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Kawach Episode 18 Update On Thursday 14th February 2019 On Adom TV


Pari comes searching Janaki in garden and finds her hanging in garden unconsciously. Manjulika says Janaki is alive, she has not kill her yet. Saudamini also laughs on her and revolves Janaki. Pari prays hanumanji to come and help her if he is really present. Thunders start and Manjulika/Saudadmini get electric stocks. Manjulika says she cannot tolerate this power, her powers are going now. They both run from there. A masked savior gets Janaki down and dissappears. Janaki wakes up and asks how did she come here, she cannot remember. Pari says she just slipped and she held her, thanks hanumanji and takes Janaki inside. She then goes to jungle and starts searching savior. Savior picks Pari in his hand and is shown he is Arhaan. She thanks him and says even other day in hospital he saved
her family. She reminisces Rajbeer escaping from hospital and she catching another masked man. Man/Arhaan shows his face and disappears as smoke. He then goes to Jagath’s hospital room and relives him. Pari comes and asks who is he. He turns into blue dressed man. Pari asks if he is black spirit sent by Saudamini. He says good spirit, jin, who came to protect her. She asks like Alauddim’s jin. He says he came here to protect her from Saudamini and Manjulika. He asks her to take her father-in-law after some time when he gets conscious and he will be available when she remembers him. She comes out of flashback and Arhaan jin says he will destroy Saudamini and Manjulika on pooran maasi. She thanks him and he smiles.

Youngsters while playing cards discuss about Arhaan. Minty says Arhaan/doctor si very handsome. Rajveer hears their conversation and says he can speak to Arhan about her. Minty gets shy. Pari enters with Arhaan. Rajveer’s brother says Minty is in love with Arhaan and wants to marry him. Pari says this cannot happen, Arhaan has come to tear Jagath and will go back soon. Rajveer’s brother says he can take Minty along. Pari says it is time to sleep now.

Saudamini with Manjulika in store room looks at haveli’s papers and discuss soon Shakti will become owner of this property. She continues that she does not know who is helping Pari and only Guruji can tell her. Arhaan thinks what they are discussing. Saudamini with Manjulika leave from there. Arhaan enters and looks at property papers. Pari goes to inform him what is happening around home. Rajveer follows her. Arhaan tells Pari that soon he will know who is helping Saudamini and Manjulika via these property papers. Pari says Minty loves him and wants to marry. He says she knows he cannot be anyone’s. She asks him to not to leave her alone. He says be happy and leaves smiling. Rajveer thinks what they are discussing and what relationship they have.

Saudamini with Manjulika goes to Tantrik’s cave and tells she cannot enter anyone’s body and all her powers are gone. He says this cannot happen and says asks her to enter into hawk’s body. She enters and comes back and asks then why can’t she enter bundela family member’s bodies. He says someone more powerful than them is in that house. He gives extra powers to Manjulika and sendsd her to find out.

Pari goes to her room. Rajbeer asks where was she. She says she was in Minty’s room. He says she is lying and hiding that she went to store room to meet Arhaan. He says Arhan and Minty’s jodi will look good. She says it cannot happen as Arhan has a girlfriend already. He says girl must be very lucky. He fixes his bed on floor and says she is right their relationship is at stake and until they sort it out, they should keep a distance. She says but..He says good night. She thinks he is angry as she did not let him apply sindhoor.

Manjulika enters Arhaan’s room and does not find him. She becomes very small. Arhaan comes, removes shoes and reverses his feet. She realizes he is jin, black spirit’s enemy. She gets afraid. Tantrik tells Saudamini that Manjulika found out who the the person is. Arhaan catches Manjulika and says she saw him at last and says he loves her. She says he heard her and mom’s conversation. He says he wants to romance her. She tries to escape as black smoke. He also turns into blue smoke and captures her and captures her in a ring. Manjulika shouts to get her out. He says she is an invited spirit and only Pari can control her. He calls Pari. Rajveer sees Pari sleeping and sees arhaan’s message. He then acts as sleeping. Arhaan calls back. Pari wakes up and picks call and goes to meet him. Rajveer thinks why she went out to meet Arhaan, what he is missing. Pari meets Arhaan who says he captured manjulika in ring and once this ring is destroyed, Manjulika will also be destroyed. Pari says even Bhairovnath said same. He says Bhairavnath was a human and he is jin, he knows what is best. He asks her to wear it always until pooran maasi. She wears it. He then says Saudamini may see Manjulika inside, so she should wear it as pendant. She says she has to do last rights of Saroj’s body, he knows how Saudamini is using her body. He says they will after these 2 evil spirits are destroyed. Rajveer watches everything and goes back to his bed and acts as asleep. Pari comes backs and sleeps. Rajbeer reminisces Arhaan dorning pendant in Pari’s neck and sadly reminisces his and Pari’s marriage, etc.

Saudamini tells Tantrik that Pari has not returned. Tantrik says she did not the work shewent for. Saudamini shouts she has to go and save her daughter. He says he will call the person who is protecting Pari. He sends eveil spirit which tortures Arhaan and drags him. Arhaan reaches hanuman temple instead and prays hanumanji. Evil spirit vanishes. Tantrik says that person is very powerful than her and she hasto be careful. Saudamini goes back to haveli to search Manjulika. Arhan also leaves temple. Saudamini searches Manjulika in whole house and does not find her. She then goes to Pari’s room and Manjulika calls her from pendant. Pari wakes up and hides her pendant. Saudamini leaves. Pari thinks Saudamini will never reach Pari again. Saudamini gets worried for manjulika and cries.

In the morning, Rajveer wakes up earl and wanders in room. Pari wakes up and hides her pendant. She then goes to washroom. Rajveer thinks if he should talk to Pari about last night or not. Pari comes out of washroom and starts combing her hair in front of mirror. Rajveer asks when did she get this pendant. Pari says she got a new one. He asks why is she wearing it in neck instead of finger. He says mom is calling and goes to kitchen. Rajbeer thinks why she is acting weird. Saudamini comes to kitchen and asks where is her daughter. Paris says she should know. Kammo dadi comes with Janaki and says Jagath came home safely. Janaki says they should prepare Jagath’s favorite food. Daadi says she will call Saroj to perpare food. Saudamini yells she has to go now back into Saroj’s body now. Saroj comes. Saudamini is shocked and asks Pari who is in Saroj’s body. Pari says she is black spirit, so she should know. Saudamini tries to enter her body, but she escapes. Saudmini yells that she will pay for it and leaves. Daadi comes back and sees all kitchen items shattered. Pari says she saw chockroach. Daadi laughs that she smeared her face with flour. Pari smiles.

Precap: Saudamini yells at Arhaan in Saroj’s body that he cannot continue long with Saroj’s body, she will kill him and Pari both. Shakti is seen holding knife. Arhaan says Saudamini that her daughter is under his control and will be destroyed on pooran masi. Rajbeer tells Pari that she has to break their relationship if she wants to build new relationship with Arhaan. Pari cries. Saudamini shouts at Pari that she does not have her kavach or Arhaan, so she willl be killed. Arhaan tells Pari that tomorrow he will destroy even Saudamini after destroying Manjulika.

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