herself. Kanchal asks why she wants to remove her old identity. Ishaani says there are a lot of pains related to this old name, and this new name is the medicine to that.
Falguni asks Manas how could she just leave writing a letter, she is married and a mother of a child. Baa is also saddened, she asks which problem have they got into now. Pratik and Dewarsh says they looked for Disha everywhere, she is nowhere to be found. Falguni wonders what is the reason behind it all, how she can leave when she and Baa had just gone to doctor two hours ago. Chaitali says everything is always planned in life, she was waiting for this baggage to be born. Falguni says she must have talked to her, told her what is her problem. Firstly Ishaani left the worlds, and now Disha too. Dewarsh says she is silly and showed childish behaviour again. Ritesh says they must think where she went. Baa stops him and herself says to Manas she doesn’t know what she must say to him. Disha is crazy, she didn’t like something and left the house; she says the love of this child will bring her back. It is difficult to take care of the baby without mother, but they will all take care of him. Manas gets up without saying anything, holds the baby and says no matter his mother left him, his father will always be with him.
He isn’t my blood, but for a relation blood isn’t required. There must be a reason that Disha has left him for me, this is God gifted relation and I will fulfil it. Falguni asks how will he be able to do this all. Manas says he doesn’t know how, but I will do this.
Shekhar tells Sanaya he doesn’t want to talk about that Nirupa. Sanaya asks when she is talking about her, he is telling her about what she did today. Shekhar says ok, forget her and asks if she will come to Goa with him. Sanaya is excited that she loves Goa and has heard a lot about it. She plans they will stay at seaside resort there, does he know fishing. Shekhar is shocked to see Ishaani smiling at him on the other table with a cup of tea. Sanaya notices him day-dreaming and calls him and asks if he is listening to her, where is his concentrations. He wonders what is happening to him, and says he thinks he is damned tired. He calls the waiter for black coffee, smiles watching the waiter approach as he watches Ishaani coming from behind the waiter. The waiter keeps on calling him, but he is lost in thought smiling. Sanaya calls him, he is shocked to see the waiter and asks yes. Sanaya reminds him he called the waiter here. Shekhar says he needs a strong black coffee that can open his eyes, and the ghosts in his mind run away. Sanaya asks if he is fine, he didn’t even listen to her Goa plan. He says he is worried taking someone. His black coffee comes, he thinks what he should tell her that Nirupa hasn’t left him spared. Sanaya reminds him that he must be worried about his sister, she asks he told her she wants to marry some Dewarsh Parekh. He says yes, he is really worried. Sanaya says Dewarsh belongs to a very good family, infact it is reputative family of Gujrati community. They are going through some financial crisis, but Dewarsh is a champ and tries different business. He couldn’t get success but he is a hard working person. Shekhar thinks Ishaani is from a good family, why are they then going through financial crisis.

It is morning, Disha’s baby is crying while Baa asks Falguni to bring the milk. Ritesh asks Chaili to listen to him, Chaitali was irritated by the baby’s cry. Derwash was talking on phone while the baby’s cry interrupted him. He was irritated. The doorbell rings, Derwash is shocked to see Shekhar standing outside. Shekhar says Hi to him and asks if he won’t ask him to come inside, Shekhar says it is ok he doesn’t believe in formalities and comes inside. Everyone looks at him in shock, Shekhar says hello to everyone and introduces himself as Shekhar Mehra, the elder brother of the girl Dewarsh is going to marry. He asks they are all worried in a way that Dewarsh didn’t tell them even. Shekhar asks Dewarsh has he changed his mind, Chaitali says Dewarsh wants to marry Krishna and kept it as a surprise for them all, but he has told it to them. Dewarsh says he thought he would bring Kriss and would surprise them all, but he has come. He asks him to sit as he will introduce him to the family. Shekhar stops him from talking any further and says to Baa and Falguni that they seem elders of family, don’t they think he must have made them meet Kriss first. Baa looks at Dewarsh and says yes, she should have met them. Shekhar says it doesn’t seem good that he, the brother is meeting them first. Dewarsh says he was making them meet her soon. Shekhar asks why not now, and makes a video call to Kris. Kriss is happy but Shekhar shows her the house. Shekhar tells Dewarsh there is someone at his place he wants to meet and asks Kriss to call Nirupa. Shekhar tells Ishaani he thought about her meeting Dewarsh’s inlaws, Ishaani runs away making an excuse of urgent work. Dewarsh thinks it is good Ishaani has gone inside. Ishaani peeks through the door, Shekhar gets Kriss’s laptop adjusted in a way that Ishaani can see the video in mirror.
Dewarsh’s family greets Krishna, Baa tells her that she is the first daughter in law of this generation in Parekh’s family. She promises to love her as much as she didn’t do her own daughter in law Chaitali. Ishaani hears all the greetings and cry.
Shekhar comes home, Ishaani says thanks to him. He asks for what, she says he made her meet her family. She says she know he went there so that she can see her family. He taunts if she is a princess, he went there for his sister not for her. He was about to leave, she says she knows he doesn’t like Dewarsh still he made Krishna meet him. She doesn’t know the reason he went there, but she will always owe this to him. She says she met Baa, her maa, her brothers and her nephew. Shekhar says if she knows it she must know that it isn’t important for him that Dewarsh is her brother, he made her meet them so that her tears become less and there is peace in his house. He goes upstairs, then peeks at her leaving saying how she knows what is in her that she knows about everything in my heart.
Nitin asks Falguni if she could find anything about Disha. Falguni says she doesn’t know if she should curse her fate, everyone left her; first Harshid left her, then Ishaani and now Disha. Nitin says he thinks Disha will come back. She gets Disha’s message and reads it that she has reached where she had to come, she knows she would never be forgiven but she can no more live as a poor person. She is happy where she is. They hear the baby crying, both come to see Manas playing with the baby. She says Disha’s fate is worse than hers, she left such a husband and baby, she has rejected diamond now she will get stones only. What was Manas’s fault, he opted her child and now Disha left the baby for Manas, how will he take care? Nitin says he will. Falguni asks why people do so, they leave their responsibilities. She tells Nitin not to go, thanks for being with her this time. Nitin says she might think it as his responsibility or making up, he wishes he could do something for Disha as they have already lost Ishaani. Tomorrow will be better than today.
The minister gets gift for Ritika, Amba welcomes him. He says he was about to come in her goad bharai, but he was in Delhi then. He asks about RV, Ritika says RV has gone to office just now, he would have stopped had he known. The minister says he wouldn’t have come even today, if RV wouldn’t go to office.
The PA tells RV that Shekhar’s mom’s NGO’s name is Saathi. RV says the name clicks. He asks about Nirupa, the PA says she recently joined so not much information is needed. RV says she understands others pains.
The minister tells them he works for the people released from jail as social workers.
RV says they must meet this Nirupa. He says he will go to her, she was hopeless when she met her yesterday. They must support this girl, they can give her orders for what she makes; he calls to postpone all the meetings today. He will go to meet him today.
The minister tells them he knew one of the girl was innocent and was about to be hanged, he got her rid of hanging. Amba is moved and asks when it was, he says about 2 weeks ago. Amba asks what her name was. The minister says it was a beautiful one, Ishaani Parekh.

PRECAP: RV comes to NGO to meet Ishaani. She is worried and looks for some place to hide from him.

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