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Meri Aashiqui Episode 206--207 Update On Wednesday 6th February 2019 On Joy Prime


Nitin offers Falguni to shift at his place, his house is a bit small but she and her family can stay there. He says this will save her from paying at hotel. Falguni asks your house, with what right or relation. He says when there is no relation, even then there is humanity. She says when last time he left her, she survived; she will do it this time too. He says last time Harshid Parekh supported her, she asks does he want to do that this time. She denies saying whatever he do, he can never compare himself to him. Nitin says he doesn’t want to compare himself to him but he just want to improve his mistakes. He won’t owe anything upon her but wants to help her; he is somewhere responsible for what Ishaani has done, it is his sins she has to pay for. He can try atleast to let the time repeat itself. He tries to convince her, he says he used to rent a room that he will use now, it has a separate entrance; she can tell her family that it had low rents and even when she has money she may pay him some rent as well.
RV was working on tredmil, thinking about Ishaani’s hanging. Shekhar calls he could go to Timbuktu at this rate, he says he came to discuss with Ritika his case’s problem but she has gone shopping with his mom. He watches Ranveer’s speed and asks if he is angry. Shekhar says his angry young man’s look doesn’t suit him, he speaks more from his eyes than mouth. He knows him for last one month, still can’t know him. He gets frustrated with this. RV asks if he is frustrated with him, Shekhar says no but with that girl. RV asks is it Peechay Paro (the one to go after) or Peecha Churao (the one to get rid of). Shekhar says none of them, there is a stubborn client, there is a free case that he has to win, else that judge won’t let him date his daughter. RV tells him to swear her her love. He leaves saying he must save her because he knows what is the importance of losing some beloved.
The family move to Nitin’s house, Falguni says it is worth living. She tells them that it is Ranveer’s PA, Mr. Nitin Joshi’s house. Chaitali was frustrated by this all, and says to Sharman that he and Ishaani make mistakes and they have to pay for them.
Shekhar was sitting behind a pile of files and books, frustrated that no one can win a case when the accused says he is the murderer. His assistant brings a file with full history of Ishaani, the paper cutting with her and Ranveer’s photo fell down under his chair. He reads some paper cuttings and say he wasn’t able to change her determination, but in these forty hours he will for sure change her luck.
Ishaani pours water from bucker over herself, thinking about herself and Ranveer. The lady inspector comes to her, she was crying. Ishaani says she is forgetting something. The lady says how can she forget an innocent is being hanged. The lady inspector asks her about her last wish. Ishaani stares at her for a while. The lady inspector asks if she wants to say something to someone, or meet someone, she wants to say something to someone; she has a full right to this. Ishaani asks to see today’s newspaper. The lady inspector nods and leaves.
RV was driving in a hurry, he says hanging was at five o clock and it is two now, he will reach.
The lady inspector brings Ishaani the newspaper, Ishaani opens it hurriedly, watches RV getting the award with his picture. She smiles, and says she knew that today’s newspaper had to be his photo. He is a big man, has earned everything with his hard work. She says she hasn’t seen someone hardworking than him, she wanted to see his picture in her last time and wanted to take his picture together. She asks the lady inspector to go, she is ready. She watches Ranveer’s photo again, keeps the newspaper in a side and walks slowly. The newspaper behind her fell in water on floor, she wipes it with her pallu saying she won’t let him happen anything. She is doing it all for him, nothing can happen to him because of Chiraag. Chiraag was her mistake, she would pay for him. She is going to die in a while, but he must take care of himself. She cries hard.
In the car, RV gets Ritika’s call, Ritika was crying and asks where he is. She asks him to come home soon, she doesn’t feel alright. He asks what happened. She says her baby isn’t moving. He tells her to relax, and call maa or Parul. She says everyone is in Pooja. He says he will call them, she must call Mala or doctor. She cries and asks him to come, he says he is coming.
Ishaani keeps the newspaper stacked onto a stool.
RV holds Ritika’s hand, the doctor announces that the baby is alright. It is normal as the baby sometimes move and sometimes not. Amba thanks God, and makes RV sit on bed. RV watches time, Ritika asks him to go as he is getting late. She says she is sorry that she called, but he must be in Poneer; he will reach there in 2 or 2.5 hours.
RV tries Puneer’s number while Ishaani is taken to hanging cell. Her handcuffs were removed and she was moved to the rope. Her hand tied behind her, head covered with black sac.

