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Kawach Episode 13 Update On Thursday 7th February 2019 On Adom


Omkar gets afraid seeing Saudamini. Jagath comes and touches his shoulder from back and he gets more afraid. Jagath asks if everything is alright. Omkar says he is having business tension, he will have a drink. Jagath gives him guest house keys and says he will find there variety of drinks and can enjoy. Saudamini smirks seeing him going. He goes to guest house and finds a puppet sticking to his shoes. He trhows it away and opens cupboard to get drinks and sees Saudamini in mirror. He asks how did he come here. Saudamini says it is her house. He says she is a cheap dance who ruins other’s lives. Saudamini kills him by hanging and strangulating him with rope and laughs.

Pari sees Shreya tensed and asks what happened. Shreya says Vishal’s flight landed 4 hours ago, but he
did not call yet. Pari asks Manjulika what did they do with Vishal. Saudamini says she chatters are lot and asks to go and check store room. Pari rushes to store room and sees Manjulika and Saudamini striking Omkar’s photo and says she will inform family what they did with Omkar and Vishal. Manjulika gets into Pari’s body and says 2 enemies are dead and still 7 are left.

Rajbeer comes to store room and asks what is she doing here, they have to go out. He takes her to psychiatrist’s office and she asks why did he bring her here. He asks her to get treatment for his sake. She agrees. Doctor his therapy, he hypnotizes Pari and asks who is she. She says she is Manjulika. He asks who is Manjulika. She says she says in Bundela house with mother with a motto. He asks what motto. She says Vishal and Omkar uncle. Doc asks what about them. She says to ask Paridhi and gets aside. Pari says Manjulika tortures her a lot. Manulika ges back into her body and says she does not and via Pari she completes her motto. He asks what motto. She says Vishal is gone where he should and there are 9 photos in store room, she saw cross on Omkar’s photo. He asks what is her motto. She tries to strangulate his neck and shouts if he wants to know everything and turns her eyes white. Doc realizes Pari is posessed by evil spirit and informs same to Rajbeer. Rajbeer does not believe him and shouts even pandits were telling same. Doc says they are right, he has to help his wife, else he will lose her. Rabeer angrily leaves clinic. Manjulika in Pari’s body hears everything.

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Janaki asks Shreya if she saw Rajbeer and Pari. Shreya says they are newly married and must be in room. Janaki says she must be tensed regarding Vishal, he will callback. They go to guest room to see Omkar and sees him hanging on rope. They call whole family and get his deadboy down. Jagath says he did not know Omkar will suicide due to business tension. Omkar’s wife says Omkar will never suicide, there is something wrong. Rajbeer enters with Pari and is shocked to see Omkar’s deadbody. He reminisces Pari’s words that she saw Omkar’s photo crossed in store room and runs towards storeroom and searches photos. He finds scenery photos instead of people and thinks it was Pari’s imagination. Pari comes and says she is so tensed that she imagines things. He says thank god he did not believe doc that she is possessed by evil spirit and asks who is Manjulika. She says her friend who burnt herself and died 4 years ago. Rajbeer says her dreams are troubling him a lot, he could not live without her and his life is worse with her now. He lives yelling whether to belive daytime pary or night time Pari. Manjulika laughs and says she will give a special gift to Pari, if Pari cannot die with live, will die with anger, Rajbeer’s anger.

Pari wakes up in the morning and sees it is already 9:30, feels lightheaded. She thinks why Omkar’s photo had cross, she needs to check. She goes down and sees garland on Omkar’s photo and realizes she could not save Omkar from Manjulika. She sees Shreya crying that Vishal did not call since 18 hours and he did not even reach US. She realizes Vishal is also dead. She goes to Rajbeer and says Vishal is dead as I said and she saw 2 evil spirits dragging Vishal. He shouts she told it was her imagination and now she is different, he is tired of her drama. Pari thinks she has to prove Rajbeer that evil spirits are there. She goes to Kammo daadi and says a lot bad is happening in their house due to some buri nazar and they have to perform hunuman chalisa pooja. Daadi says she will arrange pooja today itself and goes to call panditji. Saudamini in Saroj’s body fumes. She tortures Pari to cancel pooja. Pari says she will bear any torture and will free her family from them. Manjulika says she will kill all her family members. Pari says she will send him out from, then how will they kill her family. Manjulikalifts her in air. Pari says she can torture, then she will accept all her mistake and get away from Rajbeer, Manjulika will never come near Rajbeer then. They both escape from there. Pari shouts they got afraid of pooja.

Pari goes out and sees famly arranging pooja items. Janaki insists Nandish to sit for pooja and he says no. Rajbeer comes and asks Nandish to sit for pooja for mom’s sake. Doctor comes and says since he did not come to meet him, he had to come, he told repeatedly that Pari is posessed by evil spirits. Rajbeer says he does not beleive in all this. Doc gives him special cameras which can capture evil spirits and says he will believe after watching pics.

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Saudamini sees pooja prasad and mixes eggs in it. Pari watches it and thinks she iwll not let evil spirit spoil prasad. Pandits travel in tempo traveler towards Bundela house and discuss that Heera told Pari must have organized pooja to capture 2 evil spirits and they have to capture them at any cost. One of them says he heard they are very powerful. Another says hanumani’s holy thread will protect them. Manjulika comes there and controls TT yelling they will go where she wants them to. She gets tornado. Driver sees darkness and brakes failed and crashes TT from cliff.

Pari waits for Pandits. Manjulika comes and says she threw Pandits from cliff, they will not come. Saudamini comes and asks if she wants to do pooja, she will do it. Pari prays hanumanji to come and help her get rid of these 2 evil spirits. Heera comes chanting jai hanuman, jai bajrangbali. Manjulika and Saudamini get angry seeing her and escape. Pari says Heera that those 2 evil spirts killed Pandits. Heera says she realized this would happen, so she left her meditation in between and saved pandits on time. Pari takes them all in. Saudamini tells Manjulika that pooja will not happen as she mixed eggs in prasad. Pooja starts and they both start shouting in pain. Manjulika says let us go from here, she cannot handle holy power. Saudamini says they will not go and throws air on havan fire. Pari watches them and thinks they both cannot harm anyone as everyone have worn hanumanji’s holy thread. Pandits spread holy thread and kumkum all around the house exits. They both escape in store room. Pandits discuss as Heera ordered, they spread hanumanji’s thread, oil and sindhoor all around house except store room. Manjulika and Saudamini fly in air and shout at Pari to stop pooja. They escape via window. Uncle tries to check, but Heera stops him. They both escape into store room. Heera goes towards store room and locks its door. Pari follows her and asks why is she locking store room. Heera says both evil spirits are in store room and will not come out.

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Precap: Pari tells Rajbeer that she has proof that 2 evil spirits are present here and she locked them in store room. She asks him to switch on store room camera and see himself. He strangulates her neck and says his dad’s blood is on her hand.

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