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Kumkum Bhagya 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Pragya are saved by the Police

Kumkum Bhagya 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update on Zee TV India:Abhi and Pragya to unite amidst the danger

The Episode starts with Pragya asking Abhi if he will snatch Kiara from her. Abhi asks do you think this about me. He says if Kiara comes to know that I separated her from you then she will hate me. He says I need you both. He says you are main and Kiara is addition, if you are with me then we will make 10 Kiaras born with your permission. He says he will write it. Pragya says I will return in your life and asks him to marry her. She says we will make a new beginning, forgetting everything. She asks him to marry her and says please……Abhi looks at her. Allah Wariyan plays……Abhi hugs her happily. Pragya also smiles and gets happy. Song continues to play. An Old lady sees them hugging and says it was a romantic proposal. She wants to propose her husband the same way. Pragya asks Abhi to marry
her. Abhi says how marriage will happen here. An old lady asks Abhi and Pragya to marry each other and take rounds around her, witnessing her rather than fire. King asks Police inspector to let him go inside and says his wife is inside. He argues with them.

Chachi comes there crying and asks King to come with her. The lady tells Abhi and Pragya that she is like their Dadi and asks them to marry witnessing her. She says she will play marriage mantras on net. Pragya says terrorist will hear the sound. Lady says she will keep the volume low. Pragya and Abhi hold hands, just then terrorist asks them to stop. They run. The terrorist catches the lady. King asks Chachi to stop provoking him against Pragya. Chachi says you are playing game with your life and says Mitali said that they were husband and wife. King is shocked. Chachi says they love each other. King says I don’t want to listen to you. Chachi says I am your Chachi and not your step mum to see your life ruined. She says if you had trusted me then your life wouldn’t have ruined. King says you want to ruin my life. Aaliya says you want Pragya to return to you, but she will go to Abhishek Mehra. It is good that she loves you, but she loves my brother since their marriage and Kiara is the memory of their love. She says both kiara and Pragya will go away from his life and come in Abhi’s life. King asks if Pragya and Abhi?

Aaliya says she saw them getting married. Tanu says Abhi married her leaving me. King says sorry to Chachi and hugs her. He says whenever you used to say against her, I thought you want to ruin her life. King says I never hide anything from her, but don’t know why did she hide. He says it is good that she got his Mumbai Wala. Police Inspector calls Terrorist. Terrorist says you called lately. Inspector says I am coming inside to catch you, and asks him to surrender or else he will do his encounter. Terrorist asks him to tell his name. Inspector tells his name. Terrorist says I know you and tells about his house. Inspector asks him to send his terrorists there and says if anyone comes alive then I will remove my uniform. He tells other Inspector that they shall go inside. King argues with the police and asks them to let him go inside. Inspector says Abhishek Mehra is inside, whom to save now. King gets angry and says my wife is inside. He asks them to let him go and says he will save many lives.

Inspector lets him go. Dadi, Dasi, Purab and Disha call Abhi and tell that Kiara told that Pragya went to mall and asks if he is with her. Abhi says they are not in mall. Purab asks him not to lie. Disha asks if he is safe. Abhi says we are safe and asks them not to worry. Abhi asks Pragya if he shall tell them that they have patched up. Pragya asks him to say. Abhi says I talked to Pragya and we are coming home. The call is on loudspeaker. Pragya takes the call and says they will come home before the mahurat for marriage. King hears her and gets upset. Terrorists catch Abhi and Pragya. Abhi asks them to take them. They take them to the other terrorist. Terrorist says you have troubled us a lot. Pragya asks him not to shoot and says he is my husband. Abhi smiles. Terrorist says everyone is husband or wife here, and asks shall I leave everyone. Old lady says they are going to remarry and asks him to kill her and leave them instead. Terrorist says you will die if I push you. He says I have to kill someone to increase my terror.

Lady tells terrorist that she heard their painful story and asks Pragya to be with Abhi always and he will love and take care of her. Terrorist asks other terrorist to see their film and says it will be a hit. Police team is entering inside. Abhi fights with the terrorists. The terrorist keep knife on Pragya. Lady says you can’t harm them, their love is with them. Pragya says I love you. Abhi asks if she got this day only to confess her love. Pragya says if we die then death will be easy. Police comes inside and rescue everyone and shoot down the terrorist. Abhi and Pragya look at each other. Lady blesses Abhi and Pragya and asks them to be together, says God shall give you all the happiness. Allah wariyan plays…..Abhi and Pragya come to each other. Abhi asks her to come home. Pragya nods her head. He holds her and takes her out. Dadi gets worried for Abhi and Pragya. Abhi and Pragya come out relieving everyone. King gets upset as Pragya don’t see him, but goes straight to Abhi’s family. Abhi and Pragya hug the family members. Tanu is upset and leaves. King looks sad.

Abhi tells Pragya that King loves her. Pragya says we are just good friend and he thinks of my words as annoying and irritating. Abhi tells her that even he used to think the same. Pragya asks him not to interfere between the two good friends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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