Ishaani’s hands are tied behind her back, head covered in black sac.

There RV’s car pulls up and he rushed into the police station. Ishaani’s feet are tied. The lady inspector watches the time and gives a signal after which the rope is pulled. RV insists to meet his wife, the inspector inquires about it on phone and tells RV that the death penalty was given at 5.05 and it is 5.08 now. Tears flow from RV’s face, he loses control and fell on the ground crying hard. The staff of station gather around him, he shouts Ishaani’s name as he cries. The body is removed, Ishaani looks at it in astonishment and asks the lady inspector what it is. The lady inspector says it is the state of elation when an innocent has got justice. She has got justice and will never get death penalty now, she is free and can go home now; she can meet them now. Ishaani says she had to die, if she gets free RV will be caught. She asks who stopped her hanging, the lady inspector takes her to minister who agrees that he got all her penalties removed from her. Ishaani is angry at him, she asks why he did this when he himself had warned her to get her hanging preponed. The minister says she appears innocent at first look, and they are public servants. Ishaani gets enraged that it is very important for her to die.

The inspector consoles RV nothing can be done now. He must go home.

The minister tells Ishaani that he has even given in press that she hasn’t been hanged. Ishaani asks will her photo also be given, he says no there is just a statement that an innocent girl has been stopped from hanging. This will gain him even more votes from party. The minister leaves, Ishaani says to the lady inspector that if she is freed then RV will be caught.

RV asks the police staff that he wants his wife’s body. They say there is a VIP personality inside, he can’t go. They watch minister leave then.
The lady inspector tells Ishaani that Chiraag’s murder case has been closed permanently, no one will be charged for it anymore. She is happy listening to it and asks for reconfirmation again. The lady inspector smiles.

RV asks why he can’t get his wife’s dead body but the jail authorities ask him to leave from here, else they will take strong action against him. RV walks away.
Ishaani is happy that she can go to Ranveer now, she wonders what she will tell him and how will he react watching her. The lady inspector asks her to go to her home, she has been given a new life and she must live each moment of it to its full. Ishaani leaves after hugging the lady inspector.

Devastated, RV walks on the road, crying, thinking himself and Ishaani.

Ishaani waits happily in jail, the lady inspector gets her clothes back to her. She watches her bangles, her jewellery. The lady inspector also gives her the money that she earned, and sends her to get ready. Ishaani changes happily, wears all her jewellery also. She ties the bullet necklace in her saree pallu.

RV passes by the last rituals of someone being performed in the way, he thinks he couldn’t get his love nor perform her last rituals and today she has left his life forever.

Ishaani leaves the jail finally, after bidding a warm farewell to the lady inspector. She walks happily.

Shekhar tells the judge that Ishaani is a free person now, he boasts that nothing compares him. He asks him to fulfil his promise now, and give permission to his daughter to date him. The judge asks how he did this, Shekhar asks him not to ask his secrects, he will find them in a while.

Ishaani stops by an electronics shop where people were glued to see Ranveer’s award ceremony’s telecast. She happily watches Ranveer receive the award. He was announcing that this has been possible only because of his wife. Ishaani smiles at what he said about her. She is shocked to see Ranveer move down the stairs to bring someone from the audience, but turns away and doesn’t see who that wife actually is. She comes out of the store shattered.

PRECAP: Shekhar was at beach dinner when he watches Ishaani walking deeper into sea. He stands up in shock.

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