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Meri Aashiqui Episode 214--215 Update On Tuesday 12th February 2019 On Joy Prime


Ishaani watches them as Dewarsh says he likes Krish. Krish says to Shekhar that Dewarsh even understands her. Shekhar thinks he has also understood Dewarsh. They go inside. Ishaani thinks Dewarsh didn’t have money to buy such expensive gift, and there are problems in family as well. Either Dewarsh is lying at home, or to them here. If he is lying to them, she must talk to aunty soon as they are good people, she won’t let Dewarsh make a fool of them. Shekhar’s mom asks Dewarsh to have seat, Shekhar also takes seat. Aunty goes to get tea. She watches Ishaani standing there and asks what she is doing. Dewarsh is shocked to hear the name, aunty drags her to front while she was resisting. Dewarsh stands up in shock seeing her. Aunty asks Krisha to introduce Ishaani to Dewarsh. Dewarsh smiles at Ishaani, aunty goes to get tea while Shekhar observes everything keenly. Shekhar asks Krish that he has to say something to her, he asks Ishaani to accompany Dewarsh till they return.
When alone, Dewarsh asks Ishaani what she is doing here, Ishaani says she must ask this to him. What lies has he told Krisha, Dewarsh asks is she spying on him. Has she followed him here. She says she is here upon Kanchar aunty’s insisting. Dewarsh says he doesn’t know what story she has told these people, but she must understand that until he is here, she won’t get anything from here. Ishaani says she isn’t mean like him, she was about to leave this place but the fate wanted her to meet him here. She says he can’t make fool of Krisha until she is here, whatever he may think of her but she had never thought her brother would play with the feelings of others like this. There isn’t any money to pay bills in hospital, Dewarsh says he will do anything to marry this girl. Ishaani says it means he is marrying Krisha for money only; he must be ashamed of himself. He asks what did she do, she had also married Ranveer to get his money, to get his property not even for the family but that Chiraag.
Shekhar tells Krish that Dewarsh isn’t a good man, he is lying to her only for money. Krish says to Shekhar that he also flirts girls, Shekhar says in his case he always do it for the sake of friendship. Krish says she wants him to consider what and whom she likes, and not treat her life as his case. She complains that it seems he doesn’t care for her. He says he always gave her what she wanted, she says he only gave her money but Dewarsh gives her his time, he takes care of her and when she is sad, he makes her laugh. She says that one day if she doesn’t meet him, it seems there is nothing in her life. She says to Shekhar that he can’t take away from her life the one who is actually completing her life. Shekhar sits by her and says in the beginning every boy is the same, and he even loves her money more than her; Shekhar says I have earned that money with hardwork, Krish says he has wasted it as well. We earn money to spend it and if he will spend some money of his sister, what wrong will happen. Shekhar leaves the room.
Dewarsh asks Ishaani if she realizes she is a bad omen for family, she killed Harshid, then Chiraag and she has killed Ranveer’s soul as well. He is asking her to leave their lives and not to show her face to them ever again. Ishaani says to him that he wasn’t like this, he couldn’t see her sad and always made her smile. He stops her saying she isn’t anyone’s sister, nor anyone’s daughter. The day she went to jail after murdering Chiraag, they broke all the relations with her. She must never tell anyone here that she is his sister. Shekhar hears this and thinks this Dewarsh isn’t what he seems to be, but Krish would never listen to him. He must find the whole data of this Dewarsh to make her understand, and for this he must keep Ishaani into his home for some more days.
RV paid the hotel bills after the function. A man brings a ring to the manager, the manager brings it to Ranveer. It was the same two dove ring Ritika had gifted them, he says Ishaani had this ring and is moved. He runs to the manager and asks him where he found this, the manager says it was found here on the floor. RV was disturbed and thinks Ishaani isn’t in the world how come her ring lying here.
Shekhar asks Dewarsh if he wants to marry his sister, Dewarsh says he will always keep Krish happy. Shekhar says they also wants Krish’s happiness, next time they will decide a date of marriage after meeting his family. Dewarsh says he will bring his family anytime soon, takes a leave saying it was nice meeting him. Shekhar’s dad gets a phone call and leaves. Shekhar stops to Krish and says he was wrong, he has no objection with the guy. Krish leaves saying she had married him even if he had an objection. Shekhar stops Ishaani and asks her to stay here. Aunty says he is right, she doesn’t have a home and Ishaani may help her. They have to shift to Mumbai in a few days and for Krish’s wedding as well, she would need help. Shekhar says they can keep a wedding planner for that, aunty offers Ishaani to even work in her NGO as well where they work for rehabilitation of women freed from jail. She complains that Shekhar never helps her. Shekhar defends himself, Ishaani agrees to stay. Shekhar says to Ishaani that he asked her to stay here only so that she can repay his loan. Ishaani thinks this would be a good idea, this way she will repay his loan as well as help her family a bit. She thinks is her staying at this place important.
Disha is annoyed by the baby’s cry at night. She shuts her ears, turns her side away from him. Manas come into the room and tell Disha that the baby has been badly crying. Disha asks how she can hold him, she has been unable to hold herself right now. She asks him to hold the baby, he has been crying for a long time. Manas thinks may be she has got weak and takes the baby in his arms. He tells Disha to take rest, he will take him to Falguni.
RV comes into his study and plays a video. He says it is confirmed this ring’s is Ishaani’s, he has to see who came at the function who could bring this ring with him. He is shocked to see Ishaani’s back as she arrived at the function. There were scenes Shekhar talking to Ishaani, but in all of the video Ishaani had her back at the camera. He thinks he has to go to Shekhar’s house.
Ishaani was worried in the room, wondering she can’t sit here at their home. First she stayed at their farm house and now she has shifted to their Mumbai’s house. She thinks she has to save Krish from Dewarsh and that would only be possible by staying here. She thinks she must talk to Shekhar. Shekhar asks Ishaani what is her problem, she accepted to live in front of his mom and is denying to him now. Ishaani says she doesn’t want them to suffer any problem because of her past, she wants to work and be independent and she knows she can work with aunty but she can’t live with them. She says I am sorry, I must leave.
Shekhar stops her and asks why is she doing this? When luck is showing you good time, you must not show her ego. She is getting house to live, job and still she has to go. She is showing attitude to people who helped her, and does she have a house or family to live. Ishaani says yes she has no house or family to live, they all hate her. She cries that her own mother might also not remember her, her brother calls her a killer. She asks if he thinks her life is any better than the jail life, she is dying in each moment. She shouts in agony what she should do, Shekhar stands still. Ishaani says he saved her when she was dying, now she wants to live the way she wants, but he isn’t letting her do that too. She cries about what she should do.
Shekhar says I understand your feelings, she says no, he can’t understand. Has he lost in life, has he felt to be a stranger amongst his own, has he seen hatred in the eyes of one he loved. He must love when he enjoys with the girls, has he ever thought if a person’s love story becomes the biggest tragedy of life, how it feels. She has suffered with what he would never have thought, she is still suffering. She is dying with each breath she takes. She begins crying again. He watches her without saying something, she takes a seat for herself. Shekhar thinks many girls have cried in front of him, why he feels bad for her today.

Shekhar thinks he was never moved by any girl’s tears in the past, worried, he sits besides her and asks her not to cry. Her life is in her hand, she must now do what she never did. She helped his mom, and she did her help; she thinks she is doing it for her. The bell rings, he goes to see who has come home, peeks through the door to see RV. Before opening the door, he thinks he would ask ten questions about who she is and why is she crying. He takes her hand and takes her to a room, he says his friend is here and would think she is his girlfriend and he has broken her heart. He tells her to stop crying and goes out. RV comes into the house and asks who was the girl. Shekhar was worried if he heard her. RV asks the girl who was talking to him on Ritika’s function. Shekhar gets Sanaya’s call and goes inside. Shekhar says he called her because he wants the details of Dewarsh Parekh who is boyfriend of his sister. Sanaya says they can talk about this in a meeting, what if they meet today. Shekhar says he can’t meet today and will call her when he is free. He hears Ishaani’s cries, and is frustrated why it effects him so much. RV comes looking for Shekhar and hears Ishaani’s cries, he opens the door of the room. Ishaani sat with her back towards the door, and cried. He comes forward, her hair hid her face. He looks around and takes a tissue box to her, she takes a tissue while RV turns his face away. He was about to keep a hand on Ishaani’s shoulder but then withdraws it. Ishaani was still crying. RV turns back restlessly and moves out of the room. At the door, he turns to see her again. Ishaani turns behind and stands in shock to see RV but he moves on, she looks at the tissue then runs behind him. Upon reaching the door, she stops suddenly. Outside, Shekhar comes to Ranveer, RV asks who the girl was. Shekhar says he was talking to her, she lives in a nearby colony. RV says he has to return her ring personally, he must text him the address and he will go there straight. Ishaani thinks her ring was lost in the hotel and he came to return it.
In the car, RV was thinking the reaction of Sanaya, she was excited to see her ring back and says thank you to him. RV thinks his heart wanted it to be Ishaani’s and he thought she might be here. He thinks how should he believe Ishaani is dead. Ishaani asks Sanaya on call if she took the ring, Sanaya says she will return her. Ishaani asks her not to tell Shekhar about it, Sanaya says she will always help her as Shekhar did. Ishaani is happy that Ranveer was so near to her and could see her, she thinks she has to remain away from him, she can’t snatch his happiness as he is contended in his life. She thinks today Dewarsh and RV came to her in a single day, what if the whole family comes there. She must do something about it.
Disha comes out frustrated by the cries of her babay. Some children come there playing with the ball and calls Disha aunty. Disha scolds them for calling her aunty, the children say she has a baby and is an aunty. Baa comes out and asks Disha what is she doing outside. Disha says that baby cries 24/7. Baa scolds her for calling him that baby and says it is hers. Disha tells her to leave her alone.
RV comes to the room, Ritika was cleaning the curtains. It was about to fell on her, RV saves her and both are stuck under it. They share a moment together, RItika moves her hand down his face. He looks at her hand, then her face and breaks the moment, removing the curtain he turns away from her. RItika says I am sorry, he leaves the room.
Shekhar is shocked to hear Ishaani wants to change her name, Ishaani says she doesn’t want a name which can be problematic for her family. He asks why him, she says she showed her a new life, she is requesting not ordering. With the name, Ishaani, there is a curt story. She wants to start a new life, new job with new name. He was frustrated, and suggests about Nirupa Roy, he tries to convince that she was a talented actress. He mocks that she can even cry in tv shows if she isn’t comfortable with her NGO work. He tells her to try and practice the signatures of her new name, he will get her legal documents made. She thinks her name change might make her life away from RV.
In the morning, everyone was at the breakfast table. RV asks Mala for his porridge and tells her to make Ritika’s favorite sandwich. He helps Ritika as she comes to the table, and takes her to the table. He asks if he must get cheese in her sandwiches. Ritika says she has to talk to him alone and goes to a corner. In the room RV comes to Ritika and says he knows she is worried about station cosmo’s plan, she was checking its paper but doctor has told her to rest at this time. He asks her to have breakfast. Ritika says she doesn’t want to talk about it, but yesternight.

PRECAP: RItika comes to RV, both hug. RV helps her sit, Ishaani was there too and watches them together..

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